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RE: This is what happens when you have too much tongue weight...

I was interested in this and did a bunch of research. What I found was that this is a common problem when there is too much tongue weight and the roads are rough (with some cases involving northern salted roads and rust). I found pics of Toyota's, Nissan's, Fords, Dodges and even an old Chevy all with the same issue as well as a whole thread on problems with Chevy frames from the early 2000's to at least 2013. In the end it appeared to be too much tongue weight / trailer weight and too rough of roads. it appears that you could get away with all sorts of things on good roads but hit the potholes hard enough and life changes when you are way overloaded.
emcvay 09/27/19 10:38am Truck Campers
RE: 2020 Ford F350 - XLT or Lariat / options guidance?

Sorry for the late reply! We got the Lariat after owning an XL and an XLT and frankly, the lariat is the cats meow :D Love all the options and won't go back ;) 4.10's are great Love the heated and cooled seats, adjustable pedals (had those in an XLT too) etc etc etc
emcvay 09/20/19 06:59am Truck Campers
RE: What else does your truck do? Maybe it's just that a lot of TC folks here are retired and no longer do all the things some do with their trucks (but likely still do some). My truck must pull a sawmill, boat, haul wood/lumber/garbage etc etc etc A truck just makes sense when you 'do stuff'.
emcvay 09/16/19 06:34am Truck Campers
RE: Advice on truck and camper purchase

Remember that dually's suck when it comes to off roading Depends on who's driving ;) and whom you ask ;) Mine isn't a true 'offroaders' rig mind you and I don't have plans to try a jeep trail but it did fine on our rough road to the cabin though not as easily as our thinner SRW. My only real issue at this point is the stable loads I installed need to be cut down about ½" so the overloads don't enguage without the camper on Dirt roads and gravel roads are not off-road, they are on a dirt road, or on a gravel road. When people want to go off road with a TC they probably mean actually off of the road be it gravel, dirt, asphalt or pavers. Rocks that are out in the wilderness which you do not see on a prepared road are a biggie since they will get stuck in the duallys. The width is another as many off road tracks are actually trails that were made by previous drivers leaving tracks for you to follow. They are almost always SRW tracks, so having two extra wheels makes this more difficult too, and near impossible if the track is too narrow and walled in by obstacles… So off-road means not on a road. thanks There is 'off road' and there is 'off-road'....if you mean people who want to drive where no one has driven before, ok. Nuff said. However, most people think of 'off road' in different terms (and you cannot define that just because you want to). My drive 'off-road' was on a dirt trail (at best) that other 4x4's had driven on but no one was going to take a caddy down that 'road'. Goat trail might be better description but it was wide enough for a truck driveway isn't much better. Yes, it's a 'driveway' but just barely. Sure a car can sometimes make it up there (in the summer, in dry weather, if one is careful) but as my sister once found it, that car might also get stranded until someone with a 4x4 comes along to help her get back out (and she never even made it half way). Campers, hard side ones, do often go places they shouldn't and I've seen dually's go placed you'd never imagine...but then I also used to drive a Duece and a half :d :P No the dually isn't going to hit the trails at Moab with the jeeps or crawl over rocks but it will go 'off road' which generally means to go off of a maintained public road (county dirt paved or whatever)....
emcvay 09/13/19 08:45pm Truck Campers
RE: Advice on truck and camper purchase

Remember that dually's suck when it comes to off roading Depends on who's driving ;) and whom you ask ;) Mine isn't a true 'offroaders' rig mind you and I don't have plans to try a jeep trail but it did fine on our rough road to the cabin though not as easily as our thinner SRW. My only real issue at this point is the stable loads I installed need to be cut down about 1/2" so the overloads don't enguage without the camper on
emcvay 09/12/19 11:31am Truck Campers
RE: Advice on truck and camper purchase My old setup after driving more than 30 minutes offroad with major ruts and off camber corners. I did shift the camper once and definitely scared myself once on an off camber turn (which prompted me to think dually) but I made it in with the mill in tow (out I had the customer pull the mill and that's actually when I scared myself). I would not recommend the 990 as an 'off road' camper though! Just a logging road camper ;)
emcvay 09/12/19 11:29am Truck Campers
RE: Advice on truck and camper purchase

Ha! I hauled my 990 on an F350 SRW LB 4x4 PS offroad to a milling job. It was a bit harrowing at times but only because I didn't slow down enough. I didn't break anything and I decided not to do it a second time LOL but now I have a dually that handles the camper much better (it weighs in about 4850lbs ready to go) and might consider it again. Hope you enjoy your setup for years to come! To me it's all about intended use and how often you intend to use. In my case we want more comfort and less offroad ability as we spend a LOT of time in the camper (in the last 6 or 7 weeks we were in it 4 of them at least). Enjoy
emcvay 09/12/19 11:18am Truck Campers
RE: Best selling truck campers (by volume) ?

Of course, volumes mean nothing if total manufactured isn't considered. After all, the most popular camper may be the more expensive ones (supply and demand) if they don't produce many. For example, if manufacturer A produces 10,000 campers and sells 9000 vs manufacturer B who produces 1000 and sells 1000.....
emcvay 09/11/19 07:05am Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

Yes that has to be it since we were close to Kamloops
emcvay 09/03/19 03:28pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

Wow Erik, it's good to meet an "Old Friend" somewhere else along our life's highway. At least we do not have sawdust in our pockets when we are traveling. ;) MM Howdy MM, well met indeed! Don't mind my share of sawdust, if these darn arms will let it build up ;) But it sure is nice to use the mobile milling office for RV'ing ;) How's things?
emcvay 09/02/19 07:50am Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

Thanks for the link to the fantastic trip report. I'll make sure I get it added to the sticky. 1,000 miles / week is what I plan for my trips while I'm still working so know it was quick but very enjoyable. Thanks :) We usually don't do that many miles but this trip certainly makes us think it's very doable and we'll have to do more of it. Sadly, our next trip (very soon and another 1200 miles) will be for a funeral service so not with the same happy intent :(
emcvay 08/28/19 09:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

Took me a while to post this here because I had to come up with a new way to host pics... It's a little more techie than a consumer picture hosting site....but I have been pretty happy using Amazon S3 for hosting pictures for forum posts. It is important to resize pictures and turn down their resolution a bit. That creates smaller file sizes which results is less storage and less transfer fees. Even so, I am on pennies per month to use it. YMMV, -Eric Truth is I have a server and a forum of my own but the gallery software is limited there and I'm not thrilled with using it to host pics like these so today I just made a new directory and dumped them all there ;) Not as organized but easy enough.
emcvay 08/28/19 09:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

emcvay, very nice trip report and I did watched your videos with interest. It's a wonderful thing when one can go down memory lane and see the physical past. Barkerville will be a stop on our next journey up north. Make sure you sent a PM to koldad with your TCTR link so it can be archive with all the other TCTR. Also what can you tell me about Bella Coola? Thanks :D and yes it was an amazing thing to go back to the old homestead! We'll do it again too! Bella Coola was a very small fishing town on the coast with a VERY long dirt road drive through untamed wilderness when I was last there. We flew in and boated or flew out actually and as I was last there around 42-3 years ago I can't remember much. Ocean Falls, however, I remember a lot of but you can't drive there, or Bella Bella. Look up 'The Rain People' to learn about Ocean Falls I'll have to send a PM to koldad, thanks.
emcvay 08/28/19 06:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back Further south we found ourselves passing once again through Cache Creek BC and into the drier parts of the Province. This spot in particular I wanted to spend some time at on the way up but it was just not a good time for it and thought maybe on the way back....then accidentally pulled over there for lunch on the way home :D Love that! Pull over, get pics, open slide, make lunch, relax :D Life is good! There were not many 'rest' areas but there were a lot of these pullouts on 97 and that worked for us. Not sure which lake this is but it's north of the Okanagan and south of Cache Creek. Nice views up here though! Right there, in the middle of those two buildings was a house. A house I lived in when I was 5 :) Last day, after a visit to Peachland and some icecream, was at Okanagan South park. A bit crowded for us but a lot of nice spots and certainly the ones on the water were awesome...we didn't get one of those this time but would like to come back. 153 miles long and nearly 800 feet deep, this is a big lake! End of the day view :) We walked down to the beach, put our chairs out and relaxed. Love that! Loving the clear water too! Last looks before heading south again...for the final leg. After a short inspection we were back in the US of A :D The 'Evergreen State'? Ya right! ha! After 2000 miles she took the helm and loved driving the new truck. Took her a little getting used to but she will be driving more now. So, 2200 miles, two weeks and smiles for miles :D Can't wait to do it all over again! Let's go!
emcvay 08/28/19 05:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back After one night at our 1st spot they moved us to another where the sewage would work since the one we were at was backed up. It was a nicer spot and the sun was still out :D Once the weather came though! It came! Nothing like BC rain to remind you of why there is so much green! ;) The kids had planned an outdoor reception and we promptly paid for an indoor one and got it all sorted for them ;) Yup we saved the day! Thanks to prior planning we did not have to walk through the mud etc in our wedding garb as we'd booked one night in the nearby hotel for extra prep room etc and easy of traveling to the wedding etc on the big day. We did however spend a lot of time at the camper either under the awning or inside, during the week we were there...again, only one night was spent out of it actually. On the last day we were happy to see this: Not happy to leave, but gotta love it when Diesel is lower than gasoline! :D With exchange it wasn't much more than US Diesel pricing either. I'll have to get some pics of the wedding etc for ya but that's a different camera/phone and I'm off again! 1300miles down, 1000 to go, a little dirty, lots of bugs but all is well and we're ready to head for warmer weather! :D and we found it at Lac La Hache Provincial Campground :D Love that place! Might have to get further off the road, and would like to put the boat in at the lake but for this trip it was a welcome stop on a long long day so we setup, poured adult beverages and BBQ'd some steaks :D Life is good!
emcvay 08/28/19 01:07pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

Taking a step back (since we were using a camera and two cell phones and all the pics are not well organized, here are a couple more from Peachland... Yes we're having fun! and My DW loves her selfies Parking on main was a little tight with the dually ;) but we managed.
emcvay 08/28/19 12:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

We must have crossed paths! I think I saw your post on FB about Barkerville. Did you get there after the rain? Or did it just keep raining :P This trip was planned in advance with some specific goals and targets and I booked all campsites ahead of time but we were on a time table for the wedding so I didn't want to risk it! Next trip? NO PLANS! :D We want to spend some US bucks in those quaint shops and towns along the way ;).....well, my wife does anyway ;) We really liked all of this trip and have other pics I'll try to share. Like this one of the lake Nicola? Leaving Monck
emcvay 08/28/19 12:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

We counted 22 bears on the road, most of them in BC. They seem to like the grass and small vegetation on the side of the roads. Beautiful pictures Normally that's what I'd expect...well, maybe not THAT many, but this trip it was about 8 deer, 3 moose (with heads down) and that was IT! And the weather was good for it if you ask me, and we covered some 2200 miles through the interior. but it's ok, loved the drive all the same and am planning a second already!
emcvay 08/28/19 10:57am Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back

The pictures brought a smile to my face, I know the country well. My mother grew up in Vanderhoof, I spent quite a bit of time there. Seems like we've been in the same areas than ;) I lived in both Peachland and Kalowna as well as Vanderhoof, FSJ, Hazelton and more ;) Got lots more to post as we were only 1200 miles or so into the journey when we reached Chetwynd and had the 1000 miles south to go yet!
emcvay 08/28/19 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: Trip Report -- WA to Northern BC and Back The drive to Fort St James was fairly flat with a lot of farm land around Vanderhoof but not as much near Fort St James. Stuart Lake at FSJ. My dad camped out here in an MGBGT for a couple weeks after getting the job in the mill here. He then commuted for a while from Vanderhoof before breaking his neck in the mill, mom buying a house because she didn't want him to commute and finally leaving for warmer shores that same year. So many lakes, so little time! What I wouldn't give to take a few months, a boat and some fishing tackle along next time! It took nearly 2000 miles before this sign proved true! We finally saw moose somewhere in the Cariboo region but they were across a swampy lake with their heads down and we were doing 60mph heading south so just caught a glimpse. My son said "Moose don't live on the road Dad!".....whatever! My wife (left) and I (middle) with our host Tim. It was such a great visit we plan to go back and really do some exploring on the old quarter section! Charlene (middle) made everything possible because she saw my post for help and answered! She's one of the nicest people you could meet! Like family! width=800 This is our old 160 acre 'homestead'. Really it was a Ag Lease but we called it a Homestead anyway since it's practically the same thing. width=800 The road is 1/2 mile to the west of the property line and the white bent line is the approximate driveway sisters used to walk that alone to the school but at 6 and 7. Before Dad built the A-Frame Turkey Coop come cabin, we stayed in the 'Jones cabin' on Sinkut Lake but it had burned down a few years back and all that was left was the stone fireplace. Still, kinda cool that this was still there. Once we left Vanderhoof and passed through Prince George we headed north again on the long (170 miles or so of no mans land) trek to Chetwynd. There were a few places to get fuel along the way but don't blink! Meanwhile, there was some nice scenery. Again, we'd love to take MORE TIME on future trips to really enjoy the views. This far inland and to the north and you run into the Rockies! Well, I guess they call these the foothills of the Rockies but still, gotta love it don't you? So many RV's (mostly truck campers though) on the road heading to Alaska I realized this had to be the most commonly traveled RV highway on the west coast! No wonder though, it's a beautiful drive and we'll be back! Moderator adjusted map picture width.
emcvay 08/28/19 08:23am Truck Campers
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