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RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

Ah, but scooby, nobody is telling anyone they MUST buy the "L" shaped things. And therein lies the difference. Rural folks tend to be more independent, they prefer freedom to attend to many of their own affairs, and to make their own choices. The urban side tends to rely on others to do most things for them, from reliance on transit, to maintaining everything in their daily lives. Loss of electrical service in a large city shuts everything down, at my home, and most neighbors, its a minor inconvenience. I dont object to tech, I have solar at home and on my RV, I also have a generator in both. I will use tech where it is reasonable, but I try to remain independent enough to at least for limited periods of time to be able to meet my own needs. To require an EV disrupts that independence. Some dont mind the loss of independence, if it offers convenience. But as an example, the classic LA getaway to Vegas for a weekend, to drive a Tesla MAY be possible but at 270 miles , especially if you run the AC, you will be pushing the envelope. Even a Hybrid fixes the problem. That is and should be their choice. But they should not attempt to force it upon others. No one is forcing anyone to drive ev.however some cities will ban ice cars eventualy due to air polution. Good idea imo no one cares to smell deadly exhaust fumes. Btw Tesla truck will get 500 miles range, and with solar on your roof one can kiss gas stations bye bye. No wonder Tesla has milions preorders Many asian countries big cities are pushin evs due to bad polution,and bikes scooters are popular bc they are cheap and can go anywhere This is from 2016 so lot has changed
free radical 06/22/21 08:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

Manufacturing costs (financially and environmentally) will always be greater with BEVs (period). "End of life" (aka recycling) societal costs will always be greater with BEVs (period).Let me know when "End of Life" on an ICE also includes removing the pollutants and CO2 emitted over the 20 year life of refining the petrol and burning it. And let me know when the "End of Life" on an BEV will no longer require massive amounts of fossil fuels to properly recycle those expired batteries....and will no longer require 3,000-30,000 gallons of water to extinguish a flaming BEV. Trading one evil (oil extraction) for another evil (destructive mining) does not make either option righteous. Fear not ,new batts are fireproof
free radical 06/22/21 07:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ever heard of spraying insulation with a home d rental?

How about painting the roof with insulating paint
free radical 06/20/21 08:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

Lordstown in wheel motors are unreliable unproven,it was DOA
free radical 06/20/21 08:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

With conventional vehicles experiencing major production delays due to chip problems, the fly by wire systems in the EV's have to be even more problematic. I have never seen EV with fly by wire system,,have you? Post a link Thnx
free radical 06/20/21 08:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Looks like electric trucks and RVs may be delayed...

THIS ARTICLE explains the sad details. Apparently Lordstown Motors had an agreement to build an all-electric RV, and plans are obviously in great peril. How come there are so many crooks in the electric vehicle sector? Sorry will not pay to read anything I can find for free elsewhere.
free radical 06/20/21 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wowee The Insane Rise Of Copper Price

What about $57 1/4 inch plywood or $7 to $8 2X4's. We aren't allowed to mention the reason for all this. There is a couple of reasons that I can think of. 1) Covid-induced demand, people add a home office for remote work and/or move from condos to the 'burbs away from crowds. They were also renovating more, having nothing else to do for a year - same reason caused a spike in appliances and recreational items. 2) China is not supplying lumber so tariffs don't matter. However, China is buying lumber. They did an exemplary job containing the epidemic in the country (after letting it out to the world), their lockdowns were real, masking was not optional, and after 3 months it was over. They are now fully open, economy is growing. Tramp started trade WAR w China and sudenly there was bad virus,quite a coincidence,yes.didnt worked out as planned tho Covid origins points towards FtDetrick biolab that failed to contain it,
free radical 06/13/21 09:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Wowee The Insane Rise Of Copper Price

What about $57 1/4 inch plywood or $7 to $8 2X4's. We aren't allowed to mention the reason for all this. Sure you can,,tarrifs :P Those who dont know history will repeat same mistakes Ronald Reagan on free trade Early in the speech he says " trade with free people..." This has morphed into "as much buying from the cheepest producer regardless of who or where or how...." Our msm anti china fake news never stops Lol Many people think chinese are locked in camps workin as slaves for their rich overlord, :B Reality is quite diferent watch
free radical 06/13/21 09:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Armchair Quarterbacks Unite! Stupid Stuff We've all Done...

Driving too fast in those conditions. Many people make that mistake at least once. Ive been binge watching rusian car crashes and speeding is the cause of most accidents Driving while drunk is another See John Connor chanel,, surprisingly most people stop and help there,maybe its the law.?
free radical 06/13/21 08:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

^^^ impressive video, in less than four years Tesla has gone from rolling one out on stage to driving one bobtail around a track, showing a couple of clips of one pulling a 53' van around the block, and a really cool shot of a Tesla tractor sitting on a lowboy being hauled by a diesel tractor. I'm not a marketing genius, but shouldn't it be the other way around? Maybe Tesla will be a player in the class 8 trucking world by 2030, maybe not. In other news, the Freightliner eCascadia is approaching 1,000,000 miles of real world testing. So how much cost that Freightliner truck? Whats the range? How many did they built and sold? If its sucesful so much the better,Tesla cant do it all alone,the gigafactories take time to build,while other companies already have many,so whats the hold up ? Start building ev trucks already ! Tesla real world towing
free radical 06/12/21 07:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wowee The Insane Rise Of Copper Price

What about $57 1/4 inch plywood or $7 to $8 2X4's. We aren't allowed to mention the reason for all this. Sure you can,,tarrifs :P Those who dont know history will repeat same mistakes Ronald Reagan on free trade
free radical 06/12/21 07:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet

I never shop on Amazon anymore,bought something one time only and few months later they charged me 90$ for an acount ! Had CC company fix that real quick,Jeff Bozos is a slime Worlds richest man gets goverment handout
free radical 06/11/21 09:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford F150 vs Ram 1500 Hybrids Ike Gauntlet Test

These clowns tested a mid-sized truck with a 6,000 boat. Same hill. 3rd gear, rpm's screaming at near redline. They thought, no problem because they were able to maintain speed limit. 3mpg sounded good to them, clowns. Not reality. Who does that to a truck they own? Nobody, you tow the thing 20-30 mph slower because it is a mid-sized truck and you already know you will have to take it easy. Now, if the test were: lets tow where the truck seems to be comfortable and we are not putting extreme stress on an engine/trans that we hope to keep for 200,000 miles, then I would pay attention to the comparisons, because that is how people drive, normal. X2
free radical 06/08/21 08:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Poof, and just like that, the plaid is gone. Like a f--t in the wind......gone. That "Poof" was shorter than the bankruptcy and Elon's jail time combined. Or did you mean gone as in sold out? I can't wait for the performance version of the Semi ;) You still waiting for that full self driving car? LOL Or the million robotaxies? ? Robotaxi can only work in places where people RESPECT others property You guesed it China :P Of course it will never hapen here,too many tards everywhere.
free radical 06/07/21 08:27pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Fuly charged show BYD factory tour
free radical 06/04/21 10:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Lightening

One thing that needs to happen if the EV revolution is going to be successful is all the public battery chargers need to be standardized so any EV brand vehicle can pull up to a battery charger and charge their vehicle like any ICE vehicle can pull up to a gas pump and refuel. Tesla did ask other automakers to pitch in with $ when they built their SCharger network and none did. Theres still time for big three to get together and build their own charging stations,but I doubt that will hapen. Theyre all waitin for someone else to foot the bill imo. VW is building Electrify America and Electrify Canada. They are open use. Tesla could make a lot of money selling power from its Superchargers but I guess they aren't interested in making EV's attractive to more people. My guess is its Tesla way to make people buy only Tesla cars LOL Of course but if someone isn't keen on a Tesla it makes them less likely to buy an EV. EV's won't go very far if people can't count on using all the charging facilities like they can gas stations. Not my problem Tell the Big guy, maybe he can help to build the infrastructure instead o wastin 300 milion $ a year on anti china fake news propaganda. Btw did you know Tesla isnt even allowed to sell their cars direct to customers in six Republican run states?
free radical 06/03/21 10:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Full time "RV" insurance for a standard conversion van

My coach is insured as a vehicle for the chassis and body and like a house for the contents, by the same insurance co. I once converted a van to a RV and DMV did the registration change. A RV requires a place to sleep, place to cook, and a toilet serviced by holding tanks. Lot of Nomads use their cars, trucks and vans without the RV destination and probably have little or no insurance. The insurance problem becomes real when there is an accident where someone is injured due to the fault of the vehicle owner. Solution: drive carefuly!
free radical 06/03/21 09:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Full time "RV" insurance for a standard conversion van

I have a question about how to handle vehicle insurance for an "RV" and I'm hoping someone can help. I put "RV" in quotes because my vehicle is going to be a conversion van that I slowly build out myself. So it's not going to be a traditional RV, like a Class A/B/C. But I am going to be living in it full-time as I travel through the US and will be using a CMRA (through St. Brendan's Isle in Florida) as my permanent residence address. So I don't know if I need to go though a company that provides regular car insurance (since it's just a regular van) or RV insurance (since I'll be living in it full time). I will be using the address issued by my CRMA for vehicle registration and insurance purposes once I get the conversion van (I don't have it yet, but very soon). And the CMRA is the only address I'll have, I don't want to use the address of any friends or family for anything, I want to be totally independent. My concern is that I've already run into some issues with using the CMRA as my permanent address. My banking and credit card accounts wouldn't allow me to use the CMRA address as my permanent address, I could only set it as my mailing address. Their computer systems somehow automatically know it is a CMRA address (versus being a residential address). So now I'm worried that a regular car insurance company won't insure me with a CMRA address. And at the same time I'm also worried I won't be able to get full-time RV insurance since I'm going to be in a conversion van and not a traditional RV. Does anyone know how people handle this type of situation? I know there are other people out there living full-time in their cars or SUVs, but I haven't been able to figure out how they handle vehicle insurance. I'd really appreciate any advice. Why not keep van registered as normal van,just call it shaggin wagon if anyone ask why you have bed there. :) self built rv wouldnt be worth much in case of acident anyway imo I built a TC myself put it on back of my truck and kept registered as regular truck. Never had any problems Its just cargo. Someone asked what it was I said a doghouse
free radical 06/03/21 09:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: Need to Haul Cargo with a Truck registered as an RV (CA)

My camper spends 99.99% of the time on my truck so to save on registration fees, I had the truck registered as an RV. However I have an upcoming trip that I need to use the bed of the truck to haul an ATV and luggage for. Since the truck is registered as an RV, I believe the rules are you can't haul anything in the bed. I know I could just take the risk of a ticket and haul it anyway. I am not an aggressive driver and I doubt I would be of much interest to any state troopers. That being said, I was wondering if there is a temporary permit that I could get to avoid the worry all together. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I would try calling the CA DMV but who are we kidding, it is the CA DMV, the epidemy of Govt bureaucracy and navigating that phone tree and hold times I think I would rather just take the risk of a ticket. Thoughts... Whats the diference between hauling camper or ATV? Or some lumber to build your deck,house or whatever. As long its for personal use and not for profit aka busines you should be ok
free radical 06/03/21 09:22pm Truck Campers
RE: Need to Haul Cargo with a Truck registered as an RV (CA)

I just wanted to know if someone else had been in this position and knew of a temporary permit that I had missed. I have a question though: Is it even legal to drive the truck EMPTY? The camper is supposed to be "permanently attached" in order for the registration to be valid. Thats what Id like to know also !
free radical 06/03/21 09:08pm Truck Campers
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