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RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Some honest Info on Covid19 from S.Korean doctor
free radical 03/28/20 09:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford, GM, FCA Agree to Shut Down US Plants

I think if you check it was the Chinese who let it get out of control. Or did they Tramp started the Trade war w China and sudenly theres bad Virus Peculiar coincidence yes Or bit of Bio warfare maybe
free radical 03/26/20 07:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Whatever you do stay away from Mexico the wall would be good idea right now with this careless behavior
free radical 03/26/20 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Frog in fresh water holding tank!

ok, how does one know they have a frog in the tank? By Hearing ribbit ribbit ribbit sound :B
free radical 03/26/20 07:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Interesting times to be shopping for my new truck camper

I buy when the price is right and pay cash always that way I avoid payin interest and worries about repos. Last time I bought new truck was in 08 when GM had the fire sale and got great deal on it,stil drive it bc it works fine.
free radical 03/26/20 07:03pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Diesel Brothers

I am far more concerned about Kim Jong Un rockets than Elon's. Me too, just like I am far more concerned with the millions of tons of emissions Elons rockets and private jets than the grams of emissions diesel brother's trucks. There would be no need for personal jets IF we could build proper high speed trains like China and Japan do Our railways are a joke compared to this Btw Jpan bulet trains have perfect safety record over 40 years running Now even faster Maglev is coming Shinkansen food service
free radical 03/24/20 08:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford, GM, FCA Agree to Shut Down US Plants

This is one of the reasons why automotive industry should stay in the US instead of moving production overseas, especially China. We have become dependent on overseas manufacturering and when that supply chain is severed it shuts down production. That dont make any sense If you want to sell overseas you must have factories there also. Everyone does btw our leaders should grow some brains and do like Chinese Ie work on PREVENTION of spreading the virus in the first place instead of playing catch up now In China its mandatory to wear protective face masks when outside and life goes on just fine w people working,incuding the Tesla factory
free radical 03/24/20 07:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford, GM, FCA Agree to Shut Down US Plants

Mitsubishi built 10,939 A6M Zero's as wel Mitsubishi Trucks or Fuso, are owned by Mercedes Benz. What is intetesting their heavier Trucks are not sold in the US. Their MDT versions are Labelled " The Fighter" Too much competition for domestics to handle maybe LOL
free radical 03/24/20 07:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: virus

I Wear a protective face mask like doctors do when in crowded places and wash hands often. If you do that you should be fine,just don hug or kiss any strangers Lol Also use it properly Here In China its mandatory for everyone to wear mask and life goes on just fine Maybe all countries should do this Share w everyone thnx
free radical 03/24/20 07:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

I wouldnt travel anywhere unless absolutely needed.that said If Your RV is your home you wont be breaking any laws imo,worst they can order you stay in your home RV for 14 days if tested positive. Ive heard trucker on radio saying many truck stop restaurants are closed so you should have enough food w you. Also US Canada border is closed to non esential travel Virus from infected people is spread mostly thru air coughin sneezing up to 3 meters distance Simply wearing protective face mask like doctors do would PREVENT many infections Most important Everyone should learn how to use it safely In China everyone must wear mask when outside and life goes on just fine Maybe all countries should do the same.
free radical 03/24/20 07:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

Fwiw in China big cities social distancing is imposible so everyone must wear protective face mask and life goes on just fine Also Chinese dont use cash too much now,its all electronic payments Why dont all countries folow such simple preventive measure?
free radical 03/24/20 07:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

How to use mask properly
free radical 03/22/20 09:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

In China its mandatory for everyone to wear special protective mask when outside. Maybe we should do the same here just to be safe. Problem is I couldnt find these masks anywhere even Amazon is completely sold out so I wear simple painters dust mask when going shoping,its better then nothing.
free radical 03/22/20 08:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Brothers

I have preached "FAIR TRADE" for many years, NOT Free Trade! You want to sell your stuff here fine but it needs to be made with same Labor and Environmental regulations we impose on our Businesses. Good idea,wanna tell that to Apple company!?
free radical 03/22/20 08:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Brothers

I also think it is a bit ironic that the government is cracking down on diesel brothers yet Elon Musk can blast all those Kerosene(#1 diesel fuel) rockets in the air each one worth the emissions of hundreds of thousands of these trucks. I guess if you have enough money and lobby the right people, then you have free reign to make your own rules and do as you please. Then you have Elon and all the rest of those movie stars/entertainers/sports players fly around in their private jets, helicopters; have exotic cars and yachts living in multiple houses telling use that we should not pollute the air they breathe. That we have to pay extra for these emissions equipment for their clean air. Each one of them probably put more carbon and NOx in the air then hundreds of the diesel brothers yet the diesel brothers are the bad guys here. Go figure.... :h Theres a big difference between blowing dirty smoke on purpose on the street makin people sick, And business people using jets to get to get business done on time, all the polution stays up there and doesnt bother anyone, exept birds maybe
free radical 03/22/20 08:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

This presentation (very short) by Chicago epidemiologist Dr. Emily Landon should be required for everyone: The two key quotes: "If we let every patient with this infection infect three more people and then each of them infect two or three people, there won’t be a hospital bed when my mother can’t breathe very well or when yours is coughing too much." and: " Why ask so much of people for just a few hundred cases? Because it’s the only way to save lives. And now is the time. The numbers you see today in the news are the people who got sick a week ago. And there are so many people who got sick today who haven't even noticed that they got sick yet. They picked up the virus and it'll take a week to see that show in our numbers. Waiting for hospitals to be overwhelmed will leave the following week’s patients with nowhere to go. In short, without taking drastic measures, the healthy and optimistic among us will doom the vulnerable. We need to fight this fire before it grows too high. But these extreme restrictions may seem in the end a little anticlimactic because it’s really hard to feel like you’re saving the world when you’re watching Netflix on your couch but, if we do this right, nothing happens. Yes. A successful shelter in place means that you will feel like it was all for nothing. And you would be right. Because “nothing” means that nothing happened to your family and that's what we are going for here." In China its mandatory to wear a mask when in public Maybe it should be the same here also
free radical 03/21/20 11:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

China seems to be on the downhill side of this outbreak. They say the incidence of new cases as well as the incidence of deaths in China have both declined for the past month. China's population is 1.435 Billion. Total deaths attributed to this virus, as of now, stands at 3,255. If my math is correct, that's a mortality rate of 0.00022% of the population in the nation that was the origin and epicenter of the disease. (Mortality rates are supposed to be calculated versus total population, but many news sources are figuring death number versus number diagnosed with the disease, a misleading statistic if it's called "mortality rate.") Chine is the king of misinformation. State run media, health care, completely communist society...yet we are to believe what they’re saying? Much of China is on some form of lockdown/quarantine/whatever...but they are reporting that their factories are operating at nearly full capacity. Huh??? How is that possible? Well...they lie!! That doesnt make any sense Why would China leaders need to lie? All workers wear protective masks and avoid physical contact,easy to do imo. Tesla China factory runs just like that even now. Did you know that China has the largest number of Billionares in the world! Seems like their style o Comunism isnt all that bad. China health care may not be perfect but with population of 1.4 bilion Its doing ok and Everyone is covered
free radical 03/21/20 11:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: coronavirus...put it into perspective

Diabetes can be mitigated by less beer and ice cream. Made my day to not see bacon on that list :). Besides, it any residual physical effects of catching and surviving this that I don't want to have to live with. Dave Its a great secret doctors dont want us to know, bacon makes people live longer :B
free radical 03/21/20 09:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: New rv's

I like bright and shiny cheerful interiors,maybe our manufacturers should take a hint from these Ausie trailers
free radical 03/21/20 09:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Corona Virus and RV Travel Video

Reason for shortages are horders like this buying everything and trying to resel for more
free radical 03/20/20 09:36pm Around the Campfire
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