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RE: Windshield seal

It is still a Winnie problem with our 2914 Winnie. I took the seal out, cleaned up and recaulked as best I could. Then glued and sealed the edges of the seal. Then covered the entire seal with 4” wide electrical tape( any good tape would work) and finally put a stick on gutter above the windshield to stop roof runoff from coming down 4 years later, no leaks.
georgelesley 03/25/20 07:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dish/winegard problem solved

Now, why not explain what stop, and exactly what you meant you bypass the PI. As I recall, you need the PI to supply power to the DBswitch Both cables to the power inserter have been disconnected from the pi and connected together. According to the winegard tech I talked to the power comes from the receiver. The two cables are now connected together with a union. One minor change in how it works also. Before both hopper and DPH42 switch were not plugged in until the sats were all locked in. Not I must plug in the DPH42 switch first, then seek the sats.
georgelesley 01/11/20 05:17am Technology Corner
Dish/winegard problem solved

Several months ago our dish hopper/winegard roof traveler system stopped working. We have continued to carry the hopper but only used the dvr part. I tried all I knew but could not get it to successfully complete a test installation procedure even though the winegard was showing three sats locked in. I tried a new DPH42 switch with power inserter to no avail. We are now in Red Bay, AL to get the snap on wheel covers made. I called a local winegard dealer to see if he could help while we were here and I had the hopper 3 with us. Long story short he told me to try several things and in the end bypassing the power inserter part of the DPH42 switch worked! We now have satellite TV again and it cost me nothing. Wow am I happy plus I don’t think I will have to have the DPH42 unplugged while the winegard is finding the sats anymore. Needless to say, if we need satellite service in the future we will come here to see Nick Brewer at 2564605245. BTW, i found this guy thru the Tiffin workers list of people that will work after hours. We are using several to fix various things even though we do not have a Tiffin. In fact, our converter died last night, and an electrician who worked for Tiffin 15 yrs came and replaced it today.
georgelesley 01/10/20 03:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Anyone successfully towing 2019 or 2020 Jeep Cherokee?

We have been towing our 2019 Lattitude Plus Cherokee now for a year without any problems. The 2019 does not neeed the wiring harness to prevent “death wobble” my local parts guy looked it up and it is no longer listed for 2019 Cherokee. We love the car and find it easy to set up for towing and returning to normal operation. You must have a model with the Active II transfer case. Hard to find a model other than Trailhawk with the Active II, but we did. The Lattitude Plus is the lowest model that can have the Active II transfer case and it also comes with a V6 or 4 cylinder with turbo only.. do not be confused by the terminology “4WD” dealers routinely mix up all wheel drive and true 4 wheel drive as the same thing. They are not. Only true 4WD has a transfer case that can be shifted into neutral. That is what makes the car towable. By itself, the 9 speed tranny is not towable. You must have the Active II with the tiny button that shifts the transfer case into neutral. For us, the Active II was about a $1200 option, plus the v6 was another 2k or so. The car should have an Active II badge on it and a tiny button to the right of the drive selector button. The only glitch we have found is that one step in the book is wrong on how to set up the car for towing. It calls for the engine to be running, then shift into park. That causes the parking pawl in the tranny to clash. Simply reverse that, turn off engine first, then shift into park. This subject is well discusses in the Jeep Cherokee forum. I have been doing this for the past year and it works fine that way, no clash. Other than that, buy the new Cherokee, it is a great car.
georgelesley 01/07/20 05:34am Dinghy Towing
Christmas surprise

DW, myself and ou 97 year old mother are traveling to Fredericksburg. Texas. On Christmas Day we stopped at a Dennys restaurant one of the few open. DW was attending to mom’s leg and some other minor issues as she transferred her from the wheelchair to a table chair. A short time later a gentleman came over and talked to mom. He said “you have a very attentive daughter”, and some other small talk. He wished us well and we did the same. Thought nothing more of it. When it was time to leave DW an mom left and I motioned to the waitress for the bill. She came over and said our bill was paid in full by the gentleman that had talked to us. I was shocked and stumbled for words for a few moments, finally asking did he leave you at tip as well? She smiled and said yes he did. Totally stunned, I fumbled thru my wallet and left her a larger than normal tip anyway. I thought it was a great chance to pay it forward. A trip we have been dragging our feet on not really enthusiastic about just got a whole lot better.
georgelesley 12/28/19 06:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Any one flat towing a Ford Fiesta?

We towed a Ford Focus with the same running gear as a Fiesta for several years. We just put a battery disconnect switch on the negative post and powered the lights and supplemental brake from the car battery after it was disconnected from the chassis. Easy to do and is the safe way to do it. You do NOT want any part of the original wiring possibly being activated. Use diodes in the rear wiring as well to prevent back feeding voltage into the car chassis.
georgelesley 12/25/19 05:45am Dinghy Towing
RE: Ohio State vs Michigan!

Love my hopper. 16 tuners! I recorded 6 games at once yesterday, played pack and paused at will. No commercials or time outs. If the game became a runaway it got deleted. All while DW and MIL were watching chick flicks.
georgelesley 12/01/19 05:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Upgrade V-10 to Turbo?

I would not add a turbo as a stand alone mod. The exhaust manifold on the V-10 is iffy to begin with, adding more fuel males it hotter and will likely cause exhaust manifold studs, particularly the rear ones to fail quicker . Add a turbo to a Banks header system, lots of money but would have a better chance of success.
georgelesley 11/28/19 08:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thanksgiving, 1970 49 years ago....

I was among the “lucky: ones. I was on an actual base (Phan Rang AB) and the chow hall did it’s best. As I recall so did Charlie with his rockets that day.
georgelesley 11/28/19 05:45am Around the Campfire
RE: replacement for Directv

You can not use a Hopper with the Winegard Pathway. I tried using the Hopper and a Joey with a tripod and the correct LNB but it was too big of a pain to take the Hopper, Joey and Access point out to the rv. Not to mention DISH boxes have a slow meter so it was a pain to align the dish. Now I just leave them at home to grind away downloading shows and use the Pathway. I hope someday Winegard or someone comes out with an auto align dome that works with a Hopper. Yep, the hopper is limited to full sized dishes. Since we have dish at home, it just makes sense for us. No extra cost to use it on the road after we paid for the proper equipment. I mentioned the hopper since the OP stated he has Direct already at home, he might consider switching home as well for convenience. Yes, thanks, I would consider changing at home as well. Can the Hopper be taken out of the RV and used at home with a fixed dish antenna? If that were the case, I would not use the "pay as you go" program. I would do what I now do with DTV and just use the Hopper as one of my home receivers and transfer to the 5th wheel as needed. Yes. We move ours back and forth between home and rv. I did put slide on leads and extended the leads from the wall at home to make it easier to hook up and disconnect. I also put a short very flexible hdmi cable in the rv from the original hdmi cable to the hopper since a 90* adapter would not fit.. And also got the dish ota adapter for the rv install so the locals show up in the guide and can be recorded as well although the same thing can be done by calling dish to switch the locals. I do suggest when calling to switch locals use option 4 tech support on the menu, they seem to know how better and get it right. The only thing is when you switch between home and the rv for us anyway, is that I have to run a check switch (test installation) the first time I turn on the hopper in each location. Takes a few minutes. After that no need. You may also have to switch the locals back to your home area.
georgelesley 11/12/19 04:54am Technology Corner
RE: replacement for Directv

You can not use a Hopper with the Winegard Pathway. I tried using the Hopper and a Joey with a tripod and the correct LNB but it was too big of a pain to take the Hopper, Joey and Access point out to the rv. Not to mention DISH boxes have a slow meter so it was a pain to align the dish. Now I just leave them at home to grind away downloading shows and use the Pathway. I hope someday Winegard or someone comes out with an auto align dome that works with a Hopper. Yep, the hopper is limited to full sized dishes. Since we have dish at home, it just makes sense for us. No extra cost to use it on the road after we paid for the proper equipment. I mentioned the hopper since the OP stated he has Direct already at home, he might consider switching home as well for convenience.
georgelesley 11/10/19 08:32am Technology Corner
RE: replacement for Directv

I’ve had both and DISH is WAY more RV friendly. You can reauthorize your sat box with your smartphone. DISH doesn’t care if you change locals everyday. I bought a carryout auto seek dome Winegard Pathway X2. It does HD. You can’t use a Hopper but the Wally is ok. You can add a USB drive to use DVR feature, no monthly fee. Just a one time $40 DVR fee. Way better tech support than DTV. Depending on your setup, you can actually use a hopper in a RV. We carry our home hopper 3 with us on our travels and enjoy the same programming on the road that we get at home, changing the locals as we go an all the recorded stuff as well. It does not work with all antennas though.
georgelesley 11/10/19 07:28am Technology Corner
Bummed out

We just attended the funeral of my best male friend of over 30 years. We went thru so much together, he was at bedside when my first wife passed, I was with him thru his divorce, present wife and I were married in his house by the preacher that preached my first wife’s funeral, both he and his now widow asked me to counsel with them before they were married, etc, etc. he and his now widow were happily married for over 20 years. He was too young, only 62. He and I could and did talk every month for usually over two hours about everything and nothing. His widow is now asking for my assistance in settling things and helping her set up he finances. A task that will be as difficult as any I have ever done, but I must do to fulfill my promise to him and her made long ago. He had cancer and from what we all expected, he would have some good time after what appeared to be a very successful treatment regime. Not to be. He passed two weeks after treatment was completed. Shock, misery, anger, no words to describe how I feel now with no desire to “get over it and move on” Thanks for letting me rant.
georgelesley 11/09/19 07:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Modern Food?

I refuse to buy a steak at a chain restaurant anymore. We just buy a really good grade at the local butcher and BBQ it ourselves. The last really good restaurant steak we have had was on a backroad just inside Alabama near the Georgia border we stumbled across. They supposedly raised and butchered their own. Very, very good but necessarily pricy. Our MIL lives with us and loves Shoney’s because “the food has flavor”. So we go there from time to time. Since we have both decided we eat to live, not live to eat,, we do not eat out much anymore..
georgelesley 10/15/19 11:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Those with portable surge protector

Yes we use ours at home as well since the rv is not plugged in at home very much.. BTW, we also have a whole house surge protector at home we pay a bit for every month and it sometimes cycles on and off for no obvious reason. Better safe than sorry.
georgelesley 10/14/19 04:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Do Flea Collars Really Repel Pests?

I read the same thing about flea collars repelling wasps. As far as I knew we did not have any in the rear refer compartment. I decided to put one there as a preventative measure. Before I could get the compartment door back in place a very angry wasp came out. I have changed them twice a year and have not had any since.
georgelesley 10/10/19 04:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Osteoporosis

I see no one has responded to your question yet so I will give it a try. My wife gets a twice yearly injection of Prolea which sounds very similar to the one you are asking about. She has had no problems with pain or any other side effects since she started the procedure two years ago. The only thing she had to do was increase her Calcium intake because of the injection. She needs to take a minimum of 1000mg of Calcium every day so she get it from two Costco Calcium Citrate tablets per day. I realize this is not the product you were asking about but thought her experience might reassure your friend to go ahead. Perhaps the anxiety about pain is better than the broken bones that can result from a fall! Barney Thanks for the info on an alternate medication. I also did some research for her and found that the FDA has linked increased risk of kidney failure to the med she is being offered. I just plan on showing her all the info I have collected so she can ask the appropriate questions to her doctor and they can make the right decision for her.
georgelesley 10/02/19 03:07pm Around the Campfire

Got a call last night from a neighbor lady who is being treated for osteoporosis prevention/mitigation. She can no longer take the pills, not sure the name, starts with an “F”. She is being offered the drug Reclast by injection once a year. She has read the warnings and side effects and is particularly concerned about the warning that she will likely have pain for the first month or so. Because of this she is reluctant to do it. We have no experience with Reclast at all so thought we would reach out on this forum and see if anyone has any experience with it. Thanks in advance.
georgelesley 10/02/19 09:54am Around the Campfire
RE: Blue Ox Tow bar for Jeep Wrangler JK

One suggestion would be to contact all the tow bar makers and ask what height their baseplate hookup point is off the ground. Then measure your motorhome receiver point and get the most level one you can find.
georgelesley 09/23/19 10:08am Dinghy Towing
RE: Surge power protector- hard wire or portable?

The 2 min 16 sec delay is to protect A/C from restarting before pressure has had time to bleed off. We use a pedestal mount as I felt keeping a lightening strike outside was safer. However, a hard wired will protect from your own generator from causing problems with the electronics whereas a portable will not. Both ways have pro’s and cons. Most important thing is to have one. Ours has saved us several times. In our case either mounting solution would have worked for all our saves. Your choice.
georgelesley 09/02/19 07:18am General RVing Issues
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