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RE: Longer closure gathering momentum... Gary Good to see. Funny thing is, it hasn't opened up any camping spots. Be a different crowd, I guess, but just as full.
gmckenzie 07/03/20 10:36am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: sway

You have WD bars, but do you have sway control? What is the gross weight of the trailer? Dry weight is meaningless. Adding air bags doesn't do much for sway. More for porpoising or bottoming out. If you truck sits level hooked up, I wouldn't bother (but others might).
gmckenzie 07/02/20 02:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Longer closure gathering momentum...

Compare Covid stats between BC and Washington State. There's a clear indication why the border needs to stay closed.
gmckenzie 07/02/20 10:59am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended

We have decided to just travel-in-province. We'll take the month of October and wander BC. I would guess too, that we won't be going south this coming winter. I wonder what Winnipeg is January and February, from the inside of an RV. Lots of tourist highlights I bet, and no crowds. No bugs, either. Gary Inside the RV it's nice outside the RV dam cold. :B Inside the rv the heater is running 24/7 just to keep the tanks from freezing.... Dam cold doesn't cover the outside Born and raised there and loving winters in the Okanagan now :) Which part of the valley. Kelowna. Much warmer than Winnipeg in the winter and way less bugs in the summer. Plus I'm not even retired yet (unlike 80% of the people living here)
gmckenzie 06/12/20 07:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Border closure extended

We have decided to just travel-in-province. We'll take the month of October and wander BC. I would guess too, that we won't be going south this coming winter. I wonder what Winnipeg is January and February, from the inside of an RV. Lots of tourist highlights I bet, and no crowds. No bugs, either. Gary Inside the RV it's nice outside the RV dam cold. :B Inside the rv the heater is running 24/7 just to keep the tanks from freezing.... Dam cold doesn't cover the outside Born and raised there and loving winters in the Okanagan now :)
gmckenzie 06/11/20 04:21pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: BC Residents only

BC is making it very clear that it is BC residents only in the provincial campgrounds. If a camper were to have non-BC plates, they could/will be refused. Gary HauptCool Idea. Maybe Arizona could do the same and keep the state campgrounds open only to AZ residents during the snowbird season. I sat on my fingers for 24 hours, wondering if I had the energy to respond to this sort of trash talk. I guess I do.. You have singled out snowbirds, so I will take it personally. Your comment is so typical of the nonsense coming out of some folks mouths. Protectionism, US only...that idea may appeal...right up until it doesn't meet the countries needs, then it's all about 'now what'. Be ever so careful what you wish for..water, oil, foods..oh...airfields to park your aircraft and passengers in the event of another tragic event. I can hear the voices now...'we don't need...'. Oh do. By all means..stay out of ours...or be thankful we are good neighbors who are doing what is necessary too look after things. Soon enough, people will be able to cross the border and carry on with their lives. And people like you don't need to travel BC to get north...take the ferry. Gary HauptSo it's OK for BC to keep people out but not AZ? And you take it personally? Did I forget the smiley face? Am I not allowed to have an opinion on snowbirds? Well since you brought it up, we locals can't stay at our own state parks because out-of-towners are occupying the campsites for 6 months straight. That's right, we don't have access to our own state parks. good thing is AZ state parks has limited stays to 2 weeks. At least they see the problem when others don't. Have a nice day :) Honestly, if you are talking about restrictions this year due to Covid, then I think AZ has every right to restrict access to AZ residents only. And the snowbirds can't cross the border right now anyway, except to return to their own country. If you government in choosing to not restrict access during this time, then I trust they have a good reason. But I'm not sure how this relates to snowbirds. If you are ranting about non-covid times, then I can rant right along side with you as if I normally don't book my June sites in January, I won't get them.
gmckenzie 05/29/20 12:34pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Thoughts on the 'need' factor of a main line surge protector

I've got a hard-wired one (PI). I had a surge guard that plugged in, but I found it a pain and would often not use it. Likely at the worst times (rushing setting up in the rain etc.) Plus I camped at a couple of sites where I'd have to lay it on the ground to plug in. Now with the hardwired one, there is no doubt I'm using it.
gmckenzie 03/06/20 04:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tongue Jack Needed

I bought a Husky Brute 4500 many years ago. I would buy it again only this time with a remote to drop it on the ball without getting out of the tow vehicle. It raises my 1200lbs of tongue weight plus the rear of my Burb quickly and easily. Link My next one will have a remote. Between that and the backup camera, it should make hook up alone a breeze.
gmckenzie 03/03/20 10:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on handheld electric drill for jacks

I use an angle drill. 18v Ryobi from Home Depot (but I have a lot of their 18v stuff as well). It works well for me and has plenty of torque. I tighten them down with a ratchet.
gmckenzie 10/02/19 10:27am Beginning RVing
RE: 2020 Chevy 2500HD Gas

I wish they would have still used the 4.10, however I wonder if they decided to go all 3.73 on the gas because possibly a newer transmission could be coming....? Maybe a 8 or 10 speed which would make better use of that gearing along with the new 6.6 gas... just a thought... This is what I'm hoping for. I'm not in the market right now, but will be in a couple of years and I'd love to see a 10 spd. Otherwise might have to buy a Ford
gmckenzie 09/20/19 03:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Privacy Awning Pros, Cons

Guess I'll go against the grain and say that when it's 35C out, and the sun is starting to go down, it's nice having them for the shade.
gmckenzie 09/20/19 03:38pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Weight distribution systems, which one is best?

X whatever we're at The top 3 with built in sway control, though they cost multiple thousands Hensley Arrow Hensley Arrow ProPride ProPride Pull-Rite Pull-Rite The next three with built in sway control under $1000 Equal-i-zer Equal-i-zer Reese straight line (dual cam) Reese straight line Blue Ox Blue ox I'm sure there are others. I think the Husky Centerline fits into the second category as well. I have a Equalizer I found used that works well for my setup.
gmckenzie 09/20/19 11:34am Towing
RE: Winterizing

Also not mentioned is to shut off the HW heater switches and empty your HW heater tank. If so equipped, close the inlet and outlet valves and open the bypass line valve. I just winterized my MH, TT, and assisted two friends doing theirs. Some RV's do not have water by-pass kits intalled at the water heater. A good point made is if you don't have a by-pass installed in your RV,one can be installed. It will save time and increase efficiency if you blow out your system, and if you are using antifreeze save multiple gallons. I am so glad mine has one. My water heater is tucked in a corner under the stove and there is no way in hell I could get at it to add one without dismantling my kitchen cabinets.
gmckenzie 09/17/19 08:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Mountain Towing

Check the payload of any truck you are looking at. At 7200 GVW (if you are looking at the trailer dry weight, don't), a 5th wheel pin weight could be 1500 lbs. For a lot of 1/2 tons, that will exceed their payload. Remember to add the weight of the 5th wheel hitch as well as people. Also, be wary of jumping to a 3/4 ton diesel. Payload on some of them is barely 2000 lbs (the same as my half ton). And while I do think a 3/4 ton diesel will tow better than my half ton, if both within limits, I'd not want to move to a 3/4 ton and be disappointed in the payload. Gas 3/4 ton typically have 500 or so more payload than a diesel comparably equipped. New trucks, like the 2020 GMC HD, have thrown this out the window.
gmckenzie 09/17/19 08:35am Towing
RE: Tongue Jack Issues

Just in case anyone else stumbles on this post. I came across this post with recommendations on tongue jacks to buy. Link to post So even though I didn't get all of my answers here, I think I am all set now. Surprised so many don't want the remote with the Husky. My next one will have the remote so I can back up with my camera and drop the tongue on the ball without getting out of the truck. I typically hook up alone. When my wife helps, she does a great job, but she is often still doing stuff.
gmckenzie 09/17/19 08:21am General RVing Issues
RE: 2020 GMC HD in the Wild

Driving to work this morning I saw a new GMC and noticed the fenders reflectors are actually lights. Also the led headlights looked really good. On the Chevy forums, many who buy the GMC are figuring out how tint the fender lights. Not a fan of the fender lights, but have not seen one in real life yet.
gmckenzie 09/12/19 11:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Chevy payload

Was trying to figure out if payload for gm drw has gone up since my 2015. The new 2020 aren’t out yet. So I figured someone out there might have a gm drw crew cab diesel that could tell me there payload Payload has gone up, but the DRW hasn't started shipping yet so all you'll see is brochure numbers. No real numbers for the DRW yet.
gmckenzie 09/11/19 04:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: GM recall 2014-2018

You won't have the vacuum pump on the HD series as they don't use the cylinder deactivation (V4 mode). The pump compensates for lower manifold vacuum when in V4 mode (or at least that is how it was explained to me). My truck was reprogrammed last week.
gmckenzie 09/11/19 04:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

In reference specifically to half ton towing, why do people say, "use the max trailer weight?" Some trailers have 3000 lbs of cargo capacity (Who's going to use all that?!). Some have under a 1000. Even with excessive amounts of tools, backup parts, winter supplies, summer supplies, extra battery, solar panels, various added accessories, food, 50 gallons of water, grill, camp stove, camp table, camp chairs, cast iron pots and pans, and assorted other sundries, I can't seem to get over about 1500 lbs of stuff in my trailer. I don't think you will find a trailer that can be towed by a 1/2 ton with 3K carrying capacity. 1500 seems more the norm (and I've been looking at this lately). And I just found one, so ppbbbtttt!!!! to me.
gmckenzie 09/11/19 12:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pulling with 1/2 ton

I run a 1/2 ton Chevy Silverado, 3:42 gears, 5.3L, and all of the towing options pulling a Jayco 23BHM that has a max weight of 6250lbs. I try not to exceed 75% of the vehicle tow capacity. Why 3:42 gears - there are in the middle, not stump pullers and not mileage gears! I can pull the mountains - I might not be able to blast up them at 65MPH but I can get up them! Just on the 3.42. My 1500 with the max trailering has a 6 sp and 3.73 gears. Newer versions have a 10 spd and 3.42 gears. The newer truck have an overall higher numerical final drive in 1st gear due to a better 1st on the 10 spd vs the older 6 spd. I think it changed in 2017 (mine is 2015).
gmckenzie 09/11/19 11:11am Travel Trailers
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