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Tax refund scam Canada

Got official looking email from Gov of Canada irs saying I have refund of 300$ coming. Asked me to fill out aplication stating my name adress etc Red flag right there 1 Canada Gov knows my name and adress. 2 I get refund the same day I do my taxes at H&R block. 3 irs never send emails,they use paper mail for all corespondence. 4 all refunds hst tax and carbon credits get deposited electronicaly to my bank acount. Hope this help someone to avoid geting riped off. I also log off turn off wifi my comp when not using it.
free radical 01/26/23 06:14pm Technology Corner
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

Easy, we build about 80 million vehicles a year, but far and away they are internal combustion. Your task is to convert every facility in the world to EV production right now. It will take a long time, remember production heck, when Tesla started production? Ideas are great, but real genius is putting something is every home on the planet, at a reasonable price. Large parts of Africa still do not have electricity. Maybe Asia? I haven't traveled there, but you can get a Hilux fixed by a mechanic in a mud hut in Africa. Never been to Asia ? You like shoping? Heres a good place to visit If we dont do enough evs someone else will
free radical 01/23/23 09:21pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

You Chicken little men are too much. A Tesla semi breaks down and you want to scrap the entire program. I wonder if Kenworth had this bashing when there first truck broke down! Funny thing is we have large wrecker companies, trucker down website and all kinds of resources dedicated to repairing over the road semi trucks. Why?............Because they break down! They all breakdown. I don't think the Tesla Semi truck sky is falling just yet! No worries, Musks semi will be put out of business by a real semi truck company, Freightliner, with a 600 mile range hydrogen powered semi and 2 actual front seats for team driving. Wasnt Nikola suposed to do that? What happened. Hydrogen fuel cost more to make then diesel,its extremely dangerous volatile to handle and store. Its a dead END Get over it
free radical 01/21/23 06:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

LOL,thanks but I can't afford to live in the PNW! Interesting and sad that you think you are able guess my politics by my posts about climate change. Maybe ask yourself why one of our political parties became anti-science.:h Perhaps because science is so institutionalized that it has become $cience and some people recognize that. Imagine a scientist having a differing opinion about something without consequences. Also, “science” has been completely wrong plenty of times. I can remember back in the 70's being told we need to get ready for the next "ice age" :R I prefer to look at science as an ever evolving changing learning experience. When I was in college early 80's, there was only a plant and animal kingdom. Went to my youngest daughters science teacher student eval around 2005. Daughter mentioned 5 kingdoms....I did a double take. She mentioned the new three. Realized the three new ones, my teacher had mentioned splitting these groups out as more was known about them. Same thing happened 5-8 years later, she was literally taking the same Art color class, same college, different teacher. Their is now 99 shades of gray between black and white. Only 9 when I took the class. Reality with computers, I'm sure there are more shades of gray. Things change as we learn about things. It will depend upon many things as to how long it will take to make things work. Hydrogen pipes as noted is one item that needs fixing before using this fuel becomes a reality. How long will this take. US being a supplier of lithium for batteries. YES largest mine in worl "will be" in Nevada. No permits have been give out yet! As many have also noted, they have learned some things via this post. Let's continue to do so. Marty No permits = no mine. I am not at at all convinced that mine will happen. One thing the enviromental faction has taught, is that all you gotta do is tie a project up in the permitting, enviromental reviews and then in the courts. Most projects never get off the ground anymore. Think about some of the big projects such as Hoover dam. It would never happen today. I guess it takes authoritarian Gov to get things done :B
free radical 01/20/23 09:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

Heres one for hydrogen fans For some reason it never made onto any tv news
free radical 01/18/23 08:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Park pet peeves, Park owner’s turn

Y'all need to learn how to play together in the sandbox better! Like this maybe Thats what you get with proper education,mind you they got about thousand years of evolution on us how to teach people manners. Lol
free radical 01/14/23 05:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

Some food for thought. How do we know world is warmer When will Florida be under water
free radical 01/13/23 05:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Flying J / Pilot to install megachargers for med/heavy trks

free radical 01/03/23 10:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

So much wheel spinning on EVs, what if they are not the right path forward? The biggest problem with renewable power and EVs is storage, the second is storage, and the third is storage. Another path is carbon capture from the atmosphere (using amine scrubbing like nuclear subs and carbon dioxide from natural gas) then splitting hydrogen from water, followed by building whatever hydrocarbon you need. The US Navy is hard at work on this project, since it avoids storage of large amounts of jet fuel, and the difficult job of resupply of jet fuel at sea to the carriers. After all fire kills ships. The Fords were built with a very large excess electric generation capacity for this reason and many others. Porsche now has a pilot project running in South America, Porsche syn fuel This will work wherever you have cheap electricity and water. The products are put right into refinery feeds. No need to rebuild the approximately 1.5 Billion cars in the world. Solves storage, no worry about hydrogen embrittlement, recycles carbon dioxide, we use the existing liquid fuel distribution system. Transparent to the car/truck owner. Ill let you in or well known secret. Tesla energy storage systems will get big maybe even bigger business then their vehicles,acording to Musk.
free radical 01/03/23 09:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

.... Bottom line we need to get off fossil fuels as fast as we can. Why?:W I know it's a joke but apparently somewhere between 7% and 14% of US adults are still climate change deniers. Scary isn't it? Weather forcasts are not accurate more than about a week out....Yet we are supposed to believe forcasts decades out? Its plus 7°C in Canada today,I remember minus 30 around this time long time back. Mind you I aint complaining. LOL
free radical 01/03/23 09:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: EV alternative for light/medium duty trucks

.... Bottom line we need to get off fossil fuels as fast as we can. Why?:W I know it's a joke but apparently somewhere between 7% and 14% of US adults are still climate change deniers. Scary isn't it? The Sahara desert used to be covered in grass, trees and lakes. What happened? Romans cut the trees to build their ships.
free radical 01/03/23 09:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Flying J / Pilot to install megachargers for med/heavy trks

Did I hijack a thread? Yes. And normally I would apologize to the Reisenders, but they start enough threads that they can spare one. And is this bad manners on my part? Absolutely yes. But what's worse, bad manners or slavery? There is a ton of cheerleading for EVs on this forum and I've been pretty fair about not interjecting into the discussions except when the cheerleaders hijack other threads. But that was until I saw this info about the Chinese owned slave mines in the Congo. In my opinion it's wrong of me to stand by and not say anything about the proliferation of the EVs when that's exacerbating the human rights problems. Honestly, I don't know that I've ever met anyone from the Congo and I don't actually know anything about the Congolese. Maybe they're all jerks and don't deserve our concern. That's doubtful, but maybe. But a lot of Americans didn't have strong enough convictions to stand up and say anything about the Jews in the 40s. What if we had? It seems like a good time to take a stand though. Pick a side. Be on the side who buys a new EV and makes the problem worse, or be on the side who stands up and says it's wrong and tries to hold the EV buyers accountable. Where was your anger when we bombed Iraq stole their oil and murdered milions of muslims including women and children. Same in Afganistan Syria Lybia Serbia Vietnam. And you want to brag about defending human rights ??
free radical 01/03/23 09:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Flying J / Pilot to install megachargers for med/heavy trks

YouTube link: The Disturbing Reality of Cobalt Mining for Rechargeable Batteries Am I suposed to believe some anti ev troll just bc hes on JR show? if you have problem w child labor contact United Nations. Btv Tesla doesnt use cobalt in their batteries. Btw your Iphone and computer uses rechargable batts also,will you throw it away now.?
free radical 01/03/23 09:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

I use FB only to share photos and news w my relatives and friends. YT is my main entertainment for movies news and learning other languages. Travel Btw has good info on the war situation our media doesn't show.
free radical 12/28/22 07:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: Health rant

Why do we have so much cancer in America? Is our water, even bottled water, food and soils become toxic in ways we aren't aware of? Seems odd to me we hear so much about it these days. I only hope all of us seniors find health and happiness and I know riding my bicycle helps me a lot with that. It's those moments after even a mild workout that I feel young again. That is why I think an electric bike may spoil it for me even though it would be a blast on the trails. To many chemical additives in foods and drink imo. I don't eat any processed meats or drink any sugary sodas or eat any snacks w preservatives. eat plenty vegies and fruits,take vitamin C and D,exercise daily Stil fit at 72
free radical 12/28/22 06:50pm Around the Campfire
RE: How many folks just want to gripe about EVs?

From teslarati Acording to data released by Edmunds, the average used Tesla fell to a new low of $55,754 /quote Still way too pricey for me !! :M :B
free radical 12/28/22 06:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Tesla delivers there first semi

Just a quick scroll through that video, something weird about those jersey barriers from someone who’s been in heavy highway work his entire career. Aside from them appearing to be “used” IE a little chipped up at the ends, which makes sense, they are far “whiter” colored than any of the million yards of concrete I’ve poured, set barriers, been around. That in itself is not a dead giveaway. But the fact that there are no loops for the barrier pins nor evidence of cutoff loops in the ends of the barrier means they are definitively not actual concrete barriers. Period end of story. They are Jersey barrier shaped pieces of something. I said that a long time ago Grit. But the fan boi's went all cracker dog crazy on me. :B And now this comes out: PepsiCo’s new Semis can haul Frito-Lay food products for around 425 miles (684 km), but for heavier loads of sodas, the trucks will do shorter trips of around 100 miles (160 km), O’Connell said. Link Weird? 25 tons of chips must weigh less that 25 tons of Pepsi? Wait what? Ooooooooooohh never mind. It must be the same reason 25 tons of feathers weighs less than 25 tons of lead. Silly me anyway!!! When Tusk said "fully loaded semi" he must have meant "fully loaded with chips" I get it now!!! :B Stil shorting T stock,,?keep at it. Don't cry when you're broke tho :B 0.48 sec
free radical 12/17/22 08:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla delivers there first semi

Here's video put out by Tesla for a fully loaded 500 mile run. I do find it interesting there's no passenger seat. Link I find it interesting what is "fully loaded." Is it fully loaded with Mike's my pillow pillows? Is it fully loaded to gross max weight? Is it fully loaded to volume? Is 10,000 lbs net fully loaded? Words matter... I find it interesting the route was never mentioned. I get pretty good fuel mileage when I measure my mileage at the top of the Ike grade going down hill. Now going up the Ike... Words matter... Ah but does your fuel tank refils on the way down !? Tesla bateries do get recharged going downhill. Can you say free energy? I knew you could :B Heres the full delivery vid. Somewhere around 16 min is the good stuff
free radical 12/04/22 06:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: You tube Fulltimers getting squeezed

Sounds like some people are bit jelly of young punks success. :B Its a whole new world out there and imagination can make one rich on YT See PewDiePie or MrBeast for example. 100 milion subs aint chopped liver Lol Then there are people with real talent,
free radical 11/30/22 07:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interesting video on the Cybertruck design & designer

One thing I dont like is those square fenders. Wheels are round so why not make fender openings round also. Plus those overfenders stick out too much,blocking airflow. Designer has lots to learn yet.
free radical 11/30/22 07:18pm Tow Vehicles
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