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RE: Air Gauges, Bad or Not?

I had 02 Horizon with strange gage readings. Before replacing gages I called freightliner tech support. They had me replace a computer module (I cannot remember what it was called) in back of the coach. This solved the problem. It was not the gages. I suggest you call chassis manufacturer tech support and discuss problem with them. I agree. Call the freightliner help desk ( 1 800 ftl help) and have the last 6 digits of your vin number available. Ask for the troubleshooting document for your gauges. The way your air pressure gauges work is two air lines going to the VDU (vehicle data unit), with resulting electronic signals being placed on the common chassis bus for the instruments. Also, there were some solder issues on the VDU unit. There is a document on IRV2 forum that outlines how to repair. On IRV2, find the files section, go to electrical,and look for VDU/VDC repair. I hope this helps. Fred
fcooper 11/14/20 06:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Freightliner chassis

We had a 2000 Holiday Rambler on the Freightliner chassis for 12 years. Very reliable, and their free help desk is a great resource. 1-800-FTL-HELP.
fcooper 09/27/20 03:11pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pulling more than 50 amps ?

100 amps available....50 amps per leg x 2 answer is yes
fcooper 07/30/20 08:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Opinion: 1986 Pace Arrow 27FT Motorhome Chevy Chassis

The onboard generator should supply all of your electrical needs, so I do not see the need to buy another generator. Regarding " It better not change lanes by itself! lol. I will have a heart attack! I wasn't even planning to test drive...just getting the pre-inspection done and have someone else drive it the 80 miles home so I can practice in familiar so cal neighborhoods. " I think you will be increasing your chances of buying something that does not handle well if you do not drive it yourself. When we were looking for our first motorhome, we drove many...some were good and some were white knuckle experiences. Good luck with your motorhome hunt. Fred
fcooper 07/06/20 06:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: no brake lites or hazard but turn signals flicker

I think the Freightliner chassis has one flasher for turn signals, and a different flasher for the hazards. Suggest you call the Freightliner help desk...a free service. They can give you some advice on the location of the flasher(s) and maybe help in troubleshooting your problem. Have the last 6 digits of your vin number when you call as they will ask for that to find the records on your chassis. 1-800-FTL-HELP There is also a Freightliner Chassis forum on the IRV2 site that may be able to help. Fred
fcooper 05/22/20 08:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Door hard to open from outside

I had this same problem on a 2000 Holiday Rambler Endeavor DP. I don't know if your door is the same, but maybe this can help. I don't remember exactly how I disassembled the structure, but I found an adjustable link in the lock assembly that controlled the movement of the latch when the outside door handle was utilized. After adjusting the link, the problem was eliminated. Fred
fcooper 05/21/20 08:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help me catch up on backup cameras- for truck and trailer

The perfect solution would be a backup cam on the truck that assists with hooking up the trailer and then switches to a camera on the trailer for backing it into the campsite but i'd also like to be able to switch on the camera to monitor the road behind me, like tailgaters and whatnot. And, i want the whole thing for under $100 If you are willing to run wires, and plug up a connector when you hook up the trailer, what you want to do for under $100 is entirely possible, and you will have some change left over. On ebay, search for "rear view camera for trucks". You will find many systems with two cameras, one monitor, and wiring for under $60. You may need an extender cable to have enough wiring for the trailer. Many folks believe these cheaper systems are not good, but I have used several of these over a few years with almost no problems. If you do have a problem, a replacement camera or monitor will be less than $20. I have not had good luck with the cheaper wireless systems, but other folks report good results. I have one of these wireless systems on my boat trailer transmitting to the tow car, and it flickers even over that short distance. I prefer hard wired cameras for good results. Most all of the monitors allow you to select camera 1 or camera 2 from the buttons on the monitor. I prefer to not hook up the trigger wire to the backup light circuit so that you can select either camera at any time. Of course, if the trigger wire is not hooked to the backup circuit, you will then have to push a button on the monitor to see what you want to see. Each camera will need a 12 volt source, and this can come from the truck or from wiring on the trailer. Let us know how it works out. Fred
fcooper 04/12/20 01:33pm Towing
RE: Reintroduction, shopping for a 10 to 20 y-o DP

We got excellent service from a 2000 Holiday Rambler Endeavor DP for 12 years with only routine maintenance (excluding the generator). This was a freightliner chassis, 3126 cat diesel with allison trans. Monaco used the freightliner chassis through some part of year 2000, then switched to their own chassis (8 air bag). Some of the Monaco units in the time frame you are looking at used a 4 air bag chassis with trailing arm problems and reported harsh ride. Google motorhomes using Monaco RR4R or R4R chassis for a list. If you do buy a unit on the RR4R Monaco chassis, be sure the trailing arms have been replaced as it is a safety issue. We sold our HR in 2016, and are beginning to look again in the same year range as you state. I like the monaco products on the 8 air bag chassis. The floor plans of some Winnebago units have a nice TV placement that is NOT over the drivers' head. (Learn about roof caulking on the winnebago fiberglass roof before buying the winnebago). Country Coach is also on our desired list. Newmar makes a very nice motorhome also. Good luck with your search. Fred
fcooper 03/25/20 08:15pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: General Question About Routers

Check out Owned by Verizon, but unlimited talk, text, and data for $40 per month including use of hotspot on the cell phone. visible cell phone plan I am not using visible now, but if I needed the hotspot I would use Visible. Fred
fcooper 03/23/20 09:30pm Technology Corner

Here are some additional thoughts that may help. I sold my HR Endeavor, so I do not have a motorhome to look at so this is all from flawed memory. Since your motorhome will crank & may just have a power issue with power to the VDU (VDC). I think that if the engine computer and transmission computer are getting power, the vehicle may power up and run without having power to the VDU (VDC). In the electric bay (front bay drivers side) you will find two black boxes supplied by Freightliner. Inside these boxes you will find an assortment of fuses and relays. I think the fuse/relay diagram is printed inside each fuse box cover. Look there for anything that may send power to the VDU. Make sure all fuses are good. Also be sure that the inside of these fuse boxes do not contain water. This compartment is prone to leaks from the roof and sidewall of the rv. Water in a relay can cause all manner of problems (been there done that) It is also possible that there is a relay in one of these two boxes that controls power to the VDU. All of the relays are the same part number, so if you suspect a bad relay, you can swap relays between positions to see if your symptoms change. If you do not find a bad fuse or relay, then I would either begin doing the diagnostics in the SB 54-12 bulletin referenced above, or call the Freightliner help desk for further guidance. Keep us posted on your results. Fred
fcooper 03/07/20 11:20am Class A Motorhomes

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have seen signs of rodents so I believe there is a wiring harness problem. I have a freightliner chassis. How hard is it to replace the wiring harness?Do you have to pull the entire dash out? The engine cranks and headlights and signal lights work but no guages work-not even the air guages. Al You are making progress. PLEASE DO NOT PULL THE WIRING OUT OF THE DASH. Your instruments are fed from the common data bus from the VDU...this link goes to the dash cluster that interprets the data...and then feeds to instruments via a spider harness. You can actually pull all the wires from the instruments and reinstall them in a different order and they will still work WHEN THE SYSTEM IS WORKING CORRECTLY as each instruments only sees the data it needs from the harness. In other words, all data for the instruments goes to each instrument. Please reference the Freightliner document I referenced in an earlier post on this thread. It has the troubleshooting steps to get your instruments working. I do not believe your problem is in the dash wiring. Another great resource is the Freightliner help desk. CUSTOMER SUPPORT CENTER 1-800-FTL-HELP (1-800-385-4357) This is a free service and they will help you or your mobile technician with the troubleshooting. When you call them, have the last 6 digits of your Freightliner Chassis VIN number available as they use this to look up your chassis info. I hope this info helps. Fred
fcooper 03/07/20 08:31am Class A Motorhomes

I suspect your HR Endeavor is on the Freightliner chassis. If yes, the dash instruments work via the vehicle data computer. (sometimes referenced as VDU) If you get the basic electric issues resolved and the dash instruments still do not work, be sure your technician has access to the freightliner document for troubleshooting the dash instruments. It can be found in the link below. Freightliner SYS III wiring pdf Good luck with your repairs. Fred
fcooper 03/05/20 07:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Interior LED accent lights in RV

I did our kitchen cabinets...both under and on top of the cabinets. Some helpful video here...and I bought my materials from them. cabinet led install video I bought the wire connectors from them, but finally just soldered the wires to the strips. My experience is that the self adhesive will not hold the stip under the counter for very long. I added superglue and that worked well. I tried to control three circuits with one wireless remote but had problems with keeping all in finally went with three remotes. Fred
fcooper 03/05/20 07:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash cam

See if this helps: manual for roadmatedvr Fred
fcooper 03/03/20 07:34pm Tech Issues
RE: 1999 holiday Rambler Endeavor

One more thought. If you can extend the slide, get under the slide and look around at the motor, etc. There is probably room to mount the relay box there (but it certainly would not be a good choice). I'd also look in the upper part of the storage bins below the slide motor. Fred
fcooper 01/06/20 07:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1999 holiday Rambler Endeavor

I had a 2000 Holiday Rambler Endeavor DP for years, and I don't remember ever looking for the controller (relay box) but thought it was in the cabinet box behind the slide out switch panel. Look at the link below as I think it is the service manual for your model slide. About page 20 you can at least see a sketch of the item that you are hunting. Link to Power Gear Manual for slide Also look in the electric bay driver side front of coach. My Endeavor also had a plastic box in the upper part of the storage bay near the rear tire on passenger side. I don't remember it containing anything other than the Vehicle Data Controller, and two other boxes. I thought those were for the transmission and engine. Might be worth a look there also. You might also ask on the IRV2 site in the forum for Monaco coach owners as there are a number of Holiday Rambler owners that read that forum. Good luck with your search. Fred
fcooper 01/05/20 05:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Back up camera

We spliced in a new camera. using a Kenwood CMOS - 130 and the wires in coach I have an older setup tube type monitor and rear camera in my 05 that is in black and white. If I install a new camera and flat screen monitor that’s in color will the existing wiring work in color? Yes the existing wiring will work for color if you can find adapters or splice the ends. Fred
fcooper 12/29/19 07:36pm Class A Motorhomes
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