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RE: What's the Market Like out there for buying used?

I was just at the rv show last weekend in Dallas. Have a list of 10 or so 5th wheels we're interested in. Back in 2020, had also listed the prices. Updated my list after the rv show- prices on those same 5th wheels have gone up 40%-100% in the span of less than 2 years. So- point is- while it may seem a tad high...everything is these days. The RV market is booming. So like others said- if you like it, and its in your budget, get it.
frisco_dave 03/03/22 06:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Running a board across the 2 ibeams is a great idea! Hadn't thought about that. While the strap may look loose, it was pretty taught. But agree- ideally supported from above so will run a board across.
frisco_dave 12/19/21 11:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Update: Applied the fix today. I did opt for socket saver solution. Everything worked ok- socket saver cleared out the hub from what I could tell, but- new pipe was only going in about .5", to which- I was uncomfortable with that. Would have liked a little more pipe into the hub. I bored out the hole quite a few times, new material was coming out. Not sure if there was perhaps a small sliver on the side I couldn't fully see that was causing blockage on the new pipe or not. In any event, I opted for the Fernco coupling solution at that point. Think it worked well. The coupling was "1.5 hub"/"1.5 pipe". This may have been the best solution anyway, as it provides flexibility at the stress point now. Also added a pipe strap at the elbow. Thanks to all for your help. I now have knowledge, tools and supplies to make abs repairs in the future if I need to do anything at the campsite- woot!
frisco_dave 12/18/21 09:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Mobeewan- thanks for the follow-up. Makes sense. I was looking at the pipe going into the 1.5" female reducer, and not seeing any seam whatsoever. Clear now that KZ "welded" the 2 together with either a heat gun or a bunch of abs cement on the seam. Socket saver is in, so will pick up tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for all the help. While I'll have dealt with fixing sprinkler system, and bathroom pvc plumbing, this was somewhat new, so- have learned a lot.
frisco_dave 12/16/21 08:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Had seen some pics from JBarca, and he used the pipe straps for support. Was gonna do the same, but hadn't thought about supporting the elbow. Thanks for the callout.
frisco_dave 12/12/21 07:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Update: Below is a pic of the whole grey tank run- just as JBarca said- 2 elbows, and then out into the drain valve. The grey tank itself is bolted into the frame- 3 bolts on each side, for a total of 6. I didn't really feel any movement in the tank itself. Felt pretty solidly attached to the frame. The more I thought on it, I do think the dips in the road on the last trip caused excessive bouncing of the trailer at 60mph speeds, and- what did the pipe in. Where the crack is (to the right in the below pic, almost against the "collar"), there is no hub to which the pipe is going into. The "collar" is physically part of the pipe. This leaves out the option of using a boring tool to clean out any pipe in the hub (I did order the tool though. Good to have in the arsenal). While I'm fairly certain that the Fernco coupling (hub one end, pipe the other) will fit over the "collar", once I cut the pipe, if the Fernco coupling doesn't fit, then I'm screwed. And hence...going with the "fiber screen mesh with abs cement, 3 layers" solution from JBarca 1st. I'll drill a small hole at each end of the crack, and then go from there. Will also add a Fernco coupling (pipe one end, pipe the other) in the middle of that run to give flexibility. In another post, saw Gdetrailer also suggested cutting an abs pipe lengthwise for a 1/2 moon, and applying that over the patch (abs cement on the 1/2 moon and the pipe, and then slipping the abs 1/2 moon onto current pipe, thus forming a bond). Potentially a next step down the road if needed. "border=0"
frisco_dave 12/12/21 04:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

same- got a roll of rescue tape in the rv toolbox
frisco_dave 12/07/21 09:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Excellent!! Knew you guys would come through with a lot of good ideas. Knew what I kinda wanted to do, but just am not that familiar with abs plumbing options, and youtube was really of no help for my specific issue. @time2roll- initially had thought of using a "plastimend" type solution, but I had concerns with the length of the crack, and all the jostling that would still take place. I'd probably be right back to square 1 again in 6 mths - 1 yr. @JBarca- you are right on!! The pipe is routed into an elbow on the outside of the pic, and- going on memory here- think that then routes into another elbow, and then into the drain dump valve. I do know that the metal "hangers" do come down from the top. Just can't remember if they wrap underneath the grey tank, and- if the grey tank is also sitting on a crossbar of the metal frame. I'll need to look next time I'm out, and if as you say- will need to work on supporting it more. And I'm right with you on the fernco and flexability- that's also why I kinda prefer this solution at least somewhere along that pipe. And- never travel with the grey/black tanks full. Always dump before we leave. I do, however, travel with about 1/4 tank of freshwater, so that we can effectively have use of water if needed. After more research around the fernco and sizes, learned you have "pipe" inputs and "hub" inputs, and this may do the trick- one end fits a 1 1/2" "hub" (this would be what I call the collar), and the other end fits a 1 1/2" pipe: HomeDepot Fernco 1 1/2" Here was the quick video that turned the light bulb on for me around "oh- they also have "hub" ends and "pipe" ends for fernco". Some of you know this already. Again...I'm a noob for abs plumbing and what all the different options are :-) The Hub and Pipe Concept for Fernco @mobeewan- holy cow dude- you see my city, then go the extra mile of looking up local home depot/lowes to see what's in stock- love it!! Didn't even know there was such a thing as the socket saver- so- this is fantastic! If I cut the pipe, and the fernco doesn't fit, and/or I learn more once I cut it and can peer into the hole, the socket saver is a great fallback option and would, on paper, seem like a perfect solution. If this thing works, I think the ideal solution may be to fit another pipe into the grey tank opening, then use a rubber coupling to attach to the rest of the pipe run before the elbow. This way, it does exactly what JBarca said- gives that pipe run some movement flexibility instead of being extra rigid. @ssthrd- will look into. Could be a very viable option also. Again- thanks all. Gives me some definite concrete options to go on. More than I had when I posted.
frisco_dave 12/06/21 03:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Grey tank ABS pipe leak

Trailer is a KZ Coyote, 10 years old. I think over time, the bumpy roads have just done it in. The last trip we took, while the highway was paved, there were a lot of dips in the road, which I suspect pushed it over the edge. I believe the "collar" right after the pipe to be plastic, but to your point- I just don't know what pieces have been spin welded into the grey tank. To me, the "collar" almost seems like part of the 1.5" abs pipe, but- if that's "glued" onto the other pieces at the right, then probably not getting it off. Hence, my thought of cutting if flush at the collar, and then use some sort of rubber coupling over the collar
frisco_dave 12/05/21 03:15pm Travel Trailers
Grey tank ABS pipe leak

On my last camping trip, noticed a small wet spot under the trailer as we were about to pull out and leave. Turns out- a hairline crack in the grey tank ABS pipe leaving the grey tank. The crack has gotten large enough that I believe I need to cut the pipe and try to patch with a rubber coupling, as opposed to some sort of jb weld solution. Question is- how to approach that? I'd like to cut the pipe flush with the collar, and have a rubber coupling (a Fernco coupling perhaps) go over the collar on one end, and then into the 1.5" abs pipe on the other end, but- I'm not sure what size the rubber coupling needs to be to fit over the collar...if it's even made in that size. Or- other suggestions on how I should approach a fix?
frisco_dave 12/05/21 02:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Posting pictures within text messages

frisco_dave 12/05/21 02:08pm Forum Posting Help and Support
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