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RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

The incidents were not at a Rally. At Rally everyone that does attend them seems to be at their Sunday best. Sure. Go with that. In my case, the incidents were definitely at a Rally. Mike I didn't say your reported incidents didn't. Only thing to say and operate from, is go the other way and not let these people make you sour on everyone else.
down home 02/15/20 02:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: What is this

Thats a genuwine antique thingamagigger possibly the whatnot version.
down home 02/15/20 10:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

The incidents were not at a Rally. At Rally everyone that does attend them seems to be at their Sunday best.
down home 02/15/20 10:06am General RVing Issues
RE: Repalcing Onan

I have read here in other post about variable speed generators, and wondered if they had something else in mind. Our Quiet diesel Onan 7500 kw in our 2005 Revolution varies it's speed according to load
down home 02/14/20 10:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: LEDs Replacement for Flourscent

I was looking at 12" tubes. For whatever reason I thought that was what I had. What I do have are 18" tubes and there are fewer plug and play offerings, that I see so far. 13 yo 16.00 each. If I use plug and lay i can use either Flourescent or led and won't have to rewire if I decide to switch back or can't fnd led on shrt notice.
down home 02/14/20 01:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Repalcing Onan

There are four or five places around the Country that sell used parts from RVS. An onboard generator is far more friendly than an outside unit that you have to go out to start, fuel and secure and store when moving. I can't see what RV you have and if gas or diesel, but if you can afford 7,500 kw to 10,000 kw in portable generators you can afford a new Onan and most certainly a used Onan which while outside the RV can be fully serviced with new belt cooling inspection etc.
down home 02/14/20 12:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Fill up - Flying J?

At Flyng J's we've encountered water flow at a trickle at the RV lanes and I would not describe the water as potable. The ones on I75south below Atlanta in particular...and the cramped conditions and line of people behind protesting taking too long. Idon't remember if there was a connections for hoses or not or the hose just ahd an end to let you get a trickle into your radiator type thing, certainly not intended to flush your tanks if emptying. A federal campground on the lake not too far from us has a dump station for anyone for 5 dollars and potable water hose connection..however flow was slow. I would bite the bullet and fill up my tanks in an overnight stay before you get to south Georgia and Florida, where most of the water has a lot of iron and sulfur, other minerals, farming chemicals and will clog a lot of filters. Use a really good filter....and maybe a water softrner.
down home 02/14/20 12:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

Somebody behave badly, toward me or others ..well they are not the reason we are there and we just go the other way. We years ago had someone, more than one occurrance let their dog do its thing right in front of our steps and even throw their trash in a fire ring intended for our use. Had a "lady" in a towable release her dog repeatedly to do its business in front of our coach between us and the lake ,and a year prior a let it pee on our chairs etc. That second year she was very profane toward me and I had not said anything to her about the dog. I started to call a Relative, a sheriff to have a word with her. But instead she and her crew were banned from the campground. We see these things all the time. Over and done with, dn'tlet themcolor everyone else with the same brush.
down home 02/14/20 12:13pm General RVing Issues
LEDs Replacement for Flourscent

Amazon has three plug an play or direct replacement 12 in bulbs for rvs etc. or 21.00. five watts 500 lumens plus a few other listings including those you have to eliminate the ballast to use. The three bulbs for 21.00 is not cheap in my world but the 32.oo for one is certainly high. Direct replacement is what I like. Anyone used these or better direct replacement LEDs for 12 in florescents?
down home 02/14/20 01:07am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

I posted then deleted my opinion once but... The last FMCA rally, in Michigan this past spring...the new Towable Folks were clanish and not much socializing. RV Dealers did not show up. I can only ascertain based on limited observation as I was a bit ill and in the coach more than out. Wife was out and involved in things though. She noticed the same thing. We usually make two or three families as friends. We made one with a couple from Wisconsin and we went out to eat and see several times. The rally was a failure but...the towable Folks did not jump in to help. I appologize to those that did. It seemed they wanted to sit around in their groups only. I perceive, and I do not miss anything that passes by, that they were intimidated by the $500,000.00 plus coach owners. Ours certainly is not one of those expensive coaches though. I have noticed the same things at campgrounds where the Towable Folks and Coachs are together. I don't care how much money you have. A real strong social director and program at rallys can help this. And both sides should make the effort to be part of things. The Folks in the fancy rigs are more outgoing of course, as is to be expected as those feeling their suceess are not intimidated unless someoen shows up in a five million dollar rig and are shallow. Sojsut stop it. Forget what righ you are in and jump in and make friends and make rallys and get togetehers a huge success and make new friends.
down home 02/13/20 02:46pm General RVing Issues
Biodiesel and older CT Engine

down home 02/11/20 10:38pm Tech Issues
TV Antennas

Our Motorhome has the original amplified Weingard antenna. Near Kingman we are pulling in Phoenix channels for the most part. however it does not search and lock on to signals itself. I read on the net about all the different antennas available, and everyone's is the best. Comparison articles never give clear determination of which is the best. It would make Manufacturers mad. AAs RV Owners we are not bound by such nonsense. So.. which offers a motorized search and lock feature for the strongest signals and or 360 degree coverage and longest range...and won't be ripped off by trees not trimmed by counties in the Midwest...and so on?.
down home 02/11/20 08:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How stupid can people be

Lets see. Brought a bear cub home, Mama not too far behind, Grand Ma made it up the walnut tree near the well. Brought a half grown BobCat home, Mama not too happy about that either.They sy there aay no wolves in Tn but brought one home, Picked up rattlesnake and chased Uncle, rode the water over the falls learning to swim, Two baby skunks, they didn't spry, Went hunting a Whistling Jack(mountain Lion with a two by four but didn't find him. Told to kill a couple of chickens for supper, rung the necks on six. What is a couple I couldn't count at 3 years old. These were before age six. Oh at age six took little brohter age two for ride in a Model T into the hollar. all those levers are not shifters and those pedals are not gas and brake. Picked up the rear of a Buick while fellow scholar lifted the front with intent to turn it around, ruined shoes, blisters on feet and hands and sore back. That's all that comes to midn at themoment but there is more. So we all do some stupid things. They called me David Crockett and I intend to live up to it apparently. Oh n not knowing I was half Injun, Grand Matold meto stay out of the woods, the Indians would get me. So I took my roofing hatchet and went Injun Hunting many times, in the woods.
down home 02/09/20 08:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: A Real Poser

In the spirit of wild, Sasquatch or not I offer this. In the late seventies in the Cumberland Mountain wilds near Alabama or just over on an old road or animal path where I never saw or heard another human I had an unusual experience and about 10 miles by foot from my truck. I had walked more than hunted these pats for many years. and was familiar with many places where Ancestors camped lived and hunted. One wa huge boulder on a ledge20 ft or so above a free flowing spring, and "house" underneath the boulder. Across from it on the other side of the trail another flat boulder. I had sat there many times and had does mostly follow me sniffing my trail and turning to look me over. I would wave or something and generally they would up th hill toward the beside it and over toward the spring. One day at about five miles in, perhaps, the hackles on the back of my neck stood up. I turned and scouted around a bit but saw or heard nothing, but from that point on, I started noticing small sounds, and crackling leaf litter and twigs. But I could nto smell nor see anything. I could see, about fifty feet back on the rather open trail and among the trees on the sides of the trail. I was concerned but my rifle was loaded and cocked with safety on When I got to the boulder,my intention was go upon the boulder and watch the spring where I had watched just about every creature in the woods come for water over the years. But a strange thing happened. Does came out of the woods behind me and two down the rise from the boulder. They stood in the path facing back along the trail, five in a ll I think. They then turned and stomped their feet and snorted toward me, an then turned facing my back trail they did this three times. When two turned their heads back toward me, I had already decided it was time to get out of the woods. I cut across the trail to the little flat boulder and down the hollow, and down the hollow and back up a semi clear game trail and though brush where the Redcoats or even bears wouldn't go. It was near dark by the time I covered, I estimate 12 or more miles, on that route back to my truck, next to the little cemetery.. I sat there for a bit with headlights on focused on back trail. As I backed up to turn around I thought I saw some eyes, yellow like most game, coming pretty darn fast down the trail. I left quickly. My hunts usually consisted of me laying down by a little spring or creek and watching the wildlife or sleeping, to be awakened by squirrels thought stuff from the trees above and even running up my britches legs. I fed parts of my sandwiches to some of them in my lap. And the deer would be right there seeing what the snoring was about. Ye simply sitting in,the wilds and simply sleeping and snoring will draw curious seldom if ever hunted wildlife. They are curious too. I never have figured out what was following me that day. That is the only reasonable logical assumption I can make of it. And it is the reason I don't hunt deer today, but if I was hungry I might have to.
down home 02/08/20 05:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cleaning your AC Filter

We washed our several times over time but finally the heat pump pulled part of the degraded or worn out filter up inside. Bought cheap filters and one three part very fine filtration filters for room type acs to cut up fit. Didn't work too well.CW and others didn't have any so ordered two oem types from CW?. A bit better grade and thicker items. Quieted down the heat pumps too. Most or all of the filtration occurs in one corner of the filter. I cannot understand not making the units to utilize the full filter and the grate which fits over it. Getting tired of maintainance on every trip. So far $7,000.00. Next Coach if there is one a hard look as to quality and sevicability, including filters change...and a house filter on dash intake.
down home 02/08/20 01:26pm General RVing Issues
Another reccomendation for Rversw seeking good food

Stuff It restaurant in Kingman, Az on Northern Avenue. hamburgers, hotdogs and steaks. They have an online menu. Only open from noon to four. Burgers are hand made not frozen. Slightly peppery flavor in the meat. Breuch bunsthat won't fall apart. About nine bucks burger, seasoned fries and a canned drink. Lines get long so go early.
down home 02/08/20 12:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: A Real Poser

down home 02/08/20 11:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Mh propane capacity discrepency

I have noticed the attendants have not open the bleeder screw any of the times it has been filled here in Az and I can't remember if they have other times elsewhere. The tank/pump stopped at exactly 24 gallons which seemed odd also. The last time e had it filled there we didn't think it wa right and went to Flyin J, which is a $1.50 per gallon higher, to have it topped off but their pump wouldn't add any more propane either. However at an indicated app o1/4 tank n the control panel and on the, at the same Flyin J the time before that it too28. something gallons.
down home 02/08/20 10:55am Tech Issues
RE: Mh propane capacity discrepency

down home 02/08/20 10:45am Tech Issues
Mh propane capacity discrepency

Our 05 Revolution has a 38.4 gallon propane tank. The factory replaced the original tank circa 2008. We let the tank run down to an indicated empty lat night. Filled it this am but it would only take 24 gallons. Last time a month ago or so the tank indicated it had 1/4 tank and it too 24 gallons. Time before that it indicted 1/4tan or bit lower and it took 28. something gallons. Clerk who filled it this am suggested letting it run out and opening petcock somewhere on the tank to let moisture out. I think he must have meant lube. Neither seems reasonable, and...where is a petcock on a mh tank?
down home 02/07/20 09:18pm Tech Issues
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