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RE: arctic fox slide adjustment

I also thought something must be warped, but I spoke with Justin at Northwood and he said that this is actually a common problem because the slide is very heavy on the rear corner. He's going to try to talk me through some adjustments. I'll try to post some pics.
gitpicker2009 10/15/19 09:04am Truck Campers
arctic fox slide adjustment

Has anyone ever adjusted their own slide? I have a 2012 AF1150 with the full wall slide and noticed that when closed there is an approximate 1 inch gap at the rear wall near the roof. In other words, when closed everything looks good and tight except at the to of the slide near the rear of the camper where there is an app. 1 inch gap. The top of the slide near the front, though is closed tight. I've watched several videos on slide adjustments but none of them look like the system I have. If any of you have any experience or advice please let me know. I had hoped to use the camper this weekend. Thanks very much
gitpicker2009 10/14/19 10:02am Truck Campers
RE: has anyone else experienced this?

They really were great, they shipped the new set including shipping free, and did a follow up email to make sure they were working.
gitpicker2009 10/04/19 09:59am Truck Campers
RE: has anyone else experienced this?

Update: Torklift is sending me a complete new set free of charge. It's what I expected, but it's nice to see a company standing behind it's product.
gitpicker2009 09/17/19 11:24am Truck Campers
RE: has anyone else experienced this?

I spoke with them this morning and emailed the pics. Waiting to hear what they now do.
gitpicker2009 09/16/19 10:27am Truck Campers
RE: has anyone else experienced this?

nope, I live northwest of Houston. Not much extreme cold here, sadly:)
gitpicker2009 09/15/19 09:44am Truck Campers
has anyone else experienced this?

My stabil load suspension bumps have disintegrated. I looked under the truck and noticed what looked like black shards of glass, but it turns out that the stabil load have literally crumbled! 2 totally, 2 with major cracks, and they're only about 2 years old. I've carried the AFll50 maybe 5 times during that period. Has anyone else ever had this happen? Here are some pics:
gitpicker2009 09/15/19 09:21am Truck Campers
RE: 4500/450 Chassis Cab

I guess I should also add that Kayteg is correct. It came as a cab/chasis, with no bed, but I had a custom Warner bed added so it looks like a pickup. One other thing, this particular truck has a 9 foot bed, not 8, so I have to use a spacer for the camper bump stops to reach the back of the cab wall. I think many cab/chasis models offer different lengths, so make sure to check.
gitpicker2009 09/08/19 11:36am Truck Campers
RE: 4500/450 Chassis Cab

I have the 4500 Sterling (Ram) 4500. The main difference between this and my last 3500 truck is the weight capacity. They're both duallies but the 3500 was literally AT capacity handling the fully loaded AF1150. The 4500, even without air bags barely notices the camper. BUT, and here's the biggie- you go to 19.5 tires when you get the the 4500 size and those are NOT able to air down for beach use. If anybody has any experience showing otherwise, I'd be grateful because I'd love to take my rig down to Corpus Christi, but haven't for fear of getting stuck immediately.
gitpicker2009 09/08/19 11:34am Truck Campers
RE: Rubber roof confusion

There's a company here in the Houston area which will remove your old rubber roof and replace it with an indestructible spray on bedliner material. When mine gets old enough to need it, that's the route I'm going. It's about 2 grand for 38 foot RV, so a TC should be very reasonably priced. They even go about 2 inches over the roof, like a lip, so there are literally no seams. Why don't manufacturers do that in the first place???
gitpicker2009 06/15/19 09:00am Truck Campers
whoa! I guess it's a truck camper

I mean it IS a camper... and it's on a truck:)
gitpicker2009 05/30/19 12:13pm Truck Campers
RE: 2012 Arctic Fox 1150 small water leak

Had enough, do you mean the tank or the sub floor? the first section (front) of the sub floor was easy, like you said, but the rear section is actually UNDER the bumper and some steel girders. The guys at Northwood said to cut it out, then build a new sub frame to nail it onto when putting it back on.
gitpicker2009 04/27/19 01:06am Truck Campers
2012 Arctic Fox 1150 small water leak

I have a small water leak, that I noticed when I was lowering the TC. Water (maybe a cup full) came out of the lower front corner of the under coach. The front drivers side corner, because the coach was slightly tilted in that direction. I was able to remove the protective 1/4 inch underbelly which is screwed on, but it's in two sections and the rear most panel seems to be in place under the edge trim molding if that makes sense. I hate to start pulling off edge molding, and thought about cutting it. Has anyone else ever attempted to remove this before? The purpose of this is to be able to see where the water might be coming from. Removing the front section allowed me to remove all the insulation and see the freshwater holding tank, a large square semi clear tank which seems to sit right under the front center of the coach, and the grey tank which is actually a long black tank running the length of the coach from front to back on the drivers side. The water seems to be coming spilling from the TOP of that tank, which means it could be either leaking from it (which doesn't make sense, since it's empty) or falling onto it from something else and just sitting there until I tilted the coach forward. I've spoken to Northwood and they've sort of helped, but I just wondered if anyone else had experienced anything like this or had attempted to remove the protective underbelly of the the TC to see/access the tanks. If the tank itself is not leaking then where could the water be coming from to pool up on top of it? I should mention that the TC is completely covered in a large RV carport and cannot be rained on.
gitpicker2009 04/26/19 08:33am Truck Campers
RE: Uh oh.. a strange AF 1150 problem?

It's the lowest drivers side corner at the front. I spoke with Northwood and they advised me to fill all the tanks and check for leaks. If no water spotted then the wind may have pushed rain into the truck bed and perhaps it didn't drain well. I'll check all this and the drain holes tomorrow.
gitpicker2009 02/04/19 07:37pm Truck Campers
Uh oh.. a strange AF 1150 problem?

I have a 2012 AF 1150 Which I keep under a covered protected carport when not being used. Yesterday I needed to use the truck, so I removed the camper and began to lower it down, to be closer to the ground for stability. The front end was slightly lower than the rear, and I began to notice some water dribbling out of the lower right corner. I'm talking about down where the white trim meets the black sub base. It wasn't much, maybe a cup, but I've never seen that and the camper was on the truck and mostly protected from rain (it's a covered carport, but no sides) I have no idea where it came from and I don't see any leaks anywhere or drips. Has anyone ever had any experience like that?
gitpicker2009 02/04/19 10:28am Truck Campers
RE: Trickle charge on truck's 2 batteries...?

Wait a minute, I thought they were wired in parallel. If so, wouldn't you have to put the charger across both of them or am I seeing this wrong? In other words connect the charger to negative on one and positive on the other? Assuming they're still attached to the truck?
gitpicker2009 01/30/19 08:06am Truck Campers
RE: temporary rubber roof repair ideas? 95 Fleetwood Elkhorn 11X

I used that Liquid Roof on my old Class C and it worked perfectly. In fact, the pictures I sent them are on their website. Very easy, just make sure you prep the roof well by washing, drying etc. Rolls on like honey and self leveling. The 5 gallon bucket did my 30 foot roof.
gitpicker2009 01/20/19 08:42am Truck Campers
RE: temporary rubber roof repair ideas? 95 Fleetwood Elkhorn 11X

There's a company here in Houston that will actually replace the rubber roof with a new one made of the Spray on Bedliner stuff- VERY strong and permanent. The local pricing here is less than 2 grand for a 38 foot RV. Are there any people like that out where you live?
gitpicker2009 01/11/19 09:37am Truck Campers
RE: a delicate, yet pertinent question concerning rv toilets

Also make sure it's suitable for a wet bath if you have one.
gitpicker2009 01/03/19 08:46am Truck Campers
RE: mattress moisture barrier

I actually called Reflectix and described what I wanted to do, to make sure it was correct, and they said Yes, that's exactly what it's intended to do.
gitpicker2009 12/11/18 08:27am Truck Campers
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