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RE: 4-way Flashers not working

Problem figured out - not solved yet, but know why! The Hazard 4-Way Flashers Light Switch (Off/On) is faulty. When I push the switch to "On", nothing happens. But when I "lean" the switch slightly to the left, the Hazard 4-Way Flashers start flashing audibly and visually on the dash. The switch body is recessed beneath a two-piece protective cover. I have to remove the top half of the cover to get to the switch body. The top half of the cover encircles the ignition switch and cannot be lifted until I remove the top part of the switch. The top part of the ignition switch is what you twist with your thumb and trigger finger when you are turning the key. How do I get that switch apart? Thanks.
drifterpilot 03/12/20 02:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 4-way Flashers not working

Thanks. I will try to locate the 4-way flasher later today.
drifterpilot 03/12/20 05:02am Class A Motorhomes
4-way Flashers not working

4-Way Flashers not working Turn signals work. Brake lights work. Running lights work. When I step on the brakes, both turn signals on the dash illuminate and stay illuminated as long as I stay on the brakes. I replaced the turn signal flasher. What should I check next? Thanks
drifterpilot 03/11/20 08:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

Tenn.vol I am home after my 2400 mile trip with the 8.1 running with high temps most of the time. My travels are completed for this year. I have purchased through a Workhorse distributor a Workhorse water pump and fan clutch and I expect in the next 2 - 3 weeks to have both items installed. I intend to have the engine flushed, new coolant added and the radiator pressure washed (carefully). I am also replacing my lower shroud as I noticed a 7" X 3" hole in the bottom of it. Yep, that's a Workhorse number also. I probably won't have a status report till April/May 2020 when the weather is warmer and I make my annual trip to Florida. Again, I thank everyone for their comments and suggestions. I hope to be able to post some positive news in the spring.
drifterpilot 09/22/19 07:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

rgatijnet1 I should have stated that I have put on almost 2,000 miles since all this started.
drifterpilot 09/12/19 06:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

Great comments since my recently posted update. Very interesting info regarding the water pump. My cooling issue certainly could be related to the wrong water pump being installed. Before this discussion, I was not aware of a clockwise or counterclockwise rotating water pump and how it could affect the fan clutch. I have a Workhorse OEM water pump and a Workhorse OEM fan clutch onboard. They won't be installed until two weeks after I get home. I will closely compare the presently installed water pump with the new one that will be installed to see if their is an obvious difference. I will also install the new fan clutch regardless of the condition of the existing one. I depart Charleston for Gloucester Virginia Sunday morning. I will post an update when this work is completed. Thank you for all the comments.
drifterpilot 09/12/19 06:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

Update! I have arrived in Charleston SC. I traveled 2-1/2 days from Little Rock AR. While in Little Rock, I attempted to have the fan clutch replaced. The repair facility “United Engines” twice ordered a fan clutch and both times the wrong part came in. I had even provided them with a Workhorse Part Number, but they failed to use it and ordered wrong using their own info. I was not a happy camper and just ran out of time. They did, however, replace the thermostat. I ran at highway speeds (60 – 65) on Rte 40 and Rte 26. My experience was the exact same that I had going out to Little Rock. The engine temp climbed and came down. Twice, the temp climbed almost to the shaded red area and came back down to “normal” range on the gauge. At no time did I hear the “Roar” of the fan clutch cutting in. However, I do have a bit of a hearing loss. Both mornings before I started the engine, I checked the coolant reservoir; there was no coolant in the reservoir. I had to add DexCool to the “Cold” level. The 2nd morning, right after I started the engine, I heard a “rattle” that sounded like a water pump rattle just before it quits. I immediately got on the road and made it to Charleston without any other incidents other than the temp rising and falling. I immediately ordered a water pump and a fan clutch from a Workhorse distributor in Alabama. I will have those items in hand in another day or so. I don’t have the time to stay here to get the replacement parts installed. I’m leaving here Sunday morning and driving the 400 miles home to Virginia. If I have a water pump failure going home, I will at least have a replacement pump on board. With the engine running and at temp, I do not see any coolant leaking on the ground. The temp does not rise from “normal” when running at idle. Comments?
drifterpilot 09/11/19 03:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

4x4van Thank you for the Workhorse part nos. Fan clutch and thermostat being installed on Friday. Leaving for the East Coast on Sunday Morning. I will post Mon or Tues on how things go. Thanks for all suggestive comments.
drifterpilot 09/05/19 09:17pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

Arch.. I did reply earlier, that in the past, I have heard the engine "roar" (although I didn't know what it was at the time), but I don't believe I have heard it this trip. I am parked in Little Rock and I have an appointment early tomorrow morning to have the engine looked at. I talked at length this evening with my mechanic back home and he feels it could be the fan clutch. My intent is to have the fan clutch replaced along with the thermostat. I will replace both with OEM only. I am working within a short timeframe and must be heading east by Sunday morning. Does anyone have OEM part numbers for the fan clutch and thermostat? Thanks
drifterpilot 09/03/19 06:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

Incidentally, OEM water pumps seem to start about $500.00.
drifterpilot 09/02/19 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

I arrived in Little Rock Sunday afternoon after a 344 mile run from Nashville. Started driving at 5:30am, outside temps were 63 deg and initially I again ran with the engine compt door open. My highway speed was 62mph. About 10:00am I decided to try something different. I shut the engine compt door; outside temps had climbed to 74 deg and during this period of driving reached the mid-80's. My engine temp stayed in the normal mid-range range as indicated on the temp gauge. At different times, the engine temp would climb 1 or 2 graduations on the gauge and then slowly come back to the normal area on the gauge. I maintained a constant 62mph. So at this point, I don't know if my thermostat was previously stuck and then cleared or if there was/is something going on with my fan clutch. In the past, I have heard the fan "roar" when it cut in at idle. I can't say I have heard it on this trip since last Friday. I do think its detrimental to engine cooling to run with the engine compt door open, because while I do have natural cooling (free flow air) to the engine, the fan clutch will not sense a heat buildup in the compt and probably will not cut in. As a minimum, I will have my thermostat replaced as it is still original and the spring may be getting weak. I did not get my original water pump returned, but I will retrieve it upon my return to VA. So, I don't know if my problem is resolved, I will know more when I start heading east on Sunday; either toward SC or home to VA, depending what happens with the hurricane threatening the east coast. This forum has been great with all the commenting posts. I appreciate it.
drifterpilot 09/02/19 06:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

I ran again today for 350 miles along Rte 87 and Rte 40 west toward Little Rock. I am stopped for the night in Nashville. I drove all day with the front facing engine compt door wide open for max air flow into the engine compt. With the early morning outside temps in the 55 - 67 deg range, the engine did not rise in temp. However, after that, I had to run the dash heat at max with blower on full to pull heat from the engine to maintain engine temp close to normal. At times, the engine temp would rise and climb and I would have to slow my speed to lower engine rpm's to help control the engine temp. After 2:00 pm today, I ran into outside temps that were 93 deg on rte 40. Definitely uncomfortable driving. Appreciate all the good info / comments. I will definitely look into the AC/Delco water pump replacement. That sounds like a very serious consideration. I hope I can find one in the Little Rock area because leaving there on the 8th, I have to drive to Charleston SC. Thanks again.
drifterpilot 08/31/19 06:33pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

Dexcool was changed out when I replaced hoses 3 to 4 years ago. Thanks
drifterpilot 08/30/19 08:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 8.1 Engine Running Hot

I will check the plug to the radiator fan in the morning. I have owned this coach since new; thermostat has never been changed or removed. I have never had a cooling issue in the past.
drifterpilot 08/30/19 07:40pm Class A Motorhomes
8.1 Engine Running Hot

I left VA this morning to go to Little Rock AR. After driving 144 miles on an interstate and while climbing a mountain near Charlottesville VA, the engine temp started to climb. Outside temp was 88 - 90 deg. I pulled over as the indicator was near the very high temp mark. No numbers on the gage so don't know the actual temp, just graduation marks. With engine still running, I opened the engine compt and noted the coolant recovery reservoir was full of red coolant. The two auxiliary cooler fans were running. I don't know if the radiator fan was running; didn't think to look. When the temp indicator was in the normal zone, I started driving again. The coolant level in the reservoir also dropped down about halfway. A few miles down the road, the eng temp started to rise again. I put the dash heat and blower on full blast to remove some heat from the engine. The eng temp lowered down to the normal zone with the heater running. However, as the road climbed and dipped, the temp indicator changed accordingly. I also tried running the dash AC on max cooling with no difference on the eng temp rising. Additional info: Last week at my home location, I had an auto/truck shop change out my alternator because of a bad bearing, also replaced serpentine belt, and for good measure, I had the water pump replaced as it was original and had 113,000 miles on it. I am stopped for the night in Dublin VA., engine shut off and will check under the hood at daylight to see what the coolant level is and go from there, add more if necessary. This being Labor Day weekend, not feeling hopeful for any repair work probably till Tuesday in Little Rock. I do plan to try and put some miles behind me tomorrow. Also will entertain a recommended repair facility along my route. I welcome any and all recommendations / comments.
drifterpilot 08/30/19 04:17pm Class A Motorhomes
ONAN 5500 Grand Marquis fuel pump & filter

I have the Onan 5500 Grand Marquis generator on my motorhome. Model# 5 . 5 H G J A B - 1 0 8 C I want to replace the inline electrical fuel pump and filter on the generator. The part number on the fuel pump is Cummings A O 2 9 F 8 8 7. This number has been discontinued. Does anyone have good part numbers for these two items? Cummings or other after market part numbers?? I could use a part number for the carburetor also. Thank you.
drifterpilot 08/08/19 06:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 20 amp service 2009 Holiday Rambler

Problem Solved! The installed surge guard worked as designed. When we checked the output voltage at the portable generator source, we discovered the output voltage was 136 volts. We adjusted the output voltage to 110 volts and everything was good. Thank you for all who responded.
drifterpilot 07/27/19 07:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 20 amp service 2009 Holiday Rambler

Thanks for the suggestions. I will pass it on and let you know in the morning.
drifterpilot 07/26/19 07:20pm Class A Motorhomes
20 amp service 2009 Holiday Rambler

I have a friend that has a borrowed 2009 Holiday Ramble Neptune. A check of the 50amp service prior to getting here showed the 50amp working fine. However, at this private field RV gathering with limited power, we cannot get the 20amp service working in the coach. The installed coach surge suppressor reflects power coming in, but the electrical panel in the coach shows no electrical display. Of course, we are trying to contact the owner for assistance, but no reply back yet. All ideas appreciated.
drifterpilot 07/26/19 03:10pm Class A Motorhomes
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