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RE: Medicare coverage overseas

Does Medicare offer any coverage for overseas travel? From Medicare Thanks for the very informative link. I appreciate it.
georgelesley 02/26/21 08:11am Around the Campfire
Medicare coverage overseas

Does Medicare offer any coverage for overseas travel?
georgelesley 02/26/21 05:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Humble Apology

As a fellow stroke survivor, I applaud the fact you recognize the problem and are working on it. It is one of many after effects some of us have from a stroke that are not immediately obvious. Good luck and happy travels.
georgelesley 02/20/21 05:17am Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

I remember quite a few years ago when they installed one in a little town south of Boston and all the surrounding houses had a suit going against it because it fouled up their Tv reception. I don't know how the suit ever turned out, but now with cable, I doubt if there would be any problem like that. For what it is worth; Every time I see a group of them all I can think is "sky pollution". I think solar cells is the way to go. Guy Until it snows.
georgelesley 02/17/21 07:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Mountain Driving

I believe the gasser doesn't have the Tow Haul mode where you can tap the breaks and slow it down like diesels. When we had a V10 truck and towed a travel trailer, we had to do the slow lane with the semi's and slow it way down, then pump the brakes at the end to keep them from seizing up. Our V-10 gasser does indeed have the tow haul that does downshift with brake taps. Best thing the OP can do is learn to use and live the tow haul feature. Also important to start the down grade at a slow safe speed, not fast.
georgelesley 02/16/21 05:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Braking system required?

The issue is that the question is a bit more complex then one might think, and comes up here often. There are some State laws that are very clear about towing trailers based on the weight of the trailer For example one site I checked says that for Texas you are supposed to have breaks if your trailer is over 4,500# - what's not called out specifically is when does a towed vehicle qualify (if at all) as a trailer. This is where it gets a bit crazy so I am not going to debate that aspect. But for me I'd say anything I tow behind my motorhome is a trailer (for me). So when I had my ATV trailer I had breaks, chains and breakaway system. When I pull my boat, same thing. For for my Jeep I'd want those same features, again this is for me - as the laws can be interpreted different. Your question won't generate a specific yes or no answer regarding at what weight should you have brakes based on the motorhome hitch or capacity. Yep more grey area, isn't this fun? ;) Some of the various State rules get into your ability to stop at a certain distance. Again your question would seem like a simple answer should be available, but I've never found it. My Winnebago owners manual doesn't address it either. To be honest it's going to come down to your own judgement, some basic understanding of your State laws and risk potential. You could talk to the Texas Highway Patrol and they might help you, or you might get more run around. I really wish there was one clean cut answer to give you. If it helps, and you want some good material to put you to sleep here is the RVIA Trailer Brake Requirements by State. If a trailer weighs XX lbs, and a toad also weighs XX lbs, even if the state law is vague, the laws of physics still apply. A fact that as a former insurance agent, I am sure insurance companies would be quick to note as they happily deny your claim. To me, the risk/reward is out of balance.
georgelesley 02/09/21 05:38am Dinghy Towing
RE: Braking system required?

Each state has it’s own rules. Some use actual weight limits, some use a %. Of the towing vehicle. Some require break away switch no matter weight. Considering you are risking other peoples lives in a breakaway situation, think about the possible consequences of saving a few dollars. Also, when in an emergency stopping situation, I have never heard any complaints about having extra braking available it is your choice but know that the laws vary and your insurance may not cover you if you are in violation of a state law.
georgelesley 02/08/21 11:16am Dinghy Towing
RE: Class A travel without interstates

We use the motor carriers (truckers) atlas and avoid big cities. If a big truck can use the road, so can we. For us, the road and what we can see along the way, is the destination. We use interstates seldom.
georgelesley 01/30/21 05:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Keyless Jeeps

The steering wheel does not lock anymore. The steering is now electric.
georgelesley 01/25/21 04:40am Dinghy Towing
RE: Roof replacement

Is the RV stored inside or outside? If outside consider which coating has the best UV protection.. i am presently looking at Invincible Roof because of that very issue.
georgelesley 01/09/21 05:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Reminiscing Part 3, old cell phones

georgelesley 12/24/20 04:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Reminiscing Part 3, old cell phones

I am reminded of an expensive lesson I learned with my first bag phone. One day while in between insurance appointments, i was killing time and called my own number several times and listened to the mail box message. I was not happy when the monthly bill came in and I discovered I had to pay for each of those calls.
georgelesley 12/24/20 04:01am Around the Campfire
RE: Reminiscing Part 3, old cell phones

I am reminded of an expensive lesson I learned with my first bag phone. One day while in between insurance appointments, i was killing time and called my own number and listened to the mail box message. I was not happy when the monthly bill came in and I discovered I had to pay for each of those calls.
georgelesley 12/24/20 04:00am Around the Campfire
RE: How to listen to MY own music on my phone?

It sound like all your music is already on a computer load from CD’s. I had a similar problem loading my music on an IPod. Took the computer and IPod to a local computer guy and paid him to do it. A few days later and maybe $40, it was done. If not all your music is on the computer or CD’s, you have a problem I cannot help you with.
georgelesley 12/21/20 05:01am Technology Corner
RE: Lost two local TV channels, options?

Is there a way to watch an "out of town" game when the local team is playing at the same time on a given network? i.e. My DH would like to watch the Packers (Green Bay) games. We winter near Tampa, so when a network is carrying a game on xxx day at xxx o'clock, all that is shown is the Tampa game. We have most of the streaming network apps, but they know your location and still only present the local teams. Thanks Yes there is a way. I don’t do it but somebody posted this very issue on this thread or the same thread on it is thru a VPN, whatever that is, and you can select different cities for the video feed.. somebody more techy than me can help you I am sure. I do have an idea for that as well. He might go to a city tv station in that area that carries the game he wants, some stream their live content. Look around, enlist a tech person and I am sure you can find a way. I looked at a different forum and found a thing called “locast” that can probably do what you want done. I know nothing about it but it works in several cities around the country. I am using “” per recommendation here, it probably usies a different feed than Tampa, so may well have the games he wants. Lots of possibilities, just look around.
georgelesley 12/18/20 04:28am Technology Corner
RE: Lost two local TV channels, options?

I found a solution that works for me. Used the fire stick in my man cave to make the tv there “smart”. Went to site per a recommendation and viola, I now have all the channels I could possibly need. If dish has to pull channels in the future I will now know what to do. Can’t record stuff so not as convenient, but a great work around and so far anyway, free. BTW these channel fights are always about the money. Over the years we have seen several but most are quickly resolved I suspect this one may not be but after Saturday I do not care. BTW, ESPN listed this game as on ABC, which is why I was going there and our local NBC channel we still get does not show it on Saturday.
georgelesley 12/17/20 01:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Lost two local TV channels, options?

Wow thanks for all the options! Since I have a fire stick already in the man cave I will explore that option today.. i did find a few other ota internet tv options. Antenna is not an option due to mountains between us and station. I did think of taking motorhome to near the station but the MH is in the shop but I could likely get it back for the weekend, but fire stick makes it much easier.
georgelesley 12/17/20 05:34am Technology Corner
Lost two local TV channels, options?

OK guys I need some quick advice. We lost our local ABC and CBS stations due to a fight between Dish and somebody. I have figured out a way to get cbs, but cannot get abc. Saturday is the Clemson/Norte Dame game. Naturally it is on abc. We have fiber optic internet and dish. Dish offers no help anything I can do with the fiber optic or something else? I don’t really want to sign up for a whole new service for one game, but would consider a one month trial. I also have an Amazon fire stick which might have internet and we have one internet capable tv. Ideas pls.
georgelesley 12/16/20 05:12pm Technology Corner
RE: Credit Score

I think you are on to something. Several years ago I cleaned up our accounts and closed the unused or not needed accounts we had. It did raise things a bit it also helped some when I closed some accts we had only a short time and no longer needed like a few zero interest 2-3 year store deals. Once your average length of card age exceeds 9 years that helps. Thus closing short term store zero interest cards helps some. If you are really interested in this stuff you can verify it by just spending some time on one of the credit simulator sites and try “what if scenarios “. Sometimes just doing simple easy to do things will help.
georgelesley 12/16/20 05:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Score

The way I look at it is: if you have to worry about, or even care about your credit score, you are living above your means! Guy Sorry Guy but I do not agree. I check our cards and bank account and a quick peek at the credit scores every few days just to make sure there is no unexplained funny business going on. Several times I have discovered charges for “buyers clubs”, etc, that we did not authorized and immediately got them removed by doing this. We are debt free and have frozen our credit scores, and are just doing what we can to stop identity fraud. Without frequent checking you can be compromised and not know it.
georgelesley 12/14/20 07:34am Around the Campfire
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