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RE: Screws being pulled out on Awning

Could be worse.
goducks10 11/12/19 12:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Just curious?

Airstream would be the only high dollar RV that is giving you superior quality for the extra money. Lance and Arctic Fox are noted to having pretty good quality for a bit more on the price tag. Never looked at an Arctic Fox, but we did look at several Lance trailers. They all had the same cheap a$$ components as every other trailer out there. And therein lies the problem. You spend $90,000 on an MSRP ($130K) unit and you still get many of the same junk components that you can get in a $50K 5er. Same Furrion stuff, same Thomas Payne junk, same wall construction except maybe thicker insulation which does nothing for the potential delam issue. Same cheap plastic faucets, same cheap cabinet construction. Even with upgrades to quality faucets whats the big deal? Throw in some extra fake granite counter tops on top of the same cheap wood cabinets. On top of that you lose about 40% in 5 years, so that $90K is now worth $54K. Thats $36K down the drain. The biggest upside is only when you dig deeper and look at suspension, frame, slides, heating, cooling, etc. Other than those there's nothing really special about a $90,000 5er than makes it worth $40K more than less $$$ ones.
goducks10 11/10/19 11:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Blow out water lines question

IMO it really boils down to where you live as to how severe your winters are. Live in Los Angeles and heck you don't even need to winterize. Live in North Dakota use the pink stuff. All points in between it's user discretion.
goducks10 11/09/19 08:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Lightweight RL trailer

What are you towing it with?
goducks10 11/08/19 08:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Change dining booth to table and chairs

Thinking about changing out my dining booth to table and chairs. Will keep the bench against the back wall since it has a handy outside access but will remove the pedestal table and one booth. I plan to install a stand alone table and two chairs but have some questions from those that has done this. Did you attach the table to the floor? Do you tie down the chairs for transport? Did you regret making this modification? Where did you find a table to fit the space? Looks like a viable plan. Most tables are screwed to the floor. Chairs may or may not be strapped down. Any local cheaper furniture store will have different size small tables. Chairs as well.
goducks10 11/07/19 01:36pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Filling Propane While Traveling

There's propane all over in the PNW, guessing CA has it everywhere too. Many fuel stations have a propane filling area. RV parks have a propane. I have two 30# tanks as well. They last a very long time unless you're camping in cold weather and need to run the furnace a lot.
goducks10 11/07/19 08:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Ford reaches tentative UAW contract.

Fact of the matter is, apples to apples, same job, same state, a union person is usually better off. Yes, in this scenario there are probably more benefits to being in a union. I will admit I am not union material. I could not stand that seniority was more important than knowledge and how well you did the job. My work ethic forced me to be the best at whatever I did and a structure where even a dumb a$$ has more ranking than me just because he applied for the job sooner than I did not jive with me. I also was not happy making what others made. I was willing to work harder if it got me more pay, but the union guys hated that and preferred that everyone got the same pay like some kind of communist country. They were happy with the union negotiating their pay, but I wasn't. I wanted to negotiate my own pay and benefits like I do now. I guess to each their own. I would rather carve my own path based on my own merit. It comes with a lot risks and its own sacrifices, but the reward is high which is why CEO's and executives make so much. However, I can understand how someone would want to take the safer path and be apart of a collective. Negotiating your own worth and being forced to prove it year over year is not for everyone. Some prefer the safer "known" route with less risk. Different unions for different jobs. Being in the Carpenters Union you either did the work or you hit the road. There really wasn't seniority so to speak in the union. If there was any it was for the shop you worked for. Bust your butt, do good work and you can take yourself to the top. No different than any other job I suppose. Nothing "safe" about it. Do the work, keep your job.
goducks10 11/05/19 11:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford reaches tentative UAW contract.

Fact of the matter is, apples to apples, same job, same state, a union person is usually better off.
goducks10 11/05/19 05:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford reaches tentative UAW contract.

You know who loves unions? The non union workers that do the same work in the same town as union workers. When unions leave wages drop. A side note to this is that right to work states generally have lower cost of living and higher employment rates. It is a fact based on US data that on average non-RTW states have considerably more unions and a much higher the cost of living. A higher salary is needed to cover the higher cost of goods because the producers of those goods had to increase the salaries of their workers. It is a perpetual and never ending cycle. Another thing that increases the cost of living is taxes and regulations which most unions give to the political side that generally likes to increase these things whenever they can. So just because the average salary is higher, does not necessarily mean they are better off when you consider all things. Not saying that all union are bad. I am just saying that you have to take all things into account when weighing the pros and cons of it all. You can't just look at one single thing and say one is better(or worse) than the other. Ask those non union workers if they're getting the same benefits as their union counter parts. Earning lower wages when things are cheaper is fine except when it comes time to save for retirement.
goducks10 11/05/19 09:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford reaches tentative UAW contract.

You know who loves unions? The non union workers that do the same work in the same town as union workers. When unions leave wages drop.
goducks10 11/05/19 08:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2012 6.7 Diesel

Back to the topic at hand..... :B I remember when the 6.7L came out and Ford had a HUGE marketing campaign which talked extensively about the millions of miles they put on this engine in all types of extreme temperatures under extreme loads before they released it. If that was truly the case, how did none of these issues crop up??? :h I think you can put that in the same category as multiple PDI's that RV MFG's brag about.
goducks10 11/04/19 09:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hwy 97 BC to California

From Ooosoyoos to Bend it's a good road and a great alternative to I-5. Idk, never been south of Bend on it. South of Bend to Weed CA is as good as it gets for a two lane hwy. Drove it many times.
goducks10 11/04/19 04:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hwy 97 BC to California

I can say that 97 from Bend Or to Weed Ca is pretty decent. We took it late this summer from Weed to Bend. Probably used that route 8-10 times. I've taken 97 north from Bend to the 197 cutoff then 197 to The Dalles. Also a decent hwy. That's the route I'd take if coming down from WA.
goducks10 11/04/19 02:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ford reaches tentative UAW contract.

I have spoken with many people about this. Almost every one of them said that they think the UAW is getting too greedy especially asking for benefits that most others do not get or have to pay for themselves. Most also felt that this greed was a large reason why we (the taxpayers) had to bail out these companies not to long ago. All of this on top of the current corruption scandals in the UAW's top executives are not helping their cause. They may have won this battle, but it appears they are loosing the war in the eyes of most people in my region because most are starting to view them unfavorably where they didn't just a few years ago. As a 30 year Union Carpenter now retired I couldn't agree more about the greediness. I've been saying it for years that the UAW is an embarrassment to most unions.
goducks10 11/04/19 02:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Starlink supposedly will be available in 2020

I wonder how most cable providers provide both television and internet and get away charging for both? Perhaps you should look into those businesses and how they interact. Want the short answer? Because you won't be streaming most providers /channels unless you pay someone. Start adding up all the subscription costs. Netflix / Prime / _______ /_______ etc. Those fees are not going away no matter how it gets to you. Now its different if you want to watch nothing but internet baloney, Youtube, and in your case the Fantasy channel. The reason cable companies are still providing both is many over 40 years of age have not gone full streaming and many don't understand how it works, I have 2 brothers that are still stuck in the cable world even though they have internet at there house. You don't need cable to get 95 percent of the programs on streaming anymore, that to is going away, you need to check out Roku box and learn something. Cable/satellite TV service has few folks signed up under 30 years of age, streaming growing by the thousands daily. As to cost for streaming it is far cheaper if you know how it works and don't add extra channels that you don't need, many are free. My total household and RV streaming is around $400 a year for thousands of programs, movies, sports, news, etc, 10 times the content than cable/satellite and many programs are commercial free. My monthly internet is not included in the above cost because I need internet for my business so I might as well go ahead and stream down all my TV programs/movies for cheap while I have internet anyways. The younger generation including my 2 daughters in there mid 20's already sees the savings and better content for cheap since they all have internet and don't see why the slow older generation is paying $100 a month for a few junk channels loaded with commercials.. :C How do I watch TV when out camping where there's no 4G? Not everyone lives like you do. Last thing I want to do is be tied to 4G when out camping. Come out west young man and you'll see that your fantasy is greatly compromised.
goducks10 11/04/19 08:09am Technology Corner
RE: RV sites recommendations for Roseburg,OR, Brookings OR
goducks10 11/03/19 10:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: TT for full time living or negatives of trailer brands

I would not recommend getting a camper and living in it full time. Your situation is not ideal for this venture. You won’t save money like you may think for starters. You’ll also have to fix everything yourself on the camper, because taking to a dealer will throw a huge monkey wrench in your plans. Managing camp sites, water, sewer, propane, etc is going to be a headache if you are moving from site to site. Full timing sounds good on the surface, but it takes planning and money. Most folks sell their home, and bank the money, and retire when they full time. I am still here, was just busy. I did post it multiple places as not everyone is a member of all forums and I would like as much input as possible :) "Most folks sell their home, and bank the money, and retire when they full time." Bingo.
goducks10 11/03/19 12:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Places to stay near Mt. Ranier, Olympic and Crater Lake NPs

Ok, so I now have a place booked near Packwood to see Mt Rainier NP. Any suggestions for areas around Crater Lake NP? Airbnb/VRBO doesn't have much that seems very close... It's a gorgeous historic lodge. The restaurant is also very nice.
goducks10 11/03/19 09:21am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: FCA To Merge With PSA

I still think they should work on an universal swappable battery pack where one pulls into a station and a robot swaps in a recharged battery and you are on your way again in a couple minutes, along with a "refueling" charge on your credit card. The number of battery packs is base on size and weight of vehicle. The Radio Control hobby has airplanes, buggies, cars and trucks that have been doing it for years. I do not go to the field and fly a plane once and then have to bring it home and recharge it. I can fly as many flights as batteries I bring along. Having done the off road RC car thing for years back in the day, I think you're on to something. Let the battery MFG's duke it out as well. It would definitely benefit the consumer.
goducks10 11/03/19 09:18am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2012 6.7 Diesel

There are also many fanboys here who do not like to tell the truth because it makes their favorite brand look bad. They are usually easy to spot because they will focus only on the bad of other brands and refuse to believe there is anything bad with their favorite brand. They also usually exaggerate numbers so take what they say with a grain of salt just as you would with a fanboy of an opposing brand. Your post at first sounded Fishy to me. But then again I'm Cummins to believe you're on to something. :)
goducks10 11/03/19 08:57am Tow Vehicles
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