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RE: Stored diesel question

Good topic for that I have a daily driver Electric Nissan Leaf...which is a blast to drive...another topic... the truck is not used as much...every couple of weeks on average... How long do you guys feel is safe to keep a full tank of diesel in a garage kept truck? Not so much about fuel, but over the years I have had issues with old cars only driven a few times a year. From the time I bought my last pickup I have made it a point; Anyplace I go on Tuesday I drive the pickup. 115,000 trouble free miles over 15 years makes me think it has been good plan. If it was diesel I would keep tank near full. Because it is gas I don't. I assume if a quarter tank won't get me there I will have time to stop for gas. When it gets down to quarter, I put in 5 gallons. If going out of town I have room for at least half tank of fresh gas. I have no idea if this is true, but I've always been told to keep more than a quarter tank in order to keep in-tank fuel pumps submerged. Apparently it is a cooling factor for the pump. Anyone else ever hear this? Personally I try to continually keep the tank topped off assuming there could be an emergency making it difficult to get gas at your local station.
dryfly 10/02/20 01:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stored diesel question

thanks Gentlemen. I appreciate the good advice.
dryfly 09/30/20 12:15pm Tow Vehicles
Stored diesel question

I have several gallons of diesel fuel that has been stored in a couple of 5 gallon fuel cans for 7 months. The cans have been stored in my garage, and the fuel visually looks and smells good. Is there any reason it would be unwise to use this in my Dodge CTD?
dryfly 09/29/20 09:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Directv what do you miss?

swapped about six months ago. Direct TV is easier to set up in RV. I like Direct Tv DVR better than dish. easier to use. I like saving $40.00 a month over Direct TV Easier to set up in in easier to aim antenna?? What are issues with Dish DVR? I like the $40 savings too!
dryfly 09/21/20 01:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Directv what do you miss?

YES network Fascinating. Did not know YES Network was offered by Directv.
dryfly 09/21/20 01:48pm Technology Corner
Directv what do you miss?

I know there has been a million threads about Directv vs. Dish. I am not asking about which service is best. My question is ONLY for those that have switched to Dish. What are some of the things that you miss that Directv offered? Hardware, user interface, programing etc? Thanks.
dryfly 09/21/20 12:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Roadside Assistance Programs

I've had Coach-Net since 2010. I've used them twice to tow the truck/rv combo and once to tow the truck only. In addition, they've come out to replace a blown tire, or one that was about to, 3 times. All it has cost me was my annual premium and the cost necessary to replace the damaged tires. Each time the service guys were quite capable and did things properly. I just don't have anything but good things to say about the service I've received from them; it's been well worth the cost of the premiums. Hope this helps. My research show comments of folks that have recently had bad results with Coach-Net being responsive or not paying the claim. Who knows......could just be their unusual situation. Apparently the company sold a few years ago, and not operating in the same manner. It's just that I don't get any better overall opinions for the other companies out there. I'd heard that, too. All I can relate is my experience. My last service request was earlier this summer. I wasn't towing and was close to home when a coupler in my truck transmission line failed and I lost nearly 6 quarts of fluid immediately. I called Coach-Net and they sent out a tow truck and delivered my vehicle to the shop of my choice. As they normally do, the service rep called to make sure the tow truck had arrived and all was well. It was then she informed me that I had the basic coverage and it wasn't supposed to cover my truck unless I was towing. But since she'd discovered it so late in the incident they were going to cover the fees completely; and they did. I decided on my own a couple days later to upgrade my subscription to the premium level. Others may have had a lesser experience, and it's certainly possible that I may in the future. But, so far, I just can't complain about the service I've received from them. Hope this helps. On the website all they are showing for towables is the Premium package that covers all vehicles, even those that you do not own. Since I did not renew in May, they consider me a new customer and the upcharge is $40 over what it would have been in May. Not a big deal but shows how they value a 10 year customer.
dryfly 09/21/20 12:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Weighing at Cat Scales

Pull pm to scales with truck and trailer Truck front axle on forward platform Truck rear axle on middle platform Trailer axles on rearward platform Push call button....tell them 'Private' when they ask for ID number Clerk will trip scales.... Then drive off scales and go park trailer in parking lot. Drive truck onto the forward and middle platforms Push button----'Private' Reweigh Go park truck, go inside, pay and get your weigh tickets 1st ticket truck steer, drive axle and trailer axles plus total 2nd ticket truck steer, drive axle and total Difference between truck Front and rear axles with trailer and without trailer is trailer pin weight It's not just rear axle...check for any differences in front axle weights Depending on hitch placement in truck bed front axle weight could be same, could be less, could be more My hitch is set 2" forward of rear axle center line and this transfers 150# to front axle when 5vr is hitched plus the weight added to rear axle So I add the 2 figures to get my pin weight -- 3080# = 22% pin weight on my 5vr Thank you. Exactly the info I needed.
dryfly 09/11/20 11:02pm Fifth-Wheels
Weighing at Cat Scales

After watching a couple of youTube videos, apparently the only way to determine the exact pin weight of a 5th wheel trailer is to weigh the truck/trailer and then disconnect the trailer and weigh the truck by itself. The unloaded rear axle weight of the truck compared to the loaded rear axle weight should provide the trailer actual pin weight. Having never weighed at a Cat Scale, is the procedure to go inside and explain what is needed before driving on the scale platforms? I assume there will be two charges.
dryfly 09/10/20 07:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Two features a must in a fifth. Who builds them

Trust this is not hijacking the thread. This is in no way to answer or influence the OP's needs or requirements. I too have always heard that slides are not designed to hold weight when they are in, or slightly extended. Please correct me if I am wrong. Also, if one has Schwintek mechanisms on slides, it is not advisable to partially extend the slide and then retract it. It must be fully extended before it is retracted to maintain alignment.
dryfly 08/30/20 09:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Granddesign 31MB

Sadly I predicted it when they opened the doors based on who the people were who started the company, and the past history they had in the RV Industry. Used car salesmen have higher ethics than anyone in ownership or management in the RV Industry. Not questioning your source or disagreeing with your opinion, but who are the people that started the company, and what is their past history?
dryfly 08/26/20 03:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 10K psi grease gun

To the OP Have the wet bolts ever taken grease? If not then you need to remove them and find out what is wrong. When I did my wet bolts I found several bolts had not been properly drilled. Lippert replaced the bolts. They have never taken grease. My plan has been to remove bolts as a last resort after trying several other solutions first. I will have to buy heavier jack stands if I go that route. To those giving suggestions on grease guns, thanks.
dryfly 08/25/20 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: 10K psi grease gun

So, as per my suggestions for a quality brand of grease guns?
dryfly 08/24/20 06:52pm Tech Issues
10K psi grease gun

I'm having issues getting grease into the some of wet bolts of my trailer. I've tried the usual remedy of lifting the trailer to decrease weight off the axles with no results. Before I try to remove the wet bolt for inspection/orientation I'd like to try a 10,000 psi grease gun and possibly a Lock N' Lube coupler. Can anyone suggest a quality grease gun?
dryfly 08/24/20 04:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Exterior coax connector cover

If it were me, I would get a compression type coax fitting, the type that goes on the end of the coaxial cable (male F compression for RG-59 cable)and fill the end where the coax goes into the fitting with epoxy to seal it. You then have a nice waterproof screw on fitting that will keep dirt out of the female connector and protect the threads and they are cheap.
dryfly 07/18/20 02:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Grand Tetons first come first serve

We stayed at Gros Ventre in the middle of July last year with our 40 footer. We got a site that was more than large enough to fit the motorhome and towed vehicle. There were several open sites. We got there about noon to 1pm, which I would suggest doing as people pulled in off and on all afternoon. So, getting a spot that would accommodate a 30" 5th wheel and truck would be a good probability?
dryfly 06/10/20 12:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Changed fan cover now the fan isn't working...

OK, I'm not following your explanation of your use of the multi-meter, but a simple way to test the fan would be to pull the fan motor out of the vent, and connect the two leads, positive and negative, to a 12 volt DC source. Use your RV or vehicle battery. Above you state your fan power switch "doesn't work". If you know the switch is defective why not replace it??
dryfly 05/26/20 11:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Improving Fridge Cooling

NRALIFR: That thermoworks monitor looks cool. Do you just route the wires through the door gasket? Does that leak cool air?
dryfly 05/25/20 06:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Clearance Between Truck Bed Rails and 5th Wheel

My previous Crossroads Cruiser 5th wheel had 10" of bed clearance. It was great, and even though I don't do any off road camping, there were several times I got pretty close to the bed with the trailer. I really enjoy never having to worry about it. My new GD Reflection is still about 8" and I'm comfortable with that. I know 6" is standard but for me that's just too close.
dryfly 05/25/20 01:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Changed fan cover now the fan isn't working...

As with any electrical problem, start at the "problem" and work back to the power source. Make sure switch is on then, using a multi-meter, determine if 12 volts DC is present at the fan motor. If it is, you have a bad fan motor. If not move on to the switch, etc. It's really difficult and time consuming to "guess" a solution to any electrical problem.
dryfly 05/24/20 06:31pm Tech Issues
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