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RE: looking for campground in NE New Jersey

this is 35 miles from Upper Saddle River - Black Bear Campground I have NOT stayed there, but it gets all 10's on the reviews
ford truck guy 09/27/22 09:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New 2024 Chevy HD and Increased Dmax Power

I think ( JUST MY OPINION ) that this is a good looking upgrade for GM..... AND, I am curious how the GCW Alert will work out ??
ford truck guy 09/27/22 05:54am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 150 Lightning owner review

I love reading the comments when someone says something negative about EV's.. weather it be true, or not they get all rattled and ask to stop posting... it truly is hysterical ! ! Now, there can be endless EV threads from the fan boys and girls with no issue.. just as long as the OP does not take aim at Tesla, or any EV. I am NOT an EV lover, BUT Like others I see their place in this country and hope they continue to evolve..
ford truck guy 09/27/22 05:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Grey Tank Filling

Thank you for the reply. I figured as much when we returned. As for the gauge, we went off the LED light tank gauge inside and when dumped, did not quite look as though it was 2/3 full. Our water heater is electric at this time and we have not used the gas heater yet. In your eyes do you believe that the 42psi is too much for this model? Nothing wrong with 42 psi... my Watts gauge is set to 60 psi for inbound water....
ford truck guy 09/26/22 09:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grey Tank Filling

OK, couple of things here -- 1st - NEVER leave your RV for a few days with water hoked to it.... If you had a leak it could have been catastrophic.. When I leave my RV un attended for a period of time I do the following: unhook the water line and shut off the water.. shut off the water heater... CLOSE all tanks.. put slides in ( optional in my eyes ) 2nd - was/is there actually 2/3 of water in the tank? Or are you going off the gauge.. If your going off the gauge, they are wrong99% of the time IF you are telling us that you have no standing water, no dripping water, I would assume that the gauges are just covered with slime
ford truck guy 09/26/22 09:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Two blow outs in one day

I also had a 2 blow out day while towing, not fun at all. Second one was 9pm, 95 south doing 65, tossed the tread tire held pressure! Pulled into a Cracker Barrel and changed to spare I purchased after the 1st blow out that morning.. Asked the good folks there if they knew any good tire shops, there was 1 about a mile away, was at their door when they opened.. Replaced ALL 4….
ford truck guy 09/25/22 06:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco Dealer Recommendation

Keystone Mega RV in Greencastle, exit 1 off 81. I bought from them in 2015, had some warranty issues. They were FANTASTIC to work with. I made an appointment and dropped off the camper, they photographed and documented everything that day. When parts were in, I dropped it off again and they fixed everything on my list, and they found a few little things that weren't right and fixed them too. In fact, when I bought my camper I had priced it out on and got a great deal. Called Keystone, they were within $400 and saved me a drive to Albany, NY to pick it up. We drove up, filled out the paperwork, signed for the price that we agreed upon and gave them a deposit. AFTER all that was done, my wife casually mentioned to our salesman that we were happy with the price, they were very close to the wholesale price we recieved. He asked what price we had been quoted by RVone. Mind you... we had already agreed to a price, signed a contract and given a deposit. He went back to his manager, came back and said he would take an additional $200 off the price. We weren't trying to negotiate further, we were pleased at $400 more. I was blown away with them. Very straight forward and honest sales team! That there is a company looking for return customers... None of that 1 and done mentality ! Awesome to hear
ford truck guy 09/22/22 05:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: PA Turnpike-worse in US?

I hate it as well, but its MUCH better than I80.... mainly due to the fact that the tolls are expensive so MOST truckers avoid it.. I have taken I80 many times from Eastern PA to Erie and the road divots from the heavy truck traffic, the trucks traffic, and the Deer at night make it a worse option in my book.... Not to mention, I am in SE Bucks, so I would have to travel 2 hrs North to catch 80 According to Google.... If you took the turnpike to Harrisburg an then headed west on US 322 to I-80, it would only add 18 minutes and save a whole lot on tolls. That still doesn't change the condition of I-80 though. That 18 minutes could/would turn into a whole lot more if in the 322 area of Harrisburg at the wrong time ! That is a mess between 283/83/322/81.. we take that way to go to Moscow camping when going to Port Royal Dirt speedway.
ford truck guy 09/21/22 01:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: PA Turnpike-worse in US?

I hate it as well, but its MUCH better than I80.... mainly due to the fact that the tolls are expensive so MOST truckers avoid it.. I have taken I80 many times from Eastern PA to Erie and the road divots from the heavy truck traffic, the trucks traffic, and the Deer at night make it a worse option in my book.... Not to mention, I am in SE Bucks, so I would have to travel 2 hrs North to catch 80
ford truck guy 09/21/22 11:54am Roads and Routes
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Meh, this whole only being able to tow 100 miles and then having to charge thing is bogus. That’s for a specific size, profile and weight of trailer. There are thousands of EV RVers on the Facebook towing groups who are getting double that towing smaller, low profile and lighter trailers. There are lots of different sized RV’s. If you have a bigger trailer with a larger profile then stick with gas or diesel. Nobody is making you choose otherwise. But for those towing smaller RV’s you simply have a third option. Towing with an EV is a very good experience. Torque, power, centre of gravity and braking are just a few of the advantages of towing with electric. Personally I think the towing ranges will double in the next 5 years. Maybe sooner. could carry that little camper in the garage of my Momentum with room to spare. Might even be able to fit a couple of them in it. As for nobody is making us choose otherwise... Where have you been? Entire states are contemplating joining California in outlawing ICEs.Our government is taking actions to purposely drive up the price of fuel while trying to "put the oil companies out of business."(Biden stated exactly that.) "Nobody is trying to make us choose EVs." Are you dreaming? No idea. I’m not American. So I guess I’ll ask. Which states are preventing you from buying a gas truck to tow your momentum. Never heard of this. Here - CA has written it into law, as of 2035 it will be illegal to purchase a new gasoline car.. Other states: Among them, Washington, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon and Vermont are expected to adopt California's ban on new gasoline-fueled vehicles. Colorado and Pennsylvania are among the states that probably won't. This is MY issue... don't all out BAN... This is the USA, allow us to choose our ride.... There are plenty pieces of the pie for all of us to have what we want.. I MAY own a Tesla one day, my buddy has one and it is bad ass, BUT not for my tow vehicle.
ford truck guy 09/21/22 05:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Jayco Dealer Recommendation

Thanks. I also found Alpin Haus in Oak Ridge NJ. Ever heard anything about them? ^^^ NO, nothing.. try google reviews They have 93 google reviews with the average of 4.5 out of 5.
ford truck guy 09/20/22 01:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco Dealer Recommendation

Looking for recommendation for good/reliable Jayco dealer with good service dept. in N.J./Eastern Pa. area. More concerned with after purchase service than sales dept. Seems they are hard to come by. Looking @ Jayco and Cedar Creek. Any recommendations for them? YES-- Whitehorse RV is a Jayco Dealer. They have facilities in Williamstown NJ and Egg Harbor Township, NJ As far as Cedar Creek - try - Crossroads Trailer Sales In Newfield, NJ.. I have no first hand experience, but have heard good things about them.
ford truck guy 09/20/22 01:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Jayco Dealer Recommendation

Back in 2015 I purchased my Redwood Fifth Wheel from Whitehorse RV Center and they were awesome to deal with... Great Parts folks, wonderful Service people... NOW, It's been a couple of years since I've been there so I am not sure if they are the same?
ford truck guy 09/20/22 11:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

I am all for the new EV's...... JUST don't tell me I do not have a CHOICE in what vehicle I tow with... If I wanna burn coal while towing, so be it. If I wanna run gasoline, so be it. If I wanna run electric to tow, whatever......
ford truck guy 09/20/22 05:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best route from Myrtle Beach north to I-77

It does sound like 74 is the best route and the most direct. I researched it and some places the only reason it is not an interstate is because the shoulders are not 12 foot. Thanks all for the info I'll find out in April how good it is. Now I need to leave MI and go to AZ then FL I have run from North Myrtle Beach to Charlotte and pretty much stayed on 74... 22-31-9-701-410-74 - - - I believe it was just shy of 4 hours that way
ford truck guy 09/20/22 05:40am Roads and Routes
RE: Best route from Myrtle Beach north to I-77

Get to 74 and run it all the way into Charlotte. Hop on 77
ford truck guy 09/17/22 07:01pm Roads and Routes
RE: Best Hitch

I started driving BIG TRUCKS back in the early 1980's.. It was POUNDED in my head to ALWAYS do a pull test when hooking up a new trailer.... Never dropped a trailer in all those years.. Fast forward, I am still in the habit of doing my pull test EVEN AFTER I visually verify my jaws are locked around the king pin. Is it wrong of me?? who cares, I will continue to do it that way
ford truck guy 09/16/22 06:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Storing My Diesel Truck Over Winter Advice

OK, so most are saying to use a battery minder, and a conditioner. If you use a tender/minder, which brand works well, and in 6 months will it boil batteries dry? Mine are wet Costco interstates. Also will Diesel Klean work as conditioner? I use the NOCO Genius on my batteries and have always used Diesel Klean - Diesel Klean - White Will the NOCO cook my batteries in 6 mo of maintenance and when power goes out does it reset to your settings automatically? Our power in the shop will go out 4-5 times ea winter for usually 5-10 hours ea time They will not cook you batteries.... They will only maintain the battery and stop charging when they are full.. No need to reset them, they SHOULD go back to the setting last used.. CALL THEM, they are able to answer these questions for 100 sure....
ford truck guy 09/12/22 12:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: current diesel fuel pricing

ford truck guy 09/12/22 11:32am General RVing Issues
RE: NC I95 towable crash near Kenly

It may be legal in SOME states, BUT should be ILLEGAL in ALL states.. There is no good reason to ride in the back of a towable....
ford truck guy 09/12/22 08:27am General RVing Issues
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