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RE: Southern destination w kids week of New years? Where to go?

You may have to go to the Keys for warm weather! Last trip down in January have been a few years but at Disney World it was down in the thirties and in the twenties when we left, during the day. Stayed at Kings Bay one year while looking for rental for kids right at Christmas and it was cold. Long range forecast? I would look at that and the almanac. Texas Coast, is a **** shoot too. You get to Needles California might be safe. Kingman,Az had big snows that stayed long and in 2012 we re camped at an RV Ranch just west and rain storm, dirt storm and snow storm and cold the whole period. We were there for Niece's funeral. Red Rock state park are campground in January. right before that we had to run the furnaces.
down home 08/11/19 10:03pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mat rant

We had a mat, a big and very heavy mat. Wife gave it away at RV rally, and didn't tell me. We used it once or twice a bear at our age to handle and store. But we did not put it don on grass, anymore than we would throw cigarette butts and trash in the fire ring, but we don't smoke. We used it on pavement and on a mud hole. Twice I think might have been all. Might have used it on the dirt/sand in AZ.
down home 08/11/19 08:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Mat rant

They don't care they are there for a week or two and kill the grass with their mat. next year they may come back and put their mat back down as usual, killing any grass that has come up. Everyone else gets to experience the mud hole and the mud splashed on tires and wheels and wading it into the coach and back out to the car and muddy shoes they must clean and steps an sometimes into the coach. A good grassy site stops all that but these city people want a living room outdoors and probably never experienced thick lush grass between their toes, or clean wheels and tires, I get older cleaning those things is a chore. Last trip I put lengths of plastic carpet runner next to tires and stopped the splash butt could not enjoy outside under the awning or get to a grassy area because of the mud!
down home 08/10/19 03:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cookbooks for young cooks

Wife is trying a lot of different receipt books and from magazines and internet. They seem to be written by some who say that looks delicious. I get one cookbook from someone here. Can't remember her name but I have it under contacts, that has some good receipts. Best one seems to be a Good Housekeeping Cookbook. Mama got it in Home Eck probably in the thirties a thick big gray with light yellowish binding cook book from the 30's on back. Everything was made from scratch back then and it even has receipts and how to dress ground hogs an opossum deer and I am not sure what else. I didn't read that part, but my wife was telling me the other evening. I proposed to take groundhog to the family reunion. She let me know in no uncertain terms she wasn't going to cook it. Mama was a very good cook. After school and on weekends and summers she cooked and kept house for people in the town and one took her under wing and taught here well. When I see my wife using a new receipt from an a magazine open on the counter or one of the new receipts she got somewhere, I sometimes make myself a sandwich and tell her I already ate.
down home 08/08/19 10:56pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Rock Guard To Protect Toad

We have a rear radiator. And a big flap. Dust rocks etc come from under the flap and hit the rock guard. Some dust hts the windshield ad over the top of the Edge. our Saturn, former toad it hit the rock guard but all over the windshield and a good bit on the hood. It tumbled over the top of it at speed. And oil spray, and grease from being thrown from drive shaft u joints onto muffler. Fixed, that where we stored it greased it and wiped all excess off. They won't do that a truck lube.Stuff from under the coach and through rear radiator if you have one tumbles over the top edge of the rock guard but it protects the front end of the Edge very well. The guard that stretches flat in front from the tow bar to front of car would stop a lot of rocks and dust etc too. Just look at one on some body's ig to see how much stuff is on it. Air going under and around the Mh will go all the way to the top of or mh in the rear and it tumbles from under and around it too. I've seen some who looked cleaner and they were probably side radiators. Those aero tabs might help but then maybe not. Thought about extending the hitch to get the toad further back from the coach, but not sure that is a such a good idea. It depends on the coach and the toad as to what works best. We get some protection to toad so we won't tow without it.
down home 08/08/19 10:45pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Col. Roy Abner Knight, Jr. came home today !

I can't imagine the emotional burden on his son, and his Mother..but time heals a bit. RIP Colonel
down home 08/08/19 10:31pm Around the Campfire
RE: Miles per day.

I use to get home early on Friday mow a 1+acre yard with push mower, wash the car and at 5:00 am Saturday hit the road to Michigan. Usually got there about 1:00. 600 miles...And Sunday evening head back and get home at 11:00 pm. Lot less traffic, in Nashville, Lousiville and Indy in the 70s and speed limit was 75mph in most places...for second gear. Twenty dollars fuel in340 Duster or 400 CI Plymouth Fury. Not any more.
down home 08/08/19 04:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Without Thinking Buy New and Don't Even Consider Repairing

Consumables was part of the Free Trade /Chinese junk thing. Warranties and service did not make them any money. So you need to buy two or three of something as noting last. For instance I have as new Craftsman hand held blower, several years old. It worked for a week, took it back next spring and they said no warranty. Wanted 100.00 to find out what was wrong with it and 69.00 to repair it. Paid 69.00 to 89.00 for it. No Sears atall now. No one can repair it the bearing on the blower is plastic.and on and on and on. Durable Goods stopped with Free Trade it seems for the most part. Time to mandate repairable appliances ,and other things or somehow make it the standard. our first washer and dryer bought in 1975 cost 225.00 or so at K Mart. whirlpool. They lasted with no repairs until about 2000, I think. I broke the washer, my fault, Sinc then two new washers and dryers. Last ones were Neptunes and, 300.00 for warranty every two years or so and lots of repairs. about a thousand dollars for the repairs. The new ones from Lowes about 2500 for the pair, two years repaired washer once. Did not buy extended warranty. Won't buy from Lowes agin new policy pay 100.00 for deliver but that does not include set up connection or hoses or anything another 125.00. Use to be 75.00 for delivery, set up connections hoses etc and taking the old units away. Now it is an extra amont40.00 I think to haul the old appliances off to the landfill, no recycle.
down home 08/07/19 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Connected to shore power

We stay connected but with a surge protector. We have had surges trip the breakers, on the towers more than once. The surge protector may have saved a big spike getting into the rig too. It does not tell us what events it protected us from.
down home 08/06/19 06:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Miles per day.

The mileage measure didn't seem to work out that well. So whatever time we start out we look for RV Park at about 4:00 or a bit earlier. At night before we try to locate parks to stop at, about 400 miles, at the most an genrally don't make it. Though if near destination we ill press on. Occassionally we are pleasantly surprised things like fishing lakes, that were unexpected t a stop and my alter travel plans for a day or two. We like to be sat own about four or five and enjoy a good meal and see what there s to get into. Sometimes make a new friend or two.
down home 08/06/19 06:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lesson Learned (fuel station etiquette)

These new "Chipped" debit and credit cards offer little or no extra protection. I don't know what info is in the chip. Son In Laws co-worker reports that his wife's cards have been hit 3 times in the last month. And people are still forging IDs another bot a letter from Exxon. He was about to throw it away as just advertising for him to get another credit card. He opened and it was a bill for near 1,000.00. Someone had opened accounts in his and his wife's name. Though he lives in the south the charges were made in the Northeast. He has been fighting Exxon for a while to get the charges removed and card cancelled.
down home 08/06/19 06:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lesson Learned (fuel station etiquette)

Son-In-Law got hit Sunday. Someone used his chipped card, cloned of course at an ATM 300 miles away in Va. for .75 charge for using another bank than his own charge. Only places they spent money was fast food and service station, at the pump and in Tn locally. My vote is that the card info including pin was at the service station, by a reader. Must be really concealable thee days.
down home 08/06/19 01:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Another Rear End Accident Story

The scenario: On 07.29.19 travelling southbound on I-69 at MP 221.6 outside Anderson, IN. This is in a construction zone, with a posted speed limit in the work zone of 55MPH. There is a Y configuration for the lanes, the right lane going one direction, the left lane going another direction, and the construction in the middle/closed lane. There was a previous/similar construction zone about a mile prior to this one. A UHaul truck stops suddenly in the middle of the Y median. The car directly behind it, and directly in front of me, brakes to keep from hitting the UHaul, as she has nowhere to go. I also brake to keep from hitting the car, and appear to have avoided it, when I hear a crash behind me, and am pushed forward into the car by a Freightliner semi who rear ended my trailer. We all get out of our vehicles to see if anyone is hurt; there are no injuries. No airbag deployments either, we were going approximately 40-45MPH. We all move our vehicles out of the roadway, and I call 9-1-1 to get law enforcment to respond. We all also exchange information, with the exception of the UHaul driver who left the scene. I take lots of pictures of the damage to my 2007 GMC Sierra SLE 3500 dually and my 2007 Keystone Outback 25RSS trailer. Indiana State Police Trooper arrives, takes a look at all the vehicles, gets all our information. Provides me with an instruction sheet as to how to get a copy of the report, and states that the driver of the Freightliner is 100% at fault, that he had a duty to be far enough back as to avoid an accident. Driver was cited. I asked the trooper if he thought it was safe for me to drive my rig, he took a look at it (he's a trailer guy too), said it looked like everything was OK to tow, but recommended a local RV dealer if I wanted to have it checked out. Took it to that dealer, they said the hitch and bumper on my GMC would need to be replaced, and that they could sell me a hitch. They also recommended a local Chevy dealer to check out the bumper. Drove over to them, they said the bumper would definitely need to be replaced, and emailed me an estimate. I asked both of them if the rig was safe to drive, to go back to Colorado, neither would give me a definitive answer. Thought I was going to be stuck there for a few weeks. I called Liberty Mutual again, they said I could go to a local collision repair place and get an opinion, and gave me the names of 2 in the Anderson area. Went to one of them the following day. Appraiser there said the frame was good, the bumper, though damaged, was still tight, and that the hitch also appeared to be tight, though bent downward due to the angle of the bumper. He said there was a hitch place near by, if I wanted to get another opinion, so went over there as well. Guy there inspected the hitch, said that it looked tight, thought it was missing a nut and that part of a bolt had been sheered off, but was still in tight condition. I asked both if they thought the rig was driveable back to Colorado, both said yes. The Freightliner driver drives for Watkins and Shepard Trucking/Schneider National Carriers and has Old Republic Insurance. He had already called in a claim when I called them, they said it would be 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS (presumably meaning 3-6 days) before a claims adjuster would be assigned and contact me. In addition to the damage to the bumper of my GMC, the trailer sustained significant damage. The rear bumper was pushed up and inward, peeling back off the support strut, the spare tire carrier was pushed into the rear wall of the trailer and in to the interior of the trailer, where a step was damaged, along with both of the benches for the dinette. The rear slide out handle was damaged, and the slide out will not slide completely out. Appears that part of the roof support also has come loose, and there is damage to a cabinet in the slide out. Both of the stairs for the door entries were also damaged, making it difficult to deploy the stairs, and the rear door doesn't close correctly. That is what is visible, I don't know if there's damage underneath. Was able to make it home to Colorado safely (3 days coming back), got back here on Friday, 08.02.19. Now awaiting contacts on my various claims. GMC will be handled by a collision center near by. The trailer will have an inspector come out a see if it's repairable or will be totalled. I'm also going to call a service I've used before and have them inspect it as a disinterested 3rd party, to give me an approximation on repair costs. And YES, I do plan to, at minimum consult an attorney. My insurance processor said that, in the event that the trailer is totalled, they would pay off the lien on the trailer and they go after the other driver's insurance, for my deductible among other things. They would also pay the collision center direct, again minus deductible, for the repairs to the GMC. My guess is the trailer is totaled, as the entire rear portion of the trailer would need to be replaced as well as removal of the rear slide out to even make any repairs. My questions: My insurance pays off my trailer lien then presumably goes after Old Republic for that payment, plus my deductible for both vehicles. But who pays for loss of use? I've made reservations at a variety of campgrounds for the remainder of the summer/fall, that I will now have to cancel, and will only get a partial refund. Also loss of use, who pays for the trailer storage that I paid for in advance? I have 5 months of storage paid for and nothing to store, if it's totaled. There is also the "making it right" part of this. Indiana is an "at fault" state, so with the other driver being 100% at fault, it seems to me that his insurance company is responsible to make this right, yes? I didn't ask to be in an accident, their driver was negligent, and now they should cover the cost of a replacement trailer, yes? Hope to have some answers later this week, but it's so frustrating to be in limbo, playing a waiting game. I know, it's likely to be a long drawn out process. Opinions/thoughts/suggestions? If you subrogate your claim to your Insurance, s you have, have through discussion as to coverage, even if totaled he may only offer book value and then it is up to you get a new replacement value difference. And loss of use and loss of value and extra cost for travel, and motel etc are all viable legal claims. Talk to the other insurance co after talking to yours about this and don't sign anything without thorough understanding of what you are signing, from them. We have the claims above what our insurance Co covered taken care of promptly by other party's ins promptly and satisfactorily, but if you can wait until you have check in hand and determine hand or agreement then talk to the other ins about the difference. If you have to a Lawyer can get it and ad his cost to it. You want fully made whole of all loses and extra cost involved including time from your vacation or trip, loss of value in your truck, as any vehicle, in a n accident looses a lot on trade in. We found that out, expensively from when, we had our toad hit in Indiana and went to trade months later. You Insuor may not/probably won't talk about that and neither will the other Insurance hoping you won't think about it.
down home 08/06/19 01:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: annoying bird problem

We had a pair build a nest on top of slide out under the awning once. We had to stay an extra 2 weeks. So for awhile we pulled in the slides, while we were gone, after checking, from the RV. Haven't been out during nesting season in a while and got away from doing that. Stopping birds from nesting,drive a lot more, just kidding. Underneath the coach I dunno.
down home 08/06/19 12:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: annoying bird problem

I've heard it said, if you get an artificial owl and set it out, it keeps some birds away. I've never tried it myself. I have found a good "mouser" cat works pretty good at keep birds in flight. We have an owl that is powered by solarand the head turns. Bird built a nest right over it on one of the fan on our rear porch. I guess the birds learn after a short time.
down home 08/06/19 12:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Filter for beach water

Wee ran into the same problem in south Georgia, Florida and La. We used two filters a 5 micron charcoal that ill get just about everything including sulfur and iron. It stopped up in La, done it's job and a second ceramic filter was then put on and it stopped up and was covered in brown and black and yellow sulfur, iron and other minerals, to the point I couldn't clean it.. So we carry more good charcoal filters 5 micron, and smaller, when I can get them, and replace a necessary. The blue one, I don't remember the number, that CW carried that fit the 10 inch housing was good but too expensive at near 40.00 each cartridge. Don't remember where I bought the last ones but Folks here, have posted several online sources. I recommend a prefilter that is cheaper, to get most of the bad stuff, at the faucet and the second closed to RV to get the smaller micron stuff. I don't always run two filters nd right no need a second housing.
down home 08/06/19 12:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Filters

Didn't see it mentioned so I'll throw in what we do. A regular 10 inch sediment filter (like the one above) at the water inlet and we further filter drinking/cooking water through a Brita pitcher. There you go.. Although I just filter the water at the spigot with one of those blue camco's , along with the Brita pitcher. I see no problem with the faucets ,hot water tank, etc , been doing this with my now 12 year old fifth wheel. Works for me . I posted this account before possibly but.. a few years ago at a campground we like in Michigan, with well water with lots of sediment and with a lot of RV in the park,at times even more dirt. A neighbor in a travel trailer and I were talking as I change our plugged up large 10 in cannister filter. We wash clothes, shower and drink and and use the water to cook that comes through the tap. We do have a second under counter filter to a tap and the ice maker. The filter was full of dirt. We use a filter with outside media for dirt and a kdf charcoal or with silver water filter. I showed him the filter and housing. He commented they didn't use a filter, they only used the water to wash dishes, clothes, and shower. They didn't drink it. I kinda was taken aback. His white t-shirt and shorts were kinda yellow brown. I imagine their shower was too as well as his tan being partly from the water. his water heater and washer too. Bet he has had to replace the water heater and that none of his faucets seal by now. I think he was or had just finished washing his truck with dirty water too. In Michigan a farm state People have a lot of endemic tooth and other problems from all the fertilizer and chemicals used in farming. They leach right through the soil to the high water table wells too. These days they sell a lot of reverse osmosis water systems and large filter systems and rural Folks enjoy better health for the most part. A good filter list what contamninents, including chlorine, sediment, chemicals, iron, sulfur, and micro organisms it will filter out. And a good filter clogs up quicker so you need larger ones and replacement cartridges. Wife is from the area is how I came to know much of this.
down home 08/04/19 12:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford 7.3L V8 Power Numbers & They Are Lower Than We Thought!

Cheaper to build and no rel competition these days. Even diesels are greatly detuned since , with low compression, ******** from previous technology, injection timing, but more fuel and then urea injection to boot. If I was young man again I would be enthused about power again and install an after market big block engine of perhaps 572 cubes.Chevy led the way but you can get engines with Ford tech or Chevy or Chrysler heads. Aluminum heads, and higher compression go together, though you might want to run premium fuel. Superchargers, on correctly built engines and so on. It is entirely possible to put a thousand or more hp under your hood that will live these days but figure 15 to 25000.00 and a beefed up or different trans, and rear differential, possibly. We are not likely to see the glory days of big block power again since the the auto makers agreed to go along with California's new draconian emissions standards. Cheaper to do that than two sets of standards. Auto Administration relaxed the California/Obama regs to something less unreasonable, but Automakers are going to let California dictate to the rest of the Country. The 3 valve Ford engines have an inherent problem with nylon shoe chain adjusters but we are hanging on to our 05 5.4 and if I can find one reasonable with the computer etc when this one goes I hope to have installed a 6.8 four or larger valve four cam after market crate engine.Spec correctly it should make over 600 hp and no nylon chain adjusters to wear out or two ring cast pistons and EPA junk. Current engine has way over 200,000 miles and doesn't idle smooth because of worn nylon chain adjuster shoe.
down home 08/04/19 12:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lesson Learned (fuel station etiquette)

Wee find it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to go in Flyin J/Pilots and get a clerk usually only one who is handing cards and paperwork for semis, selling junk food etc. I stand out there waiting for authorization, for anywhere up to 15 minutes before starting up the pump, or use the card at the pump and discount card and pump 75.00 and it stops and go through it again, and third time have to go inside anyway. That roughly 25 gallons per swipe of card. Go through the truck lanes and it won't red the cards, wife goes inside and I wait for authorization....and then in both cases have to go back in and get the receipt and the amount we placed on the card is always higher. They tell us it can take two weeks, at least one time, in La on I10 for our money to be credited back to our card. Some other few stations that we have noted, and go back to since we seem to always use the same routes, Pull in fill up and pay, at a Shell in Ky anyway and it was cheaper to boot, same price credit or cash. Some stations want her to stand there with card while I fuel, and some want to hold the cars in a little try where anyone could reach over and grab several, but they don't charge card until the pump is cut off. El Paso, I think Pilot or flying J off the Interstate up the hill it has a sticker or did that says a limit of 250.00 or some such but they don't. Sometimes we find a 100.00 limit or a 125.00 limit, like in Az and a few others that they can see you at the pump and pump away and go in and pay.
down home 08/01/19 10:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: For you truck campers--slow down heh

1970s, A pickup lost a camper shell not a camper, in front of me. It was held don with aluminum screw type clamps. Caused several wrecks, I had to get out and warn people to the other lane. The metal tore though the clamps.
down home 08/01/19 10:08pm Truck Campers
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