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RE: Question on buying a "prior salvage tilte" RV

A lot of issues I'd rather avoid.
garyemunson 08/02/20 08:19am Tech Issues
RE: Rodents coming in through engine compartment.....
garyemunson 07/30/20 05:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Simple extension cord

Like said above, turn off breakers for the A/Cs, water heater and microwave. The BIG problem is that it often WON'T trip a breaker. What usually fails first is one end or the other of the extension cord,. The extra draw can easily turn a wall outlet in the house to toast before a breaker trips.
garyemunson 07/30/20 05:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Power boost for Ford 450 V10

The older the V10, the more power Banks systems can give you. As the years went by, Ford pretty much implemented the same strategies as Banks. The gain from their package does not give the gains it once did.
garyemunson 07/27/20 02:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Norcold fridge issue

The good news is that if it works on 120 volts, the cooling unit (most expensive part) is good. May be just a clogged burner or some bad sensor or possibly the control board. Good luck!
garyemunson 07/26/20 06:44am Tech Issues
RE: Battery life 2020 Jayco Precept 34g

Our 2015 Winne has a gas fridge so cannot speak from experience. Had we gotten the same coach with a residential, it would have come from the factory with 4 batteries (gas fridge coaches came with two). I think that would be prudent for you to consider, also.
garyemunson 07/26/20 06:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hello all

Are you sure the outside shower (or inside) doesn't have the valves open but the showerhead closed? That is a frequent issue that "short circuits" the hot water.
garyemunson 07/26/20 06:34am Family Camping
RE: Inverter ?

Our 2015 Winne inverter must be turned manually. We can leave it on and power our fridge on electricity rather than gas but that's not a really heavy gas user. Depending on the size of inverter, everyone's use is probably different. I have not seen one that turns on automatically. The current scheme I've seen with newer RVs is that they default to installing one big enough for a residential fridge whether or not the RV has one. I suspect they do that to salvage sales that might not happen if the buyer wanted a residential instead of gas. Easier to swap the fridges out. We improved the functionality of ours by replacing the 2 12 volt "deep cycles" with 2 golf cart batteries. That let us use our microwave easily at lunch stops without firing up the generator and watch TV as long as we want at night when at dry camping locations.
garyemunson 07/26/20 06:29am Tech Issues
RE: Cracker Barrel

Most Cracker Barrels only have parking spaces for RVs that are "converted" end-to-end double car spots. Our experience is that they do choose parking locations that are easy for us to access with our 36' Winnebago. That said, the spots ARE NOT suitable for longer RVs that are towing. You will likely end up blocking a driving lane. Unless you stop at an off hour when you are able to park along the perimeter with your toad, you may have issues. They are building a new one here in Reno NV and I'm anxious to see how they provide for RV parking with a newly designed facility. Most Cracker Barrels were already built before they realized having a place for us RVers to park would be beneficial. The food is not exceptional but it is very consistent. To us, that has value.
garyemunson 07/26/20 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Banks Exhaust

Quality stuff but every install I heard was too loud for my liking.
garyemunson 07/23/20 06:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electrical - smoked up the cabin

garyemunson 07/23/20 06:30am Tech Issues
RE: Amana gas cooktop ignitor issue

I used one of these to convert to electronic. I got the 4 outlet igniter and used #4 to light the oven pilot, too. I also bought a single pushbutton complete igniter kit just for the electrode and wire. My stove is a Atwood but they are all pretty much the same. Was able to snake the wire down to the oven pilot area and used tie wire to hold the electrode in the correct position to light the pilot. It is FAR more secure than it looks! The screw hole on the electrode slid right over the sensor bulb for the pilot and the wire just keeps it from sliding back off. That is a BIG improvement for an RV range! Not having to crawl around on the floor trying to look in the oven and get the match to the oven pilot was worth it alone. In my case I had to make the hole for the igniter bigger. Used a 1/2" electrician's knockout to enlarge the existing hole from the turn starter.
garyemunson 07/22/20 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: TIRES 22,5

Go to a big truck tire shop. I've found the best prices there. True, the truck tires ride a little harder but that's because they generally are 1-2 load ranges higher than those sold for RVs. They are almost always marked "regroovable", too. For us, that doesn't really matter as we generally "age out" our tires before the tread is gone but I feel better that there is more rubber between what ever I run over and the inside of the tire. One thing I have noticed is that truck tires are always marked for 120 max PSI and the truck shops always set them to that. When you get home just lower it to what is on your RV's tire label or it will ride like a Flintstone car. I find there is a lot more tread left on the truck tire once I hit the 7 year mark and go shopping again. The first time I did this the tire guy had me lift up the Michelin I was replacing and the truck tire I was buying. Truck tire was MUCH heavier. I liked that. Truck tire shop prices are usually about $1000 less than the prices above. I like that, too.
garyemunson 07/16/20 07:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fixing sluggish Dometic awning.

Do the rubber tubes last or do they end up taking a "set" after a while?
garyemunson 07/11/20 07:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Travel Trailer Rubber Roof Blew Off

Doesn't Heartland warranty the roof longer than the rest of the camper? Most manufacturers do. Seems like this says 12 year roof warranty. Regarding your window seals...have you been tightening the inner frame screws annually? That is an important maintenance item. Then replace the Butyl tape sealer after 10 years as it will dry out. The sealer does not really shrink, the flexing of the RV keeps compressing it every time you travel making retightening necessary.
garyemunson 07/10/20 05:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fixing sluggish Dometic awning.

Can you explain where and how that part is installed? Thanks, Gary.
garyemunson 07/10/20 05:08pm Class A Motorhomes
Fixing sluggish Dometic awning.

If you have a Dometic (A&E) 9100 series awning on your RV you may wish to save this post. Last season I started having intermittent issues with our awning not wanting to extend. It would roll out about 6 inches and while the motor kept running, the awning fabric began to unroll in a baggy mess, the arm would not move anymore. I'd have to pull out on the vertical arm and then it would finish extending properly. Back then I just thought it was a lubrication problem and after oiling every moving part, it seemed to be better. The problem came back with a vengeance this season. This time lubricating did nothing. Rooting around the web it seemed the consensus was my gas struts had lost strength. Being they were 5 years old now, I figured that was possible so I ordered and installed new. No help. Wasted my money, the old ones were still perfectly good. Talking to the techs at a local RV shop they insisted the awning was just "worn out" and needed replacing ($1000+ !!!). Called Winnebago and several agents there had no clue but gave me Dometic's hard to get customer service number (800)366-3842. It took 3 agents there but one finally knew of a "bumper kit" for sluggish awnings. Found it online ($50!!) but the only review there was a complaint that it came with zero instructions and the purchaser had no idea how to install it or how it worked and the seller was no help to him, either. The part = 3310777.000 bumper assist kit. Looking at the picture, it seemed to me that all it was just some sort of rubber thing that would push the vertical arm away from the coach when you went to extend the awning. I happened to have some of a dollar store pool noodle left over from making corner guards for the slides so It occurred to me that it might do the job. The noodle was 2 1/4" in diameter and I cut a 2" slice and placed it between the vertical and upper arm. It tucks down in there nicely and seems pretty well trapped in it's location. I did this on each side and, voila! Problem solved! My only concern is whether the noodle will get too compressed and no longer push out on the arm. Time will tell. I may have to devise some sort of spring arrangement.
garyemunson 07/10/20 03:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sagging headliner

Go on eBay and find the color you want. Just like cars back in the 80's your headliner is shot. The foam begins to deteriorate and no matter what you try to re-stick it with, it will only fall down again as the foam continues to turn to dust. MOD'S EDIT: Wow - That link was a doozie. :B I used the Link tool in the editor to make it clickable and more manageable.
garyemunson 07/09/20 04:57pm Tech Issues
Dometic awning issue

Who else has had a problem with their Dometic power awning refusing to extend? The motor runs and the top moves out about 6" then the outward motion stops and it just begins unrolling the fabric out while staying stationary. Pulling the bottom out by hand will help the top move out also and once it is out about 18" it will finish extending on it's own (and will retract just fine). Thought it was a weak gas strut so replaced them both. Knew it was going to be a problem while removing the old struts and seeing that they were still strong. Put the new ones on (what a task!), made sure EVERY joint was lubricated and still no change. What am I missing?
garyemunson 07/09/20 07:08am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How abt a 1999 Winnebago Minnie??

Old Class Cs are notorious for leaks in the front overhang that rot the structure. Not impossible to DIY fix it but a HUGE project. I prefer to just be able to go camping. If I wanted to work, I'd just go to work..get paid for that!
garyemunson 07/09/20 07:01am Class C Motorhomes
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