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RE: Another ‘dadgum’ post re: tire PSI…please bear with me…

What do you mean by front and rear stabilizers? Sway bars? The best thing i ever did for steering wander was a supersteer rear trac bar and 4 bilstien shocks. I also did 4 centramatic balancing rings which is supposed to lower tire temps. And to ice the cake, i measured my front swaybar diameter (mine is 1 1/4) and ordered universal poly swaybar bushings from energy suspension to replace the mushy rubber ones. It made head winds almost non exististent. I have a p30. I might have meant sway bars rather than stabilizers. Please forgive me! That aside, thanks for identifying efforts you made to control steering. I may be able to use some of them. Again, thanks.
goufgators 11/29/19 11:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

Those of you reading this post might see that I also posted a request of information about steering wander. I've been thinking that if I can 'defeat' the wandering problem that I might keep it another year. But, if the wander stays...I go!
goufgators 11/29/19 09:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another ‘dadgum’ post re: tire PSI…please bear with me…

Try it and see how the MH handles, 5 psi less is not going to kill your tires. I was hoping for a comment like your's. Let's see if anyone else agrees.
goufgators 11/29/19 06:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another ‘dadgum’ post re: tire PSI…please bear with me…

Cold PSI means just that. Lowering PSI so the tires heat up to the recommended cold psi defeats the purpose of setting cold psi in the first place. They will be under inflated. As I am sure you are aware, low psi is the primary reason for tire failure - aside from a puncture. The F53 is notorious for poor handling. It's not going to handle like a car or a DP - ever. We had 2 gassers over the past decade and both were rather exhausting at the end of a long day in the saddle. Constant corrections. I would consider different tires, cheap handling fix or another model RV. Lowering psi below the tire manufacturers recommendation is not the proper way to handle the issue. You'd be borrowing risk. That of course is my opinion and I usually err to the side of caution. I am sure there are thousands of people out there driving on under inflated tires by 5 psi and either don't know it or don't care. I am confident however your tires will generate more heat.I share your concern about under inflated tires but, knowing that they would be 'under inflated' for possible no more than 10 or 15 miles...I was just wondering if that would be enough time to damage the tires. I believe you're saying yes it would be inadvisable. Thanks for your comments.
goufgators 11/29/19 06:38am Class A Motorhomes
Another ‘dadgum’ post re: tire PSI…please bear with me…

I know and agree with posts relevant to ‘have your coach weighed’ and I have done so although not four-corner weights. Axle weights indicate 80 psi for all tires. In the title, I said this post was about tire psi and that is, at least, partially correct. But, it’s also about that age-old problem of steering wander. Let me explain, if I can. Wandering has been a problem since the coach was new (2017). I’ve added rear stabilizer, front stabilizer, steer safe and had alignment adjusted to 5 degrees camber (not sure that’s the correct terminology for the alignment). After all the add-ons and alignment, the problem still exists. Here’s the interesting part. As you know, as tires turn they build up heat and psi increases. When I start out on a trip, the tires are at the cold 80 psi and steering at that psi is beautiful (Cadillacish good)…well maybe not quiet that good, but no wandering. No wandering continues until psi reaches about 90 psi or slightly above. That’s when the steering wheel gets a work our along with the driver (that’s me). After all of the above, here’s the question: In order to keep the tires’ psi from increasing quickly to a point of ‘wander’, would it be safe to reduce the cold psi to say 75 (remember Goodyear says, based on weight, cold should be 80). In our Florida very warm weather, the tires, starting at 75, would rather quickly heat up along with the psi and exceed the cold 80. But, in so doing, the psi might not reach the wandering problem. At least not as soon. Comments welcomed!
goufgators 11/29/19 05:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

No more RV of any kind ? Your furry friends are not going be happy with you, especially the Yorkie, we were Yorkie breeders. Is trading it in an option ? Either for a new car, dogs like that new car smell or a new TT that will fit your needs as a seasonal. A large enough TT might work for you on a seasonal site. Yes, you will take less money but life is give and take to reach a goal. You could get a TT with a fireplace, dogs like to lie in front of a fireplace and you will be back on their favorite person list once again . :) My experience with having other people sell something that I own never worked out. A practice that I have seen is boosting the price while they let it sit on their lot to accumulate dirt and develop a leak while parked next to a NEW less expensive unit, that was dry and clean. The sales pitch was, look what you get buying NEW with a WARRANTY opposed to THIS OLD DIRTY RV and its just a few dollars more. They use our units as an ad to sell their own. Yes, no more RV of any kind (I think). Might later buy a small travel trailer. But, for now our only vehicles will be my wife's CRV (previously tow vehicle), my pick up and our '79 VW Beetle convertible.
goufgators 11/23/19 04:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

I’m in about the same position. A year away from 80 and wondering how long I can or will want to keep traveling in it. Bought mine new. Talked to owner of the dealer where purchased and ask if they would buy back when I’m finished. He said he would try to talk me into consignment as that would get me “ more money” but would buy it if that’s what I really wanted. I’m thinking when I am ready to “get out” I want out and will take just about whatever offer I can get the fastest to get out. Don’t want to mess around with it. I'm also nearing 80 and have decided that I've reached the 'hanging up of keys' point in life. However, we have three furry kids, a Schnauzer, a Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkie. We have had motor homes for many years simply because we will not board them...if we go...they go. So that's a serious problem now. If we don't have an RV and need to go some where, how will we be able to do so considering the fur kids? We might have to sell the bigger motor home and buy a small travel trailer. However, would I feel unable to travel with it as I have with the motor home?
goufgators 11/18/19 12:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

I am 78 and although no long trips this year we have been to Charleston, Pigeon Forge twice, Baltimore once and Blowing Rock, NC so far this year. Be leaving 24 Dec for West Palm Beach. I have lived my life on the dangerous edge and figure if I alter plans for what MIGHT happen I'll either miss a lot or never do anything. Did I mention that I still tow my race car which I also drive? But I am sure that the time will come when I have to start giving up some things, not soon I hope. Good to hear! Hope you have many more years before your body/mind begins telling you it's time to slow down. At 79 my brain started telling me 'it's time'. I really hate this. We're on our 5th MH and just bought a new 17 a couple years ago. It has only 3K miles on the odometer.
goufgators 11/17/19 12:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

This topic kind of makes me sad. I just turned 75 and although I still can drive the motor home fine, I don't seem to look forward to heading out like I used to. I worry more about problems on the road, finding a campsite and what could go wrong. I don't want to quit RVing as I don't like to fly and don't like hotels. This getting old sucks! Ed, sorry to hear about your concerns regarding driving your motor home. But, somewhat glad you posted because the concerns you mentioned are exactly the ones I'm bothered by causing me to strongly consider 'hanging up the proverbial keys'. Over the past year, my wife and I have planned two trips from our home in Florida to our daughter's place in Eastern Tennessee. We've made that trip many times with no concern on my part even driving directly through Atlanta on I-75. However, we had to cancel both trips because I was experiencing the same problems you identified. I worried (fretted) about break downs, accidents, either my wife or I having serious health problems somewhere along the route, etc., etc. I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night almost in a cold sweat. I'm sure there are readers of this post that can't imagine that ever happening to them. I hope not.
goufgators 11/17/19 05:38am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

It is my understanding that you comp and liability insurance is no longer in effect when you leave a MH on a consignment lot. And consignment lots do not provide insurance. Check with you insurance agent before using a consignment lot. Richard I do plan to check with my insurance agent. If not covered...will not be left on consignment.
goufgators 11/17/19 05:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

If you have decided to get out of RVing altogether, then selling it on consignment is wise. Craigslist is difficult at best with the scammers and unqualified. PPL Motorhomes in Texas is the best place to sell on consignment. However, if you still want to RV, why don't you consider trading the motorhome for a Class B van conversion. AS easy to drive as a car, yet still a real RV! Considered that. But, with 3 canines and wife...believe it could be a bit cramped particularly on extended trips.
goufgators 11/16/19 08:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

Keep the MH. Park it in a Seasonal site and keep on camping!! I pay $1700.00 per year in Eastern MA. $2400 -$3600 will get you a very nice spot. You can also buy a lot in an RV resort. Lots of options. Good idea for someone with a travel trailer or 5th wheel; however, a motor home needs to be driven on a regular basis. I try to take mine out at least monthly for a drive of about 30 miles.
goufgators 11/16/19 08:31am Class A Motorhomes
Time to hang up the keys...(consignment ?)

I'm nearing age 80 and feel that my reaction time and other age related deficiencies are telling me that it's time retire from motor home driving. I do not look forward to 'hanging up the keys' but recognize that it's in my (and possibly others) best interest to do so. I'm hesitant to advertise the sale of our motor home on Craigslist and have begun to think about contracting with Camping World to sell it on consignment. Probably, financially, consignment would be the least desirable way to go but for 'ease of sale' probably the better way to go. BUT, I've not yet discussed this with CW and would like to first hear back from those of you who have consignment experience particularly with CW. Were you satisfied or the opposite? In advance, thanks to all who respond.
goufgators 11/16/19 05:48am Class A Motorhomes
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