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RE: New truck pricing

I was thinking that exact same thing seeing pictures of rows incomplete vehicles waiting for chips/etc. With the end of the model year approaching and knowing Tesla has over a million preorders for their fast coming Cybertruck (maybe not something us RVers would want but still digging into truck sales overall), it seems like the legacy manufacturers will feel the need to chop prices dramatically to move the backlog once they obtain parts to finish them. I kind of doubt finishing those trucks is only a matter of plugging in a part and shipping them. I would think the vehicle would still need final inspections back on the line and then need to be loaded and shipped. I wouldn't think those trucks would be at dealers until at least September when buyers would be expecting to see 2022s. With GM and Ford teetering, this might be the end of one of them.
garyemunson 07/24/21 03:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: onan 4k gen

Try prying off the limiting cap on the altitude adjuster so you can open it a little more. If that cures it, the main jet needs to be cleaned.
garyemunson 06/29/21 05:56pm Tech Issues
RE: New wallpaper

Use Zinsser Shieldz primer otherwise wallpaper will fall off! Home Depot has it.
garyemunson 06/29/21 05:54pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: High Altitude AC use causing Onan generator to die

You can pry the little black limiter cap off the altitude adjuster to allow you to open the adjustment a little further. That will probably temporarily fix your issue. The jet that the altitude adjuster varies the size of is likely partially clogged. That (main jet) jet is right at the bottom of the float bowl and if any gas is left in the carb during storage, that is where the deposit builds up as it evaporates. Will cause low-power lean running that will stall the genny if a significant load is put on it. If that strategy gets it working OK again, plan on cleaning the carb jets once you are done using the RV. Onan discourages cleaning the carbs to sell new ones. Really are not too many "mechanics" capable of doing that anymore anyway. They are good, reliable carburetors that generally just have "dirty jet" issues. The main jet at the bottom of the float bowl is the most important and most often overlooked. Tricky to clean as the fuel supply enters it sideways from the altitude adjuster screw. A good overnight soak of the metal parts in lacquer thinner and "rodding out" of the passages with a broom straw (DO NOT use anything metal or you WILL be buying a new carb!!) will do the trick.
garyemunson 06/24/21 06:28am Tech Issues
RE: Smoke coming out under hood Class C Majestic, What is it?

Wires on that look too small for the emergency start circuit. Probably going to need to follow those 6 wires to see where they go.
garyemunson 06/05/21 08:01am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Bedroom Slide Issue

Is it one that needs to be lubricated and if so, have you been doing it? Also, look under the front edge to inspect the rollers. Older RVs with leaking slides will have the bottom of the slide box deteriorating and the rollers pushing up into it. That calls for a slide rebuild. We really need to know the brand of slide mechanism to help more.
garyemunson 06/05/21 07:45am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge runs warm when temperature climbs into high 80s

I added 2 fans to the top vent of our Norcold. Used 2 small car radiator fans wired in series to slow and quiet them down. HUGE difference in hot weather operation.
garyemunson 05/25/21 05:21am Tech Issues
RE: Tire life

A full set of tires is far cheaper than the damage one that blows out at speed can do.
garyemunson 03/14/21 09:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge Fan (rear) help.

This was the result. Used two aluminum bars to mount them, used the original thermostat, left the two old noisy fans disconnected but in place. These move enough air any obstructions are meaningless.
garyemunson 03/14/21 09:09am Tech Issues
RE: Fridge Fan (rear) help.

I put two of these behind the top fridge vent. I wired them in series to slow and quiet them down. We had been camping in the Southwest a lot a couple years ago and I was wanting to move more air. Work beyond my expectation, the fridge stayed cold in 100+ degree days.
garyemunson 03/14/21 09:03am Tech Issues
RE: Denso A/C Controls need Repair - How to get to them?

Do you have the manual? In my FB group "Winnebago Vista 36Y owners", I have a "files" section with the Denso manual.
garyemunson 03/06/21 06:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Carefree Awning strut replacement

Should be a number on the strut itself.
garyemunson 02/28/21 05:39pm Tech Issues
RE: best way to test house batteries ?
garyemunson 02/13/21 08:33am Class A Motorhomes

I'm so bummed that my favorite drinking water safe hose is no longer available. It rolls up flat on an included reel like a fire hose. I bought the last two an online RV shop in Utah had and when the second one dies I guess I'll have to try a Zero G.
garyemunson 01/20/21 03:44am Tech Issues
RE: Electric Van hool coach. Predecessor to first elec cls A?

Actually, "stop and go" is the electric vehicle's forte. Regenerative braking helps extend range and lower speeds are much more efficient for electric vehicles. Reno NV has a number of electric busses in their fleet. Not a city bus rider but took a short trip on one to see what it was like. The silence and lack of vibration was impressive. I'm waiting to see if the Lordstown Motors/CW joint venture works. CW will have to up their service game but with their connection with Good Sam parks to install chargers, there is the promise of actually being able to have a usable electric RV. It wouldn't work for everyone but an RV that could cover 300 miles on a charge would probably suffice for 80% of the RVers out there. We rarely exceed that on a normal day. We have been driving an electric car for almost 9 years now and have gotten quite used to "filling up" for about 1/3 the price of a fossil fuel vehicle. Often overlooked is the fact every morning you leave the house with a "full tank". A different experience from something that uses gas. It got even better 3 years ago when we installed solar on the house and started charging for free. You also appreciate the practically non-existent maintenance on an electric vehicle.
garyemunson 12/29/20 03:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2006 Itasca SunCruiser 35A

The Workhorse chassis is a good one but with the medium truck part of Workhorse corporation long gone, the availability of chassis specific parts is getting worse. You can still get pretty much everything but the NAPA/AutoZone/OReilley's is much more likely to have Ford F53 parts on the shelf than Workhorse items. Our previous motorhome was on a WH chassis and there were a few experiences where we had to wait to have a part shipped in, something that would likely been available over the counter if we were on a Ford chassis. Was another consideration that led us to upgrade to a new Winne on an F53. The Workhorse chassis was an extra cost item that was ordered less than F53s so there are less of them out there for that reason, too, along with normal attrition that affects both chassis (and the F53s are being replenished while Workhorses are not).
garyemunson 12/22/20 06:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: free tv

All depends where you live. Here out West, the majority of good places to RV will not have sufficient cell service (or ANY!) to stream TV from your phone. Same with over-the-air TV. We have used Dish for years for what I feel is the best solution. When dry camping, it's usually no problem orienting our RV to get a clear shot of the Southern sky. Having a mountain in the way is pretty hard to compensate for and those are also the places least likely to have cell service (or OTA). When utilizing RV parks, satellite has been around so long now they all understand "satellite friendly" spaces and if one is open will gladly direct you to one. We do not go camping to watch TV but when I get up in the morning, I enjoy catching up on the news while I drink my morning coffee. I like the solitude out there but I also prefer to have some idea what's going on in the rest of the world. I come across a lot of people who don't want the extra cost of satellite service. I decided long ago that RVing is not a "bargain" activity so have resigned myself to just paying the freight for those things that make it more enjoyable.
garyemunson 12/22/20 05:43am Technology Corner
RE: Rear Slide Control Board died
garyemunson 12/21/20 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ideal RV space size for new park?

Put hookups in the center of the "run". This way spaces can be utilized as "buddy" spots where RVs can pull in alternate directions to put door sides together. The one pulling in "backwards" hooks up by pulling utilities under their RV.
garyemunson 12/19/20 07:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: low coolant / add water?

Always use coolant. Distilled water will dilute what is there, raising the freezing temp. Adding a little coolant will not cause any problem of increasing the coolant concentration. You don't ever want to run pure coolant but just topping off is far from that.
garyemunson 12/15/20 04:41am Class A Motorhomes
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