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RE: Animal Tracks

A fox?
down home 10/06/20 05:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Animal Tracks

Go back and get some photos or casts or something. There are still remnant populations, of animals, though extirpated in many corners of our Country. Such as porcupines in NC and Tn. And animals i don't know what they are such as several years ago a reddsih coated animal long tail cleaning up a roadkill, as I approached it ran to these of the road and up a tree onto a limb over the road. no cell phones back then and didn't carry a camera. Gray wolves spotted by many people including some in the Historical Society. Saw two my self circa 1978. Bobcats with extra long legs? Whisteling jacks..Black Panthers? In 72 years a lot of them far back in the woods saw quite a few strange and some unsettling things.
down home 10/05/20 10:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: The trashing of our public lands.

That Native American commercial was done back in the 70's so this NOT a new problem. Been going on for decades, centuries And that Native American...Italian Heritage actor i never knew that. all these years i thouht he was an indian. wow. At a "Pow Wow"near Nashville years ago he was there. They seemed to regard hims a Native American, This was during the time of the commercials. Sn part Cherokee go into the dancing with them. I think they were Sioux not Cherokee though. He was singing autographs and photos. Sure fooled a lot of people. You never know. Grand Ma said both her Parents were from the Sweedish colony but her Grand Father was 3/4 Cherokee and it showed in Grand Ma and my Uncles. To be an Indian durign her lifetime. Everyone though t she was Swedish..with a dark complexion and a hardiness of no European.
down home 10/05/20 10:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blown engine

A crate GM 572 dart block, ready to run long block on ebay 745 hp 700+ft lb of torque $10,000.00 and change. A hot rod engine a bit much? You can find factory new crate 454 ci engines from a bit over $5,000.00. If you go the time to shop via phone, you can have one of the builders put a cam suitable for a Mh in the engine. They must be charging a lot for removal and installation, which can be a challenge I'm sure. Just an option. If your insurance is handling it let them do their thing and they might even rent a car for you for a period of time. Dealers are gettign really out of lien today on prices on everything. Son' 07 Soltice jsut had the A/c reworked and then it quit again. $400.00 for a half hours work and four sensors that would coat after market $20.00 each at the mos If I was younger you give me a check for that amount, I'll give you a motorhome ready for super Stock, so to speak, not literally. On edit, of course you put in a stouter engine more heat so bigger radiator and oil cooler and trans and cooler. And long tube approprate headers will help with cooling. The mufflers would be bigger of course.
down home 10/05/20 10:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RVers and Pheasant hunting

I don't think we will go anywhere else this year but have thought about taking the motor home to South Dakota and doing some Pheasant hunting. I think it would be a great idea for a Rally, if some RV group there or somewhere else would put together a Rally or just a gathering. I've never been and would like to go but with like minded RVers. One thing is that a lot of us are not able to walk too much and a driven hunt would be the idea.
down home 10/04/20 10:00pm General RVing Issues
Bulbs for Backup Revolution MH

Parked, for now, at facility where no work allowed n Vehicles so I can't pull the light and get the bulb number. Anyone have the bulb number and replacement LED number for back up light on an 05 Revolution Motor home?
down home 10/04/20 09:36pm Tech Issues
RE: New Purchase

I have been using that since I got my first RV. I've got one too. Five foot Two eyes of blue. Programmed in one room schoolhouses in southern Michigan. Does a great job but is cantankerous at times. It's been rejecting instructions at times, telling me to get my own!
down home 10/04/20 09:33am Around the Campfire
RE: The trashing of our public lands.

Saw it at one of the few facilities on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Bathrooms were over flowing too. Lot of people enjoying our natural treasures but..Also saw garbage bags in the dumpsters and in cans.Apparently some locals don't want to pay to have their garbage hauled away. One stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway looks like New York City, so to speak, just short distance from the Parkway. State Forest found a large dump where they were letting Residents in the area and some not so close in dump roofing shingles, garbage and everything else. I haven't noticed it in the Smokiesbut it has been a while since we visited it.
down home 10/03/20 02:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sway Bar mounting brackets bolts.

Our Freightliner chassis sway bar links have tiny quarter inch threaded sections.Last time at the factory they replaced the rotted destroyed rubber bushings, they over tightened one, of them, with an impact wrench.Itwas loose but couldn't get it off due to stretched and twisted ends, August,, in Az Freightlner replaced the rubber and already worn bushings with urethane bushings and found it. Replaced both links,,,which were not easy to find. Just tightening up things and those urethane bushings made a lot of difference
down home 10/03/20 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Purchase

De Luxe model? Saving up for that one. I understand it will drive the RV and fix coffer and sandwiches.
down home 10/02/20 05:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Poachng Season

You might invite DNR officers to come over for coffee and cake about that time of night (Or just offer them a place to park their car under cover) The only poaching that should be done is properly done in the kitchen. (It's a cooking term). TWRA Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is our DNR. They were all over it and probably the ones that caught them. I never asked. Former TWRA Officer and friend retired due to age,50, didn't want to retire and couldn't get Haslam to give him a job..not enough money in his bank account. The extent they go to to just catch one poacher etc is astounding. he ws single, now married , because he spent his life it seemed in a blind or hiding in bushes or counting/auditing the nut crops...and in our Boy Scout Troop.
down home 10/02/20 05:24pm Around the Campfire
New Purchase

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30149529
down home 10/01/20 01:40pm General RVing Issues
New Purchase

I got myself a Seniors' GPS. Not only doe it tell me how to get to my destination, it tells me why I wanted to go there.
down home 10/01/20 01:40pm Around the Campfire
RE: Arkansas SP $40 Dog Fee - REALLY ??

Get a Great Dane, tan and white, and put a saddle on him. Claim he is your daughters pony. He would get used to the bit, if you tarted training him a month or two early...maybe.possibly...could happen. Silliness aside Good Dog Owners are suffering for the sins of those who are too lazy to school their pets and pick up after them..and even bring unsociable dogs intp RV Parks. WE never brought our now deceased friend and family defender with us, but have RVing Friends that did/do. Not a lot you can do about State Park rules, if you live out of state and don't really have a voice in stat politics or DNR or whoever operates the State Parks. You just have to pay or go to another Park it seems.
down home 09/30/20 10:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Wiper Blades

O'Reillys in Kingman Az had 32" blades. A whole lot of RVs in the area though.
down home 09/30/20 10:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Natchez Trace

We have been up and down it several times. Only time we had a problem they were paving the road. I had to get out and move the cones over so we and those behind us could pass. There was no real shoulder on that portion. I understand from others here on the forums new RV parks suitable for Class As are now on the Trace. In Tupelo, Mississippi, that of portion it is used ad part of their major road plan, which is illegal in my view and certainly counter to the intent. A lot more traffic on that portion and even banned semis and other commercial vehicles get away with using it at times..but they do catch some of them and the fines are very stiff..
down home 09/29/20 03:47pm Roads and Routes
Poachng Season

Last year and most of this one we were in Az.Now home sitting here at the computer,up late with pain, I saw a car at the end of our drive. A lot of deer in our yard and field. I've seen them stop there for a long time, and some even in the road, and just sit there watching the deer and other animals. I closed the shades, a bit, when I saw the car. Even though it is several hundred feet away they might see hairless legs. Then ban a .357 or .38 stoutly loaded, a single shot. They are spotlighting deer again.Two years ago the Mayor our Policeman, TWRA Officers and I took turns or some times both watching the Port area. They shot many deer, left many bodies just took the heads with antlers . Someone of us caught them year before last. High powered UTVs and entered the property near the dam when they figured out we were watching for them. They evidently figured I was the cause of them being caught as they ran into the rock planter at the end of the drive. We got home and found it hit again, yesterday. Lot of trouble and it hasn't looked good since the first time we built it. Took the flashlight and shined it down that way to see if the car was still there but with headlights off, and was the culprit. Gone, but a skunk was walking up the road and then into our drive. My flashlight was of no concern. Watched him for a hundred feet or so, when I saw a car's lights approaching around the curve. Cut the light and closed the door. Looked again and it was gone. Don't smell it so it is not on the rear porch/patio. The cats might keep it away but doubtful. Called the Dispatcher, got him to have someone, in the area give the port a once over.Nobody is over here this evening, and our Policeman is home, I think. I get the chance, if it doesn't rain too hard, I will look it over down there tomorrow. I hope I'm not up every night this fall and winter listening for or watching for Poachers again.
down home 09/29/20 12:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Fortunate to be here tonight

We had same type of incident in Tn, further down the road. The white Acura SUV cleared us by a whole lot more but still got our attention. We were passing a semi at 20-25 mph overtaking speed difference.
down home 09/28/20 10:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Foolish Things We’ve Done as Kids

I've probably told this before. In High School a Friend and I would turn VWs around in our Church Parking lot of those we knew would not get offended, Front ends I could lift with one had rear ends I might have gotten away with one but used two. On Friday nights and Saturdays everyone was cruising. he had a bleu 57 Chevy convertible, black tuck and roll convertible, with four barrel 283 and powerglide, we cruised in. We would find some of our friends cars parked at drive-ins and such and pull the same tricks, even pick up some cars and scoot them closer and box them in. We got done the same a few times but it took the whole football team or seemed so.And we pulled other shenanigans on each other. One time we tried to life a Buick. I think I got the rear. It tore the sides our off my shoes, put blisters on my feet and hands and my back hurt a bit. I don't think he complained. I actually think he just pretended to participate, Joke was on me. I got the car turned about half way around..but never again. Lot of difference between a 57 a VW. a 57 Chevy and a 5,000.00 plus Buick.
down home 09/28/20 04:03pm Around the Campfire
Fortunate to be here tonight

Arkansas on I40: Overtaking a semi, we hear a screaming 6cylindeengien with loud exhaust. Didn't see anything but instinctively lifted foot off the throttle and engine break kicks in hard and on the brake. About that time to our right a black Chrysler 300,I think with paper drive out tag comes barreling between us and the semi. We missed hitting him right at or behind the driver's door by a foot maybe an he misses the rear corner, the big bar setup on its rear by maybe foot. If hadn't lifted off the throttle and hit the brake, we would have hit him and pushed him under the rear of the semi killing him most likely, and destroying the car and our right front lower cap and frame and generator and so forth. We would have had ne big pileup. I don't recall if other vehicles behind the semi at a distance. There were none behind us. We would have been killed too. The semi would probably have left the road and jackknifed or rolled, I don't know exactly and anyone within a good distance behind the semi and us would have piled into the mess. My heart was in my throat for a long time beating wildly. We almost met our Maker today. He wove in and out around three more semis and existed on exit 173. Tried to call 911 but all it did was ring. That Fellow almost killed a bunch of people today including himself.
down home 09/27/20 08:39pm Class A Motorhomes
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