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RE: 1987 37' Winnebago Elandan for Sale >$45,000< ??

there is a sub-culture if memorabilia collectors who actually want ti buy muder hones and all manner of, what mist call, "twisted" items associated with death. We here know the real valueof this rig BUT, out tgere could well be someone that perfers it over something nit associated with the sad fall & eventual death of a celebrity. There are obsessed "fans", ask Jodie Foster, with means to buy befire another one cones aking to snatch it awawy. Interestingly Ebay has rules to block the sale if items like this. Anything associated with tragedy of recent vintage. You can still sell items of ecents like the Titanic. So argue it's a poor policy for what was once touted a America's last truely level field open narket selling venue. That RV is creeoy vut, meh, if a person exists to buy ut, great for the seller.
grumpy3b 10/15/19 11:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad Ground wire taillights Dim

If the wire is connected to the frame, it's a ground. The color is meaningless at that point. More generally, expecting a consistent color scheme on RV wiring is quite optimistic, and even more so if people have had to make repairs or additions or changes over time. That's so right. On mine I've found 2-3 wire color changes on the same run/circuit. Can be really tedious to sleuth out. Great tip!
grumpy3b 10/11/19 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refill fresh water from when no gravity fill exists

assuming you mean you cannot connect the hose for whatever reason.... but just buy a 12v or 110v water pump on Amazon. Setup as external pump, attach hoses to feed through normal fill, put other end if hose in external container filled with water. Depending on size if your external container it might take quite a few trip to fill it then pump it into your internal tank. Sounds like you want some other idea but i don't see a simplier solution. Gravity fill has drawbacks including the installation itself which i didn't find appealing. i opted for a 12v pump gicen new battery capacity and solar power over a 110v pump though might be handy to have both. There are even a couple ready to use external pump setups on Amazon. they run about $75-$100. I actually wondered why gravity fill and such an external pump option isn't standard equipment anyway.
grumpy3b 09/02/19 06:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Panels

Odds are there are 3 100w panels gicen the battery bank capacity (remember really should use no more than 50% of that 280AHr) if you do need to update the solar charge controller I'd suggest to get an MPPT type controller. They are far more efficient that the PWM controllers. Added consideration: How many watts do you plan to use daily? Lead acid batteries are in efficient taking a good long time to charge up their last 25% give ir take. So knowing your estimated daily needs will help manage expectations. LiFePO4 batteries can be charged from nearly completely depleted to full in 3-10hrs depending on the amount of sun. Meaning a ton more rapidly. If you have a couple drop-in replacement LiFePO4 types (meaning you just buy 'em, tske old out & put new ones in) they allow you to use them all night then have them fully charged again by noon, 3pm pessimistic case. But the batteries aren't inexpensive at $650-$950 depending per 100AH battery. And 200Ah batteries don't give us a break so just double the cost. I only mention new batteries to help understand how long your lead acid batteries can take to charge. Remember too if it's a cloudy day and yoi need to use the generator to charge your batteries it will take days ti get lead acid charged even with a 5KWh generator. The LiFePO4 w8ll charge in 3-5hrs. That is the part where if you Boondock a lot ir for a couple weeks at a time you save on fuel to charge, fuel to run back & forth to get more the time factor. Yhe LiFePO4 batteries will last 2000-7000+ charge cycles compared to 500-700 for lead acid. again it all depends on your needs. Ho slowly until you really gey a sense how well your current system works for you. Then if you need new batteries consider a switch. Oh, you might even manage with a single 100AH LiFePO4 that's recharged a 1-3x daily.
grumpy3b 08/26/19 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
RE: When it rains, It pours--HELP

fuse blowing sounds like a short or pulling too much current on that circuit. Have you found what that circuit serves? Don't know what other suggestions you've received for the gennie but the not moving vs moving detail would seem yo indicate a loose connection or component in the gennie itself. Grab a PDF for your model & year generator. It should have a pretty well organized troubleshooting flowchart or steps. I had a bout of intermittent cutoffs on my Generac a short after i bought my rig. After a couple weeks chasing all manner of red herrings, it turned out the spring inside the glass fuse holder had popped out one day when i checked the fuse at night....the fuse would move around enough to let it run dir a minute then die. I even replace a couple solinoids. Turned out to be a 3ยข spring. I bought a new fuse holder because i couldn't keep hunting for that spring... good takes a minute but it WILL get better as ypu get to know the quirks-mode of your rig!
grumpy3b 08/04/19 05:24pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacement Fridge or New Cooling Unit

still nursing mine along. Once the solar and batteries are upgraded I'm going with anything that has a high efficiency compressor. Will have over 5kWh battery power so one of the new high efficiency options won't really cost anything to run. I'm out west so sun is rarely an issue for more than a day or two likely enough battery power to cover around 4-6 days of marginal or no sun w/o needing the generator. If i can fit a residential into the kitchen I will otherwise I'll go with the Amish high efficiency compressor upgrades. Watched a video and as long as you can, DIY retrofit is nit too fiddly.
grumpy3b 07/30/19 03:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Internet

hands down the best mobile broadband solution I've found is the Verizon Unlimited Mifi Jetpack Hotspot plan. I use the prepaid option for $65/mo and had to buy a used mifi device. If youbhave verizon already it's some like a $20/month add on and you can get their newest mifi device for a few bucks more per month. It's a truly unlimited plan. I hit 300gb/mo all the time. Never encountered throttling when I've wandered. Prepaid is a lower priority than if you are monthly postpaid. My speeds are in the 35-60mbps range. Those are very good for rural or remote areas. The device can handle something like 10 or 12 connections. It I have two Fire TV Sticks, my PC and we have as many as 3-4 phones using it simultaneously. I bought the older 7730I mifi device. The new one is 8800I (cat 13 speed potential which is pretty fast). These devices so not support 5G but we aren't going to see 5G when we all roam for a while yet so i wouldn't grab that carrot. It really has made a huge difference for our travels. The devices are also battery powered with removable batteries so I grabbed two extra on Amazon for $20 each. I'm notba Verizon fan but this plan is truly the best unlimited hotspot plan. It's a fair price and no more worries about using your hotspot data on your phone in just a day or two. I'm super pleased with it...
grumpy3b 05/22/19 01:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Reflex Steering Stabilizers ok?

I just picked up a Monroe 555949 steering stabilizer for my '97 F53 chassis. Putting it on tomorrow. It was not much cost wise, about $50 from the "infamous (remember your Three Amigos lexicon...infamous means m'more than famous...harhar) so it arrived missing one blot set but they covered replacement cost right away. Anyway I'll know tomorrow if it was worth the effort. I sense it will be just fine. Even with the old one in awful shape I've been really lucky, her steering is actually good.
grumpy3b 03/24/19 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: steering worked then acted like no power steering

Leak,I dunno but a reminder did you check the belt too? I overlooked that solution a while back,sooooo???
grumpy3b 03/24/19 08:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wiring Question on MH

oh, i bought a $20 circuit tracer at Harbor Freight. If you had on conect the sender on the wire then go hunting with the sensor end listening for it to sing.
grumpy3b 03/16/19 07:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wiring Question on MH

did you check it for voltage? if it's on positive side it should have current. Maybe a companion wire on neg terminal or??? Maybe test it for current with/without generator on, solar or even motor running and see if anything shows up?
grumpy3b 03/16/19 07:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 2006 Ford Shock Absorber Bolt Torque

btw, Harbor Freight has a super 1/2" torque wrench by ICON that has a range of 25-250 ft/lbs for $99. I was sold after a couple good reviews and videos. It's heavy and about 23" long.
grumpy3b 02/28/19 06:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: F53 2006 Ford Shock Absorber Bolt Torque

mine is a 1997 F53 but im betting it cant be too different. Range is 221-300 ft/lb (300-407 N-m.)
grumpy3b 02/28/19 06:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Either smell in coach

I'll add if it smeel sweet it's not ether or sulfuric acid. Added wird of advice... don't rely on smell to decide. Even small. amounts of sulfutic acid fumes can be harmful if it's acidic enough. You could take a top off a battery in the RV and take a whiff. Not too deeply draw the gases toward you by using a hand to drag it toward you. Don't just stick your nose over one of the cells and inhale... odds are that coils end poorly. It most well could be something plastic out gasing. Be safe open windows if you can should you be using your rig right now.
grumpy3b 02/02/19 07:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Does sulphuric battery acid smell like either?

it either smells like ether or no. it has a distinct odor but smells nothing like either. Hard to say what it smells like. both, obviously, have a "chemical" smell for what that's worth.
grumpy3b 02/02/19 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
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