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RE: Prescott, AZ to Quartzite?

I haven’t been down either of those roads - not a lot of adventuring on the far western slopes of CO. What was somewhat unnerving was crawling down the face of the mountain with the hundred mile visibility to the south and what felt like nearly straight down along the guard rail. Google maps shows some good photos linked to Valley Overlook on Hwy 89 south of Yarnell, AZ. Valley Overlook Yarnell, AZ 85362
gkainz 04/20/22 10:57pm Roads and Routes
RE: Prescott, AZ to Quartzite?

Well, we made it down the mountain. Iron Springs Road all the way to 89 and on to Yarnell was a good road. We were patting ourselves on the back for making a great choice… and then we crested the ridge on White Spar Highway and over into Cottonwood Canyon. The northbound lane disappeared down the canyon, and the rest of the world dropped off the left hand edge of the southbound lane. I’ve driven some steep, windy mountain roads, jeep trails, ATV trails, ridden horses and pack mules over some pretty rugged country. This stretch of a few miles ranks up in the top 5 for me, I think. Would have been a beautiful view, I think, had I been able to take the time to look around. My wife said she had her eyes closed the whole way. I told her “Me, too.”. :)
gkainz 04/20/22 06:48pm Roads and Routes
Prescott, AZ to Quartzite?

Looking for feedback on routes from Prescott, AZ to Quartzsite, AZ with a 30’ fifth wheel. All the maps suggest 89 south to Phoenix, which shows a lot of switchbacks. Towing all over Colorado, I’ve done my share of serious switchbacks but just not sure of this option. How about Iron Springs Rd/10 west out of Prescott, then Kirkland and join 89 south of there, then 71 south of Congress to 60 to Quartzsite? Thanks! Greg
gkainz 04/19/22 08:42pm Roads and Routes
Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, Moab end of April

Traveling home to CO from .... let's say St. George, UT :) and looking for suggestions to see the Utah sights on that route with 4 or 5 nights to spend end of April. We're trying to learn how to balance my "perfectly comfortable bookdocking on BLM, NF, etc" and my wife's comfort level satisfied by commercial RV parks, and learning to adapt to NF campgrounds if needed. We've driven I-70 back and forth for years between CO and the coast, but have always been going to or coming home from, and haven't yet taken the time to explore all that area. Suggestions? Thanks! Greg
gkainz 03/26/22 10:38am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: iPad as a GPS device

I plugged in a Bad Elf gps on my non-cellular iPad mini for an aviation GPS nav unit. Worked just fine.
gkainz 03/22/22 08:25am Technology Corner
RE: New Solar Install

This is a follow-up to KD4UPL's comment. I've been purchasing surplus solar panels and AGM batteries from a solar contractor in the Denver area for years. You can find him and see what he has in stock by searching Denver Craigslist for "solar panels" or "AGM". He is retired military so he always has "Go Navy" in his ads. His name is Marion and he is a good person to do business with. I have put together a solar install on my RV for a fraction of what it would cost otherwise by buying from him. If you could provide a link to Marion, I would appreciate it! I would support another Navy vet. My folks belonged to the Sons of Norway :) Edit: Never mind - found it. Just had to do a little advanced google search for "denver.craigslist: Solar Marion AGM" and there he is. Thanks again!
gkainz 03/22/22 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Camping on Sand

We were at Mustang Island last week but camped on the paved campground. I had the same thoughts about the unimproved camping on the beach as the OP. We walked the beach area and it didn’t look like anyone was having issues on the sand (except for wind driven sand blowing everywhere!).
gkainz 01/13/22 06:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Garmin Basecamp Problems

I'm getting pretty good with Basecamp since Microsoft S&T won't work on Win 10. I've had the problems in the past. Here is an example of going from west side of RMNP (Stillwater) to Estes Park on the east side. Note it is 144 miles in 3:35. By adding a couple of waypoints, finally had Basecamp heading the way I want which is through RMNP. Note this way is 52.6 miles in 2:51. So this is the route it should have selected to begin with. What I do is pick my two points. Add a waypoint in between then keep moving the waypoint until the routes swaps to the other side. Then go back and add a second waypoint in the area just before the route swapped. Some times it takes several of these to get it to finally go the route I want. I've looked at other programs, but Basescamp is the only one that works off line. Since I have a Garmin, I can also download and use the City Navigator which is the map on the Garmin so the routes in theory should be identical once transferred from Basecamp to Garmin. I haven't tried downloading yet because while I make plans we are retired and aren't in a hurry. Side trips are our norm and plans change often. Your particular example is probably a "self-protection routing" because of RV or Truck selected as the vehicle ... routing through RMNP as you desired is "not recommended" for larger vehicles (and not possible during the winter when the road/pass closes). If you can change the vehicle to "car" (if possible ... I only use Basecamp for hiking/hunting trails) it may route you automatically as desired.
gkainz 11/08/21 09:46am Truck Campers
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

I moved the battery bank out of the front compartment and into the main cargo bay after relocating the wall back quite a bit adding storage and room for my solar equipment. There was also wasted space under the staircase where I mounted a DIY Lithium battery bank on a sliding tray. The blue tape on the floor is the stock wall location. The area that used to carry the battery is now used for a chest style fridge/freezer. What a beautiful installation ... want to come visit my place for a day or 2 and help me get organized? :)
gkainz 11/08/21 09:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trip to Colorado from Minnesota

If you didn't want to get too deep into Colorado, but see what it's like, you could just camp around Sioux Falls, SD and the eastern half of Colorado looks just like that! :) just kidding - I've spent a lot of time between MN (Gunflint Trail, Boundary Waters), SD (Black Hills to Brookings and Vermillion to Buffalo) and have lived and roamed Colorado for the last 30 years. They all have unique and beautiful places to explore.
gkainz 10/15/21 03:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Andersen Ultimate Hitch - my observations

Thanks for all the comments. Couple replies back. I didn't realize you could install the hitch two ways. I guess in theory that makes sense, I just followed the stickers on the hitch that pointed an arrow towards tail gate and installed it that way. Guess it makes sense that it could go either way.. I was just following the stickers. My adapter is mounted towards the rear. Based on the measurement instructions from Andersen, it called for it to be mounted that way. I would check with Andersen before turning the base around. Physically, you can, but structurally, I don't think it's designed to carry the max load that way while pulling the 5er. Makes sense to me when I look at mine. I put a stall mat under mine to mitigate against rotation, and it works great. After I hooked up the 5er, I re-torqued the top bolt and got another half turn or so...... I have my adaptor mounted towards the cab of the truck. ie, the cup/pin is closer to the cab to put the connection point over the rear axle. I still have lots of cab clearance, so no issue there. At the scale, the weight on the front tires changed by 20 pounds lighter from unloaded to loaded, so it looks like the connection point could still be very slightly behind the rear axle. Not enough for me to notice at all, and it handles great. I did ask Andersen about reversing the frame on mine (1st gen original aluminum) and they said "no problem".
gkainz 10/15/21 03:29pm Fifth-Wheels
Best practices for dissimilar batteries

I got my 2010 5th wheel probably like everyone else - with a single 12V Marine/RV combo battery. I had 2 other nearly new 12V Marine/RV combo batteries from my prior RV that I kept when trading. I know the drawback of the Marine/RV battery so no discussion needed there - it's what I had and chose to use and they worked well for over 8 years. Not optimal but couldn't have asked much more from them. Last year 2 of those 12V batteries died. I retired the remaining one to trolling motor duty, and replaced the other 2 with a pair of Costco CG2 6V 210Ah batteries, 200 Watts of solar panel and the Windy Nation P30L charge controller. Last weekend my batteries didn't make it through the night - still hot summer but at 11,000' the nights get cold and a little heat is nice! So, the only battery available within a hundred miles was another 12v Marine/RV combo battery. I stuck it in the empty box, disconnected the 6V GC batteries and finished the weekend. I just replaced 1 6V GC battery (the one reading low - the other read 6.4V) and am taking a gamble that 1 year difference may not hurt me (yeah, I know ... Murphy lives at my house and I should have replaced the pair, but Costco's warranty on these is 1 year and I was 13 months ... shake my head). Anyway, now I have 2 6V GC batteries again in series, and paralleled to the new 12V Marine/RV combo. Charge controller is hooked up across both banks, and house draw draws across both banks. I just got a Blue Sea 4 position (1, 2, 1+2, Off) battery switch to separate the 2 battery banks (yeah, I know - the 12V battery is not technically a "bank"). Finally, to the original question - best practices on: - cutting in the battery switch - pos, neg? legs? - connecting the solar charger to one, other or both battery banks? - how best to charge one, other or both? Thanks! Greg
gkainz 09/01/21 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Does the Color of an HD Pickup Make a Difference?

If you buy a Silverado in any color other than silver, is it still a Silverado? :)
gkainz 09/01/21 07:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sylvan Lake Campground to Mt Rushmore

Those tour bus drivers are trained especially for those tunnels. Google for videos ... it's a tight fit. I grew up in Custer and used to be pretty familiar with the area.
gkainz 08/24/21 01:46pm Roads and Routes
RE: 50 Amp plugging into 30 amp service

Now the rules according to readdy kilowatt LOL! Haven't heard of that one in years! I grew up in a powerline construction family, contracting to numerous REAs... they were all Willy Wirehand guys ... and the "other guys" (local Power and Light companies) had Reddy Kilowatt as their mascot!
gkainz 07/24/21 09:59pm Tech Issues
50 Amp plugging into 30 amp service

My kids, new to RVing, bought a big toy hauler wired for 50 amp service. My experience is all 30 amp RVs. They tell me that a few of their destinations for their planned trip have 30 amp pedestals only. What are the different adapters available to plug a 50 amp cord into a 30 amp service, and pros and cons of each? I think I saw somewhere there are adapters to use 2 30 amp outlets and combine to fully run a 50 amp RV? What would you suggest I pass along to them for options and accessories. I already explained that just because you have all those electrical appliances and outlets, you can't always "just plug in and turn everything on" ... wondering if I need to resort to the old Green Acres simple ampacity solution that Oliver created for Lisa ... :)
gkainz 07/24/21 10:42am Tech Issues
RE: Propane Firepit Restrictions - West Coast

Last Year's Ruling ... Colorado allows them in even in a higher stage fire ban, as the device has an immediate gas disconnect (ON, OFF) to the burner, which is their definition of an allowable device, whereas other "pits and devices" have combustibles that do not/cannot immediately stop burning. Here, the county authorities mostly chose to follow State and Federal guidelines for Fire Danger and restrictions... for the most part. There's always that exception, though, where arguing gets you nowhere successfully. My take on it is, "your park, your rules".
gkainz 06/03/21 02:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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