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Interesting van build

mobile ear doctor
free radical 02/25/21 09:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

And another thing, If you all don't start encouraging and support alternate sources,you are doing the nation an amazing disservice. I can guarantee that if we as a nation do not get behind new power,with support and yes, even subsidies, China is going to eat our lunch. They are already ahead on the technology. So go ahead and stick your head in the sand and your dupa in the air, because our grandchildren will be driving Chinese cars or at least ones that China will be pulling royalty payment from. so true and their secret is china poverty eradication
free radical 02/25/21 08:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevrolet exits all ICE production by 2035

EV's are not the issue Fuel not consumed by ICE being utilized for electric generation is not the issue TRANSMISSION of energy IS the MAIN Issue That and NIMBY Cant transmit power when youre not conected ! Lookin at you Texas
free radical 02/25/21 08:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

How long does it take to recharge an electric car with one of the fast chargers? If traveling across the Country, is recharging as fast as filling a fuel tank or is there significant down time to recharge? I also wonder what the cost of electricity will be when the States stop getting all the tax dollars they are now collecting from a gallon of gas or diesel. Will taxes imposed on electricity to make up that difference in revenue make our home electricity bill become so high that many won't be able to afford it? Many low income families get their electricity shut off frequently now. I can't imagine what it will be like for them in 2035. What will the cost of gas, diesel, propane and home heating oil be because of less demand? What about the Amish community? They don't use electricity and they won't be able to afford petroleum products. I'm not against making our planet a safer and healthier place but are proponents of ending fossil fuel use thinking everything through? Have we done everything we can to reduce emissions in vehicles so gas and diesel can still be used? Instead of pure ev this would be my choice 100 mpg hybrid electric truck
free radical 02/23/21 08:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

Another example of putting the cart before the horse. Are there plans underway to charge all the new EV's? Last week in Texas proved how vulnarable the power grid is. X2, and not thinking with the whole brain. Currently electric "Appears" to be the big savior, but it is the hidden, not thought out consequences that is the issue. Highways, pay per mile, but how to track? The Grid, will it be ready. Solar, fantastic in the southern states, but the further north, the less efficient. Then what about ice storms? Texas, and parts of Oregon and Washington, were hit with ice storms in the last several weeks. Then there is the producing and disposal of the batteries to operate. Pay per mile can be tracked with each cars odometer,no? All batteries can be recycled just as we do now. Northern parts such as Alberta and Manitoba get enough sunshine even in winter to make solar feasible. West coast BC not so much If we can put men in space I would think we can make the grid work too, btw isnt Texas grid separated from other states?
free radical 02/23/21 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

Have you tried to contact the 5 other houses with RV's, boat, etc, and asked them how they get away with it and what if any problems have they had, or is it just your neighbor with an attitude. Good question. Yes, I have spoken with a few of them. They said that no one has ever complained. However, I am the one that lives directly across the street from the lady that says she doesn't want to look at my RV even if it is behind the fence. Its usualy lonely unhappy people jelly o others lifestyle who try to make others miserable too. You should invite her over and show her how nice your MH is inside and what rv life is about. Giving her a box of chocolates would be good idea too,make friends not enemies. Funny vid What hapens when house owner refuse to move city build bridge around house
free radical 02/22/21 09:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: How we camp in the winter

Looks like a puzzle for the Springtime more than Winter. I will be headed out to the desert this week, sorry no puzzle :( You'd be doing spring puzzles too if it looked like this out your back door. :) Snow is no reason to stop camping :) foresty forest
free radical 02/20/21 07:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

New Tesla Model 2 = Game OVER for Gas Wont hapen any time soon Why make cheap Tesla when they cant meet demand for their expensive models? Want cheap get Chevy Bolt
free radical 02/19/21 09:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Cell Phone..had to ask?

Unless you want the latest and most expensive there are plenty of older models (brand new)unlocked to be had for very low price,about 100$ or so. I usualy get one of those when if my phone batt dies,so far its working ok after about five years. Turnin off and rebooting ocasionaly seems to help run better. Those non replacable battery phones shouldnt be allowed,its just waste of money and resources and more plastic polution.
free radical 02/16/21 08:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Light Japanese Trucks used as Tow Vehicles here

When you say light Jpn trucks these come to mind :)
free radical 02/13/21 07:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

From Elon, his sermon from the mount. Latest from my former friend Elon. In summary: 1. Semi mass production challenge are fuel cells (says he can produce as much if these are available.) 2. Cybertruck - a few will be produced by the end of the year (there goes missing the May 2021 supposedly accelerated timeline). Funny, he did not mention about the chip shortage affecting productions of cars, phones, computers... So where are those Tesla killers ? :B
free radical 02/10/21 08:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It might begin very soon

Sandy Munro testing Tesla FSD
free radical 02/08/21 08:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: It might begin very soon

Click I doubt it will ever be legal not to have human driver on board to take control just in case. Self driving buses
free radical 02/08/21 08:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

The little cheapo china diesel heaters will be quieter and use less electricity. There is an issue with a clicking noise with the fuel pump unless you can mount the pump somewhere where it cannot be heard. Click is similar to the piezo ignition click of a furnace. The down side is these heaters will need cleaning from time to time. . Ive heard that burning jar of Kerosene once in a while cleans it nicely
free radical 02/08/21 07:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Quieter alternatives for propane furnace in extreme cold

After considering all of my options between trailer, sprinter van, etc., I determined that a TC works best for my purpose which is travelling to, and boondocking in, remote areas. Several areas that I am considering travelling to in the winter are in northern Canada where the temperature may reach 0 Fahrenheit. I must have working water system in these trips, which is doable with a propane furnace after some additions and modifications. I am open to buy any lightweight short bed camper such as Northern Lite 8-11SP, or Wolf Creek 850, or Lance 865. The problem is that DW sleeps very lightly at nights and the propane furnace noise will be a deal breaker (or even non-starter) for her. I am looking for alternatives to propane furnace. I am open to replace the propane furnace with more than one appliance if needed, but the one or more appliance must heat the basement, camper, and water. What are my alternatives. So far Alde system sounds like a good option. But I am unsure about how much and what kind of challenge should I expect if I want to replace a propane furnace with an Alde system. Another good option is a Truma Combi. Again I am unsure about the challenges and complications I must expect. Although the first challenge is to find a Truma Combi. Another option is to replace the propane furnace with an Aitronic D2 which will heat the camper and basement, and buy a separate water heater. Airtronic D2 is a fantastic heater, but this route requires buying two appliances and I am yet to find an efficient, lightweight, stand-alone water heater. Yet another option is to heat the camper using Mr. Buddy, Plat Cat, or panel heaters and then use a few fans to push warm air into the basement. The problem here is I still need to find an efficient, lightweight, stand-alone water heater. Moreover, I am not sure whether pushing warm air with fans into the basement will keep water tanks from freezing in extreme cold that we will be in (I have considered adding thermostat-equipped light bulbs or small electric heaters or pads close to, or around, tanks, but found that unrealistic and prone to failure given the complexity of adding several of these and their electricity consumption). If you have any idea about any of these or something different that may direct me to a solution I have not thought about, please share it with me. Thanks! I havent seen any TC rated for winter camping in Canada. I sugest you build your own See Everlanders chanel on YT
free radical 02/08/21 07:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Have to wonder how this will effect the EV aficionados

Should I find a sarcasm font for the seditious part? The point of the OP was to promote a falsehood. There by stirring dissention thereby spreading misinformation thereby developing a cult resulting in January 6th! Not at all. My point is that the cost savings of ev's is about to evaporate. The states are going to run into more cash shortages as well, and throw road taxes into the grid power pricing structure as well to make up for what was lost as more fossil fuels are shifted away from direct consumption in ICE engines with the associated taxes attached, to electric power which was not contributing to the highway maintenance. YES I know the EV folks will claim they will be paying with their registrations, but consider how much is paid in fuel charges, (think .40 to .60 per gallondepending on where you are) and how expensive your registration will become. No politician will allow anything that doesnt INCREASE their cash haul. Then the politician will be replaced with someone who works for the people and not only the super rich. Someone who doesnt waste trilions $$ on military and invests in infrastructure and clean energy instead. Like so Nice dream huh Choice is yours tho fight like cats n dogs or . .
free radical 02/07/21 10:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Have to wonder how this will effect the EV aficionados

What energy sources are used to make these computer products we are all typing on ? Was your device made in China.? Then probably renewable energy such as solar or wind or hydro
free radical 02/07/21 09:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

I guess when somebody pays big bucks for something novel, there will be a need to reinforce that they made the right decision. Hence the level of vitriol by those that believe. As a strategist, my mind gravitates to "what can go wrong", and my mind says lots can go wrong right now. Power infrastructure is so bad that western states have to shut down the grid when the wind blows; something that was unheard of 5 years ago--and I predict is the new norm (2019, 2020 and 2021?). Demand for electricity will increase when the economy recovers from COVID and as the Green New Deal retires "dirty" power generating plants, how/where will the shortfall of power be produced? IMO, EV owners subscribe to the strategy of "hope"; hope that government will continue to subsidize both the manufacture/sell of EV and charging stations. The subsidy I am referring is "tax credits" which is a simple scheme to move money from my pocket into yours. Hope that the lower price/kWh for EV power will continue. Hope they can continue to avoid paying gas tax (ICE pays for the roads). Hope that recharging stations will miraculously appear everywhere....yeah I know, lots of hope that others will do the right thing, at the right time. IMO, a strategy based on hope is destined for failure; seldom will people/governments do the right thing, at the right time. Case in point: Government's response to COVID-19; Federal, State and Local governments failed us. Not takin virus seriously was obviously presidents fault even tho he knew it was very deadly. Hopefuly new guy will do better. PRC got few new cases in one city and they shut everything down again And test everyone Proper response Btw Tesla paid for SChargers network with their own money, why cant other auto makers do the same?
free radical 02/01/21 09:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

Mining for Lithium is substantialy less harmful then driling for oil. And cobalt is used for refining gasoline btw !...You obviously have never visited a mining and a drilling site. Actualy I have,,used to work on Alberta tar sands,does that count? Also Lithium can be made from salt water fyi
free radical 02/01/21 09:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: You have 13 yrs 11 mths left to buy a GM gas or dsl vehicle

Mining for Lithium is substantialy less harmful then driling for oil. And cobalt is used for refining gasoline btw ! “Simple is hard,” Musk addressed shareholders on Battery Day on creating Tesla’s 4680 battery cell. Essentially a rolled-up copper material allows for a shorter distance for electrons to travel to reduce resistance, heat, components, and manufacturing costs. Tesla announced that they are already integrating the new batteries into EVs. Tesla is moving away from cobalt materials and plans to mine for Lithium in Nevada, where there is a vast amount of lithium that can be found in clay.
free radical 01/31/21 07:57pm Tow Vehicles
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