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RE: Batteries died...sheesh

So stopped by Costco and their Interstate battery replacement for the napa with slightly more RC was a whopping $90ea....ah, no Brainer! Bought two. Add a modest solar charging system. I would have purchased sio2 batteries. I hate to say it, but I used to ALWAYS read and respect your posts, until recently with your ALWAYS pushing the sio2 BATTS that 99.9% of people DO NOT need. Give it a rest. You know this poster more than likely doesn't need that expensive niche battery. No worries ;) This isn't my first Rodeo :D I am more versed in batteries and solar than many might think, having built my own system and up graded it a few times at our cabin and having worked in communications for some 27 years. I ask questions though, to get ideas and learn new things. I got some feedback from folks here and appreciate it, made my informed decision and will move one happy having spent only $180 for two batteries that might last me to the end of my use of this camper (probably upgrade it at some point after all). I think a lot of time folks assume someone doesn't know anything because they asked a question, or the way they ask it ;) But it's all good!
emcvay 10/09/22 10:27am Truck Campers
RE: Batteries died...sheesh

I went through this at my cabin which is 100% off grid and I built the system myself. Yes Trojan L16's were almost 3x better than GCB's but the GCB's were so much cheaper I could replace them 3 times, get more life out of those 3 replacements and still save money. Looking at LithiumIon batteries I considered the need to keep them warm (they don't take a change under 50F if memory serves me correctly) and I am often in sub freezing temps when camping. How much drain on the batteries keeing them above 50F in 10F weather? Cost appears good at $259x2 for two LI batts...for a total of $518 to get me what? Maybe 15 years (not convinced on that as a hard fast number). So let's do the math: $89x2 for the two batts I bought at Costco - $178.00 and they should last me 5 years like the last ones did. So $178x3 = $534. No worries about cold, no need to update4 charge controllers for my solar panel etc etc. Or $518 and I need to make some changes, need to keep them warm, probably have to spend even more money and may not get a full 15years out of them. Yes I could get more AH's out of the LI's but I don't need it the way we use our camper. These two batteries did all we needed. Yes, I could add an inverter etc but honestly, if I was going to do all that I'd just go to the cabin where I have plenty of all of the above (4000 watt pure sine inverter that peaks at 12k watts, 55amp charger, EcoGen, 9 solar panels kicking out all the power I need, etc etc etc. I'd say it's 6 of one, half dozen of another :D
emcvay 10/09/22 10:14am Truck Campers
RE: Batteries died...sheesh

So stopped by Costco and their Interstate battery replacement for the napa with slightly more RC was a whopping $90ea....ah, no Brainer! Bought two.
emcvay 10/08/22 01:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Batteries died...sheesh

Thanks All. Turns out these were NAPA 8279s which are supposed to be a decent battery. Can't tell the AH rating but I think 60AH based on the rated 150mins and converting to hours and multiplying by 25amps to get a base. Thou some say these are 90ah Batts. I've seen some 100ah Batts on Amazon that people like Weise I think, for under $200ea but am not apposed to spending $300ea locally so will go to Costco 1st then maybe a battery store.
emcvay 10/08/22 09:28am Truck Campers
RE: We knew it was coming...

I all truthfulness we need an adjustment in pricing. A small teardrop camper that sold for $8-9,000 is now selling for $22,000. Houses are now selling at more than double their previous price. Even if salaries had doubled those prices can not be sustained. Don't blame it on the price of oil. Capitalism making a buck by speculation. Um, no. It has zero to do with capitalism and everything to do with socialist and all the free money being thrown around. You simply cannot print your way out of poor economic policy.
emcvay 10/08/22 07:16am Truck Campers
Batteries died...sheesh

Good morning, In less than 5 years the batteries the dealer sold us for our AF990 died. I had been very careful with them as I learned the hard way at our cabin years ago. Keept the camper plugged in unless putting it away for mo the (rare) and turned off the main switch to disconnect when it was 'put away' with topped off Batts. Never drained them down etc. The. had the wind blow out my lp pilot on a 2hrish drive and and when I arrived then batts were drained to 10.9v. Knowing that cut remaining cycle life in half it charged them back up but I was wrong. They have very little life left in them now. So time to replace. ot looking to spend $700+ on Li Batts and associated charger upgrades which I assume I'd need. Thinking maybe gel cells. Thoughts?
emcvay 10/08/22 07:11am Truck Campers
RE: Hi Folks! Long time!

Thanks! A new one I'm working on coming out of the same location will be better still! The camper rocked hard to the drivers side and back! It bounced around but never hit the sharkfin. I don't like driving it in there frankly but it was the job site (again) so it is what it is! lol but it proved to me that two mats were all that's needed....I'm sure with one and I would have damaged the sharkfin and camper but no need for more than that. Only thing I haven't figured out is what keeps knocking when I rock side to side like that. THought it was the fox landing but in the new video that wasn't I am scratching my head for now...but something knocked like a door swinging....but the door stayed closed...scratching my head for sure!
emcvay 09/26/22 02:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Hi Folks! Long time!

You can see it here near the end of this video In a new one coming out of this same location everything rocked hard to the drivers side and the camper shifted but settled and was fine! I hope to never go back to this jobsite lol but it demonstrates what I learned about clearance! *Created active link using URL tags
emcvay 09/25/22 04:12pm Truck Campers
Hi Folks! Long time!

Howdy! It's been a while and I was thinking of you and this forum recently so decided to pop in and day hi! One of the things I was thinking about was the clearance issue on 2919 F350s and the like and AF990s. I had had ample time now to test out using just two mats and despite some harrowing 'off road' driving I have. ot crushed the sat shark fin or damaged the camper skin! I removed the 1" foam board a year or two ago and haven't looked back. In an up coming video you will see some visious rocking but no damage! woot! We had this setup now since, we'll July 2919 (before that a 2010 F350) and still love it!
emcvay 09/25/22 04:09pm Truck Campers
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