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RE: replacement for Directv

Yeah, not. I love my DTV! I love my DTV too Bill since 1995. Aiming a tripod mounted Slimline dish is a piece of cake. I use the signal strength meter built in to the Genie and a wireless baby monitor so I can see and hear it from outside where the dish is. Takes minutes to aim. At my home base site I have a ground mounted Slimline so all I have to do it hook up the coax. Works for me.
edatlanta 12/03/19 03:17am Technology Corner
RE: Adj. water pressure regulators

263A here. I rebuild and clean mine with CLR every couple of years. Bad lime buildup on my home base site. Full time use since 2010 and still works great.
edatlanta 11/26/19 05:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter camping

Fill up your fresh water tank disconnect and drain all hoses. Use the water pump for water. I agree and have been doing it this way since 2010 full time. It is much easier than figuring out how to keep the water line or faucet from freezing. I leave my hose outside, disconnected from both ends on a slope so it drains. I can then fill my fresh water tank back up when needed even if it is still below freezing. Assuming the water faucet is the pull up handle type where the valve is underground.
edatlanta 11/26/19 04:58am Tech Issues
RE: Winter camping

Unless the hydrant is heated, it will freeze if a hose is connected. Yep!
edatlanta 11/26/19 04:55am Tech Issues
RE: Best type of house battery

Two Trojan T-105's in series. My first set was replaced a year ago after 8 years full time service. Use the Trojan watering system and top them off twice a year and you are good to go. Zero maintenance - No, but darn close. And they are true deep cycle batteries. My replacements were the same.
edatlanta 11/21/19 05:08am Fifth-Wheels
RE: replacement for Directv

My DTV Slimline Dish on a tripod still works great and I plan to continue with it. Dish might get my attention at some point, but DNS is the deal breaker for me. I like having my network programs on a known channel. I could care less from where the channel comes since I'm not interested in local news.
edatlanta 11/08/19 05:02am Technology Corner

I'd say I'm very close to paying off the diesel. I also get better than 10 MPG when I'm towing. I'm sure I have paid off the difference with 201,000 on my odo, but I don't care. The difference in towing with the diesel makes it all worthwhile regardless of the cost difference. And I get 12.0 mpg +/- 0.5 mpg depending on the trip towing my fifth wheel. I tow at 60 mph and do not try to set a drag strip record when accelerating.
edatlanta 10/27/19 04:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Transynd ??

Lifetime ATF? Not in my transmission. I change mine and the filter every 25,000 miles. Oil is cheap, transmissions are not.
edatlanta 10/23/19 05:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Those with portable surge protector

While plugged in at your home do you always use your surge protector? I can see why to always use at campgrounds because of lots of things there. High demand on power causing low voltage- high voltage-bad wiring-etc etc. But at home those are not near as likely to happen. Just curious what other do. I NEVER plug in anywhere without my PT50X. At my home I have been saved by a power company transformer failure that sent high voltage to my rig - 132v+. I had power spikes a different time, again the power company's fault. My next door neighbor had blown light bulbs with each of these issues, I had no damage at all even to my two 120v light bulbs (all others are 12v). Electrical power is electrical power IMHO and even from a major utility problems can and do occur. I have the PT50X so why not use it all the time. I sleep better when I do.
edatlanta 10/14/19 03:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Quiet generators

I have been camping at Talladega for the past 6 days right next to a Honda EU3000iS. You literally have to almost go touch it to even know it is running. I am camping outside the track where it is quiet so this generator is amazingly silent.
edatlanta 10/14/19 03:47am Tech Issues
RE: How To Video: Changing a Duramax Fuel Filter.

I just remove the passenger side battery for access. I just changed the filter on my 2006 LBZ for the for the 20th time so I've pretty well got it down now.
edatlanta 10/04/19 03:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Onboard genset

I have an onboard Onan 5500 gas. It came from the factory with a built in 10 gallon gas tank. I guess they don't offer this option anymore, but I sure like it. The Onan will operate 15-20 hours on this 10 gallons depending on the load and filling the tank is easy using a battery operated properly rated fuel pump and a portable gasoline can. Works great for me. Talladega here I come in a couple of weeks. I will use approx 20 gallons of gas while there based on previous races.
edatlanta 09/26/19 03:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: anyone else had this happen to them

Out for a few days in the fiver, got all set up and hooked up, went inside and turned the water heater on gas. In just a minute or so the carbon monoxide alarm went off. Cleared the area, restarted, same results. So I just turned it to electric for the trip. I have never had this happen before, 25 years. But one thing that was going on was there was a strong wind hitting the water heater side of the fiver where it vents. You think the wind could have driven just enough fumes back inside to set off the alarm?? By the way, started the w.h. at home with no problems. I've just never heard of or had this happen before. A few years ago, we were boondocking in the old Komfort, and my batteries were getting discharged so I borrowed a b-i-l's generator, hooked it up and drug it to the end of my 25' cord. The FW was wide open to the breeze (what little of it there was) at 7k' altitude. Fired the genny up and within 30 seconds, the [email protected] alarm was going off. Shut the genny down, grabbed the 25' extension, hooked that in and had the genny 50' away. Fired it up again, and damme if the alarm didn't go off again. Ended up having to button the FW up almost completely (left the top vents open) to keep the alarm from triggering. Even moved the genny around a bit, but the alarm kept going off. Very annoying... Lyle Similar issue for me. I was boondocking at Talladega a couple of years ago and forgot to take my GenTuri for my generator exhaust. The wind was obviously coming from the exact wrong direction because no matter how I configured my windows, vents, door, etc. the CO alarm would go off. All open, all closed, various combinations it didn't matter. I actually have a second portable alarm that has a digital CO readout and when I put it by the built in one it would go off also, but showing a concentration number vs just making noise so I knew the built in one wasn't giving a false reading. I could run my Onan just long enough to make a pot of coffee and then the alarm would go off. I haven't forgotten the GenTuri since.
edatlanta 09/18/19 05:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black Tank flush with valve closed

Yes, but it is also common for said people to get distracted. This results in a very messy flood in your rv. Yes, and I also do it to help flush out solids, set a timer on my smart phone for no more than 5 minutes. I do exactly the same as you, but I set the timer before I turn the water on and I use 4 minutes since I have a lot of pressure here. I have a pressure regulator set for fresh water into my rig, but not for the flush. I want all of the pressure I can get there. Works for me.
edatlanta 09/18/19 04:54am Tech Issues
RE: The Camco" Rhino"

my Rhino is 10yrs old, it is the color of the 2nd one aka Rhino Flex but it has the fittings from the first one the Rhino Extreme The same here. I think WM is just figuring out a way to sell a cheaper product which is a cheaper product, but is hiding what it is really is unless you KNOW what you are looking at. WM is famous for this. The replacement hose for my 10 year old RhinoFlex is Camco #39681. This is a 15' section and the old removable ends, etc. work great.
edatlanta 09/18/19 04:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Louder TV??

The Bose Solo 5 solved my issues just like yours. The sound enhance feature is great. And the universal remote that comes with this unit is superb as well.
edatlanta 09/04/19 05:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Surge power protector- hard wire or portable?

I have been using a my 50amp portable unit for 9 years full time. During this period I have been saved many times due to high and low voltage as well as open grounds and open neutrals even on my home base residential site. My original PT50C sacrificed itself a couple of times and was ultimately replaced under warranty with a PT50X. I am so paranoid about power issues I will not plug in anywhere anytime without my PT50X in line. As a matter of fact I have 2 of them so I can put my spare in service when the primary dies which has happened. Concerning the theft concern many have - I have never heard of one being stolen. I have never talked to anyone who knew someone who had one stolen or even heard of someone else who had one stolen. So I will offer a challenge to this group which I have done in the past: Has anyone here ever heard of a portable EMS unit being stolen? I think it is a non-issue!
edatlanta 09/04/19 04:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Direct TV satellite finder app for my phone

I like Dish Pointer (pro) by augmented reality. There are others that work nearly as well and others will get you that info. I am not a fan of the Winegard app. That was a great app. I purchased it @ 2009 or 2010 for $20. Shortly thereafter it became abandonware for a good period, at least 5 years. It was only recently that another entity picked it up and is now apparently supporting it. They will not honor the keys of any previous purchasers of the original developers app, so if your key was locked, say you picked up a new phone, you're dead in the water. Screw em, Its a principal thing. A great app but not great enough to pay for it twice. Plenty of other free ones that work just as well. Deinstall License before you get your new phone. Then use your license # on the new phone. If your phone dies before you can deinstall the license you are done unless the new support team reauthorizes it as above.
edatlanta 09/03/19 05:57am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon mifi issue. Verizon of no help.

Two days ago we had a pretty strong thunderstorm passed through here and the Verizon tower that serves my area was right in the middle of it. During the storm passage one of my 3 Jetpacks quit working or should I say slowed way down. I looked at it and it was roaming on 3G and AT&T. All three of my Jetpacks are in the same area about 8-10' apart and the other two were operating normally on Verizon 4G LTE. I rebooted it and even took the battery out and rebooted with no change. It booted back up to AT&T 3G and 1 bar. AT&T does have very poor coverage in this area, but why did this one Jetpack switch to AT&T? I went into the configuration settings and looked at the network options and sure enough it was set to AT&T. I changed it to Verizon and now it is working normally again. On another note I have an Amazon Fire Stick. The first time I used it after the Jetpack issue I noted the captioning was in Russian. I had to change that back to English. Electronics? Go Figure!
edatlanta 08/22/19 04:23am Technology Corner
RE: RV Armor Roofs

I had the RV Flex Armor installed 4 1/2 years ago and could not be more pleased.
edatlanta 08/22/19 04:10am Class A Motorhomes
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