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RE: Hard to find a full-time spot

I am in a small town (680 population) in central Alabama. I have my home base site here on a double residential lot and have been here 10 years+ except when I'm hosting or traveling. Many small towns in rural areas don't have any zoning issues.
edatlanta 10/19/20 06:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Hard lesson learned on water heater anode.

I fulltime and change my anode rod every year. Some years it is used up more and some less, but for the price - why risk the heater tank.
edatlanta 10/18/20 05:45am Tech Issues
RE: Best portable generators advise I have seen for years

My gasoline generator was factory installed with all of the proper techniques and it works great. I do use a Genturi to get the exhaust up and away when I use the generator for any length of time other than just monthly maintenance runs. I want that exhaust up and away from me as well as other campers near me. My CO detectors (2) are all in working order and current as well. What camper has factory gas generator? I know that Venturi vertical pipe is the only good way to go, but for "some" reasons it is not getting popularity. Any pictures? I apologize for my comment about my factory installed gasoline generator. I do have one, but it is in a 5th wheel not a TC. I should not have posted this comment here. I do love my gas generator however.
edatlanta 10/13/20 03:57am Truck Campers
RE: Best portable generators advise I have seen for years

CO detectors are inexpensive. My camper came with a combination propane/CO detector. In addition I bought a battery operated unit. I replace my CO, weather station, clock, and kitchen timer batteries at the start of every camping season. My generator is in a compartment made for a generator with two cabinet doors and good ventilation. The compartment is metal lined and totally sealed from the camper interior. I did have a CO alarm go off once. The generator was running and the back entry door is nearby and was open. Now I make sure to close the door when the generator is running. There is very minimal risk with a proper installation and good detectors. My gasoline generator was factory installed with all of the proper techniques and it works great. I do use a Genturi to get the exhaust up and away when I use the generator for any length of time other than just monthly maintenance runs. I want that exhaust up and away from me as well as other campers near me. My CO detectors (2) are all in working order and current as well.
edatlanta 10/11/20 05:41am Truck Campers
RE: water pressure regulators

I have worn out 2 watts 263A units over the past 10 years of full time use. The brass at the point where the unit actually limits the pressure just eroded over time. You couldn't see it, but it quit limiting pressure. A rebuild kit didn't solve the problem since the main unit was worn not the rebuild kit parts. Two in 10 years? I can live with that and bought another one. Problem solved.
edatlanta 10/10/20 05:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Air conditioner quit

Even if it is just the blower motor, you are spending about half the cost of brand new one with warranty and all other new parts. When both of mine died a year apart at age 7 and 8 I just replaced the entire unit. The installer was in and out in less than an hour for each. Well worth the extra $ to me. Full time 10+ years.
edatlanta 10/04/20 04:57am Tech Issues
RE: SpaceX/Starlink at work for the public good...

Yep SpaceX Starlink is going to change the rural area's that lack internet and full time RVers, satellite TV will go the way of payphones... You just never give up do you?
edatlanta 09/29/20 05:36am Technology Corner
RE: Flashing rope light

One of the reasons I go camping, one of the reasons I boondock....the DARK! And quiet. Listening to someone else's choice of music is just noise to me. If you want music fine, but keep the volume on your site please.
edatlanta 09/27/20 06:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Directv what do you miss?

I don't miss anything since I still have DirecTV and plan on keeping it. One thing I do miss is the lack of NFL since it seems to be coming back. I don't watch it EVER!
edatlanta 09/24/20 06:04am Technology Corner
RE: Battle Born Lithium

Interesting read and good info, but a thousand dollar battery will never be in my rig. I do boondock, but my last Trojan T105's lasted 8 years and a few gallons of gas for my Onan keeps them up and happy. Enuf said.
edatlanta 09/21/20 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

Way2roll wrote. Or use a cellular hotspot and steam your content - if you have a decent signal. We used to live on top of a mountain with no hard wired internet. Decent plan on a hotspot allowed us to stream, work remote and handle anything a hard wired internet would do. Performance was far superior to Satellite. (we had Sat too at one point for comparison) We have Verizon unlimited on 3 devices. We do not stream anything and use up all 3 high speed allotment of 15gb each device by the 20th of each month. You must be dreaming. I have a Verizon prepaid plan, that they don't offer currently, that is truly unlimited with no throttling. They say is it managed in the case of tower loading, but I have never noticed a slowdown. I constantly keep my eyes open for new truly unlimited plans since they change.
edatlanta 09/21/20 05:53am Technology Corner
RE: Times Up, Told You So, DirecTV is Dead

Little Timmy Mac has been shouting at the wind for years and no one will fall for it. He has never explained the reason he's so mad at the satellite TV providers but his fear mongering only sucks in a few folks each time he skews this BS. So much of this Country remains under served that it will be years (if ever) before a reasonable internet system truly covers everyone. In the meantime, I have NO CONCERNS about the future of my satellite TV service. I agree.
edatlanta 09/19/20 05:31am Technology Corner
RE: Verizon cell signal lost at night

A phone is a computer and how many times does a reboot of our home computer fix the windows issues? Same with a phone.
edatlanta 09/10/20 03:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Roof Care and Maintenance suggestions. SEE Finally Update NEED HELP!

Wow Chuck. You have one of the few shorter, quality trailers. Probably a keeper. DRV doesn't make anything that short any longer. Anyway, prior to getting my 2014 fiver roof done with RV Flex Armor, all I ever did to any of of my former RVs was Wet & Forget. Spray it on and leave it alone. No scrubbing. I'm done with any roof maintenance whatsoever now, however. Certainly a consideration on your rig. If the rig is worth keeping, RV Flex Armor is the answer. I had mine done 5 years ago. Now all I do it forget about roof/caulking maintenance.
edatlanta 09/08/20 06:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Options for directv satalites

OK, let's get real here folks! If you want DirecTV and HD then the only kind of antenna that you can use is the same kind of antenna mounted on your house. There are no portable automatic antennas (unless you consider a permanently roof mounted antenna portable) that will give you DirecTV HD. No Domes! It takes a bit of practice but you can get a home style open face antenna mounted on a tripod, run some coax to the RV and point the antenna yourself at each new location. This is your ONLY non-roof mounted option. The roof mounted option is a Winegard Trav'ler and is pretty expensive (but AWESOME)! I have been using a tripod mounted Slimline dish for over 10 years. It takes longer to get it out of the basement than it does to aim it (lots of practice over 10 years) and I don't have any kind of meter. I use the signal strength meter built in to the DirecTV receiver and a wireless baby monitor to see what is going on out at the dish. Easy, fast, and not expensive. Besides, my daughter gave me her old baby monitor and all I had to do was buy a new battery for the remote.
edatlanta 08/23/20 06:07am Tech Issues
RE: Rv washer dryer?

Our Splendide combo vented has been great. X2 X3. My 2100XC just passed the 10 year mark being used full time.
edatlanta 08/23/20 06:03am RV Lifestyle
RE: Duramax tuner

My old 2006 LBZ is bone stock and going to stay that way. It just rolled over 210,000 and tows my 5'er plenty good enough for me. And it has been paid for for a LONG TIME!
edatlanta 08/11/20 05:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Love having DirecTV and DNS. I have not had to call/write or chat with anyone from DTV in YEARS! No changes needed. With the Trav'ler and a Genie/client setup I rarely watch live TV so when it comes on or where it's broadcast from has no meaning to me. I watch local news and national news using OTA from 5 until 6 or so and then it's back to whatever we have recorded. We also have a Firestick (2 actually) and can stream something available from a number of platforms as I luckily have a truly unlimited data plan no longer available. Even so, 90% of our TV watching is via satellite. I'm right there with you Bill. Actually my system is just like yours, but I have a Slimline dish on a tripod.
edatlanta 08/08/20 05:43pm Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV dropping DNS

Re: I noticed last night, it could have been there before, that ABC East (396) and West (397) are back along with CW Plus (394). I never watch CW so I don't know if there was east/west versions before or if CW Plus was it. Me too. CW name has changed to CW Plus and mine isn't working, but I never watch CW anyway by either name. All of the traditional networks are back as well. I have the East only.
edatlanta 08/06/20 06:05am Technology Corner
RE: Pulling more than 50 amps ?

100 amps available....50 amps per leg x 2 answer is yes Agreed! I routinely use in the 60+ amp range when camping during the winter and using the electric fireplace and 3 other portable electric heaters for warmth plus the electric water heater. The 3 other heaters are strategically plugged in such that neither 50 amp leg is maxed out. I've been doing this for several winters now.
edatlanta 08/01/20 04:50am Tech Issues
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