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RE: Steps recommendations

Another vote for the Torklift Glo steps. I suffered several strokes that has left my left side rather weak. These steps make it a lot easier to get in and out of our 5th wheel. Dave
dpgllg 08/20/19 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
Ohio Amish country in September Favorite things to do

We will be going to the Ohio Amish Country on September 17th and while we have been there before I was curious about some of your favorite things to do and see while there. I know that nothing is open on Sundays or after 5 (except restaurants). We will be staying at the Evergreen RV resort in Dundee Ohio. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 08/14/19 01:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: When replacing tow vehicle, do you.....

If buying a new truck now I would consider one with the puck system like RAM. Not sure if Chevy or Ford have them or not. Means you need a new hitch and no rails at all. I like the fact that with the puck system when the hitch is removed everything comes out of the bed leaving it totally flat. When I switched to my 2013 Chevy I purchased new rails it was cheaper and less hassle then removing them. Dave
dpgllg 08/11/19 02:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design purchase

Dave, I understand your frustration and we all expect these RV products to last longer than 2 years. However, all warranties are published for a specific amount of time. We know that when we purchase. If the product is past that period, why is it the manufacturer's responsibility to cover it? Granted, sometimes they make exceptions, but that is not mandatory on their part. As you say, pretty much all manufacturers are turning out cheaply made products. I agree that there is a time limit. My point was that Grand Design USED to have a very good reputation about standing behind there product and tried to make the owners happy. That was my primary reason for purchasing their product. That reputation means nothing anymore since Winnebago has taken over.
dpgllg 08/10/19 05:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grand Design purchase

We purchased a Grand Design 27RL 5th wheel on June 14th 2017. On Saturday July 6th 2019 the Dometic Brisk Air II Air conditioner quit blowing cold air. 24 days out of Dometic warranty and 1 year 24 days for Grand Design. My frame is full of surface rust, the entry door has developed a leak around the window, the toilet started leaking where the PEX connection was made ,the latch on rear window will not stay latched while in motion and all of the dark brown trim screws have lost the paint. We were very happy with the RV when purchased. The only issue until now was the latch on bathroom door required adjustment. I contacted Dometic and they said take to an authorized Dometic service and based on the findings they would extend the warranty, All of the local service places to me refused to work on it under warranty. Three separate places refused and said I could pay up front and get reimbursed by Dometic because Dometic does not reimburse either enough or not at all and could be many months down the road when paid. Dometic refused this option. My selling dealer is over 3 hours away and would work on it but they had over a 12 week wait to get it in. I replaced the Freeze control sensor, thermostat and control board with no luck. Because we have trips scheduled including Disney, I ended up replacing the roof top unit and it now works fine. I had my brother and friend do it as I am disabled and getting up on the roof of the RV is out of question. I contacted Grand Design and spoke with two separate individuals. The one gentleman said that would do nothing regarding the AC. They offered no relief. On the frame rust I need to send them pictures and they will review. On all other issues same thing out of warranty no help. When reviewing which RV to purchase Grand Design was noted for standing behind their products. I read many reviews on how they went out of their way to take care of their customers. Now that they have been bought out by Winnebago that customer service has gone away. I caution anyone reading older reviews to disregard them because the service they were noted for is gone. Having gone through all of this I believe pick a RV with the floorplan and features and price that you want and forget about the RV manufactures standing behind their products. They are all made with the same frames and components any way and as cheaply as possible. Knowing what I know now I would probably buy from a local family owned dealer that has been around for awhile. My previous 5th wheel was purchased that way and for the twelve years I owned it they gave me great service at fair prices with little to no wait time. I truly regret my Grand Design purchase and will no longer recommend them to anyone. Dave
dpgllg 08/10/19 12:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disney Fort Wilderness Site selection and other questions

OP here< Has anyone used the Minnie Van service. Supposedly it is operated by Lyft. Just wondering what the cost might be. Dave
dpgllg 08/02/19 06:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mobility scooter questions

Dare I assume you have already done a Google search for `mobility scooter'? The latest AARP magazine advertises a Zinger Chair which folds and weighs 47 lbs. OP here, Yes I have been doing considerable research but I want responses from people who actually use the scooter to determine which way to go. Also may learn something that will help along the way. Dave
dpgllg 07/31/19 12:23pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Mobility scooter questions

My health has declined to the point that I can no longer walk long distances. I am considering a mobility scooter to help me get around such as flea markets and we are going to Disney this November. I know that I want a four wheel scooter as it appears to be the most stable on uneven ground (flea market gravel parking lot). I prefer not to have a carrier as most are to heavy for me to manage hitching and unhitching. I think one that EASILY disassembles and could put in back of car or my truck might be workable for me. The parts must be manageable as far as weight and size. For those of you that use a mobility scooter what brand do you recommend? Are there ones that I should avoid? I found one with a 9 mile range. Is that enough range or should I spend $150 more to get a 15 mile range? Any idea how long the batteries last before needing replaced? Any other advice that you can share would be appreciated! Dave
dpgllg 07/30/19 12:35pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
Plastic wheel well trim looks horrible

While washing my 5th wheel I noticed that the plastic trim around the wheel wells still looks dirty although I have tried everything to get them clean. I washed them with different cleaners and even used my pressure washer on them, What can I do to get them looking good again? The 5th wheel is only a little over two years old. Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/30/19 05:43am Tech Issues
Assistance with opening bathroom roof vent

The roof vent in my 5th wheels bathroom is out of reach for me and my wife. I know that they sell devices such as the Barker 29070 Vent Stick and Kwik Stik RV Roof Vent Extension Handle but they cost about $25 and $40 respectively on Amazon. Has anyone made there own device? Can you share it with us? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/27/19 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to identify make / model of toilet

OP Here, My brothers friend who does bath and kitchen remodeling stopped by and was able to fix it. It appears that the crimp was not tight enough. He had all the PEX tools and had it fixed in 2 minutes. Did not require a new elbow. Thanks to all that have responded. Dave
dpgllg 07/27/19 11:46am Tech Issues
RE: How to identify make / model of toilet

OP here, I used my cell phone and got a photo of the label. It is a Thetford model 42070. The leak seems to be where the blue PEX line connects to the elbow. I have attached a photo. How do I remove the line and reattach it so it does not leak? Dave
dpgllg 07/27/19 06:56am Tech Issues
How to identify make / model of toilet

My toilet is leaking at the elbow connection of the freshwater supply line. I think that the elbow has a small crack in it. It uses PEX tubing that connects into the elbow. It is a porcelain toilet and uses a foot pedal to flush. How can I identify the toilet? What special tools are required for dealing with PEX tubing? Can I buy these tools at Home Depot or Lowes etc.? Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/26/19 01:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery cut off switch

My Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel allows power to CO2 detector and one slide. The slide when closed blocks access to the rear of the 5th wheel. I installed a separate cut off to kill all power when stored. Dave
dpgllg 07/26/19 07:26am Beginning RVing
Disney Fort Wilderness Site selection and other questions

Hello, We have reservations at Fort Wilderness starting November 8th and leaving November 17th. It is a Premium site and we are traveling with pets. My questions are: Can you request / select a site? I have heard that some of the sites can be very difficult to back into. Also since I have a disability a site close to a bus pickup would be very helpful. Are there any sites or loops to avoid if possible? What are the best loops sites? My daughter and her family will be staying at Disney Port Orleans. Are they allowed to come to our site? They want us to watch our granddaughter for awhile while they have some together time. Any other information that you can share would be appreciated! Thanks! Dave
dpgllg 07/23/19 02:47pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Suggest a sewer hose kit.

Another vote for the Rhino hose They have it available at Wal-Mart for $42.97 2 10 foot hoses 90 degree elbow for attaching to sewer fitting and storage caps. I have the Rhino and very happy with it. Rhino hose at Wal-Mart
dpgllg 07/23/19 02:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Battery replacement brands

Optima would be the worst choice for this situation. This does not really help unless you can provide a reason why these batteries are the worst choice. Dave
dpgllg 07/23/19 07:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newish to rving

I am only going to speak on the refrigerator issue. In my previous 5th wheel the refrigerator started to lose the ability to cool. I found yellow powder like substance when I looked at the back which indicated a leak. I ordered just a cooling unit replacement and put it in. The hardest part was getting the old unit off of the refrigerator. This is something that you could do yourself with basic tools and aptitude in a weekend. I ordered my unit from RV Cooling Warehouse. RV Cooling Warehouse Good luck and happy camping. Dave
dpgllg 07/22/19 06:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Dometic AC potential issues

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE OP Here, While waiting to find a service facility I kept working on the AC. I replaced the control board and thermostat as I obtained one at a reasonable price and it was fairly easy to replace. After the replacement the air was not that cool and after running overnight it froze up the next day. The place I was going to call this morning has absolutely horrible reviews online about 9 negative to 1 positive including theft vandalism and poor repairs. I won't risk taking my RV there. My selling dealer is mid November on getting me in and we are supposed to be in Disney November 8th. Other places are December and January. Since I have already replaced everything else I have ordered a replacement upper unit which will arrive this Thursday. My brother and several of his friends / coworkers are coming Saturday to install it. I'm hoping that everything goes well and we will be able to travel again soon. I will provide another update once installed. Dave
dpgllg 07/22/19 06:20am Tech Issues
RE: The big purchase

So my question is if anyone would like to offer an opinion is. Would it be a good idea to post an add wanting to buy an RV? Something like looking for responsible original owner. One who has kept up with all the maintenance and such, willing to negotiate? It appears to be a buyers market for used RVs so screening the sellers may work? I have seen enough adds to kind of spot the scams and unknowledgeable sellers as well as cruise America adds (without even having to open the adds anymore)Any thoughts on this? You certainly can post an ad on Craigslist. I have done countless ads for "wanting" something. You will get a lot of responses that clearly you are not interested in. I might suggest the following: 1. State exactly what you are looking for. Year, mileage, floorplan, chassis (Ford, Chevy Dodge etc.) what features such as generator solar etc. Be as specific as possible stating must have items etc. Take your time and make this list as it will help you eliminate a lot of responses that do not meet your need. 2. In BOLD UPPERCASE state that responses that do not meet your requirements will not be responded to. Request multiple photos in response showing that your requirements are met. 3. You can provide your phone number in a Craigslist ad BUT be prepared that you might get phone calls at all hours of the day or night. It might be better to have them email you their phone number asking for a good time to call. If you do provide your number state the times that you will accept calls. Tell them calls or texts outside these hours will be ignored. 4. Consider getting the unit inspected prior to purchase. Kind of like a home inspection prior to buying. If you decide to do this, STATE this requirement in your ad. You will also have to state that you will pay for the inspection. If a seller refuses then that is not the RV for you. I know that major purchases can be stressful but you are opening a exciting new chapter in your life. Take time and enjoy everything. I wish you success in finding the perfect RV for you and much fun in the future. Dave
dpgllg 07/18/19 03:47pm Beginning RVing
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