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RE: New trailer, new challenges

Hello all!! It’s been a good while since I’ve been active on here, but always seem to pick up good info from the archives when google searching. We are back in the RV’ing game with our new Highland Ridge 26BH stick and tin trailer. As expected, the overall quality is a bit lackluster - I bought it expecting to beef things up and make mods over time. The one thing I’ve been fighting is battery charging for boondocking with the WFCO 8735 converter. Typical 13.6v, no boost mode conundrum. Basically, this thing pretty much needs to go. I’ve looked at the “Boondocker” model replacement converters (leaves the original distribution panel in place). I’m fairly convinced this would help. 1) what amperage should I get? I’m hoping to get by with my 2 6v batteries if possible. I run a Honda 1000 generator (only for batt charging purposes) - would be willing to upgrade if it makes a substantial difference. With our last trailer, we could go almost indefinitely with 2-3 hours of gen runtime per day. Now - not so much! 2) Some supplemental solar is in our future. Is there a solar charge controller that also allows 110//generator charging input? Thought Is I could leave the converter alone and wire up a separate charging setup close to the batteries with large guage wire for better efficiency. Just a thought, if such a thing exists. I would suggest leaving the WFCO in place(Just switched off while not in use) It is VERY likely that the WFCO is a long ways from the batteries any ways. PowerMax puts out a 55 a PM3 55LK. this unit can be a 3 stage or an adjustable voltage power supply. Mount it as close to your batteries as you can.
grizzzman 08/06/20 06:26am Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Question

A great price! $530 usdthats a fire ready to start. Stick with lifepo4
grizzzman 05/11/20 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium Battery Question

A great price! $530 usdthats a fire ready to start. Stick with lifepo4
grizzzman 05/11/20 09:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery life cycle counter

For what it's worth, the Bogart system does.
grizzzman 01/01/20 09:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Microwaves on inverters.

I have a unit with 1500 watt microwave and would like to be able to use it occasionally when dry camping (10 min or less at a time). I plan to use a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter. Also plan using it on a 900 watt coffee maker (about 15 min a pot). Anyone have any experience with this setup? Thanks, Doug I grind and brew with a 12 cupper. I have done this with a CG2 bank. With the Lifepo4 I can run the microwave. I use a 2000-4600 watt MSW unit. I just use battery power for this. Or you could use a gen-set. You would need a big battery bank if using FLA.
grizzzman 11/12/19 06:21am Tech Issues
RE: Tow Vehicle Battery and Alternator

I'm going to purchase and install the 40 amp DC to DC charger. Couple questions though. A signal control (ignition line) is required to activate this device. Considering the application is a tow behind trailer, can I use the 7 pin trailer harness to tap into for a 12 volt source instead of running a separate line all the way back to the TV's ignition circuit? It would either be the #4 pin (aux) or #3 pin (tail/running lights). I think the tail lights would be a better option as I could control the unit's power via the headlight switch. Thoughts? Most newer trucks switch off power to the plug with key off. With that said you would need to disconnect or install a diode to keep the trailer from back feeding and causing the charger to stay on. Any 12 volt circuit that would turn off when you want it to will work. Also, the Renogy wiring diagram shows both positive and negative lines running from the starter battery to the DCDC charger. Is it possible to just wire in a negative line to the chassis of the TV (near the hitch) and run that along side the positive line from the starter battery? I would use a dual pole plug & socket like the Tectran recommended earlier in the thread. I would not have an issue with using the frame as a ground.(just make sure battery to frame cable is adequate.) Also, I would wire in a fuse or breaker on the positive feed near the starter battery. Is a 60 amp ok for 6 AWG wire? What is preferred, breaker or fuse? If you used a breaker, you would not need to carry a spare. Either will work. Finally, there are dip switches on the charger that customize the charging profile of the battery bank. Considering I'm using flooded GC2 6 volt batteries, what is the recommended absorption and float "end-of-charge" voltages for my configuration? If it were me 14.7 and 13.2(you could bump up to 13.5 or 13.8 if you are using a lot of power.
grizzzman 11/07/19 12:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Tow Vehicle Battery and Alternator

I have the Renolgy 40 amp DC to DC charger. It has 3 stage charging and is adjustable. The truck input was 50 amps and the output as advertised. That was at 14.0 volts truck and 14.7 volts output. The charger has a trigger that you hook to the ignition switch. Hook to the battery. Do not use any less then 6awg wire (I used 4awg at 20 feet) I had a solar controller issue. Idled the truck for 1 TO 1 1/2 hr, and was able to run anything I wanted,including a 12 cup drip coffee maker. But to be fair, I had installed a 2P4S Lifep04 battery on this trip.(I wish that I had not waited so long to go LFP) What a difference! Good luck with your adventure!
grizzzman 11/06/19 01:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Kirkland battery question (amp hours)

208 AH is the easy answer.
grizzzman 10/23/19 08:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Low temperature LI battery

And yet folks and possibly even posters to this thread plug in laptops, phones, tablets and any other device that has some sort of lithium chemistry that is even more unstable than lfp in their homes, vehicles, rvs and not think twice to walk away while it charges. Ding Ding Ding......we have a winner!
grizzzman 09/02/19 09:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Isolating TT's Lithium from TV's Lead Acid Batteries

If they take bulk at 14.4 but can be overcharged at 13.9, I assume that is after they are full and charging should be cut off? What was that about the Lis having some sort of protection attached so they can't be overcharged that is part of that balancing thing? Or (very possible) I got that all wrong from the other thread on Li batts? If they are that close to full before heading down the road, why charge them up at all? They like to be at 80% SOC My problem with the premise of this thread's OP post is the idea that the Lis in the trailer will be supplying current to the truck while driving down the road and thus lose some AH. I find that notion peculiar. If charging is wanted driving down the road, and the 7-pin isn't enough (I don't see how it can be too much, but waiting to hear more about that), then the DC-DC gizmo is known to work. We have had other threads on those by guys who have them. Time at voltage plays a real roll when it comes to overcharging LFP.
grizzzman 08/24/19 08:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Isolating TT's Lithium from TV's Lead Acid Batteries

Do you really have to isolate the Lis from the TV batteries? Why? Going down the road, you might be getting 13.9 volts from the TV and 14.x from solar, so in that case the solar will do the charging. If no sunshine, who cares if the Lis are charged at 13.9 volts for a while? When you get there, you unplug the 7-pin and now you are isolated anyway. I can see it if the 7-pin were charging at a higher voltage than the Li spec calls for, but who cares if they are getting less voltage than they can handle? You can overcharge a LFP at 13.9 volts.
grizzzman 08/24/19 01:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Isolating TT's Lithium from TV's Lead Acid Batteries

I have the 40 amp DC to DC charger. With 20 foot of 4 awg copper wire I still see a bit of a voltage drop. To get 40 amps out it takes 50 amps from the truck. I would advise at least 6 awg from the tow rig to the trailer. Here is my post on it What type lfp? How are you going to shut off the charger when the bank is full?
grizzzman 08/23/19 06:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan 5500 Backfires and Dies under a load

When I had that happen to my onan,I found a broken valve spring. Worth a look. ( it had about 150 hours on it.)
grizzzman 08/15/19 08:51pm Tech Issues
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