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RE: Fifth wheel hitch adapters

Thank you for all of the input. I have a couple of more weeks before my truck is built, so I have time to research and think about this. The discussion here has been helpful. We are in Gulf Shores right now and there are a few dealers and a camping world near us. A good time to look at hitches while we wait.
flyfishing48 11/10/19 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth wheel hitch adapters

Link to adapterOops.
flyfishing48 11/10/19 08:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth wheel hitch adapters

I think Demco make an adapter plate for puck system so if your current hitch is rail mounted, can use this plate as a go-between thus still keep/use current hitch. We bought a new B&W Patriot when we got new coach in '17. Rail mounted. Then bought a new truck in '18 w/o puck system (off lot purchase). Tho still have old Reese, you can either sell the Husky or IMO get a B&W puck hitch. Yes the B&W's are a heavy hitch, but IMO it's worth it I watched a video on the B&W and it is 160 lbs if memory serves me....but my husky is also 160 lbs. so the weight would be a wash. I liked the jaw system on the B&W. Seemed like it might wrap tighter around the pin.
flyfishing48 11/10/19 08:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth wheel hitch adapters

Ok tried Husky ‘s website again and I think I found what I need to move the hitch to the new truck. About $320 for 4 adapters that lick to the Chevy under bed pucks. Now I just need to decide if I want to reuse the old hitch or move to new brand that drops in with a cleaner installation and fewer connection points.
flyfishing48 11/10/19 07:21am Tow Vehicles
Fifth wheel hitch adapters

I have a new Chevy ordered to replace my current 2012 . I ordered it with the 5th wheel prep package. My current hitch is a Husky. I can’t seem to find a way to move this hitch to the new truck. I cant’t seem to find rails that go with the GM puck system. Has anyone On here already done this? I see Curt and B&W have hitches that drop right in the 2020 trucks. I suspect Reese may also offer one. Huskies website seems to be undergoing a make over and can’t seem to be able to navigate the site very well.
flyfishing48 11/10/19 07:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric Load Distribution

Interesting... and makes me wonder if why one leg at my primary campground was way low on voltage. If everybody is pulling off of the same leg... I have on more than one occasion had our surge protector fault for low voltage on one leg. This would occur with a full campground on hot days and everyone running their air conditioners full blast. I would see voltage dip below 105 volts on one leg. Come Monday and as sites emptied out the voltage would be back up to 118 -120 volts.
flyfishing48 11/03/19 11:58am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Load Distribution

Thanks for all of the responses. I guess the take away is I don't need to be concerned about most of the load being on one leg. I don't worry too much about campground wiring issues because of the surge protector doing diagnostics for a few minutes before it lets power go through to the coach. I am on metered electric for the next 3 months so I may keep an eye on the usage, 25 amps for what was on seems awful high. I might start flipping breakers off to see what is what.
flyfishing48 11/02/19 07:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Load Distribution

The Refig is set to auto and it could kick into electric mode as soon as shore power is on. Also the water heater is on so it can draw to. There could also be some drain on the batteries from opening slides and leveling while on battery. ( because surge protector hasn't timed out yet.). So the recharging could add to the load, though I suspect it is the 3 A on L1.
flyfishing48 11/02/19 10:49am Tech Issues
Electric Load Distribution

Question about the distribution of the electrical load in our 5er. We have a 50 amp service and I have a surge protector that shows the voltage and amperage fir each leg. It seems that every time I look at this as it scans through that leg one is drawing about 3 amps and leg 2 is much higher depending on what is on and whats not on. Yesterday when I first plugged in to the pedestal L 1 was 0A and L2 was 25 A, After a bit L2 dropped a little to 23A. It seems like there isn't much of anything on L1 and L2 is carrying the bulk of the load. Is this typical or is the 5er wired such to cause this bias? Thanks in advance for any insights.
flyfishing48 11/02/19 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: Mail Forwarding services

My traveling Mailbox is less than $200 for a year, I have only had mail sent to me three times since May.. Each time I had them send me things that had accumulated (that I wanted) plus what I was waiting specifically for. They scan what you request be scanned, and forward what you want at the speed/cost you choose. I have chosen 2nd day FEDEX for an envelope full at $8.99 each time. I love being able to manage it all on line... (UPS mailboxes didn't seem to give me that option) Sounds great, but they don’t offer a Michigan address.
flyfishing48 09/23/19 05:18pm Full-time RVing
RE: Mail Forwarding services

We pay $12 per month ( 1 mo free when you pay for a year) and the actual postage for the mail package they send out when we request our mail. We don't get much paper mail anymore, so we order only once per month unless we are expecting something important. Is that with UPS ?
flyfishing48 09/22/19 04:12am Full-time RVing
RE: Mail Forwarding services

lJR, what kind of $ are they charging? It looks like I can’t see any kind of cost without actually filling out the forms. Do they offer recycling/shredding of unwanted mail?
flyfishing48 09/21/19 06:24pm Full-time RVing
RE: Mail Forwarding services

In your case, since you are looking at this as a temporary 1 year thing, you can contract for mail service from any of the companies in any state and remain a resident of MI. What you need is a Michigan address you can use during that year such as a friends or relatives. Your mailing address would be at whatever service you choose and you will change your mailing address only to that new address. When asked for a residence /resident address, you will list the address of your friend/relative. Resident/Residence - MI Address Mailing Address - Address assigned by whatever mail service you hire. Interesting. We will need to look into this. Thanks so much.
flyfishing48 09/20/19 05:24am Full-time RVing
RE: Mail Forwarding services

I realize that the other states have no state income tax, but that could be a short time gain for us if we land back in MI in a year. We are grandfathered in to a lower state income tax on retirement income right now. If we leave and come back we loose the benefit.
flyfishing48 09/19/19 04:43am Full-time RVing
Mail Forwarding services

We are about to go full time, at least for awhile. Like maybe a year. We are currently Michigan Residents. We want to keep a Michigan address for the next year. I have found 2 services that offer a Michigan address. 1postal1, which seems to have a choice of several Michigan cities and Anytime Mailbox. Is anyone using either of theses services? Escapees and Good Sam seem to be a no brainer, but they don’t have a Michigan address option that I can find. Thanks in advance for any help.
flyfishing48 09/19/19 03:39am Full-time RVing
RE: I drove a 2020 Silverado D/A 3500HD today

I should have, in my post about my test drive, that the height of the bed sidewalls is lower. This should give us 5th wheel towers more adjustment to pin box height. The bed and overall truck are now longer to get more volume to counter the reduced depth of the box.
flyfishing48 08/19/19 05:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: I drove a 2020 Silverado D/A 3500HD today

I have a 2020 Double cab on order, but stopped by the dealership today to see the new High Country 2500 diesel that had just come in. The General Manager said let me get a plate and we can take it for a ride. The truck is awesome. I tow a 12,000 pound 5th wheel and the new trucks are all about towing. The sidewalls of the box are lower and the camera views will make hitching up easier. The truck is way quieter than my 2012 and the fender liners should keep the sound of stones hitting the wells to a minimum. The 10 speed Allison shifts very smoothly. You can feel the 1-2 shift but after that...if you weren't watching the tach you wold not realize that the tranny shifted. Can't wait to hook the 5er up to one and see how the shifting does under a load. All of the camera views is a pretty cool feature, can really help in tight spots, and I can now ditch the tire pressure monitor that is suction cupped to the windshield to monitor tire pressure on the trailer tires. We are snowbirds and tow thousands of miles each year. This should be a great tow vehicle for us. Can't hardly wait for ours to be built. The new trucks are supposed to have a weight capacity sticker based on that actual truck. The one I drove today had the following info. GVWR of 11,350 LBS Max Payload was 3156 LBS Our ordered truck is a LTZ, so that one has chrome bumpers. The High Country has a painted bumper. We actually like the front of the work truck and custom trim models the best...but no leather seats for those.
flyfishing48 08/16/19 06:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheel diameter

Thanks everyone for the input. I personally don’t see where it would matter too much. But wanted to see if I might be over looking something. I think I’ll stay with the 18 inch with no extra cost. It’s been working out fine on two different trucks now since 2005. If it ain’t broke ".........
flyfishing48 07/02/19 08:49pm Tow Vehicles
Wheel diameter

I thought this would already be a topic on this forum, but my search netted “0”. Specking out a new truck to tow a fifth wheel. Standard wheels are 18 inch. Wondering about going to 20 inch, any advantage to doing that? With my current set up, raising the hitch higher off the ground with larger wheels would be a negative for towing level. I can’t go any lower with my hitch. Thoughts. I might add GM is lowering the sides of the new trucks.
flyfishing48 07/01/19 03:52pm Tow Vehicles
Need overnight near Danville VA

We are headed to Virginia International Race Track in Alton Va. camping at the track on Sunday and Monday night. Need a spot for Saturday night as near the track as I can get so that I can get to the track Saturday morning. Martinsville and Danville are just west of Alton and we will be coming from the west on 58. So anything along that route would work.
flyfishing48 04/27/19 08:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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