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RE: Electric brakes self adjusting?

My guess, and strictly a guess, is that yours are self-adjusting brakes. Mine on a 2010 Fuzion with 7,000 lb. axles are self-adjusting, so you stand a good chance of it. And yes, they self-adjust while moving forward, backward, but not sideways. You can get the axles specs off the tag on the axle, submit that info to Dexter, and they will tell you the specifics of your axle, which may include references to self-adjusting brakes. Mine did not, so I found out when I pulled a hub and checked.
fj12ryder 07/19/19 03:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: outside cook center

how did we get off topic?Easy, the OP never came back and clearly explained what it was he wanted to know. He explained he was having an issue, but that was as far as he got, we never knew if he was searching for someone with the same problem or if he was asking for advice on what to do now. The first post was all statements with no question.
fj12ryder 07/19/19 12:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: DRV water intrusion

My Fuzion had that exact problem due to improper caulking of the bedroom slide. I had to replace the floor, luckily not an impossible job. The caulking looked fine, but when examined very closely you could see that it had not adhered to the lower sill and allowed water intrusion.
fj12ryder 07/19/19 12:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

When reading these pages one gets what it must've been like when people went from horses to cars. Most arguments against technology are based on ignorance or fear. I still contend that in the next few years we will see significantly different cars and trucks as well as attitudes.Simply because people disagree with your viewpoint makes them neither ignorant nor fearful. They know their situation and needs, and you do not. In that particular instance you are the ignorant one. Everyone pretty much agrees there will be more EV's on the road, the main bone of contention is the time frame involved.
fj12ryder 07/19/19 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: I was flat out wrong about drones.

I used my drone as a 400ft tripod for scenic shots etc. but sold it since some people get all bent out of shape over technology they don't understand.Exactly how is a drone not understandable? It's an RC helicopter, albeit with more blades. Maybe they just don't like the idea of being watched and filmed without their permission. In that case technology has little to do with it. Probably not so much what it is, as what it's used for.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 05:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: outside cook center

Shoot we celebrated when we no longer had to cook outside.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 01:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Propulsion Reality Check

"I'll bet that current EVs are, and will remain, relatively light weight with classic shock technology and hence have lousy rides - like most of todays SUVs and sedans do." Well, I don't think they're "relatively light weight" since I believe the Tesla's weigh in around 2 1/2 tons. Not exactly a flyweight.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 01:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Wheel bearings

Actually, a hammer and BRASS or other soft metal drift work just fine for race replacement. Totally agree, hard steel drifts are a big no-no. Been doing that for over 50 years and have never damaged a race or hub.One more slight derailment, IME BRASS is a poor material to use as a drift. It's tendency to flake off, and for those flakes to find their way into the bearing, means that it's not a good choice. Soft steel works best, IMO of course.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Truck with 5ver towing a boat

My BIL was pulled over in Minnesota for pulling a boat behind his 5th wheel, and told his 5th wheel was too long by 6 inches. By 6 inches? To know, the officer would have had to measure. Who held the other end of the tape? :hWhen was the last time you had a disagreement with a highway patrolman...and won? :)
fj12ryder 07/18/19 01:06pm Towing
RE: Truck with 5ver towing a boat

CA it's legal with endorsement. I can and do double tow there since I am licensed SD. I have double towed thru OR and WA 3 round trips now without issue. I am guessing they don't care since I am licensed SD.I don't think that the fact you're licensed in SD would mean much if they pulled you over for pulling doubles in a state where it isn't allowed. I don't think reciprocity extends to that particular item. My BIL was pulled over in Minnesota for pulling a boat behind his 5th wheel, and told his 5th wheel was too long by 6 inches. He was perfectly legal in Iowa, but that certainly cut no ice in Minnesota. FWIW he had traveled up there several other times, with the exact setup, with no stops and no issues.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 10:59am Towing
RE: Wheel bearings

... some people use a hammer and a punch.,,,there called back yard mechanics .Pardon me, but I worked in the can manufacturing industry for 40 years, and removing a bearing with a hammer and driver is very common practice, and there's nothing wrong with it. "Backyard mechanic" is not necessarily a term of derision, I've known several that were better than "shop mechanics". And generally the term is "shade tree mechanic".
fj12ryder 07/18/19 10:52am Tech Issues
RE: outside cook center

fj12ryder 07/18/19 10:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Front steer tire blowout analysis 2

In 2010, driving south on 59 from Livingston, TX, about 20 miles from Livingston, left front exploded. Freightliner MDT pulling 38' HH. Truck immediately entered north bound lane (no traffic), wheel dug in, no tire left. Kept foot on fuel pedal and slowly pulled back in proper lane. Slowed down and made it to shoulder, except for tire, bent rim, headlight bucket missing, left bumper end dangling all was well. In posting this, I am somewhat in disagreement with parts of the above advise. There was immediate movement to the left, steering was at least 40deg to the right, but no way was it in control. Wife was behind in car and when all was stopped, she said, "what in the world were you doing". Felt lucky JimDon't forget, the OP says specifically "I happen to have knowledge and experience about this subject, but not enough to qualify me as an expert.", so you pretty much have to take all the advice with the knowledge that it is an opinion, by a self-professed non-expert.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 10:48am General RVing Issues
RE: External TPMS recommendations?

A glance tells me all I need to know with regard to instruments. You specifically said "wait and watch for several minutes", that's not a glance. And yes, it's possible you might not have found a spot to pull over immediately, and it's also possible that you might have rear-ended someone while you were looking, not glancing, at your TPMS screen. Personally I think the latter scenario is worse by far.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 10:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: External TPMS recommendations?

Who watches their TPMS screen? That's what the alarm, or passenger, is for. Taking your eyes off the road to see the screen is not smart. Keep your eyes on the road and let the electronics do their thing.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 09:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

Aw c'mon, don't take it to extremes. I'm not saying that everything needs to be out in the open. Yes, some things need to be kept secret, but it's unlikely that everything needs to be kept under wraps. It's just too easy to parrot "National Security" every time you get asked a question about something, when it really isn't, and you just don't want to talk about something embarrassing.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 07:39am Around the Campfire
RE: toy haulers stop at weigh stations?

There used to be a weigh station in Iowa that had a sign: "Trucks, Buses, and Pickups must weigh". It's been gone for many decades, and I've never seen another. And, as near as I can recall, I never saw that one open. Go figure.
fj12ryder 07/18/19 07:31am Toy Haulers
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

Most of the secrets you don’t have a need to know, the rest you don’t want to know. It is a burden to know and some things keep you up at night years after being in the know. I am sure you will not be inconvenienced by the movement. Sounds like Jack Nicholson in one of his movies but that line is rooted in fact.Yeah, I'm sure. "If I told you I'd have to kill you." Blah, blah, blah.
fj12ryder 07/17/19 07:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: They Better Not Screw Us Up

The ones organizing this, behind the scenes are depending on the illusion, or reality, that our Government would not cause mass casualties, regardless of signs minefields. Supposedly a large number of people have committed or said they will invade area 51. This would compromise several/many development programs for National Defense/ national Security, which is what the organizers want. Anyone with cell phone taking photos of installations and technologies, would be doing so to compromise to damage our National Security and our National Defense. China and Russia and Iran and others would welcome whatever they would post or even expedite to them. I hope no one shows up and if some do, are dealt with as required including deadly fire. We are talking about, after all, our National Security, our home, our Security.The ones organizing this want our destruction, just as those at the ICE facility "protest" and subsequent terrorist attack. IMOPart of this I agree with, but there is waaaaaaay too much use of the phrase "National Security" and telling people they don't need to know this. Maybe a bit of transparency could be a good thing for some of this stuff. Put in the NYT so all they have to do is read it. China and Russia's hypersonic ballistic and anti ship missiles, they got the much of the info here, as in people selling it to them and Chinese agents at Berkley and UCLA and others. our development of it though put out to pasture by last Administration. Oh let us see we won't tell, I just ant to know, I'm curious aht you guys are doing is all and your neighbor and his friends at work, and the Chinese Agent working for your Senator and so on???Well, if all that's true, then no sense in keeping it a secret from the people who are actually paying for it.
fj12ryder 07/17/19 07:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: do you buy the replacement ins on your tires

Is that a pro-rated replacement tire? :)
fj12ryder 07/17/19 06:21pm Fifth-Wheels
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