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RE: Rig for two couples?

Either 2 trailers or a large...very large motorhome.
fj12ryder 05/21/20 10:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Double towing

My brother owns a trailer business: horse trailers, flat bed, dump, etc. They are often delivered here to VA by guys with dually pick-ups. They come in from out around Kansas, Iowa, etc. Often the guys will pull two in. Sometimes they make it all the way to the dealership without being stopped. Sometimes they don't. When they are stopped they are not allowed to proceed with both trailers from where they are stopped. This requires calling a tow truck to come get one of them or making a return trip after delivering the first one if the cop will let it sit along the interstate for a while. They claim to save enough money bringing two at a time that it pays them to take the chance. I would love to double tow in VA. I've personally asked 3 different DOT cops if I could do it if my truck and both trailers were registered as commercial vehicles, if I had a double trailer endorsement on my CDL, and I ran a log book. They have all said no. One DOT cop said he also would like to double tow but doesn't because it's illegal. He pointed to his partner standing next to him and said "He'd be right there waiting to write me up." "That's right." his partner agreed.Well, he must not be watching all the time because I spent a couple weeks in Virginia with my 5th wheel pulling my swivel-wheel type trailer and never got a second look.
fj12ryder 05/20/20 08:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Harbour Freight Jack stand recall.

I think the real problem here is that the moderator does not exert enough control over what is an obvious racial/cultural slamming and the root of this displeasure has not much to do with the perceived or real concern about the product itself. There are way too many of these types of posts that are allowed to appear and continue to a point where things get out of hand. There needs to be more control by the powers to be rather than having the rest of us having to deal with it.I respectfully disagree. More censorship isn't needed, a free exchange of ideas is what makes the world go round. Even if you don't like those ideas.
fj12ryder 05/20/20 05:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Harbour Freight Jack stand recall.

Free Country, I choose to spend my $$$ on US Made products when I can. You choose to support {deleted} that's up to you. But hey YOU do what you want. Please show where I "CHASTISED" anyone. Shoe fits then wear it I guess.Sorry, but this comes under the heading of chastisement: "Sorry to say this but YA GETS WHATS YA GETS BUYING {deleted} So they are killing us with the unseen and now with their products. And some will keep on supporting them!" Chastisement: "the act of scolding or punishing someone." Have you gotten rid of the Chinese-made products in your home, trailer, truck, car, and motorcycle? Most of those products are not necessary and are just fun gadgets, and easily done without. A true patriot, such as yourself, would have no trouble divesting himself of products from the godless communist state...well, unless they are fun, then it's okay. I guess you don't mind supporting them if it's stuff YOU want. Wink wink nudge nudge. On Edit: I'm still a member of the B&W hitch fanboi club. :)
fj12ryder 05/20/20 02:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Harbour Freight Jack stand recall.

Sorry to say this but YA GETS WHATS YA GETS BUYING {deleted} So they are killing us with the unseen and now with their products. And some will keep on supporting them!This is really getting a bit tiresome. Have you gotten rid of your cell phone, you really don't need, it is after all just a convenience? How about the big ol' TV? That microwave? The CPU in your truck? The sounds system in your trailer? Many, many of the electronics you use every day? Honestly, until you get rid of all those convenience gadgets, and associated China-made parts, you really have no excuse to chastise anyone. On Edit: It occurs to me that there may actually be fewer China-made parts in my Japanese Honda motorcycle than there are in your USA-assembled Harley. :)
fj12ryder 05/20/20 11:13am Tech Issues
RE: Do I have this math/ understanding right?

Got a new 2020 GMC 2500 with DMax. Door sticker says just over 3300 for payload. Tires are 3750. So... manufacture's say hitch weight for xx toyhauler is.... let's say 3500lbs... im guessing that is empty... now if I load 2000lb in garage... the 3500lbs hitch weight could/should be less?Yes, it will be less, sometimes a lot less. It depends on what you're hauling in the garage. Some people have had their hitch/tongue weight drop too much and resulted in poor handling.
fj12ryder 05/20/20 09:28am Toy Haulers
RE: Bearing repack - hub noises?

I've had my brakes apart once, and I honestly don't recall hearing any dragging sounds when I turned the wheel. Just another data point. Seems to me if the magnet is dragging hard enough to drastically slow a turning wheel, then there is going to be a lot of friction and wear happening very quickly. It just occurred to me that an electromagnet shouldn't really be doing anything if not energized.
fj12ryder 05/20/20 07:12am Towing
RE: Cybertruck may have 1 million-mile battery

When I was a kid, my friends and I went camping, we were range limited by how far we wanted to pedal our bikes, and so, were stuck going to the same places repeatedly. My trips now involve longer distances, into new areas whenever possible. Northern Canada, Alaska, much of the US will long be off limits with the limitations this would place on you due to range and recharging. You want a grocery getter, or something to visit local parks, it's likely fine, but, to stretch your horizons???? It's gonna be a little too long a wait for someone my age. Heh heh. I suppose. But then again, I live in Canada, and have never camped in Northern Canada...and probably never will. Any of the places we have camped don’t have gas stations at the campground, but many have power. :) Just sayin.But having power once you get somewhere isn't the problem, it's the getting there that's the issue. :)
fj12ryder 05/20/20 07:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Harbour Freight Jack stand recall.

Hmm, guess I'll go check mine, although I think they are much older than the dates listed. Thanks. On Edit: Mine aren't even HF, lol. Could have sworn I bought them there, but they're Mack.
fj12ryder 05/20/20 06:41am Tech Issues
RE: Goodyear G614 ,and Endurance Tires

10% over axle rating doesn't take into account the pin weight on a 5th wheel, which on my trailer is 3,500 pounds (scaled). My trailer has 3x7,000 pound axles and increasing 21,000 by 10% comes to 23,100 pounds to satisfy RVIA. However, subtracting the pin weight, my three axles only need to carry 19,600 pounds. 19,600 equates to 3,266 pounds per tire - well within the load range of any E rated tire. BTW my GVWR is 19,000.That 3,266 lbs. assumes that all axles/wheels carry the same weight. After weighing individual wheels on my triple axle toyhauler, I discovered considerable discrepancies between wheels, to the tune of around 500 lbs. difference. And I don't think all E-rated tires are rated to carry 3,266 lbs. E-rated LT tires, which are very popular trailer tire options, are only rated to 3,042 lbs. I believe.
fj12ryder 05/20/20 06:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Double towing

I don't think I've ever read on about anyone personally stopped and/or ticketed for double towing. Some have second or third hand stories about being stopped. I double towed through several states in the East that don't allow double towing and was never given a second glance. But I was towing a swivel-wheel type trailer and that seems to confuse the issue. YTMMV.
fj12ryder 05/20/20 06:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cybertruck may have 1 million-mile battery

"But it fits and it would be a lot better than my ICE puller -- in costs. and convenience." Cost? Perhaps. Convenience? Perhaps in the future, right now, not so much.
fj12ryder 05/19/20 07:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bearing repack - hub noises?

Sounds like brake to me. Bearing would be more of a growling sound. Concur ! Also a bearing going bad will actually spin fairly well.A bearing bad enough to make noise is not going to "spin fairly well".
fj12ryder 05/19/20 06:59pm Towing
RE: Bearing repack - hub noises?

"Does this sound like a bearing or brake issue?" Yes. :) It could very easily be either. Brake dragging, or bearing running dry.
fj12ryder 05/19/20 05:14pm Towing
RE: Airbags?

I have the Firestone bags on my 2001 Cummins dually with a 3000 lb. pin weight and have the manual schraeder valves for each side. I put in about 50 psi for traveling and let it out when not towing. I carry a lightweight 5 gallon aluminum air bubble, and it works great for adding air to the bags. Fill it to 120 psi and it's good for 4-5 fills. Never really felt the need for the cost and complexity of the onboard compressor.
fj12ryder 05/19/20 05:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Shore power plug conversion?

Have you looked at the 90° dog bones? I didn't care for the cord sticking straight out and putting a lot of stress on the plug, so I use one. It works a treat. On Edit: Just noted you stated "more robust". Could you expand on that thought, I'm not sure what you're wanting.
fj12ryder 05/19/20 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Goodyear G614 ,and Endurance Tires

Thats probably all they did with Sailun changed to an ST and upped the rating . Doubtful anything else . If I remember the ST change had something to do with importing also That's what I was told. Sailun more-or-less just changed their former truck tire to an ST by changing the molds to say "ST" and different weights. Was to get around the much higher import tax for truck tires vs trailer tires. Otherwise, they were virtually identical. LyleWell, FWIW, the original tires had "For Trailer Use Only" on the sidewall. It said LT, but looks like a caveat to me.
fj12ryder 05/19/20 12:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire issue Is this something to be concerned with? Just spotted it this morningTire Not much detail there, so it's pretty hard to say. Is the tread block tearing off?
fj12ryder 05/19/20 12:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cybertruck may have 1 million-mile battery

"Cybertruck wil pull 14,000 lbs. Your trailer must be the size of a house to call this much poundage "little" LOL!" How far, and how quickly? How many stops along the way? How easily will it be to get to a charger with a 14,000 lb. trailer attached? Inquiring minds want to know.
fj12ryder 05/19/20 10:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Connecting external speakers to tv

At one time Samsung was about the only company that would guarantee a monitor to have no dead pixels. I guess I'm assuming it's still the same company, even though the guarantee has been updated. I'm very happy with all my Samsung products. Much more so than LD, Insignia, Sharp, and several others.
fj12ryder 05/18/20 01:52pm Technology Corner
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