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RE: Toy Hauler for 2 SxSs

the 2020 and 2021 use a diff name but here is the updated version for sale at rowley white. i purchased mine from them. they are a good dealership.
dsrace 08/18/20 06:04pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler for 2 SxSs

the slide fool flips up on the eclipse models for more wheel width. they fit 2 4 seaters in the one unit, they look to be wider sxs's I really like the look of those but the nearest dealer to even look at one is over 2000 miles away from me, they are a West Coast company and looks like all there dealers are out there as well :( yep they are a long ways away. i bought mine from a dealer in phoenix arizona (1300 miles) they will work with certified independent rv repair companies across the US. cost me $1500 to have mine shipped in as well but there built for offroaders which is why they are the only units i have seen with a flip up floor on the slides for more tire room. there is a dealer in ft worth texas as well. not that it makes it any easier. i own a genesis supreme myself. when i change i will try the eclipse brand which is attitude, iconic adn stellar. btw, forest river has a west coast plant as well as lance. ask any saleman that will answer honestly! they will tell you the west coast builds are better than indiana counter parts. eclipse even offers axle upgrades for more ccc!
dsrace 08/17/20 06:47pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler for 2 SxSs

they make these longer as well
dsrace 08/16/20 09:26pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler for 2 SxSs

sand rail and sxs in this one. deg know the rails front end is wider than any stock sxs.
dsrace 08/16/20 08:00pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy Hauler for 2 SxSs

the slide fool flips up on the eclipse models for more wheel width. they fit 2 4 seaters in the one unit, they look to be wider sxs's
dsrace 08/16/20 07:50pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler pop up campers?

here is a brand new floor plan option. with a rear awning and a screen room i would pre fer this floor plan myself.
dsrace 08/16/20 07:39pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler pop up campers?

i don't know how to get direct links to work.
dsrace 08/16/20 07:26pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler pop up campers?

roughly 11' to the top of the ac unit and basically 5klbs empty. added an awning to the back of mine. $700 shipped for the awning from care free.
dsrace 08/16/20 07:21pm Toy Haulers
RE: Airtabs

i have used them on two toyhaulers now. i cannot say i felt any reduction in suction from a passing truck. i can say the rear ramp doors stay clean and free or road debris where they didn't before. they do work but result vary for diff rigs. i did have a set painted to match my truck. i mounted them on the roof over the rear slider. i had such a tornado in the bed of the truck that it actually sucked a 5 gal fuel can out with 1 gal of fuel left in it. would also suck the 3/4" rubber mat off the bed and flap, ripped my 7 pole cord out the socket a few times. after applying them to the roof that reduced that by prob 85%
dsrace 08/16/20 07:18pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler pop up campers?

not sure which toy you are hauling, or what your towing it with. i bought one of the fk models myself. have you looked at these? i paid $20k out the door for a 2021 model, it tows very nice at 75 mph!
dsrace 08/15/20 06:24am Toy Haulers
has anyone seen one of these in person?

this looks like the best of both worlds or am i missing something? wonder why they quit making the model? i say that in the sense that if someone needed to haul a quad in the bed of the truck and still get there sand rail or sxs in the camper then this gives on max living space with out going longer in overall length.
dsrace 08/02/20 07:26am Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

you are correct ..... stw does not provide enough info and i stated that when i called him. i agree that tank heaters are a joke. they are only for if it might dip down to 30* for a few hrs overnight. i cannot see why they couldn't drop a pvc tube down to the batts for solar install......that denial says a lot about that manufacturer to myself!!
dsrace 05/23/20 06:43am Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

I would really like to replace my bumper pull toy hauler with a 40' fifth wheel toy hauler from ATC. The all aluminum construction makes for a huge CCC. It also makes for a huge price tag that my wife already vetoed. :( atc makes some very strong units. they are high priced for sure and look a bit sterile inside , imo. have you looked at the sundowner, lakota or merhow toyhauler models? what about this one?
dsrace 05/21/20 05:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

There's a new one by Momentum 29go genesis supreme released the overnighter late 2018. so we know where momentum came up with the design lol they did a nice job overall. so i looked up the specs..... only 11' of cargo floor! once again they really missed the mark. 11' doesn't work for sand rails, jeeps or 1000cc turbo sxs's! the overnighter has 14'6" of floor for cargo and lots of jeep guys have been buying them to haul the jeeps. so it's 34'11" long vs 31'6" overnighter. it's 12'4" tall vs 11' on the overnighter. it's 7900 lbs vs 5000 lbs and best of all it's $50k!!!!!! i paid $20k out the door and i thought that was a little over priced! now if grand design would delete the happijac bed, swap the bunk beds out for a queen bed and delete the closet on the outside, move the bathroom to the nose, add 3' to the cargo floor and get competitive with there pricing ( say $30k to $40k with options) then they would really have something! $50k is outrageous lol lol it's only big enough to haul motor bikes or golf carts! what were they thinking!
dsrace 05/21/20 05:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: Advice Please - Airbags & Weight Distribution Hitches

i put 25 psi in my air bags and wound up tongue lite. i then dropped to 10 psi and set my anderson wdh/anti sway hitch 1 turn lighter then there specs. right on the money now.
dsrace 05/17/20 07:19am Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

I saw one of these at Cougar Buttes, had a big rock crawler on the back...wondered about tongue weight not being enough. my 2k lb sand rail balanced it out nicely. i have not pulled across a scale yet to back that up with actual numbers but i could see a concern with a 4k lbs toy on the back. only upside to a krawler on the back would be the motor and trans would be in front of the axles vs mine behind them.
dsrace 05/16/20 09:02am Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

here is one i did like as we don't need slide outs just couldn't get a final price nailed down and too far away to go look at. based on the pics it looks like exactly what i wanted less the tiny little kitchen sink.
dsrace 05/16/20 09:00am Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

Sundowner Krawler Sundowner, which is a popular and respected brand in the horse hauling business/rodeo circuit have this. I saw one at the last RV show I went to. It was built SOLID, with a price to match, but the living space was really nice and well constructed. oh i looked at these units pretty hard. i just couldn't get over the $70k price tage vs the $20k ( out the door) i paid for the overnighter model. is there $50k worth of better manufacturing?? i doubt it but always possible. for $40k i would've jumped on a sundowner model before an overnighter by genesis supreme! unfortunately there weren't any for sale at that price or close too. i was tired of calling those dealerships to hear " let me put something together and get back to you) then never heard back. i guess $40k is a waste of there time?? imo lakota or merhow make a better unit vs sundowner. yes lakota and merhow entered the toyhauler buisness but do not yet offer a krawler series. there prices are very competitive to sundowners. i do like the contsruction on the millineum trailer line he just hasn't got his interiors in order or his online quote system. the owner def knows his trailers for sure! i personally spoke with lakota as well as merhow reps. they will make changes to an extent but do not make 8'6" wide models.
dsrace 05/16/20 08:56am Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

i do have to say that it took a few hrs to get used to a toyhauler on the bumper again. it's been 9 years since i had one on the bumper. i have been spoiled the last 9 years with a fifthwheel with the dexter ez flex plus shock absorbers riding on an air ride hitch. i can tell the unit does not have shock absobers and i will add them. the spread axle equalizers are wider than any flex absorbing equalizer i have seen. i also purchased the anderson antisway load leveling system. obviously i do not need the load leveling but i wanted the sway control w/o the hensley propride price tags as i do set my cruise at 75 mph. i have with all my trailers and i go to great lengths to make sure i am as safe as possible at those speeds. the f350 dually with the anderson system is like a belt and suspenders but why not lol you can definitely tell the sway control is working!! with 10 psi in my air bags i have to set the hitch 1 step lower than there recommended starting point or the back end of my truck sits 1.75" higher than the front. i have it set so the nose of the camper is .5" lower than the rear and my wheel wells sit level. i looked at but i just didn't like the idea of it wearing my brakes faster. maybe it wouldn't but ....ya. they claim these units are half ton towable but imo 3/4 ton min for the tounge weight and sway. you don't have the full length of a wall grabbing wind but i feel the front half in a healthy side wind applies a little more side load directly to the back of the truck. that's just my opinion though but have not towed with any other truck. obviously mine is an older f350 dually. it's entire life has been pulling trailers. this is why is just turned 132k miles last week. i spent a lot to make 400 rwhp reliably in this truck which is why i'm keeping it. does look funny towing this unit lol
dsrace 05/09/20 04:20pm Toy Haulers
RE: new style toyhauler, not for everyone

I see you have a 1ton Dually, so may not be an issue but what's the hitch weight without the buggy on the back? Toy haulers are known for having higher hitch weights and this one would seem to be an extreme example with nothing but frame and deck aft of the wheels. I've seen lots of similar examples where the toys are in the front. i am pulling with the f350 dually diesel, because that's the truck i have. def do not need it but hey why not. so that is a good question on tongue weight. i have a weigh safe hitch, 1500 lbs tongue weight empty. 5100 dry weight as well, about 23%.
dsrace 05/09/20 03:59pm Toy Haulers
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