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RE: Adding fan behind refrigerator...worthwhile??

SJ-Chris: Thanks a bunch for the info and clearing a few things up for me as I also am trying to gain more efficiency from my Dometic 3 way fridge. I'm not going to hijack this thread but I feel compelled to mention only briefly what I have done to gain more efficiency from my fridge. After noticing that the refrigerator in my 2018 PW would always run warmer by about 8 deg.F when it was on propane versus 120v shore power or inverter. Puzzled by this since normally when on propane a refrigerator will usually perform better than when on 120v ac I decided to experiment. I took the jet out of the burner and had it drilled out .003" and reinstalled it. The refrigerator performed much better but I stopped the experiment with this jet because I felt there was too much heat blowing into the burner. This a seat of the pants feeling only. Next, I bought a new original sized jet for $70 and drilled it out only .001" and reinstalled it . So far I tested it for weeks at a time and I am now at a point where when I'm running the fridge on propane it's about 8 deg.F cooler than when on 120v ac and I'm really happy but am still experimenting. I think I've gained 16 deg.F of cooling. Oh yes, I have three fans in the outside rear and two inside the cooling area. So that's it. So that I don't hijack this thread and put unproven experimental ideas into others heads which will cause a dangerous condition, I done discussing this experiment of mine.
ernie1 08/27/23 08:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Adding fan behind refrigerator...worthwhile??

Am I to understand that the cycling temps of the cooling fans are 95degF on and 130degF off? Exactly where is the best locations for the cooling fans in a refrigerator with side vents? So is there to not be any space between the sides of the refrigerator and the fins of the cooling unit?
ernie1 08/16/23 09:49pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Power Gear leveler hoses

Your local shop is ripping you off. I had 4 hydraulic hoses of varying lengths, 3/8 diameters made at a local hydraulic shop for about $150. Of course I took them off myself and presented them to the shop and reinstalled them myself. That's what I recommend you do.
ernie1 08/02/23 11:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can't get key fob for a sprinter

fj12ryder: As it turns out, the key in the fob manually/ mechanically allows you to start the engine without any electronic signal. I was told that by the MB technician and confirmed by removing the battery from my key fob, inserting the key and starting the engine. The new key fob I will be purchasing will set and reset the alarm along with locking and unlocking the doors. This is the function of my original key fob that has failed.
ernie1 08/02/23 11:31am Tech Issues
RE: Can't get key fob for a sprinter

Well after thinking long and hard about the inability to get a replacement key fob from MB, I remembered that I had an alarm system installed in my rv and it was activated when I used the one still working key fob to set it and/or lock the doors. So I thought, I wonder if I can get a remote/key fob for the alarm system which would in. turn also lock and unlock the doors? So after visiting the shop that installed my alarm system, they confirmed that yes, it would work. I now have an appointment for this Friday wherein I will pay $49.99 for a new alarm key fob and about 1/2 labor to program the fob to my alarm/door lock system. Am I happy or what!!!
ernie1 08/01/23 09:45pm Tech Issues
RE: How to remove chair with no access to bolt heads underneath?

I use a tool called a "nutcracker". Check it out.
ernie1 07/29/23 03:51pm Tech Issues
RE: cost of front end alignment for MB Sprinter 2017 3500 drw class C

Grit Dog: I'm needing an alignment now because, even though I carefully marked the outline of the old struts before removing them, the new Bilstein struts have a different outline and so the van pulls to the right slightly. I had an alignment done at 20,000 miles and PleasureWay paid for it because it needed it and was a warranty issue. No I did not hit anything on the road. Jim406: The Les Schwab store I went to said they had the proper equipment to handle my larger and wider vehicle but that the problem with trying to align it was that they don't have the alignment specs to do a complete job. They say that the specs are proprietary and Mercedes won't release it. They stated that they could do the basic toe and camber adjustment and that's it. I may go with that.
ernie1 07/28/23 12:04pm Tech Issues
cost of front end alignment for MB Sprinter 2017 3500 drw class C

After changing the front struts on my 2017 Sprinter I arranged to have the front end realigned. Made an appointment with a Mercedes dealer in Stockton Ca. Was quoted $179. After dropping it off at the dealer's, I was informed that they couldn't perform the alignment because the class C body was too wide and their sensors for the rear wheels would not work. So I called all 5 Les Schwab dealers and was informed that they also could not do the alignment because their equipment would not work on a class C rv and that they don't have the alignment specifications and Mercedes would not release them. So I called the local Mercedes dealership in town, Von Housen Mercedes of Sacramento and was given a quote of $650. I questioned that price and said the last time it was aligned there it was "only" $459. The person simply said "well prices go up". I'm pretty sure I could get my Tundra pickup front end aligned for about $$89-$100 just about everywhere. So I guess if you want a high end vehicle you are going to have to PAY!
ernie1 07/27/23 07:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't get key fob for a sprinter

Thanks everyone for your feedback. To be clear on my issue with MB: I have contacted 3 different MB dealers with the same result, none available. I have had a locksmith that specializes strictly in European cars spend over three hours trying to reprogram my faulty key fob with no success because he said only MB has the proper equipment to do so. I have spoken at length with MB Customer Care in New Jersey. This is the corporate headquarters for customer complaints and they refused to change corporate policy that they dictate to local MB dealers. They did suggest that I could have the vehicle towed in and express to the dealership my desperate situation and then I guess acquire and pay $800($400/fob and programming x 2) to get my 2 key fobs of which I only need 1. Valhala 360 I just might take the approach you suggested. I'm still concerned about paying for two fobs when I only need one. After all my kids still need to eat no matter what problems I encounter.
ernie1 07/26/23 01:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't get key fob for a sprinter

The key fob I need allows you to start the engine as one function and the other unlocks or locks the doors. Not sure what the key fobs other people sell do.
ernie1 07/25/23 03:13pm Tech Issues
Can't get key fob for a sprinter

I have been trying to get a replacement key fob for my 2018 PleasureWay XLMB built on a 2017 chassis from Mercedes for over a year and a half and they keep telling me it's not available. Turns out it would be available if I didn't have any working key fob which would require that I have the vehicle towed to a dealership where upon they would order key fobs(2) and this process takes two weeks. After the key fobs arrive, The dealership would then do the necessary programming and charge you about $400+. Of course you pay the towing. It's not the cost of the key fob that's an issue to me rather MB's refusal to sell me one key fob without having to buy two at a time. But wait! they won't just sell you two key fobs up front. You have to be stuck somewhere and be towed to a MB dealership and wait at least two weeks for the fobs to arrive. I'm am clear on the details of this issue. I've spoken to dealership and Mercedes corporate office repeatedly and am told that that's corporate policy period. Never ever again am I owning a MB product.
ernie1 07/25/23 01:43pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt issue?

I had a 12volt tv in my 2005 PW Excel.
ernie1 07/23/23 09:14pm Tech Issues
RE: FIXED: It's a 111F, Onan over heating and shuts down

I had a similar problem in the past and always thought it was due to lack of airflow for cooling and was thinking of some how providing an external fan to correct this problem. You have now shown that my suspicions were right. Thanks.
ernie1 07/16/23 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

I googled Captain Phab.
ernie1 04/23/23 02:23pm Tech Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

Captain Phab contains "Viable non pathogenic bacteria suspension". What's that? How does it work?
ernie1 04/23/23 07:18am Tech Issues
RE: Class C Recommendations

Think really long and hard about whether you want to buy a rig that uses diesel or gasoline. I have owned gas rigs for years and at a weak moment and getting poor biased opinion from a friend, bought my first diesel rig that is on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. So far, it's been an ongoing challenge to keep and justify driving this vehicle. You will get a lot of varying opinions so be prepared.
ernie1 04/21/23 06:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Repairing a small crack in the roof of my camper trailer

Looks to me that there's more going on than simply a crack appearing. Looks like there's a large and a small crack. Looks like something structural is coming apart and maybe something was never fastened with a screw or bolt. Maybe there was a small crack that occurred awhile back and after a while of exposure to the elements, there might be some structural failure. I think I would check first before trying to seal it up.
ernie1 04/09/23 04:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Dash ac

I had a 1989 Ford 460 engine in my rv and the orifice tube or capillary tube was located very close to the evaporator which was up against the firewall on the passenger side. IF and only IF, yours is the same setup as mine was, this piece is very difficult to remove. I bought a special tool for removing it but ended up breaking it. Sooo, I took the rv to the Ford dealer who also couldn't remove it and,as a result, replaced the entire evaporator.
ernie1 04/05/23 08:30am Tech Issues
RE: Big Foot Levelers stuck

This is an update to my problem with the Bigfoot Leveling system. I was advised by a BigFoot tech that the system needed to be bled and to loosen all 4 of the "retract lines" and to then run the pump until fluid starts coming out and then tighten the fitting. It Worked!! So now I know and hopefully this will help others with a similar problem. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
ernie1 03/23/23 08:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Big Foot Levelers stuck

Itinerant1; I've tried all the usuals of extending and retracting the different jacks and even rebooting the board but all to no avail. I even tried disconnecting the hydraulic line that is hooked up to the retract portion of the jack to see if anything changes but nothing happens. My next thing to try will be to bleed the jacks as per Bigfoot's suggestion. By the way, my system does not have an emergency retract button.
ernie1 03/21/23 01:05pm Tech Issues
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