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RE: Mirror folds up in high winds: solved (but not pretty)

The fold option is to save the mirror from breaking when hit. There should be a way to tighten up the friction on the swing bar? But, nice solution for an immediate problem!
gkainz 03/20/20 09:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Fridge Thermistor Replacement Question UPDATE (Fixed)

thermister is probably bad. google "Snip-the-the tip". Should fix your problem. I googled "snip the tip" and got stories about Lorena Bobbit... argh!!!!! j/k
gkainz 02/12/20 08:02am Tech Issues
RE: Traveling in a group— How do you handle it?

my darling DW, bless her heart, believes that "traveling together" means NOBODY WILL PULL IN BETWEEN US!!!! and she means it! LOL
gkainz 02/06/20 04:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: spring chickens...

Cummins12V98 asked if I could post these - Front Sight rifle course? We're taking a group back out to Pahrump in May. YES, been there 3 times and will be back in April. It's beyond anything i thought it would be!!! Couldn't agree more! We've been going there for over 8 years now, at least twice a year and a few of us more than that. Looks like a giant gravel parking lot. It is ... but you just described more than half of Nevada.
gkainz 02/06/20 04:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

Hey gkainz, That's a nice rack in pic #3 Thanks! I got a bigger one 2 years later ... it's still with the taxidermist. Of course, my wife's comment is the same comment that she makes on all the other stuff I drag home ... "Just where do you think you're going to put that?" :D
gkainz 02/06/20 11:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

Cummins12V98 asked if I could post these - Front Sight rifle course? We're taking a group back out to Pahrump in May. Still blows me away that they don't have camping facilities there! Lyle It's coming! Just another 10,000 emails from Dr. Piazza before it's done! To be fair - there's been more facility completed in the last 2-3 years than the prior 8 that I've been there. You can boondock just outside the gate ... I haven't done that yet and settle for Saddle Sore ... I mean Saddle West.
gkainz 02/06/20 11:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

I realized I don't have any selfies with truck and 5er ... this one's about the only one with the RV .. guess I'm itching to get hooked up and out of town to take one then, and once I'm unhooked, I'm too busy playing... guess I need to retire so I have more time for the hobbies
gkainz 02/06/20 10:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: spring chickens...

Cummins12V98 asked if I could post these - Front Sight rifle course? We're taking a group back out to Pahrump in May.
gkainz 02/06/20 10:21am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best battery maintainer.

yay, solar ... except that I just had to go scrape the snow off the panels again today ... and tomorrow ...and Saturday ... :)
gkainz 02/06/20 10:18am Fifth-Wheels
RE: State Bridge, CO to Kremmling

I drove it a number of years ago (man, maybe 20 now?) with a 27' Class C without issue. It was gravel then. But, that RV was my hunting rig and those roads were normal for me, so I was fine with it. Edit - I just looked at Google Maps, Satellite View and zoomed in. Drop the little guy on the road for street view and County Rd 1/Trough Road is still gravel (at least at the image timeframe) on the east end, at least. In Street View, you can "drive" the whole thing on your computer to see what it looks like. Edit 2 - I just did the above and interesting enough, as you head up the mountain near Gore Valley Overlook, GoogleMapsSatellite it IS paved! How about that? ... and then it's gravel again on the west side ... so, the answer is "No, yes, no" :)
gkainz 01/22/20 08:53am Roads and Routes
RE: North from Colorado to Mt Rushmore

When the wind is blowing harder than normal even for Wyoming, i take US 85 North of Cheyenne instead of I-25. You get one more ridge of protection on the west side as a slight windbreak on that route.
gkainz 01/16/20 09:29am Roads and Routes
RE: Flipping Axle

I've done a few "spring over axle" conversions. Flipping the axle is a no go. If you flip the axle, the tires rotate the wrong direction and then the brakes won't work Bob, I can't tell if you're being funny, sarcastic or pedantic? "Axle Flip" is commonly used to describe a trailer "spring over axle" conversion, has been for many many years.
gkainz 01/15/20 04:20pm Tech Issues
RE: North from Colorado to Mt Rushmore

I use Wyoming DOT website WYO ROAD and downloaded their mobile app to keep an eye on the roads. I travel to Custer and Rapid City fairly regularly.
gkainz 01/14/20 04:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: Essential tools to carry; pole saw.

If any one is offended.. my apologies...I just get so frustrated with posting a well thought out topic and then to have it so twisted around is not in good faith. If you got something to say then make a thread and we will discuss it on your thread but for this to go from pole saws to where it went is ridiculous...come on we are talking personal experience and education...that is why I'm here. Nuff said. Sadly, it's the way of the internet ... once you launch the post, it's on its own and you're most likely not going to herd it back onto the trail again ... but you can certainly try to redirect by example. So, to add my attempt to pull this back on track - depending on where we're going, I usually carry a small gas chain saw and fuel in the truck, a bow saw and folding saw in the camper. The electric saws noted above have me thinking I need to add one of those to the tool chest.
gkainz 12/30/19 10:49am Truck Campers
RE: Firewall vs entry in Hosts file ????

old duffers unite. I didn't say I "started" on the DEC VAX systems ... just mentioned I was there once. I started with RSX on a PDP-11, talking to a Sperry/Rand and a Burroughs, writing assembler code for a Litton L-304. The boot sequence on the Sperry was a bank of switches on the front panel where you toggled in the bootstrap loader routine... pages of ON OFF OFF ON ON OFF OFF enter ...
gkainz 12/17/19 06:39am Technology Corner
RE: Firewall vs entry in Hosts file ????

We had Windows 2 on a 286 PC with 386 KB of RAM for which we paid over a hundred bucks for the extra 128 KB. That is 41,450,777th as much RAM as in the system I'm typing this on. That was an upgrade from our Commode'd Or 64. Cutting edge at the time. I don't know if Window 1 was ever seen in the wild. We used Word not World for Windows which was not developed at the time. Lotus 123 and a db program from Borland I don't recall the name. I wrote software on their Turbo Pascal. ah ... probably dBase III or IV? Ashton-Tate bought Vultan, renamed it to dBase. Then Borland bought Ashton-Tate and dBase III and then IV took off. I was working with Oracle back in the dark ages on DEC VMS and using CP/M, OS/2, PC-MOS, Windows 3.1 on the PC and MacOS on Macs. We bought a 1 MB RAM expansion board for a Compaq 286 that was $1000 iirc - was a full height, full length board with both sides fully covered with memory chips. Yeah, I used Turbo Pascal back in the day, too.
gkainz 12/16/19 12:32pm Technology Corner
RE: 4-Corners

We've visited 4 Corners a few times, usually in conjunction with Mesa Verde, when the kids were little. All part of the grand adventure of life! :) We've also stood in the Northern and Southern hemispheres in Ecuador on one fun adventure as well. While also interesting, it wasn't quite as "interesting" as my shellback initiation back in the day on the Nimitz, when we crossed the equator somewhere off the west coast of Africa, while transitioning "without delay" from the Med to the I/O (one could argue that slowing down for a day for shellback initiation was a delay, but traditions are strong in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club).
gkainz 12/16/19 09:07am Roads and Routes
RE: Firewall vs entry in Hosts file ????

Yeah, using the "hosts file" was an old trick from waaaaay back. I think it was of use with Windows 98. Actually, the hosts file came into the Windows world via Windows NT 3.1 who's development was strongly influenced by ("ripped off from?" :) ) DEC VMS, which was a parallel OS challenger to AT&T (Bell Labs) UNIX, which first introduced the etc/hosts file (HOSTS.TXT) that was part of the whole DNS system. In the "learn something new every day" department, I've never heard of using the hosts file to deny or block routing ... I've only used it to define routing to an IP or host without depending on DNS ... Greg
gkainz 12/16/19 08:53am Technology Corner
RE: Want to know how to weigh at a CAT scale?

Thanks for the video. I was just going to say "a comment about really having to reach for the control panel when you pull up would be appropriate" and then you pop up an app I didn't know about! Good Job! :) The second app you used and referenced results in an error 404 when I clicked your link ... looks interesting enough that I'll go chase it down. Just testing the root URL at gives me a 403 Forbidden access error ... ???
gkainz 11/22/19 02:52pm Beginning RVing
RE: Propane Tank Gauge,recomendations please

I've not heard any good recommendations for pressure gauges to accomplish what you want to see. Propane cylinders will keep up the pressure just about all the way to "almost empty" ... pressure doesn't vary much with the LP level. 2 methods that work for many of us are (singularly or combination of both): 1. Auto change over valve - standard (?) in nearly all the RVs now, I think. I use a grease pencil on the tanks to indicate fill date and selection date when I put a full cylinder in, and the date I point the change over valve handle at the selected cylinder. I then check it with some regularity (daily or whenever I think about it?) and note when the flag goes red, switch the regulator handle to the other cylinder, mark the date and know I now need to fill the now empty cylinder sometime within or well before the "usage window" that the first bottle gave me. 2. Pour a cup of hot water down the side of the cylinder and observe the frost line (or feel for the cold/hot demarcation line with my hand) to get an idea of how much LP remaining in that cylinder.
gkainz 11/11/19 09:58am Fifth-Wheels
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