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RE: 2006 winnebago adventure fresh water drain valve leaking

Fresh water tank uses a blade valve? My 2015 has a ball valve.
garyemunson 01/17/20 10:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Norcold fridge

Flame sensor could be bad. Cheaper to try that than buy a new board only to find the sensor is bad.
garyemunson 01/17/20 10:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Water Pumps

Get the split foam pipe insulation tubes. You can usually slide them over piping and get them to go quite a ways back into places the pipes are banging around in.
garyemunson 01/16/20 05:28am General RVing Issues
RE: New Source of TV While on the Road

We use an automatic "Tailgater" dish on the RV roof and use the same box in the house and RV (Wally). Just 1 bill. Fiddled with using the phone but living out West, just too many camping opportunities that are beyond good cell data range. Sat is always there.
garyemunson 01/15/20 06:31am Technology Corner
RE: RV Insurance

I hate how insuance companies all seem to operate the same. Once you are a policyholder, they increase your rate every year at a pace higher than insurance rate inflation. After about 3-4 years you will save money by getting quotes again and switching companies. 3-4 years later, repeat. AARP/Hartford had the best rates last time we switched and included RV towing at no additonal charge.
garyemunson 01/15/20 06:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Suburban furnace issue

I'd suspect the high temp limit switch is failing and opening at too low a temperature.
garyemunson 01/15/20 06:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Sylvania Microwave Oven - SC-11100

Drew reminded me of my experience with a dead microwave in the 70s when they had first come out. I'd bought one from Sears and after about a week, it made some arcing noises and stopped working. It took the Sears repair depot a few weeks to figure out what was wrong (they'd never seen one before) and after I picked it up, a few days later the same thing happened. Back it went. This time they fixed it quick (now they knew what was was a failed high voltage rectifier). Got it back and the FIRST use it made the sound again. I yanked the cord from the wall to try to prevent any more damage. A good friend and I had recently finished up electronics courses at different schools and of course we each felt we had learned more. The tamper seals were long gone by the Sears shop fiddling so Marvin and I decided to look inside to see if we could see what was wrong. We were stumped as everything looked fine. Then Marvin said let's plug it in and turn it on and see what's arcing! I reminded him that without the covers on, we'd likely be cooked by the microwaves. His response... "We'll wrap ourselves in aluminum foil and watch it through a mirror!". My cooler head prevailed and after removing the high voltage protective cage, we could see where one side of it was "oil canned" in and there was a black spot where the high voltage was jumping from the rectifier to the cage. Simply pushing the cage out so it was "oil canned" away from the terminal rather than toward it cured the problem and I used that microwave for at least 15 years after that!
garyemunson 01/13/20 07:10am Tech Issues
More tire pressure monitor discussion.

People continue to post "China bomb" warnings but in my decades of RVing I've seen plenty of people who have also had Goodyear and other American brand tires fail. I've used TPMS for many years and since making sure all my vehicles have had them, have not had any more tire failures. They have, on a number of occasion prevented one by warning me of loss of tire pressure, usually by a picked up screw or nail. My conviction is the difference in using an RV and your normal car/truck is the secret of the TPMS preventing a failed tire. In your car/truck the overwhelming majority of your driving is less than 50 miles at a time. I believe most tire failures are due to low inflation. When you are in your daily driver and run over a nail, most likely you are going to stop somewhere before the tire loses enough air to actually blow out and the result is you just come back out from your stop to find a flat in the parking lot. With an RV, you drive many miles at a stretch and even though you check the air pressure every morning, as you pull out of the RV park you can pick up a nail and start the deflation process. The likelihood that the tire will blow out, regardless of brand, is very high if you are going to drive 200 miles non-stop to your next destination. When tires fail like this, the guilty nail usually gets flung onto the road with the shed tread and the failure gets blamed on a "cheap tire" when in reality it was the gradual loss of air from a puncture that doomed it. The tire is far too shredded to yield any clue as to what actually happened. I really think TPMS should be required for ALL vehicles, not just passenger cars (the rule now for new vehicles). Big things like Class As are very hard to control when a tire blows out and are often driven by people who have far less road time under their belt than a professional truck driver who is less likely to be taken by surprise by a blow out. Whether you have a TT or motorhome, I strongly suggest you bite the bullet and buy a TPMS. It will pay for itself the first time it lets you know a tire is losing air. You can easily get the issue fixed with a plug or a patch saving the tire rather than having it fail at speed destroying the tire and possibly causing severe vehicle damage or worse, loss of control and a wreck.
garyemunson 01/13/20 06:48am General RVing Issues
RE: GM to introduce electric Hummer

Watching that referenced video, I get a kick out of certain medias making a big deal over the failure of Tesla's window when hit by the bowling ball. It broke but the bowling ball did not go through it. If you were sitting in a normal truck when that bowling ball hit, you'd be dead.
garyemunson 01/13/20 06:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: GM to introduce electric Hummer

3 years of driving a Volt now into 5 years driving Caddy ELR. Both cars yield about 50 miles electric range with careful driving, more than enough for our daily driving now that we are retired. Consequently it is rare for the backup gas engine to run. We've had solar panels on our house over 2 years now. In effect, we charge for free. Would never go back to gas. If the carbon industry would stop spreading lies, more people would realized what a no-brainer electric vehicles have become. They bear the responsibilty why we don't have electric RVs at this point. Once Tesla's semis hit the road, it will only be a matter of time before DPs will go away. The bigger the vehicle, the greater the fuel savings. That, plus the high routine maintainence cost of DPs will doom them. The high cost of DPs will make them the low hanging fruit for displacement with gas rigs to follow as batteries continue to fall in price and increase in capacity.
garyemunson 01/13/20 06:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: "Death Wobble"

Steering stabilizers are pretty much a sure fix for any vehicle that starts doing that from Jeep size to Class A. They are not that difficult to DIY and just work every time, even if the front end is totally worn out.
garyemunson 01/08/20 07:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Florida to Yosemite

Having made many dozens of trips over the decades from Daytona to Reno NV, our hands down favorite "see America" route was I75 up to Tifton GA then 82 all the way to Wichita Falls TX then 287 to Amarillo, then I40 to Kingman AZ. I40 lets you jump off on many old Rt66 alignments, our fav being getting on the section from Seligman to Kingman. 82 goes through many little towns but if you are not in a hurry is a wonderful trip with plenty of RV parks that never need reservations and many interesting people to meet. Regional cuisine is served all along the road. I could give you so many things to see but part of the fun is discovering them yourself.
garyemunson 01/08/20 07:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Propane gas sensor

Bad sensor. Buy a new one.
garyemunson 01/08/20 06:45am Travel Trailers
RE: My electric steps come out when I turn on my headlights

Remember when working of the steps to unplug from 110 and unhook every battery cable (unless you are SURE of which one powers the steps). You do not need it gettin' jiggy when your hands are in there.
garyemunson 01/07/20 09:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sacramento to South Carolina

Love 40. So many opportunities to jump off on historic 66. Rarely take any other road. Can be iffy in Tex and Ok during tornado season.
garyemunson 01/07/20 09:01am Roads and Routes
RE: Self Driving 18 wheeler Going 75 MPH

A few years ago, Freightliner/Mercedes ran an autonomous truck almost non-stop for a year around the state. Saw it a few times on Highway 95 between Reno and Vegas.
garyemunson 01/04/20 05:37am Around the Campfire
RE: Atwood Levelegs

May not be your problem but when my previous RV reached that age I started having problems with the jack motors. Cured by removing the motors and cleaning the commutator and brushes/brush rigging. What was happening on mine was 15 years of "brush dust" was causing the brushes to stick in their rigging and lose good contact with the motor's commutator, getting it burned and nasty. They would start running but any load/binding would just stop the motor. Some fine sandpaper fixed it along with cleaning brushes and brush holders. The first one I pulled the jack off to do it, once I knew how they went together, I was able to do the rest attached with a long socket extension to reach the motor mounting bolts.
garyemunson 01/02/20 08:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Commercial macerator or homemade from garbage disposer

For those that use macerators, is there ever an issue of the black tank not enptying well? I always thought it was important to have plenty of water in the tank so the velocity of it going out the drain would carry the solids with it. Even with the pump, it doesn't seem to me that the velocity of the exiting waste would be anywhere near that going out an open 3" valve and solids would be left behind.
garyemunson 01/01/20 07:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford Engine size

Follow the change interval and use the recommended syn oil and expect to get at least 300K from that engine.
garyemunson 12/26/19 03:49pm Class A Motorhomes
Washing clothes while underway

Those of you with washer/dryers in their RVS, while a dryer usually needs a lot of electricity, are RV inverters usually big enough to run the washer while underway? Seems like that would be a good use of washer time if it was possible... Start the day with enough water in the tank for the wash cycle then dump when you arrive at your destination.
garyemunson 12/25/19 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
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