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RE: How does everyone transport their kayak

And if you are thinking of a Thule "Hullivator" you better have a lot of money! Guy Yeah, That's not happening for sure!
gpeade 06/13/19 06:12am Travel Trailers
How does everyone transport their kayak

I have a 2003 F-250 crew cab with a 6.5' bed towing a 28' Jayco TT. For those of you that carry kayaks along what methods have you tried and what have you found that works best? I have a hard bed cover on the truck and would rather not loose that because of the secure storage it provides. Ideally I would love to make something that stands them up vertically against the rear of the TT but then I have to worry about overhead clearance so I'm not set on that idea.
gpeade 06/12/19 03:16pm Travel Trailers
southwire surge guard or Progressive industries

I think I have finally convinced myself to spend the $$ on an EMS. I have been reading reviews and different posts here and from what I have read the overwhelming majority recommend the Progressive EMS-PT30X over the Surge Guard 34931. My question is why? They are relatively the same price. The progressive model is considerably smaller that the Surge Guard in physical size but that's about it. The real thing that has me confused is that the Surge Guard is rated for 2,450 joules where the Progressive is only 1,790. Seems to me the Surge Guard would be the abvious choice. I'm no electrician so what am I missing here?
gpeade 04/02/19 03:37pm Tech Issues
RE: rear camera install

an easy path to the undercarriage is to route the wire across the roof to the fridge vent then fish down and drill a hole up from underneath. Caulk it and you're done... That's not a bad idea. My fridge is on the back wall. Thanks for the suggestion. After everyone's comments I may just try wireless. I was reading another thread on the topic and it was the opposite. Everyone was talking about how bad the wireless units were. Guess I just need to try one or the other and see for myself.
gpeade 03/15/19 09:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
rear camera install

Asking for advise here. I have a Jayco TT with Fiberglass sides. I want to add a rear view camera to the back of it. I would prefer to go hardwired over wireless for the reliability. I have no problem running the wires the length on the unit underneath. My concern is how would I get them from the camera down underneath the unit? I'm not going to tear out an interior wall just to fish this cable down. I can get surface applied wire raceway that is made for exterior that wouldn't look too bad back there but I would prefer the wire be hidden completely. Anyone know an easy way to run this wire from the camera to the bottom of the unit?
gpeade 03/14/19 10:15am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: new to the TT world

To the you can see here there are about as many opinions here as there are different rigs. My suggestion is try both and do whichever is best for you and your camping style. There is no right or wrong way. Once you camp a few times you will develop your own system and it will become routine to you personally. Don't sweat the small stuff just get out there and enjoy it! Personally I have never put a drop of water in the freshwater tank.
gpeade 02/26/19 10:03am Travel Trailers
RE: question about camping with a pittbull

Based on data regarding dog attacks in the U.S. and Canada between 1982 and 2014, the dogs most likely to bite humans are: Pit bulls. Rottweilers. Pit bull mixes. German shepherds. Bullmastiffs. Wolf hybrids. Huskies. Akitas. If you have ever owned a Pitt or spend time around one you would know this is not the norm for this breed and its nature. Many act violent because they are treated mean. I could make a beagle mean if I wanted too. I can attest to the same for Rotts. The meanest dogs I have ever been around are the ones that weigh 10lbs or less. LOL
gpeade 02/21/19 12:53pm RV Pet Stop
RE: question about camping with a pittbull

Thanks for the great feedback and information. Just got off the phone with our Vet. Our dog is actually due in March for his rabies vaccination. Vet says she deals with this all the time. She changed his records from Pitt mix to "Brown mixed breed" Problem solved.
gpeade 02/21/19 12:46pm RV Pet Stop
question about camping with a pittbull

The wife and I just bought a camper and want to get back into camping. This time around we have two dogs. Both are rescue "mutts" and one is part Pitt. First campground I called to make a reservation won't allow him because he is a "dangerous" breed. If any of you own bulls you know the BS and aggravation that goes along with this. My question for you guys is this...what is your experiences with different campgrounds? Now I know I can say he isn't a Pitt but do campgrounds generally ask for vaccination records? These state he is a Pitt-mix so I can't hide it then. How do those of you with larger dogs deal with this issue? Thanks
gpeade 02/21/19 10:59am RV Pet Stop
RE: Rear view camera for trailer

Just finished reading all the posts here as I am considering a camera for the rear on my TT. I want something on constantly for traffic viewing as well. Obviously a wired system is more reliable and probably less expensive but I have one would one go about running a wire the length of a travel trailer? I'm sure under the unit is the easiest place but how difficult would it be to get it down through the rear wall, or would you just use small wire clips and surface mount the wire down the back on the unit then seal them real well. Sorry if this is hijacking the thread.
gpeade 02/15/19 07:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Evergreen trailer experience?

Thanks for the replys but it’s a non issue now. Went to look at it earlier today. Very narrow slide and low ceiling. Tons of storage and counter space in this model but for us, the cons outweighed the pros.
gpeade 02/12/19 07:13pm Travel Trailers
Evergreen trailer experience?

Curious if anyone here has anything to say about the Evergreen line? Currently looking at a 2012 model. I know they were bough out but should I look into it or run far far away from it?
gpeade 02/12/19 09:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Calling all Springdale and/or Coleman owners

... cheaper initially. What does that mean? The Coleman is priced about $1,000 cheaper than the Springdale of the same floor plan. By “initially” I was referring to the price of the unit only. Not including all the dealers fees and **** they tack on.
gpeade 02/11/19 04:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Calling all Springdale and/or Coleman owners

Agreed on everything you wrote. Visited the show Saturday and the dealership Sunday. Yeah the fees were ridiculous. Honestly I'd prefer to not purchase from the dealer I visited but if I go Coleman I don't have a choice. From what I learned today the Coleman line is only available through a Camping world dealership.
gpeade 02/11/19 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Reese Dual cam vs Equalizer

Not sure why the links didn't post. I added them via the hyperlink tab. Turns out the salesman was showing me two different hitches. One was an original Equal-i-zer and the other was a Fastway E2.
gpeade 02/11/19 12:48pm Towing
RE: Reese Dual cam vs Equalizer

Ya'll got me questioning what the salesman said as well. There were two hitches on a display rack. One was ***Link Removed*** Which he said I didn't need and he called a E4 I believe. After reading the responses the other hitch that he called an Equalizer was actually a ***Link Removed*** Or at least that's exactly what it looked like. So if nothing else I have learned one thing not listen/trust what the salesman tell you. Granted I already knew that. Why else would I be here asking my questions :B
gpeade 02/11/19 12:45pm Towing
RE: Reese Dual cam vs Equalizer

Maybe I'm confused....but is your dealer talking about an Equal-i-zer brand hitch or an Equalizer hitch (often a generic name for a basic weight distribution hitch)?? Equalizer as in brand name, not hitch style.
gpeade 02/11/19 11:37am Towing
RE: Reese Dual cam vs Equalizer

Your salesman was mistaken. Barney Partly yes I believe he was. That's why I came here for unbiased real life experience based opinions. From what I have researched, what you are referring to in the model 4. He advised the trailer I was looking at would only require a model 2. This model had round bars that clipped into the hitch head from the bottom. Based on what you fine folks have told me, and my own research on that particular model hitch, the bars sliding on the take up brackets is the only sway control. Which to me don't seem like would provide much resistance for a 3ton trailer.
gpeade 02/11/19 10:29am Towing
Calling all Springdale and/or Coleman owners

The wife and I are currently considering getting back into the RV life. Kids are grown so until grandkids get here it's just us. We really like the rear living room model TT. Preferably with the two recliners as opposed to dual couches. At the RV show we attended we fell in love with a Springdale 266RL. Yesterday we went dealer shopping and found a Coleman Light LX 2605RL. We both liked the Coleman better. More storage, lighter weight(although not much), and fiberglass exterior. Cosmetically we both liked the Coleman interior better. From what I see the warranty is pretty close between the two also. The Coleman is also about $1,000 cheaper initially. If you have any experience with either product I would appreciate your input. Also if you have suggestions for different brands with same floor plan in the same price bracket and weight class. Looking for low 20K and 1/2 ton towable.
gpeade 02/11/19 08:29am Travel Trailers
Reese Dual cam vs Equalizer

First off I am not trying to beat a dead horse here to decide which is the better hitch. I have not owned a TT for more than 10yrs but thinking about getting another one. Probably been that long since I have been here as well. Previously I had a Reese dual cam and loved it. Easy to hitch and unhitch and never had any sway issues.(not that the hitch was entirely responsible for that)I say I loved it but I had nothing else to compare it too. The Reese is the only WD hitch I have ever used. The dealer I visited recently sold Equalizer products. Exactly where does the equalizer generate the sway control? In looking on the website it looks to me it's in the joint where the WD bar attached to the hitch itself but my salesman said it was simply friction from the metal on metal contact from the bar resting on the take up bracket. For me, I would think the dual cam on the reese would preform more effectively. I would like to hear opinions, experiences from those of you that have possible used both. Please skip the post telling me I NEED a Hensley. I'm aware of the product but not spending that kind of money for what I will be doing. Thanks
gpeade 02/11/19 07:36am Towing
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