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RE: Michelin vs Toyo tires

I had exactly the very same experience. Originally ran a set of Toyos and they were fine and after they wore out, bought another set. They were all over the road immediately and I went back to the dealer and they installed a more expensive steel belted radial Toyo tire and they too wandered all over the road. Finally, out of total exasperation, I bought a set of Michelin XPS steel belted radials and they run PERFECT. Many people will swear that the Toyos are the only tires to have but I know what I know and I don't have time to be chasing the "right tires". I know what works and what doesn't. On a side note, I was told that tires, when new, need time to break in and once they are, will not be squirrely.And yes, my rv already had newer Bilstein shocks and Helwig sway bars.
ernie1 09/26/22 06:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Stalls While Driving

I had a 1989 E350 years ago that was fuel injected and had similar issues. It started with, while driving in hot weather, I would get a very strong gasoline smell. It was so strong that you were sure there was a lot of leaking fuel. I would stop and check everything and not find. any leaking gas! But when I unscrewed the gas cap, I got a loud whoosh of presure coming out of the filler neck. After that and not again until I would be driving in hot weather would it occur. Eventually things started getting really hot under the vehicle the propane tank pressure relief valve would shoot off a loud burst of gas for about 30 seconds and then eventually things would cool off and be okay. On this same trip, the ac condensing line came loose and shot all of the freon out. eventually the engine started acting up and I lost some power so that I could only go. 45 mph. It turns out that one of the problems was the catalytic which had come apart and was partially plugged up which was causing the converter to overheat and run red hot. I was told by a Ford mechanic that the 2 oxygen sensors were faulty and causing the failure of the catalytic converter which caused things around the vicinity to also overheat and fail.
ernie1 08/05/22 01:44pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries serviced

I use NOCO NCP-2 Battery Corrosion Preventative Spray, Part #A-202. It is red colored and works very well.
ernie1 07/23/22 09:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Lazy Daze is closed permanently

We looked at the 24' model but the design where the driver's seatback, when pushed to it's rearward most position, opened a panel into the bathroom which left the driver partially in the bathroom and partially in the cockpit was a deal breaker! And then there was the crotchety old guy (the owner) who talked us out of buying after we went to the plant with a check in hand.
ernie1 07/16/22 01:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Dometic Refrigerator gas smell

I've had a similar issue with any propane appliance when the lp tank was getting low and starting to draw the mercaptans(I think that's what it's called) from the tank. this stuff can get more concentrated as the tank is low on propane.
ernie1 07/14/22 01:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Gray Tank Smell (Seriously annoying)

Make doubly sure the traps under your sinks have enough water in them to form a seal that will not allow sewer gases back into the coach. I had that problem in the past where after traveling for a bit of time or after having just dumped the gray tank waste which might siphon out the trap, I would get a foul odor from the gray water tank. Nowadays, I try to remember to screw down tightly the sink drain plug which prevents the loss of liquid in the trap.
ernie1 07/14/22 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: In need of opinions, thank you

I have a 2017 class C on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. The first time I needed needed service because of a "check engine light"I was in Utah and I live in California. The vehicle was brand new and on it's maiden voyage. I contacted three MB dealerships and was told by the first two that they don't service Sprinters. The third dealer said they did and would have to give me an appointment that was three weeks out because they were all booked up. About a month ago I got the dreaded "check engine" light again and I was in El Paso,Texas. went to the only MB dealership that said that they do indeed work on Sprinters but they were all booked up for two weeks. On this same trip in Texas, my key fob quit working even after I replaced the two batteries so I contacted a MB dealer about a replacement. I was told that MB had sent a bulletin to all MB dealerships telling them that a replacement key fob would not be available if the owner of the vehicle still had one functioning key fob and that a replacement would not be available until maybe, just maybe, January 2023! Still it's not a sure thing. If one eventually gets a new key fob from MB, based on your vin # they will cut the key in Germany and partially program the key fob so that one can start the engine but you still can't lock nor unlock the doors. Cost? $175. When the cut key and fob arrives at the dealership, the owner has to bring the vehicle in to have the fob further programmed so that the doors could be locked and unlocked. Cost? $250. Along with the $500 front end alignment and other ridiculous expenses, this will be my last MB anything.
ernie1 07/14/22 02:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: programing of Mercedes key fob

In my case, even if you can afford the part, MB will not sell it to you.
ernie1 06/21/22 09:39pm Tech Issues
RE: programing of Mercedes key fob

Just talked to the Sprinter service guy at Mercedes who told me that he feels the key fob has failed and will not try to reprogram it. He wants me to order a new key and fob from Mercedes for $170 and then pay another $225 to program it. Went to order the parts and was told Mercedes is short on parts and if you still have one fob that operates, they will not sell you another until maybe, just maybe January of 2023.
ernie1 06/21/22 01:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Hot Water Replacement

I've had a Truma od water heater in my 2018 rv for four years and have had zero problems with it and plenty of continuous very hot water. Certainly hot enough to be super uncomfortable and maybe cause an injury. Dunno about others but am I just lucky?
ernie1 06/21/22 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: programing of Mercedes key fob

dodge guy: Tried that probably a dozen times with no luck.
ernie1 06/21/22 11:42am Tech Issues
RE: programing of Mercedes key fob

Hmmm! Mgirrado this is probably what I'm up against. Thanks.
ernie1 06/20/22 04:14pm Tech Issues
programing of Mercedes key fob

I have a 2018 PleasureWay XLMB that is built on a 2017 Sprinter chassis. Recently one of my key fobs quit working and the other works as it should. I've changed the batteries, cleaned the contacts and still cannot get it to work. I tried programing it from info I found online and key fob worked for a couple of days and then quit again. I contacted a mobile locksmith that specializes in European vehicles and he brought a new key fob and cut a new key. But when he went to program the fob so that it would unlock the doors it simply would not program no matter how many ways he tried it. I was told that there are two programs in this fob. One deals with the starting of the engine and this works fine and this is true on my old fob as well as the new one.The other program deals with the unlocking of the doors. Neither the old nor new fob will program to unlock the doors. After a couple hours of trying the locksmith gave up and left. At this point am I stuck with having to bring the vehicle into a MB dealership for programing of the fob. Keep in mind that I still have one original key fob that works as it should so I'm thinking there's not a problem with the vehicle end of things.
ernie1 06/17/22 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: On Demand Propane Hot Water Heater

Yes that would be wise although you'll find that code requirements are not much different. California tends to have the more rigid standards. Good luck.
ernie1 06/06/22 07:15pm Tech Issues
RE: On Demand Propane Hot Water Heater

Michael: I'm assuming you are going to be operating your food vehicle in California. If that's the case, your water heater setup will not suffice. Firstly, you do indeed need hot water for hand washing in addition to washing all your cooking and food prep utensil. Also, you only need two sinks for washing utensils and a separate sink for hand washing. What you need is 120 degreeF water for those sinks. If you have a source of potable water that can feed water to your vehicle that would be a good start. From that point, you have to decide what kind of water heater you'll need. To further clarify the sink requirement, only if you have what is called" multiuse utensils" do you need 3 sinks. Multiuse utensils are generally utensils that are offered to the public to use while dining and need to be sanitized afterwards. Think plates, knives, forks, spoons etc. Throwaway plastic and paper utensils are called "single service" and, being throwaway, do not have to be sanitized.
ernie1 06/06/22 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: On Demand Propane Hot Water Heater

Michael: Let's try not to make a mountain out of a mole hill here. Follow my advice by doing a little research into what I mentioned regarding water temps, resetting of propane pressure and contact with your local health inspector. Not necessarily the health department. To be clear, and I base this on 30+ years of experience, if ever a food poisoning complaint about your vehicle/operation occurs and you have an inspected, approved and permitted unit it will generate an inspection and not an automatic closure. GDETrailer: Please do not speak about things you are NOT educated nor trained to do. You are only inflaming this matter and are of no help for someone trying to solve a problem. Enough already man! Michael if you have further questions fire. away. I'll give you answers that are true based on my background and qualifications and not mere speculation.
ernie1 06/05/22 09:29pm Tech Issues
RE: On Demand Propane Hot Water Heater

Michael: You stated. that your group is a non profit and I'm wondering who you'll be selling food to? If it's to only a private group like church members of a local social club of some sort you may not even need a health permit.
ernie1 06/05/22 07:29pm Tech Issues
RE: On Demand Propane Hot Water Heater

Michael: I'm a retired Environmental Health Specialist better known as a health inspector and worked for 30 years as a health inspector and one of my duties was to inspect and permit food trucks. Firstly, I want to answer your questions and doubts about how to equip this vehicle. I, myself have an rv with a Truma water heater and just came back from a trip to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon which is at an elevation of 8,000+' above sea level and the unit worked just fine. What you need is a minimum of 120 deg F of hot water for hand and utensil washing. As far as the 8,000' elevation goes, I would, once you are set up on location, call a local mobile technician to have him reset the propane regulator to a pressure that's appropriate. This is especially true since you indicated you won't be moving the truck once you're setup. Secondly, if you have doubts or questions about health code compliance, try reaching out to the inspector assigned to the area you'll be operating at. Inspectors appreciate that you're trying to meet code requirements and that you're cooperating.
ernie1 06/05/22 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Rexall fuel gauge

You haven't mentioned what the chassis make is. I had the same problem with my 1989 E350 Ford. The problem was a leaking brass float attached to the end of the arm of the sending unit. Bought a new float for $10 and everything was good afterward.
ernie1 05/17/22 07:58pm Tech Issues
RE: My key fob quit working

wnjj: thanks for the link but those three are not the style of key fob I have.
ernie1 05/14/22 11:30pm Tech Issues
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