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RE: Out with the old in with the new

With the covid-19 we only did two camping trips and a few day trips last year ( 2020 ), we went camping New Years Eve ( 20 20 ) and New Years Day( 2021 ) ! So Out with the old in with the new! We hope to do a lot more camping this year, we have a few winter places to go too. Do any of you B or Camper van people have any winter or springs camping plans ? Here are a few pictures of the State Park campground with elect and water and only 40 miles from home . Have Good New Year with lots of camping, Jay We spent our summer in different places in Alaska seeing sights while social distancing. We live here so it was easy to just hop in and decide we were going to spend the night somewhere. Our local campgrounds were very busy all summer. With our Class B we could fit in various locations. We have two local stores which allow overnighters. If we could not find a camping spot which allowed for a safe distance, we spent the night at one of these places after hitting the beach or a trail. We don't plan much, but this summer we will head north as far as possible. I doubt that the Canadian border will be open except for through travel, so we will stay in AK if it is not. If things with COVID look better we will do a social distancing/isolating trip to see our son in NY. Happy camping everyone!
fullmoonoversalem 01/12/21 07:57pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Comparing 3 Class Bs

magicbus, I agree on the huge price difference between B and C. Having a beer budget I can't justify a B vs C. Certainly if the OP wishes to full time a C may be a better choice. We looked at small class C RVs (View and similar), but we needed something that we could use as a second vehicle, and can park in our apartment complex. This fit the bill. We would prefer the storage and space of the View but could not keep in the lot at our apartment, and the B that we got drives like a car. Having this B was a blessing this summer with the social distancing. We could go places, get out of the apartment (campgrounds here were crowded) and park overnight easily. We now note it as our rolling restroom that we miss in the winter. We could use it in the winter and have done so until the roads get bad. Our fifth wheel had delamination problems, so we like the metal body on our van. The View would be our first choice is we were full time, but after an extended trip we think we could stay sane and still speak if we were to full time in our B.
fullmoonoversalem 01/12/21 07:49pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Comparing 3 Class Bs

Take off your list any that don’t meet your bathroom needs including fresh water and waste tank capacities. Water is the limiting factor with RVs. Have a pro inspect the unit but even then all those you mentioned are 20+ years old. Absolutely agree! Especially with the bathroom. Bs have minimum facilities usually, but we found ours to be sufficient. Getting used of any age needs a professional inspection. Most, I think, trade in or sell because of size needs, but I have seen it used as an excuse for a plethora of problems.
fullmoonoversalem 01/12/21 06:35pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I am now "terricited"

Weather on that part of Alaska can be a problem - I seem to remember seeing that Ketchikan has around 270 days of rain per year. We did a very similar cruise with a company called UnCruise in a boat that held 80 guests and another cruise in the Hawaii Islands in a boat that carried 36. Both were great and I highly recommend them. They have all kinds of cruises ranging from the Galapagos Islands to inland river trips. The crews on these boats are great but we found that the passengers were almost all very interesting people that shared our love for the same things that interested us. I'm well aware of the weather. They actually do have some sunny days. I'm not there to soak up the sun in my bikini (good thing for everyone on board!) and I have good rain gear. We were in Alaska in 2019 during the heat wave. I would have preferred the rain. I've done remote travel where there's only been 6-8 people at the lodges and I agree-they are the best part. Even a rainy day in Alaska is better than a sunny day anywhere else. ;)
fullmoonoversalem 11/04/20 07:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: I am now "terricited"

I would love to do that Alaska Cruise. I live here but have not seen the southeastern part. How do you deal with the hoards of people? I want to do this but I cringe thinking about being on a ship with thousands of people. There are other cruises I would like to do also. My dream at one time was to cruise to the Antarctic.
fullmoonoversalem 11/04/20 04:13am Around the Campfire
RE: On the road breakdown stories..

July 3,2019 in 98 degree heat, 90% humidity, 5,000+ miles from our home in AK we had a major breakdown in NY state. We were driving happily along climbing a long hill when suddenly the dashboard lit up including the CEL. We were able to get to a safe place at the top of the hill to pull over. We were able to get a tow with a wait time of 1.5 hours, someone who really did not know how to handle towing our class B Galleria. This happened just before close of business on the day before a holiday so getting the tow and a rental meant a lot of coordination and rushing around. Thank goodness for generators and air conditioning that work well. We were towed to the Sprinter/Mercedes dealer in Albany, NY about an hour's drive away who let us know after a wait of a few days that we had a major oil leak due to our "free" oil change that we did not ask for. Apparently Midas in Soldotna, AK used an aftermarket filter which had a gasket that leaked and caused deterioration of the belts. As a result, the belt was caught up in the engine and fan parts. After almost 2 weeks, we got the Galleria back. The service people were really great, but because Midas did the oil change there was no warranty for this episode. The guys there took the engine apart 3 (I think) times before they were able to get all the debris out of the engine. We still had a lot of oil in the engine so we were lucky there, but we drove more than 5,000 miles with that incorrect oil filter and gasket. This could have been a financial disaster. As it was it used up a lot of our "vacationing" budget for our trip and we did not get to do all the things we got to do. The thing is, we did NOT need - or want an oil change. We took our rig to Midas to have the brakes and tires checked on our trailer for the trip. They threw in the oil change. Up till this time they were very good with all of our vehicles, but they were in the middle of a change in management, I guess. We normally do not let anyone but Sprinter service touch our van. I was going to tell about the time my husband had me drive our 5th wheel through a cornfield to park it in our yard, but he didn't think it was a good idea. Sure, the ground was solid, no mud. Right? We had to wait 3 hours for GSC to send us a tow, but our son got us out.
fullmoonoversalem 11/04/20 04:06am General RVing Issues
RE: What Did You Do To Your Class B Today ?

Did some social distancing looking out at the Cook Inlet. Pretty even if it is cloudy. Yesterday I took my loom out to sit in the parking lot and weave while listening to an audiobook.
fullmoonoversalem 10/27/20 07:49pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Is anyone doing anything fun lately?

POORBOY: I remember being in Tioga as a kid. Is it still pretty there?
fullmoonoversalem 09/17/20 10:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Is anyone doing anything fun lately?

Social distancing in Alaska with our Class B. We are planning a trip to the Fairbanks area with hopes of catching an aurora. With the exception of the dip netting season, Alaska has been really good this year for finding the out of the way campground, or side road pull off. We hope to continue until the snow falls. We are doing the porta potty thing and carrying our own water. We already had a few nights of frost, but not too heavy. Temps in the 30s at night and about 60 during the day.
fullmoonoversalem 09/17/20 02:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

We are using our Class B as another room in our small apartment during the time of social distancing/quarantine. We have campgrounds, back roads, pull off areas along the highway. We find that at the campgrounds people are sticking to their own groups with the social "wave" as they walk past our van. It has been pleasant. I now wish I had held out for a 4-season, 4wd Class B so we could do the same in the winter.
fullmoonoversalem 05/26/20 08:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Class B camper Van

We did downsize from A to B and love it. My advice would be to decide what you want to do and then look at what is out there. For instance, do you want to overland, winter camp, type of battery, solar, heating system, generator, etc. Seeing that you are in WI, you might like to have one that is good for winter camping. I do wish we have been able to get a 4 season like the Winnebago Revel, but the layout is not that good for someone with disabilities. We ended up with a Galleria from Coachmen and love it. We went cross country and back, towing a 16 foot trailer (AK to NY and back) and it worked really well. I had been thinking of converting to Lithium batteries, but after last winter decided not to do so. Too cold up here in Alaska. If we had a place to plug in and run a heater yes. There are smaller C RVs out there that are excellent too. Good luck with your search.
fullmoonoversalem 04/30/20 12:06am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Is Socializing a Dying Thing in the RV Community?

I think rally's appeal to different types of people. Im not anti-social, but I don't necessarily enjoy the mass gatherings of people in an RV rally atmosphere. I can sorta understand the new towable folks being a tad clannish. Remember, the "perception" likely was/is, "the coach folks opened up FMCA to towables because they needed new members in order to quit losing money". That may or may not be true, but I suspect when they arrived, and saw all the coach guys, they probably did just migrate to other towable folks. Honestly, I might have done the same, who knows. I was at one campround a couple years ago, where there was a FMCA rally going on. Two folks left me with a bad impression for all. Doubt their behavior was indicative of the group at large, but it just seemed like "arrogance". One, an older lady, would take her dog out to do it's doo, and she let it do it's doo right in front of our friends 5th wheel... and of course never bothered to pick it up. I didn't find out about that until the last day, because I surely would have called her out. Anyways, it's not surprising that like personnel are a tad clannish. Mike I think in the case of towables and others, people tend to gravitate towards people who have equipment like their own. We find that now that we have a B other B people come to meet us. I, personally, like to see what is out there, but unless I am going to a rally, etc., we kind of stick to ourselves. Mostly because we RV to "get away" from people. After we retired we did a lot of volunteering in situations where we had to deal with people, and enjoy being on our own after all that.
fullmoonoversalem 04/24/20 01:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Top Class Bs for towing?

Decision made. Found a 2012 Roadtrek w/ 6.0 that I am picking up on Tuesday. Can't wait. Congratulations! May you have many miles of good times and memories.
fullmoonoversalem 04/24/20 01:00am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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