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RE: Winnebago Navion

I have a 2018 PleasureWay on a 2017 MB chassis and don't know if it's the same setup as yours but thought I'd mention that I had a similar situation as you in that even though it was brand new, every now and then it would not start even though the dash lights would come on, the engine would not turn at all. Turns out it was a loose connection at the ground cable connection located right next to the accelerator on the floor.There is a clamp type connector which was not totally set tight. Hasn't been a problem since.
ernie1 09/29/20 01:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement Dometic 300 series toilet water valve

I am not of any help for your question but wanted to say I feel your pain in that I had the same problem and almost flooded the entire rv when the valve wouldn't shutoff and continued to fill the toilet bowl. Dometic replaced mine under warranty and I replaced it myself. After doing this I cut the old one apart to see what made it tick. Well what I saw made me wonder how any company would dare provide such **** to the public. I'd almost think any other source for this valve must be an improvement.
ernie1 09/15/20 11:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Weird noise! I know. I know but need help!

I had an rv with a noise that drove me nuts and I chased it on and off for a couple years. Almost sounded like sheetmetal sorta rattling against something. It would come and go but when it was there it would start at a slow speed like maybe 35mph to about 60ish and then quit. Finally found out that the problem was related to the galley sink trap that would sometimes run dry and with the air blowing across the sewer vent on the roof it would make this noise sorta like if you blew across the top of an empty soda bottle. The solution was to always keep the sink drain plugged with the stopper.
ernie1 08/12/20 08:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Back fire and power loss

If it was a point and condenser setup I'd say definitely the condenser but I think that was way past gone in 87. I then would put a timing light to the distributor and check to see if the vacuum advance and /or the mechanical advance is working. It's a very common problem with the older distributors to have a gummed up mechanical advance.
ernie1 08/09/20 06:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

btcruzer: thanks again and will followup with the info you've given and hopefully have the same results.
ernie1 07/25/20 06:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford Transit diesel

My friend had the first model that came out on a Winnebago Fuse. He had a nightmare of a time with the Ford portion with oil leaks, check engine lights, a front windshield that cracked on it's own while stored. To make matters worse, he had to take it to a Ford truck repair shop and wait weeks for them to work on it. In terms of the check engine light and oil leak the shop never did figure out what caused these issues and only could shrug their shoulders as to what the causes were. The Winnebago portion was not much better and presented a lot of fit and finish issues along with drawers that would continue to roll open because the catches wouldn't hold. One particular glaring problem was the rear portion of the vehicle was real low to the pavement and was damaged twice going down a driveway. My understanding is that Ford has redesigned the Transit to prevent this. My friend traded this rv in for another brand and this Transit sat for about a year on the dealers lot because it's reputation preceded it.
ernie1 07/23/20 05:48pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Anyone use Quick connect for water hose?

kfp673: Sorry I don't have any links. I completed. my project after numerous runs to different rv parts stores. Sorry.
ernie1 07/17/20 01:54pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

btcruzer: Thanks again for your helpful response.
ernie1 07/17/20 11:14am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone use Quick connect for water hose?

I did what you are thinking of doing and it"s worked out extremely well. However, one of the biggest problem in doing this is that most quick connect fittings are too long to fit under your plastic cover unless you drill a hole in it and that looks really hokey! I looked around and found the shallowest fittings I could find and swapped holes with the tv cable connection so that the hose connection would be towards the center of the plastic cover where there is a bulge and it fits and works well.
ernie1 07/16/20 09:11pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

btcruzer: Where are you able to locate the larger jet? I contacted Dometic about purchasing another jet sometime back and they just blew me off and said it wasn't available. Very anxious to hear about your results with the new larger jet. My Dometic is acting like yours and always has even when new.
ernie1 07/16/20 01:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Asking for a friend really

I've had two PleasureWays, a class B and now a Class C. They are very well built and I rank them up there with best. Not that they are absolutely flawless but just the best for the money. What makes them stand out from the rest is the factory support which you just won't find elsewhere. Even if you bought a really old PW, you can access valuable information and parts by calling the company.
ernie1 07/15/20 01:42pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

btcruzer: thanks for the info
ernie1 07/14/20 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

How does one access the filter to the thermostat? Just unscrew the gas line connection? I see a fitting on the gas line that is screwed into the thermostat and has red thread sealer on it.
ernie1 07/13/20 05:43pm Tech Issues
RE: My black tank valve is stuck. Easy lube fix?

I quit using any petroleum products on the dump valve seals after figuring out that it was reacting with rubber in the seals and causing them to swell and when that happens either the slides were extremely hard to move or the seals become dislodged when pulled by the slides and all hell breaks loose along with the sewage. I now use a product produced by Dupont called 111 Compound which is a heavy bodied silicone based lubricant that will not react with the nitrile rubber based seals. Learned this from talking to the people at Drainmaster, a company that produces electrically operated waste line valves which ,by the way, has operated flawlessly for a couple of years now.
ernie1 07/11/20 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Mercedes C-Class

bumpy thanks for your unconditional support!
ernie1 07/11/20 01:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic fridge woes.

I have a Dometic RML8555 3 way refrigerator and have the same problem except that mine came like that brand new from the rv dealer. Worse, I have two friends who have the very same rv that were purchased new about a year before and a year after me who have the same problem and contacts with Dometic makes things worse. They tell them to take it in for diagnosis at an authorized Dometic dealer who does work on them and charges the customer for the work because Dometic says it's not covered under the warranty! I run my fridge on 110ac as it comes from the inverter because it gets colder than the lp mode.
ernie1 07/10/20 10:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Mercedes C-Class

I have a 2018 rv on a Mercedes Sprinter 3500 and it ONLY cost about$500 for a front end alignment!! While I was on a trip in Utah and experienced a check engine light I contacted 3 Mercedes dealership and the first two said they don't work on Sprinters and they third one said "yes" they do work on Sprinters and "I can give you an appointment 3 weeks from today". Forgot to mention that at this point in time my Sprinter was still brand new and had under 1,000 miles!!!! Also want to mention that a fuel filter at the dealership was $225!!!
ernie1 07/10/20 10:30pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Are all RV's noisy and rattle?

All rvs rattle and some a lot more than others. I don't think one can say a brand A is quieter than brand X necessarily. I'm constantly chasing rattles and eventually will narrow them down to just one or two. I can't stand rattles like others who just ignore them and drive on like there are none. I would not let any rattling rv that is for sale deter me from buying it but as soon as it's in my hands I'm right on working to quiet things down. Silence is golden.
ernie1 06/30/20 05:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: dometic RM1350 Refrigerator's freezer developes heavy frost

I tried the fans in the freezer coils and it didn't work but it did work on the refrigerator fins.
ernie1 06/22/20 01:46pm Tech Issues
RE: wireless thermometer

Well Acurite it is then. Thanks guys for the quick unanimous response.
ernie1 06/21/20 09:26pm Tech Issues
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