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RE: water pump

mine is also behind the basement wall in the front storage compartment, curb side. There's a small black plastic cover hanging over a maybe 6" hole to access the winterizing hose and valve. The wall comes down with a few screws for easy access to the pump and plumbing. I quieted mine down significantly with "pool noodle" type insulation tubes around all the hoses within reach that might vibrate against anything, as well as remounting the pump on a piece of closed cell foam (garden knee pad cut to fit).
gkainz 09/18/20 07:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

Didn't have to...... "Oh, and I'm surprised you didn't get "Andersen sucks. You can't put my 5 padlocks on it and prevent someone from unhooking it". " Lol ... stepped into that one, didn't I? :D
gkainz 09/15/20 02:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Andersen and 6'4" Ram

Since most of the responses have nothing to do with the OP question, I'll chime in with a response only half way appropriate... I've been towing for years now with a Ram 2500 8' bed and Andersen Ultimate goose neck attached hitch. So, I can tick the Ram and Andersen boxes and ignore the 6.5 bed and puck mount. :) I love it. No negatives worth mentioning. The absolute only negative I can think of (a minor nit) is that I have to run the front jacks further up and down to hitch up than I did with the traditional hitch. Oh, and I'm surprised you didn't get "Andersen sucks. You can't put my 5 padlocks on it and prevent someone from unhooking it". :)
gkainz 09/15/20 07:10am Fifth-Wheels
RE: CO 14/Poudre Canyon Closure-09.07.20 Update

Hopefully the precip today will help get the fire(s) under control. Leadville was socked in with smoke yesterday, assuming from the Cameron Peak fire. Traffic eastbound on I-70 showed how many escaped the city this weekend. We booked through last night at Turquoise Lake, but since I had to be back in town early this morning (Tuesday), decided to play it safe and not take chances with the rain/snow/freezing weather forecast, and came home last night. 5 MPH from Silverthorne to the tunnel, and 5 MPH from Empire to Idaho Springs.
gkainz 09/08/20 12:58pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cold-ish weather camping

We've had lows in the high 60s here in Denver foothills area for what seems like months. Combined with the smoke, we've been running the home a/c for way too long now without opening the windows at night. This morning I was greeted with a lovely 44 degrees at 5am. Sat outside enjoying my first cup of coffee in the cool air and loved it.
gkainz 08/31/20 10:18am Fifth-Wheels
How to calculate distributed pin weight?

I think most of the pin weight is carried by the rear, but have to believe some of it gets distributed via tongue weight to the front? Would upgrading to a dually help with sway? Also, does this have to have brakes?]
gkainz 08/31/20 05:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Will honda 2000 start a 15k BTU air conditioner?

mine won't
gkainz 08/27/20 01:21pm Tech Issues
RE: STL > SD > WY Route

My dad used to drive us coast to coast every summer and his schtick was that he would stop for ice cream for us, but only on the right side of the road. Dad, what a goober. He was just driving a pickup and not even towing, but he wouldn't make a Left for us. Towards the end of my dad's life, he would say his one regret was that he should have turned left more often. Sounds a lot like your dad.
gkainz 08/13/20 01:04pm Roads and Routes
RE: full time solar, maybe?

not the OP, but it's in the same group, just a couple posts up from here ...
gkainz 08/12/20 07:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fuel Delivery Issue 1985 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow

congrats!!! My '83 460 still had the port in the block for the mechanical fuel pump, covered with a blank off plate. If I recall correctly, I could see it when looking through the driver's side wheel well opening ... but there's a lot I don't "recall correctly" these days!!! :)
gkainz 08/11/20 10:29am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Honda2000 in an Onan compartment

Hey Mark - I remember the threads after re-reading them, and especially the "you're gonna kill yourself" comment in the first one ... but I do recall thinking "anyone who uses clecos for the mockup has done stuff like this once or twice before" :)
gkainz 08/03/20 03:29pm Truck Campers
RE: Fuel Delivery Issue 1985 Fleetwood Tioga Arrow

years ago I had an '83 27' Class C Tioga with the Ford 460 and 4bbl Holley built for Motorcraft carb. I struggled for quite some time with what appeared to be vapor lock (But wasn't) - loss of power when hot randomly and intermittently. In researching that issue, I found the best help here and on forums. Someone here (I don't recall who - may not even be here any more) provided a fuel system diagram - when I have more time, I'll try to do a search far enough back to find it). Edit - just did a forum Advanced Search here for Keywords: Ford 460 Message Author: gkainz Date Posted: selected "Archive - over 1 year ago" and it returned 9 threads (quite quickly, I might add) My coach had 1 tank, installed by Tioga, I assume, with no in-tank pump. It had an electric pump installed on the frame rail immediately in front of the tank (at the rear of the coach) that pushed fuel to the carb. Just before the carb was an aluminum "block" that had fuel line in, 1 fuel line out to carb, and 1 fuel line out that was the return to tank. As it turns out, this "hot fuel diverter" (I think that's what Ford calls it) would return most of the fuel to the tank and starve the carb when hot. Found by putting an external fuel pressure gauge in line at the base of the carb to try to figure out what was going on. I never found a replacement for that diverter valve, but solved the fuel supply problem by adding a mechanical fuel pump back into the engine block (parts guy pointed me to a Lincoln 460 that still used the mechanical pump then), and a fuel pressure regulator that kept the pressure at 8 psi at the carb, if I recall correctly. One risk was that if the diaphragm on the mechanical pump failed, the electric pump could pump fuel straight into the engine oil pan. Anyway - I know that doesn't help answer your questions, other than "been there, done that!" Good luck!
gkainz 08/03/20 07:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fuel filter question 1984 Coachman Ford

I had an '83 E-350 with the 460 4bbl carb. In addition to a filter somewhere along the chassis rail, as already noted above, this carb has a filter in the base of the carb body, where the fuel line screws into the carb.
gkainz 07/23/20 01:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Black tank dump plumbing replacement?

Let me clarify ... by separate systems, I mean this trailer has a pipe exiting the black tank to a dump valve and dump hose connector - completely and totally isolated from the grey system. Then it has another, completely separate and isolated pipe exiting the grey tank to a different, completely separate dump valve and completely separate dump hose connector ... and in between the 2 sewer hose connectors is the generator exhaust pipe. Connect the hose to the black tank, pull the dump valve, and dump the black tank. Disconnect the sewer hose and move to the gray tank connector, pull THAT valve and dump the gray tank. I had discussions with him about putting new dump valves next to both tanks and plumbing into a single Y and connector. We both agreed to just fix what’s broken. I've done enough plumbing, household up to center pivot irrigation systems that I'm comfortable with joints, fittings, pipes, glueing, bonding, etc that I can get through that part of the repair. What I wasn't familiar with is the actual coupling to the black tank. I see on Amazon and elsewhere that they sell repair parts and kits that include a flange for a tank which is what I'm hoping to see. Lynnmor up above linked to a drill to resize the fitting to the original dimensions ... brilliant! :) And thanks as well to jdc1 for tips on getting the glued stub (if that's what we're facing) out of the connector. Thanks for the input - appreciate it!
gkainz 07/14/20 04:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Black tank dump plumbing replacement?

They can do it any number of ways. Mine has the valve right at the tank. On thing to consider is the use of a fernco coupling (google it). If he can cut right before the leak at the end of an elbow and use a fernco to attach to the new piece he should be fine. Thanks - will look into that. My rig also has cable pull dump valves right at the tanks. I was thinking about suggesting that improvement for him, as well as combining black and grey plumbing into 1 dump valve and connector - his rig has separate dump hose connectors and separate dump valves for black and grey tanks, with the generator installed between them. For simplicity of repairs, I think we're going to stick with just replacing the leaking parts.
gkainz 07/13/20 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: Unknow Electrical connection type.

... Powerpoles are not perfect because it is still possible to reverse polarity, but at least they are color coded. I just went back to review some of my old research into Anderson power poles and the latest info I saw (Some Guy on the Internet) video stated that the powerpole connectors were keyed to prevent reverse polarity?
gkainz 07/13/20 10:43am Tech Issues
Black tank dump plumbing replacement?

My kids got a used RV and on their maiden trip discovered the black tank dump plumbing leaks. Appears to have one or more cracks in the plumbing from the tank to the dump valve. They tried to patch it with flexseal to get them through the weekend but didn't stop the stinky drips. Taking a quick look at the dump plumbing, it appears to be a series of 3 or 4 elbows from tank to dump valve with little to no pipe sections that could be cut and new elbows glued up to replace the cracked section(s). How does the first fitting secure into the black tank? I didn't notice any flexible type seal or joint and a hose clamp, but again, was just a quick look, not a close inspection. My fear is that this first fitting is glued into the tank outlet? Thanks for any suggestions! I intend to manage this repair and give my son-in-law instructions from a safe distance :)
gkainz 07/13/20 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone using a Andersen Ultimate on a 2020 GM truck?

I have the Andersen Ultimate but no experience with the Chevy truck. However, I posted in a different thread here the following that might be helpful: Clearance of your pinbox, frame etc, to bed must be checked by you and this post contains no warranty that these settings or positions will clear all obstructions in your particular installation. The Andersen Ultimate 5th wheel hitch has 4 combinations of positioning that can adjust fore and aft placement of the pin. The documentation and specs can be found on the andersen website - pick the spec to match the hitch you're curious about The Andersen frame (at least mine - older version) is labeled with "This side towards cab" but communication with Andersen verified I can install it either direction. The ball leg of the frame is offset from the gooseneck ball connector by 5.375". So, that gives you 10.75" of adjustment fore and aft of the gooseneck ball (not variable adjustment, just 2 different "placements"). The adapter plate that mounts to the kingpin has a 4" offset, and can be oriented forward or aft, yielding an 8" difference. So, ranges of adjustment from the gooseneck ball (my example) can be: Option 1 - frame pointed aft -5.375" - adapter pointed aft -4.00" total aft offset -9.375" Option 2 - frame pointed aft -5.375" - adapter pointed forward +4.00" total aft offset -1.375" Option 3 - frame pointed forward +5.375" - adapter pointed aft -4.00" total forward offset +1.375" Option 4 - frame pointed forward +5.375" - adapter pointed forward +4.00" total forward offset +9.375" This only addresses fore and aft adjustment. The ball has 3 height positions, measured from the bed of the truck to the top of the ball + 16.5" + 17.625" + 18.75"
gkainz 07/09/20 02:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: CO: Leadville to I70 via Hiighway 24

Towing a medium to large trailer or a motorhome, I would opt for CO 91 from Leadville to I-70, even if I was wanting to head west on I-70. I towed my 5er from I-70 to Leadville on US24 once ... it was slow going and as noted, very few passing lanes, so be prepared to be a courteous driver and pull over for traffic.
gkainz 07/09/20 10:44am Roads and Routes
RE: Should I convert my Gooseneck to a 5th wheel pin?

I use the Andersen Ultimate gooseneck mounted hitch. Best of both worlds, in my opinion.
gkainz 07/08/20 10:56am Towing
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