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Chinese RV factory visit

Skip to 54 min if you dont like to watch airport procedures Looks like class B built on Isuzu trucks, dont say anything about price unfortunately or if they will export here.
free radical 07/07/20 08:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Market cap isn't even in the ballpark of reasonable Really, how many pure electric cars does Toyoyo make? Tesla is the BIGGEST EV maker in the world now. WS startin to see the light. Ice age is comin to an end
free radical 07/06/20 09:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I'm still waiting for Tesla to release the Semi. You know; like several Tesla fans said would happen in limited numbers last year. Then they moved the goal post and said, wait, wait, wait, just give poor Tusk more time. No Semi factory. No Semi test mules cruising the hiways and byways of the US. Nothing except 2 or 3 stage props. I'm old enough to remember when Tusk said last year, 1 million Robotaxies by the end of this year. Over half the year is gone and I haven't heard about 1 let along a million. Where is that FSD Tusk? Stil spinin that broken record Turtle :B Where is that Electric Freightliner or was it Mercedes? Oh wait maybe its Nikola Fool cells you want, placed your downpayment yet?
free radical 07/06/20 09:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Stay on your own side....

It's a scary time. I see that Australia is closing off the state of Victoria..6.6 million people, as of midnight Tuesday, using the military. I have friends in the US and I fear for them...for all of you. A vaccination may not be found as early as we'd all like. It matters not what I think about travel across state lines. But...I hope that if you are making a trek, that you do it with extreme caution. No one wants this virus and there have been enough 'Come to Jesus' moments by now, that even the non-believers have to be thinking....'maybe I spoke too soon'. But..people will do what they do. Make sure you have health care before going too far from home. Gary Haupt Im not into religion honestly, IF prayer worked we could close all hospitals,yes Problem is we have morons in govrment,who just now made it mandatory to wear face masks when in public places in Ontario, this shoulve been done when the Cvirus started imo, Just like all Asian countries did Why cant the west do what China did? Instead of disin on PRC maybe we should learn from
free radical 07/06/20 09:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stay on your own side....

Let's see what happens this fall if the border is still closed and the great snowbird migration is deemed illegal. Tens of thousands having to endure a long, cold winter in their homeland. Priceless. HAHAHA You sound like a girly boi scared of the cold. I love genuine four seasons winter and all,makes people tough,come play hockey with us and find out :B Last time I was in Florida was about thirty years ago, nowadays US has nothing to offer,too many junkies,homeless and criminals., see Nomadic Fanatic latest vid for example My destination this fall is Japan and China next year. Its completely diferent from what our biased China hating media want you to believe, Reporterfy media travel Have a nice day
free radical 07/06/20 09:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stay on your own side....

They were probably screaming, 'We're Americans, We Have Rights!' Oh yes the rights :)
free radical 07/05/20 09:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stay on your own side....

Alaska has a 2 week quarantine also. Anyone traveling to Alaska from outside must quarantine for 2 weeks upon arrival. Were they traveling home to Alaska? Probably should have stayed put, or parked and flew home. Sounds like they deserve the fine. Also, very surprised they were let in. I have a fried who was having a truck serviced in BC before the boarders were shut down. When he went to pick it up they would not allow him in to pick it up. He had to pay to have it towed across the boarder so he could take it home. Kinda apples and oranges wit the truck problem. The truck was serviced IN BC, then he wanted to take INTO the US. This is about being IN the US and wanting to enter Canada. There is a cross border agreement...people in Canada can use land travel into the US for essential travel. Same applies for US citizens entering Canada. The essential travel part seems to mostly apply to folks that are going TO home in Alaska..or going FROM Alaska to home in the US. People are arriving at the CDN border crossing claiming to be going TO Alaska...when they aren't. Why on earth someone would do that is beyond me. The odd thing is...a person can fly either way impunity. Gary There are fines for not quarantine for incoming travelers Maybe rv net should make this Sticky
free radical 07/05/20 08:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stay on your own side....

"The Canada-U.S. border is closed, but Americans are still coming through. Here's how." Wonder how would US border guards respond if some Canadian try that trick sayin Im headed to South America !? Id hope the CDN border would at least check the travelers temperature and told them to wear face mask when in crowds. Its mandatory now in Ontario btw I sure wish people used some common sense
free radical 07/05/20 08:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Quote However, Toyota sold around 30 times more cars last year and its revenues were more than 10 times higher."/quote So how many of those were EVs?
free radical 07/04/20 07:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Concrete driveway thickness??

You could should get proper info on slab thickness and proper reinforcement from any concrete mix suplier or construction company specializing in such work
free radical 07/04/20 06:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Purchasing land to live on in DC area - zoning questions

In Canada we have this app where one can look properties all over the country Maybe theres something like that in states?
free radical 06/30/20 07:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Annyways GPS auto steering is the best thing ever on 6 - 10 mph farm equipment.Don't worry that will be next... Elon should be able to get those running at 15 to 30 mph ;) Cmon. How cool would that be. A tractor going through a cornfield at 30 mph. Woohoo. :) I'm still not sure I'd buy a truck from a company that names it after a trailer, and talks about bobtail 0-60 times to the fanpeople woo hoo'ing at the intro event. Mr. Musk & co. will figure it out and come up with something more business like than "Semi" Arent all semis called that ? Anyhow Tesla semi can do 60 with full load thats 80.000 lbs much faster then regular diesel. And no doubt at much cheaper cost And no silly double clutchin nonsense Future is electric
free radical 06/29/20 08:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Florida Plates; How to Prove We haven't Been There Lately.

The guy in that video above is a total moron. Unfortunately there are way too many out there like him. I agree whats the big deal about answering truthfuly and or wearing a mask ? Whats puzling is how would they test anyone at the border if you have Cvirus,,that takes proper medics skill.
free radical 06/27/20 09:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

Again, I appreciate the thoughtful comments. We do not live in some beach town where you might see RVs everywhere. It just makes little sense for township zoning boards to consider RVs as some sort of trash vehicle that brings down property values when tastefully parked in a long driveway. One neighbor mentioned that the township only enforces the RV ordinance if someone complains. Again, that's a ridiculous way to run a local government. There's also very few storage lots in the region, which further complicates the issue. I just don't understand the discrimination against RVers when I see dump trucks, utility vans, boat trailers, uninspected vehicles, etc. parked in local driveways. If I could, I'd just move out into the country somewhere. Or just hit the road in the rig! Thanks, folks. If the rig is in good shape and parked in the driveway I dont get why anyone would not like it. Im guesing Some people are just sore losers seeing others havin nice toys ! yeah I think thats it
free radical 06/27/20 09:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

I bought a home in an HOA w strict rules so the place never becomes an eyesore. It's a hassle but I deal with it. The next town to the south has boats, and rvs parked everywhere and it's horrid. In another area, my buddy bought a 1 acre lot w no restrictions and he built the garagemahal to live in. It works for him but doesn't do justice to the beautiful, classic low country brick homes that he has around him. Nothing like having a concrete driveway encircle the house (like a moat) so you call pull through w truck and 21' center console. It's SO horrid, people using the property they own to store legal vehicles that they own, get me my smelling salts. I guess I'm in favor of some HOAs if it keeps busybodies like you from petitioning city councils to pass MORE regulations! Seriously, unless someone's causing a public health problem or presenting an attractive nuisance my attitude is do what you want with your property. As long as there aren't consequences on MY property it's no big deal (and in one case even though it has worsened the flooding in my yard I haven't complained because it keeps his driveway from washing out every few years). There isn't one thing I said to deserve the response you made, so you can take your high and mighty ASSUMPTIONS about me and shove them. My comments referred to HOA's not a municipality. First of all I'm not a busybody - I bought where I wanted to avoid people parking their stuff on the public streets, living in RV's, and on their lawns blocking the view of intersections, etc. I'm happy for them as the HORRID appearance keeps property taxes down along w their home values. In the end they are reducing the number of potential buyers for their homes and the selling price. Secondly I never said I was in favor of or participating in any actions inside or outside of an HOA tightening any restrictions private property. Ill have to say it again OP said he wants to park his RV in his dryway, NOT on the street, how would that afect anyone is beyond me. I live in midle class hood and many people have trailers FWheels and class A big motorhomes in their dryways year round Some covered most not. No one parks on the streets Property prices depend on economy situation, now they go up every year bc houses are in big demand RVs dont afect that here.
free radical 06/27/20 09:10pm Beginning RVing
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

I post this as an RV owner that stores his RV in a lot away from our neighborhood. We do not want to look out our windows and see a bunch of RVs in various condition up and down our street. If I wanted to see that, we would live in an RV park!! Residential neighborhoods are just that! Maintain your lawn, keep the house looking good, take pride in your area. Store your RV somewhere else!! OP said he wants to park his RV in his dryway, NOT on the street, how would that afect anyone is beyond me. I live in midle class hood and many people have trailers FWheels and class A big motorhomes in their dryways year round Some covered most not. No one parks on the streets Property prices depend on economy situation, now they go up every year bc houses are in big demand RVs dont afect that here.
free radical 06/27/20 09:06pm Beginning RVing
RE: Cybertruck has 400 horses

OK time to hit the reset button, this is a towing forum, so: 1. How much will it tow under SAE J2807? (modified for EVs) 2. How far will it tow it, before recharging? The two most important questions!! The rest is all fru fru. I think everyone is going to have to wait awhile for real numbers. This goes for all the manufacturers. It’s going to be interesting though as at least four manufacturers will be coming out with E trucks all at the same time. My personal feeling is that all will shoot for that F150 tow range. None are shooting for the big numbers from the Cummins or ford diesels. That will probably come later. Still, lots of market room for a truck that can competently tow 8000 pounds 500 or 600 km. Jmho. Heres a vid of Tesla semi testing I count 9 concrete blocks,no idea what each weighs
free radical 06/24/20 07:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

I can't find anywhere to enter my dogs name as a password in my flip phone. Richard One reason they dont make flip phones is its cheap,also the battery can be replaced when it dies. All those new touch screen phones are great,but when battery dies you cant REplace it,you need to buy new very EXpensive phone Waste o resources and keeping people spending money.
free radical 06/23/20 09:39pm Technology Corner
RE: Apple's cooperation with Chinese officials

China is a government controlled country, and has complete say of what their citizens can read, say, do. If Apple or any other company wants to do business in China they have to play by their rules, or take theIr toys and go home. Google and Facebook have to play by China’s rules also. I support Apple in not creating a “back door” into their products which can be exploited by not so nice people. There has been several instances where police / FBI have gained access to locked down iPhones using third party software and services. Millions of people keep their very private information on iPhones, iPads, iCloud storage. I want it near impossible for anyone other than me to get that data. Ive heard that Blackberry has the most secure OS,maybe thats why you dont see any ADverts for their phones !? Btw Acording to tech experts Huawei is very secure also Not sure how could China gov spy on it users but whatever Huawei 5G lies Your first sentence isnt entirely correct, CCP gov is run by scientists,economic and financial experts whose main goal is to make country grow greater, (now where did I hear that line before) :) Also their main objective is to aleviate poverty completely,their president was born poor farmer and refers to himself as Servant of the people I recomend watchin CGTN news for true facts about PRC its amazing how skewed biased our News here are against China,wonder why is that I talk with many expats livin in China and they all love it,go figure Freedom of Religion in China One thing CCP doesnt allow is anti goverment propaganda and honestly I dont see why anyone would rage against the machine when their lives and economy is great,have plenty o work,cheap plentiful housing and homeles or dopehed junkies there either Btw HK Taiwan is part of China always was always will be Destroying property kiling and burning people alive is not Democracy its Terrorism Caution raw footage
free radical 06/23/20 09:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Cybertruck has 400 horses

For those who Cant wait for the Cybrtrk get Ruskis to build you one :B And people who thinks Cybrtrk is two big maybe these guys can help
free radical 06/22/20 08:35pm Tow Vehicles
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