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RE: Insanity in the grocery stores...

Bullhead. Az Sams Club was amass of humanity, with full carts, of the large size everything. No Beef except a few whole Rib Eyes. Fish was all gone, but some shrimp and eysters, People buying chest freezers, and all the bulk or large size food shelves were half volume. They would not sell their self dispensed drinks because of risk of cross contamination or some such. Some people wearing masks and some wearing disposable gloves. People from California and Nevada added to the numbers. Every thing reportedly sold out,over there. Meanwhile here, wherever here is, plenty of groceries on the shelves. They'll be here soon enough I spect.
down home 03/17/20 06:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

I grab the pump handle bare handed then pick my nose after I lick the melted ice cream off my hand from the cone that I bought at the gas station deli. Who knew Chuck Norris live in La. Can I have your autograph? :)
down home 03/17/20 06:22pm General RVing Issues
Germs, viruses and fuel pump handles and doors

Fuel pump handles, perhaps are the worse for spreading germs and viruses ,maybe with door handles of businesses being first. Someone who has just finished shoveling out the barn or milking parlor, or has a cold or flu or a virus most usually does/may not wash their hands or use a sanitizer of disinfectant wipe before pumping fuel, or entering a store. We carry the little packages of disinfectant wipes but don't always think to wipe our hands...and the pump handle with them. We are changing that if we can find more wipes. I always use disposable nitrile gloves to pump diesel as 99% of the tiem they are oily with leaking diesel and you can wash all day and not get the diesel out of your hands except by wiping on the upholstery it seems sometimes. Maybe I need to sue them to pump gas too and even open doors of gas station. But for certain wee will wipe the pump handles with disinfectant wipes. Would be good if fuel stops haad them next to the pumps.
down home 03/17/20 03:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Have friends/family in lockdown?

We are currently in Arizona, for family. We need to get home to see my Doctors but...Concerns about this Virus unwarranted level of fright, I'm looking for guidance n whether to head home in two weeks or sit it out. Will they make people stay wherever they are at starting when we are at the next campground a state over or close campgrounds, trapping those there and not letting anyone else in?
down home 03/17/20 03:31am Around the Campfire
RE: Don't come to Massachusetts

down home 03/16/20 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Camco water filter

Depends on water source for filter requirements.Fla, South Ga, La,Michigan needs lots filter capacity. The worse the water the more filter capacity required. Th better the filter, the more they cost and the more frequent you have to replace them. N way to cheat the situation. A large whole house 10 inch filter housign with remote sensor to let you know it is full cost about 70,00 at Home Depot for GE or Lowes for Culligan. The less expensive 25 micron KDF filter of them will get just about all sediments and many bugs. Buy the filters on.25 micron kdf filter when if f lien and Higher spec filters for those housings are available on line, and the variety confusing. Replace the large filter when led shows. A somewhat to a lot more expensive .5 micron or whatever,spected to get all the bugs won't have to be replaced so often. In Michigan the well water at numerous campgrounds especially when the campgrounds are full will load up a filter in no time, like one day, if you wash clothes. South Georgia, Louisiana, had .9 micron ceramic filter with a pre filter stop up in two days with stinky black and yellow sulfur and iron. Those inline Camco filters load up fast and then everytime you turn on the tap flush sediment right past it and into your glass or shower, in Michigan per example. Right now here in the desert we have just a half micron, high spec cartridge in small 10" housing. Cost was about 47.00. Don't remember the number right at the moment. But...nothing much gets through the filter, and the source has lots of calcium and magnesium, I think, but virtually no sediments. All the KDF filters get the chlorine out of the water, I think, so I put some drinking water chlorine in the fresh water tank, and no taste if not too much is used. No need or desire to buy bottled water with a shot of ozone in it to aggravate the palate. On edit: I remember several years ago at a favorite campground in Michigan, a camper next to us, in conversation I showed him the sediment, mud, in clear filter housing. He said they didn't drink it but just showered and washed clothes in it. They drank bottled water. His white t shirt and socks were a decidedly unlovely hue of yellow/brown. And his "tan" too. yellow
down home 03/16/20 04:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Save a bit on fuel

$1.20 something in Oklahoma for regular.$1.79 for diesel, I think I read earlier.
down home 03/14/20 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I have an appointment ext week with a Rhumatologist. I saw mention that it causes fatigue. That explains a lot. Pinched never in spine, and deteriorated gone discs. For a long time treated for Osteoarthritis. From what I read not a real pleasant future especially with other damages from Agent Orange, eyes,vertigo and neuropathy diagnosed now changed to caused by RA both by Agent Orange.I really want to do some fishing but out of thee question unless we mange to buy a boat and other things. I loved wading for trout. I sure hope there is a cure forr others and me.
down home 03/14/20 08:15pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues

How about some fishing reports from RVers along the Gulf Coasts? Probably a bit early for most on the Atlantic or Pacific?
down home 03/11/20 05:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Save a bit on fuel

Fuel taxes are per gallon and market forces on lower prices increase tax revenues generally.
down home 03/10/20 05:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Save a bit on fuel

Houston northeast gas is $1.40.
down home 03/10/20 11:42am General RVing Issues
Save a bit on fuel

Oklahoma City reg is ow $1.63 diesel in Adair is $1.89, Market is down hurting our retirement like most others but oil is a t $31.05 now and may hit $20.00. If so perhaps fuel in the dollar range will make travel a lot less expesnive.
down home 03/09/20 05:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Made back into the US without a passport!

Canadian border not Mexican. 2002 perhaps, We crossed at the Su. Canadian Customs, a nice lady asked for my tag number. Didn't know it ,how many do. Got out to get it but fifth wheel prevented seeing it. Got back and and told her. I don't remember handing her my drivers license or anything. She must have seen on a camera our plates on Fifth wheel. She rattled off who we were our address and other items. It caught us off guard wherever she got the info. She just waived through then. So the Border Agents of all three countries, I think have access t everyone's id and data,I think.
down home 03/06/20 09:26am RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Shopping by phone or text

We don't seem to have a lot of time for many things, as going to the store is a/the major activity. One local Walmart. Everything else is a hundred mile round trip or further. Wife is resisting the idea but somethings from Wal Mart delivered would save a lot of tme and fuel. Ordering for pickup in town would save a lot....but it would cut otu all the window shopping. When I wa in tow where we lived. we had a small grocery store, where Mom ordered and they pulled everything from the shelf. At some point they stared delivery, even across town when we moved until they retired. On the mountain, it was so quiet your ears hurt, and you could hear the produce man and the peddler, in their suburban type small trucks, with open sides. Saved Grand Ma and me a lot of walking to town, and carrying back fie gallon buckets of lard and 25 lb and larger sacks of flour and corn meal and other things. Probably the reason I'm only 5'10" instead of six' like my Uncles.. On edit: I just about forgot about the then new supermarket not far from us in town, that had several bicycles parked outside, with baskets in front etc,and on the mountain the stores also who had someone who delivered school kids and others deliver small orders around the town within a short distance. Home delivery if it works out would mean lot more time for family aan things we want to do like fishing. So if it works for you all it will work for us, if I can convince hr.
down home 03/05/20 08:22pm Around the Campfire
Shopping by phone or text

how many households here order their groceries from Wal Mart and pick them up,...or have them delivered? Who else offers it and how far from the stores do thy generally deliver?
down home 03/04/20 05:11pm Around the Campfire
RE: Fed Cuts Rates: Will RV Rates Follow?

On refinance our Credit Union offered 3.9% three years ago on book value. New vehicles were 2.9%, not sure that would apply to Motor homes. When we get back home we're shopping new car, home and RV. Currently i3.45 on home. If we can drop that two points, wecan payit off a lot sooner.
down home 03/04/20 04:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: Preparing for isolation to avoid contact with Corona virus

Currently we are camping in the dry cold desert. They groomed the dirt last month and wife got an upper respiratory infection from being near the ground putting something in the bay.But it wasn't Coronavirus. At home when they burn and plow spray the fields in Miss, La, Texas dust and bacteria and chemicals in the top layer of soil comes right to us. And a lot of people get sick. Crowds are what spread most diseases. We see a lot of face masks and at the Doctors office they are required, from what wife said when she went to the clinic. Practcally everyone is wiping the handles of shopping carts and their hands now at Wally World. We carry antiseptic wipes for the fuel pump handles and wear plastic throw away gloves sometimes. I talked with my wife, that to wait until the parking lots are closer to empty to go to the store, late night and early morning. I get notifications on my phone, from adjacent county school system for some reason. Don't have kids or Grand kids in school anywhere. Since October til now they have been closed more than open it seems, from illnesses,"the flu" and bad weather. That County where Mom was raised, now has escapees from the north....and it has rained just about every day or snowed and it all comes from the Gulf Coast and the areas that we see typically the skies, the wind loaded with dirt, pathogens, herbicides, and other chemicals. and the reason I constantly have to wash the house down. it is wise to take precautions as you can. When we get home, if this bug is still around, we will limit where we go. Living in the middle of the woods not likely to get anyone's sneeze. Mom's family were all health except grand Ma for heart and an Uncle. Mom never had a cold in her life. No one moved into the area and few cam through until the late sixties so no bugs spread around and everyone was conditioned in through the twenties when a great many died rom the Spanish flue and other ailments and those that survived lived without going to the Doctors much. No way would you induce me to live in the ant colonies of America that are increasing. One person gets sick everybody gets sick. Someone brings illness to school, every kid gets it and takes it home and it spreads throughout the entire county and beyond. So don't live in crowds and it may be wise to use the newly resurrected calling or texting the stores to fill your order and going getting it or having it delivered.
down home 03/02/20 02:58pm Around the Campfire
RE: Mid of the nights stuff and other things by RVers

What's a "Black Tang Saga"? :h Supposed to have been a k.
down home 02/27/20 02:08pm General RVing Issues
Mid of the nights stuff and other things by RVers

Done some pretty weird things like Black Tank Sagas but last night was a dozer as n nearly asleep. Got a it of a skin rash. So sometime in the middle of the night I got up to spray some antiseptic on it. Surprising how close a can of spray cooking oil looks like Dermaplast, at o dark 30. Seems to have worked too. Thought things were kinda slick though down there.
down home 02/27/20 02:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Coleman Heat Pump blowing cold air

down home 02/26/20 09:09pm Class A Motorhomes
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