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RE: 2018 Wolf Creek 850 wiring diagram

Call Northwood and ask for the service dept. Speak to Justin or Travis. Both of those guys are knowledgable on systems. I have gotten electrical and plumbing schematics from those guys for my 2019 AF990. Usually takes more than one phone call or e-mail but they have always come through for me. Good luck.
greenno 11/08/22 01:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Batteries died...sheesh

Purchased my 990 back in June of 2018 ( 2019 model ). My battery's started having issues as far as holding a charge about a year ago, Got 3 years out of em. Since I have solar panels on the roof I went with some LiFePO4 battery cells and now have 560ahr's of capacity. Also installed a 3k Inverter back where my generator is kept and rarely use it anymore. With the storage capacity I have now using the micro or coffee machine is no problem. Using the AC for a short period of time works to but not all day. Hell I can even charge up my E-Mtn bike battery without running the generator. Cost a bit to do but opens up alot more options as far as using power is concerned. Good job on those Costco battery's.
greenno 10/08/22 06:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Victron DC to DC in engine compartment?

Since the DC--DC charger is for the camper battery's and not the trucks, thats what the alternator is for, mount it as close to the camper/trailer as possible. I just tapped into my existing truck/trailer wiring inside the camper. #10 Red positive. My Victron unit only charges to 18amps so Im good.
greenno 09/08/22 06:37pm Truck Campers
RE: Atwood jack remote malfunction

I know the jack system is 12vdc Can you plug the camper into 120vac ( which you probably have an inverter/charger) and then run the jacks up/down/single/all? If that doesn't work then it's probably a control board issue. If your handy find your controller box and put a clamp-on ammeter on each jack leg and run it up and see what you read. The sum of the 4 legs should be under your max current draw. If 1 leg is high maybe just 1 jack is the problem. Another way to do it is to unplug your jacks externally and plug in separately. Run one up/down, then plug in one more jack and run all and see if it works, plug in another and so forth. Good luck.
greenno 08/31/22 09:34am Truck Campers
RE: Why shouldn't I go this route? (AC Roof Delete)

I think your original unit you mentioned was 50hz. Not sure if that would be an issue. Using the 240v model you would need a 12v/240v inverter as a stand alone power supply as I think most truck camper systems are 120v 1ph. Looking at the specs for your revised unit it's 120v 60hz which is good in the sense that's it's compatible with camper's existing electrical system. You missed listing the most important specs above. Cooling draws 8.8a and heating draws 7.2a. Your going to need a ton of battery's to power those devices yeah? I would think an electric heater would be my last choice for heating. Not sure why your getting rid of your rooftop unit unless it doesn't work or ? Good luck on whichever way you go.
greenno 08/29/22 10:13am Truck Campers
RE: Shocks... KYB Monomax versus Rancho 9000, equivalent?

Any good aftermarket shock will be better than the stock set-up. Last truck with camper I ran Bilstein 5100's. My current truck with camper I'm running Fox 2.0's. I like the fox's better. Good luck.
greenno 08/05/22 09:40am Truck Campers
RE: Lithium Battery Charging System

Yeah going with the LifePO4 battery cells has worked out really good. I went with the EVITE 3.2v Grade A 280ahr cells and just connected up two cells parallel x 4 and it gave me a total air of 560ahr's. By connecting these up this way I was able to use a single 200a BMS to monitor and charge the cells, even bluetooth's to my phone so I can check state at a glance if needed. . Already had #1 wiring going from battery compartment to the generator compartment via a shut-off switch located there for future as I didn't order my camper with the Kohler genset for( 4k) but just the prep package which was no charge. I then purchased my own 2200w dual fuel generator for $650 only drawback is I have to remove it from the compartment to run it. Even had room in the rear of the compartment to install the 3kw inverter and I can switch to either source when I choose. Actually saved about 40lbs in weight savings over the the original set. Also wanted to keep the battery's in the same location so that limited me to either Lead/Acid, Lithium, or the type I ended up going with. Having all that reserve capacity is really nice to have.
greenno 07/22/22 10:25pm Truck Campers
RE: Lithium Battery Charging System

I ended up building my own LifePO4 set-up myself. Went from 98ahr's to 560ahr's. Already had 510w of solar on roof and a 30a charge controller that was compatible. Changed out my 120v on-board charger ( have yet to even use ). Also added a Victron DC/DC 18a isolated charger to top off when driving down the road and never have to worry. Also added a 3000w inverter that we use for the coffee maker in the AM and occasional microwave use and haven't used my generator since going this route. Probably set me back 2.5k total but should last quite a while. With the storage capacity I have now I don't even charge everyday. Not a cheap way to go but I know it will last and it's installed correctly. Retired IBEW Contractor here in SD so I gots the skills. Good luck.
greenno 07/19/22 06:18pm Truck Campers
RE: New shocks?

If you want a bit softer ride go with Bilsteins. I had 5100's on my previous truck and have Fox 2.0's on my present truck all carrieng the same 990 camper. The Fox's are difinetly stiffer. Better off-road and with a load but they are more firm than the Bilsteins if you want softer. Hear good things about Rancho to, adjustable from what I can tell. Good luck.
greenno 06/24/22 08:15pm Truck Campers
RE: Magical Campgrounds found With A TC

I have difinetly found a few places off the beaten path but I don't offer the location up in general conversations. Now if some friends ask me about a spot sure I'll give up what I know but I don't go out of my way to inform others. Back in the early 80's a buddy and I went down to the south pacific to find surf. We found numerous places and got them before the "Surf camps" became popular or commonplace. Same thing back then if someone specifically asked me about an area that they were going to I would share what I knew if they were serious otherwise we stayed pretty titelipped about anything. We put in the effort let someone else do the same.
greenno 06/19/22 12:57am Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

From what my insurance broker told me about Homeowner insurance coverage is if the object you want insured is able to purchase insurance separately it won't be covered by the main policy. Like a bike, lawnmower or such. But since I could actually get insurance for the camper they would not cover it on my policy. Just my .02
greenno 06/15/22 09:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Insurance and RAM 5500

Had a separate policy for just the camper when it's not mounted on the truck. A little under 3 bills for 35k coverage if I remember correct and it was through Progressive. Use to store the camper at a separate area from my home. Sold my boat so camper sits where that used to be, set back from the street alongside our long driveway. Camper is covered 100% when it's on my F350 so Im covered there as well.
greenno 06/14/22 11:53pm Truck Campers
RE: TC and MPG

Averaged 10.2mpg on a 5.5k run this spring from SD to NC and back.
greenno 06/12/22 10:53am Truck Campers
RE: Lance TC - lithium - DC-DC charger question

When I changed over to Lifepo4 cells from the lead/acid original Interstate battery's I went with the Victron 12/12/18 Isolated DC-DC unit and the #10 wires that were existing for the 12v+ and 12v- worked out fine so I didn't have to rewire anything.
greenno 05/15/22 11:45pm Truck Campers
RE: In 2 years time I can no longer afford to buy a camper

Smart time to hold back any large purchase right now. But that being said your not able to go camping, or traveling with gas prices the way they are. Just be patient, I know easier said than done. Got my 2019 camper in May of 2018 before all the s --- hit the fan.
greenno 03/16/22 03:23pm Truck Campers
RE: West Coast Jamboree 2022, Who is Interested?

Adamis any update for the truck camper rally? When will you be sending out directions on location? Thanks.
greenno 03/08/22 07:08pm Truck Campers
RE: Delays in camper buiddate

The Happyjack Fast loads will work just fine. I have been using them on my set-up for almost 4 years now. Cheaper than the Forklift fastens and I was a bit hesitant when I decided to save some $ but they work great. Good luck on your trip and congrats again on your new addition.
greenno 03/01/22 04:58pm Truck Campers
RE: They get bigger and bigger.

I liked it, kinda "Host" like but I have seen a few of their smaller campers and they look nice as well. Hope the wife doesn't get a glimpse of it or I will be selling my truck for a F450 or F550.
greenno 02/20/22 12:36am Truck Campers
RE: My New Solar System Overview.

Yes your correct the truck/camper circuit is isolated from the rest of the electrical wiring/connections in the camper. They are only energized by plugging into the 7-pin plug. Like you my solar panels do most of the heavy lifting as far as replenishing the battery's and the dc-dc was just to have a more favorable charging profile for the lithium battery's as well as a way to keep them isolated so no discharging could occur. It also limits how much charge your truck alternator will supply (18a for me ) as supposedly the lithium batterys will sometimes want to take a larger amperage draw if they are depleted and in need of a large ah charge. Possible more than the wire size feeding back from the vehicle to the camper.
greenno 02/20/22 12:29am Truck Campers
RE: My New Solar System Overview.

I disabled my 7 pin power wire. Remember, the Victron dc dc charger is an isolated system and it is forcing your truck to supply30 amps in my case. I decided it would not be good to connect the non isolated 7 pin wire as it could be detrimental to the dc dc charger. It may be acting as a return path siphoning off power from the dc dc charger that should be going to yourTC lithium batteries. I'd disconnect yours, you don't need it with the new charger. The more I use this system, the more impressed I am with it. I'm at the Grand Canyon now and its in the low teens at night. I run my furnace all night, 70 degrees, use my laptop a d lights, the lowest I've gotten is 80% charge and my 700 watts solar hasme fully charged by noon. If cloudy or rainy, I drive somewhere and the dc dc charger pumps in 360 watts and charges the batteries in a couple hours or less. It's a winner all day and night. Love my setup. Best of all, with lithium, it's constant voltage, not a gradual dimming or slowing of motors like furnace and water pump you get with lead batteries. Take care. Couple of things to clarify: Camper is not new it's a 2019 but that's beside the point. Pretty sure you want an isolated DC-DC charger as the truck and camper are separate power sources. The unit I have is an Orion TR Smart Charger "Isolated" 12/12/18 so I only have a max of 18a or so flowing through the #10 hot wire in my 7-pin connector which can safely carry that amperage all day long. Also when the truck is not running and not providing a charge from the alternator the Victron unit "Isolates" itself from the truck so no possibility of drawing and power from the truck battery's. Isn't your furnace Propane? Or do you use a 120v heater. Either one shouldn't draw on your battery's. Love going out to the GC in Feb it's not crowded and might get some snow. We usually stay in the campground next to the RV site as there is usually never anybody there and were pretty self-sufficient. I definitely have to much time as I'm in the process of installing an inverter in the generator compartment so the wife can use the micro and I can charge my e-bike battery's without running the genny. Will finish hook-up this weekend and test out charging and such next week. Generator even fits in the compartment with the inverter installed so I got a back-up. So if the inverter/solar/batterys do what I think they will I won't even need the generator anymore, we'll see.
greenno 02/18/22 07:46pm Truck Campers
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