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RE: New Wriinkle in Customer Service

was 'her' name Peggy? Nah!It was a Rooster. More likely, Dinner was his name.
down home 01/10/21 09:30am Around the Campfire
New Wriinkle in Customer Service

Yesterday I called Customer Service about remote glucose monitor, I use. . Well it was in India. had some trouble hearing and understanding the young lady. It wasn't helped any by a constantly crowing rooster, in the house or the doorway apparently. It was close. While she was consulting something or other I had the notion and called out to my daughter to go get Rooster Cogburn, one of their show chickens from the pen.He doesn't get out much and might enjoy an exchange with a distant relative in India. Dang it she was in the midst of laundry and its a fer piece to the pen. Maybe next time. Bring all the flock and let them all have a visit.
down home 01/09/21 05:30pm Around the Campfire
RE: Gander Outdoors

When Gander Mountain was under the original Owners, variety, quality and price beat all the competition. We stopped at the Coldwater, Michigan, I think store many times. Still have a couple of decades old reels.But like the place in Coldwater that my wife worked at as a teen, making floats, everyone started buying Chinese. We tried to buy the float mfg but the kids who took over, well I don't know who owns it now and....
down home 01/07/21 07:50pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gander Outdoors

At campfires, at the many RV Parks, we have visited, 95% probably,but none objected as talk turned to hunting and fishing. Everyone hunted and or fished. People who RV are outdoor types in general is our experience. The two types of stores mesh real well, if properly stocked with variety and prices and service are good! Problem is there is not one nears us and we have near $400.00 on a merchandise card and don't need anymore RV merchandise. Went to the website,and one was supposedly in Knoxville. Drove all that way and not hide nor hair of it or another site listed by by Sarrie? GPS says nearest is over 700 miles away in Ohio. Not real logical sicne90% of Tennesseans hunt and fish.Now that the same group who owns Bass Pro and Cabelas is buying Sportsmans Warehouse, no competition to speak of. Sale is supposed to be completed by fall. If Marcus puts someone who lives and eats in the outdoors,so to speak,Someone who knows what Hunters, Trappers,Boaters,Kayakers,Canoeists,and Fishermen, and Backpakcers want, a huge fortune awaits! One Store Mgr or a Corporate computer operating on numbers does fill the needs and wants of the many different Customers, at would evolve into a large store,kind of like Sears used to be. you can't insist on a certain profit margines regardless of quality, seasons change and so forth.not everyone wants the same do-dad or gadget...Variety,quality and service means returning Customers and huge profits. Remember when every Saturday we went to Sears for...everything under the sun?
down home 01/07/21 04:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Magazine

Camping World is moving away from Motor Homes in most locations. They say they can move 16 Traielrs(and fifth wheels) in the time the MH sits on their lot eating up floor plan and lesser return. We too am not interested in towables, one bit or the lifestyle of week end and holiday partying at the lake.
down home 01/05/21 09:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reminiscing...harrowing Experiences in the Military

I don’t remember having trouble with mosquitoes in the parts of Vietnam where I was located. I do remember coming across some really large other types of vermin, such as the huge scorpion we found in the supply tent where I slept at night; made me glad I slept off the ground on a cot There were also humongous centipedes with large, scary looking fangs. One of the guys caught one and tethered it to a long string. He Would take it for walks, like it was his pet dog. One day, He was taking his “pet” for a walk and,as I happened to be driving a Jeep, I decided to be mean and ran his centipede over. I don’t remember his reaction, but I was glad to be rid of that ugly thing! :E We had huge several inches long cockroaches in Nha Trang and Qui Nhon and Phu kat between the sand bags around the hooches. One evening coming from the showers thought I saw Dauhsund. Whistled for it and it came toward me....It was huge rat weighed maybe t least 10 lbs, I think. I reversed course almost dropping my towel wrapped around me. Brother in Law's recon patrol was attacked by a tiger! They shot it to pieces of course. Driving a different way to town I saw yellow snake with some black makings on top of a fence post. It was Bamboo Viper, I was told. several Vietnames stopped their bikes and were pointing to it. Every morning I checked my boots and every night I checked between the covers. I never found anything but some of the others weren't so lucky. My hootch had bullet holes in the rear wall and the screen torn from Tet 68.I wasn't in the hootch. One hole was just above the top of my bunk and it exited through the door below the screen.
down home 01/04/21 05:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Reminiscing...harrowing Experiences in the Military

In the enlisted mess "Hey cookie" Yeah? "We're trying to decide something" Yeah? "Did you dope the coffee with gun oil or bug juice?" (expletive deleted) "And this thick white stuff slopped on the biscuits" What about it? "Can you get it off when it hardens" How about this? You'll eat it, or you'll wear it. If you don't like the chow go eat ashore. "We are ashore" Why don't you diddy mau mau into the ville and order up some doggie? But that man could bake. His muffins were a staple. And it beat heated c-rats. The slimy lima beans and greasy pork chunks were especially hated. We had chicken for Thanksgiving and a slab of pork for Christmas. I still cannot stand the sight of Fanta or Burgermeister. The ARVN camp with the LUURPS compound got sealed pouches of dehydrated food and I remember excellent corn chowder. Our Mess was truly excellent. Great food and lots of it. Army Qui Nhon Viet Nam. A bad cook would be sent elsewhere. The CO and everyone ate there. At Ft Eustis one morning the biscuits were incredibly hard. Watched a Troop break a plate with one.mess Sgt lost his stripes. They blamed the training class somehow. We all were starved and double timed to the Mess. They locked us out. We went back to the training area building and those with any money bought the few items in vending machines. Supper don't remember if we had it or not. I imagine our CO got the Base Commander involved.
down home 01/04/21 05:29pm Around the Campfire
RE: Using Side/Rear Cameras for Security

Our MH had a security system but only the door. Dealer disabled it apparently. Cameras work independent of ignition on ours anyway. Perimeter sensors and selective alarm/light buzzer and cell notification, even call 911 is available fr cars. Remember the early days when if you got too close, by the alarms standards, you would hear step away from the car or some such. As to cameras triggering an alarm or notification if someone approaches, entirely feasible but I'm not versed in it. Someone here, surely is versed in alarm systems that are available for MHs.Don't see them offered at Dealers, or we haven't Seems an excellent opportunity for someone, to set up shop at rallies. A thousand dollars should get a real thorough setup. One good thing we see less and less reports on current vandalism. etc of MHs these days here anyway.Boon docking I don't think I would without one. Sensor lights like we have at home linked to cameras and monitor/and cell is an excellent idea. We only had two lights on our MH. four and one on rear and one on front would be good but wiring it though the ceilinng might be a chore. Is anyone offering security lights for MHs?
down home 01/03/21 10:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reminiscing...harrowing Experiences in the Military

down home 12/30/20 07:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Veterans News Update New Agent Orange Diseases

If you drank milk in Viet Nam it was reconstituted with water from the river in Saigon and it was full of Agent Orange I was told. It was sprayed around the bases to control weeds...and to get rid of foliage that shielded the VC and NVA if they attacked. I saw it sprayed, myself around the hoochs but more so around the perimeter. I took a 2/12 ton up hwy 1 and missed my turn to a depot, entered a village where not even a fly was stirring. Totally empty! Every blade of grass, every tree and plant was orange brown! I turned around real quick and got out. There was a reason ti was empty. There was no destruction. It could have been a set for a movie, it was so well constructed! Probably the Villagers were told the NVA were on their way and they left real quick. The VC were always among them.
down home 12/30/20 06:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: house battery leaking

double post
down home 12/30/20 01:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: house battery leaking

When they install them they very often, too often over tighten the hold down clamps, reuse old rusty one or small cheap ones and they can cut into or crack the case even if very small cracks. If your leak is around the post replace it or all of the batteries or if it is leaking from where the clamp is or anywhere else. Over heating the battery such as if they go dry and you refill and charge or desulfate, them and the clamps are too tight it may leak there or elsewhere. Not much of any way to repair the case but..I don't know everything.
down home 12/30/20 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Reminiscing...harrowing Experiences in the Military

down home 12/30/20 10:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Scary Incidents in Life, Part 1

I have several stories from roaming the deep woods, the animal traces and Native American Ancestors paths in the Cumberlands as boy and man. Two instances in the seventies in the same area called Sinking Cove, for a stream that emerges in the mountains and disappears back into the ground in mid stream bed when flow is low and flows parallel to the Tn River underground in huge caverns. On a deer hunt way before daylight, I walked in. I saw a lot of deer but mostly does. Some within an arms reach behind a screen of cedars. They stomped and snorted to get me to move to see whether I was a stump or animal. I enjoyed just being there. On the way out night settled in. The old farm road is parallel to parts of an ancient trace from the mountain through the cove, and on into what was the flat land of the Tn River and from then some branches joined to the weest the Natchez Trace and others animal paths or highways for the once plentiful Elk, Buffalo, and Deer and the Bears, Painters, and Wolves that followed their food supply. The trace is six feet deep in places. About the time I turned the curve in the road along the last field I felt the hair on my neck stand up. A hundred yards further on I heard the low grumble of a Painter, as Grand Ma Called them, I had my rifle now at port arms but could not see much even with eyes atuned to the night. The ct kept sounding a bit more insistent and was not shy about cracking small limbs etc in its path. about the time I could make out the shape of the barn several as in a lot of fa4mr dogs came up beside the road. They crossed in front of me and up into the trace. It sounded like war. That cat screamed and the race was on. I made it to my truck and had to sit there a while to settle my nerves. I was used to spending nights in the woos in the midst of copses of small trees to protect my back with a fire. I heard many sounds in the woods in the deep of night that were unnerving, but always felt safe in my abilities to deal with what may come but I guess was and am getting old. That cat could have attacked me any number of opportunities. Perhaps he recognized a gun. I don't know but thank my Maker, i didn't have to try to fight a Painter in the middle of the night. Now 15 years ago, I spect TWRA made a cast of Cougars footprints. She had been spotted with a cub not 20 yards from our home now. The Biologist told the former land owner that it was a female between 150-175 lbs. They are many times stronger than any man pound per pound. The chances of my survival might have been pretty slim!
down home 12/29/20 01:14am Around the Campfire
RE: Class A creature comforts at FHU stays

Heated floors! Ours had two furnaces which kept the floors toasty,when running. The heat pumps were on the ceiling however and though not cold the tile was bit cool sometimes. However the furnaces kept the tanks all unfrozen. A "Cold Weather" Package is essential I think. We have seen the twenties and below in South Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and the Carolinas...all the places people go to escape the cold. More insulation means less fuel and electricity consumption to boot!Make sure the tanks and wet bay won't freeze if you decide to hunt Elk In the Dakotas too! There is one other must item to address I think. EPA seems determined to force us to use more and more Bio diesel. And it gels and ordinary dino diesel will also in extreme cold.
down home 12/28/20 06:13pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A creature comforts at FHU stays

Two full wall slides in addition twin bedroom slides 45-47 ft. Living in it for awhile you really want all the space you can afford. We lived in our 38 ft for a year recently. Not going to do that again.,,,in the Arizona desert at our age. We usually spend 90% of our time outside or away from the coach but not in 113 degree heat, and nothing but dirt. So where you spend your time depends lot on how much creature comfort you want from your RV I think. Our next Mh will have the large as we can get TV that rises up, if required even if blocking a window. Big windows and a window wall would be welcomed with auto tint of darkening. No fooling with shades and such. King bed, and a sofa bed if you happen to have company. At least 5 gpm per @55 psi and no lower pump and remove the flow restrictors from the shower!Get a shower wall if you can and a bidet, I don't care what Spouse says. Dish washer a must and convection/microwave, and if full electric, flat glass stove stop. Washer and dryer not washer/dryer. The couch should be big enough to stretch out on for a snooze. Swivel Rocker Recliners a must. Dining boot if you like but a table and chairs for our next one. utilities sewer, water, and electric, all on power retracting reels! Largest awnings you can find and self retracting if wind kick up. If you set up in RV Resorts you really want to be able to sit out under the awning on the side away form the sun in the evening or the morning, maybe,just like at home we have two large, west and east porches. Enough storage reserved for drain though pad or carpet, as you don't want to damage grass if you camp on grass. The ones with half inch or one inch holes all over and through the surface. you want to RV on a lake or wherever, and go Antiquing or everything in deep. Daily maintenance is not something you want to be deep in. You left home to leave all that behind.
down home 12/27/20 04:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Merry Christmas to all from Uncle Bob!

Merry Christmas to you and everyone else too! :)
down home 12/25/20 03:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Remember when tv

1954 RCA 24 inch black and white wood cabinet with legs. Only thing I cared for was Superman. Dad liked the Detective on the other channel, when it came along. Both shows at 4:00 while we were eating supper. 10:00 the Indian Chief came on and the buzz? Everyone was in bed or going to bed. up at 6 or earlier. Everyone went to work at 7:00, School started at 8:00, a mile walk. A little shorter for Dad. Saturday mcrnings, Disney Cartoon and Roy Rogers and, etc. Mom shooed us out of the House after breakfast..even locked the door. Neighbors up and down the street, we played tag but mostly cowboy and Indians and war and baseball..and chase the girls and make them holler. Everyone went into the nearest neighbor for water or Koolaid. All the Adults gathered in one house usually ours and talked of the war and played games and carried on. (;00 0r 10:00 when they could corral us we were herded inside and to bed. Didn't care much about tv other than that and we were not addicted to it...and at Grand Ma's no such contraptions and bed was half past dark.
down home 12/25/20 08:03am Around the Campfire
RE: Merry Christmas Everyone !

Merry Christmas to you and all here too! :)
down home 12/24/20 11:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Complaints about Cost of Mhs vs Motels

We travel in an RV because we choose to do so. We've never considered the financial angle -- it does not matter to us. I love knowing: * that I don't have to unpack * I know who slept in the bed * I control the laundry * I'm a danged fine chef, thank you very much * My cat is not traumatized by hotel smells * People in RV parks seem friendlier than in hotels * I like seeing the world at ground level * I'm retired, not in a hurry, so why not RV? Hear Hear! Amen!
down home 12/24/20 11:31pm General RVing Issues
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