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RE: I am looking for Vinyl Stripping

check out these on Amazon. They have a lot of different products. I bought some to dress up the rolled edges of roof. Color matched pretty well in my case. No idea how good or bad any of them are though. If nothing else it gets you the jargon used to describe the stuff.
grumpy3b 06/02/20 06:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1997 Rexhall roof maintenance

hey ya... have a '97 as well. peeling the roof coating off was maybe a good thing, perhaps it was not don't right or at all since '97? So you get yi start fresh. I would say to take as much if you've already peeled off a good percentage, try and get more off if you can. After that it's just a matter of sanding down the top a bit, then sealing the fiberglas not sure if just a few coats of primer will be enough or not. But primer then paint. I used a marine deck top paint & primer by Rustoleum. It worked great plus it's marine grade so hoping t0 get a good 4+ years. Cost me about $200 in materials yo put 2 coats if primer and three coats of the Topside boat deck paint. you might need 3 or 4 primer coats to ensure sealing all those pinholes and any spider vein cracking in the finish. I probably coild have stopped at 2 coats of paint but i had an extra can and a half of paint so wtf right? Dicor has a product to coat fiberglass RV roofs. It looks pretty easy to apply. There is a video on YouTube demonstrating the whole process. I figured the cost would have been in tge same $200-$250 range for materials. But do not worry you didn't ruin anything. As i see it, this simply showed you it's long over do for a recoating. When i sid mine i took the opportunity to redo the lap sealing as well as cleaning up the front & rear seams with new tape then new lap sealant over that. so replaced two roof vents (only about $40 in Amazon) It took about 10 days and a extra pain pill each day, for me to it all done. Do yours right & don't rush as the layers really need ti dry between coats no matter what products you use. Mine now looks like new. Yours will too! Make it a fun thing buying the old girl a pretty new hat fir the summer. FYI, the Rustoleum and Dicor products go on exactly the same way.
grumpy3b 04/25/20 04:21pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Front outlets dead

grab your multimeter & check the outlet voltages. If you don't have a MM buy one soon as it will be your best friend RV tool. Also grab a 110v continuity tester. They plug into each receptacle and report back any wiring faults. While not likely simply replacing house batteries will cause this issue, it's kind of amazing how RV wiring issues seem to sense just when it's right to cause maximum confusion. Do your other AC receptacles work and show 120v? Remember they are all wired in series so if one in that circuit has an issue another, several or all on that circuit can fail or provide low voltage. Electrical, well 120v, is pure black magic to me so just sharing things I've stumbled into.
grumpy3b 02/16/20 11:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 1987 37' Winnebago Elandan for Sale >$45,000< ??

there is a sub-culture if memorabilia collectors who actually want ti buy muder hones and all manner of, what mist call, "twisted" items associated with death. We here know the real valueof this rig BUT, out tgere could well be someone that perfers it over something nit associated with the sad fall & eventual death of a celebrity. There are obsessed "fans", ask Jodie Foster, with means to buy befire another one cones aking to snatch it awawy. Interestingly Ebay has rules to block the sale if items like this. Anything associated with tragedy of recent vintage. You can still sell items of ecents like the Titanic. So argue it's a poor policy for what was once touted a America's last truely level field open narket selling venue. That RV is creeoy vut, meh, if a person exists to buy ut, great for the seller.
grumpy3b 10/15/19 11:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bad Ground wire taillights Dim

If the wire is connected to the frame, it's a ground. The color is meaningless at that point. More generally, expecting a consistent color scheme on RV wiring is quite optimistic, and even more so if people have had to make repairs or additions or changes over time. That's so right. On mine I've found 2-3 wire color changes on the same run/circuit. Can be really tedious to sleuth out. Great tip!
grumpy3b 10/11/19 03:56pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Refill fresh water from when no gravity fill exists

assuming you mean you cannot connect the hose for whatever reason.... but just buy a 12v or 110v water pump on Amazon. Setup as external pump, attach hoses to feed through normal fill, put other end if hose in external container filled with water. Depending on size if your external container it might take quite a few trip to fill it then pump it into your internal tank. Sounds like you want some other idea but i don't see a simplier solution. Gravity fill has drawbacks including the installation itself which i didn't find appealing. i opted for a 12v pump gicen new battery capacity and solar power over a 110v pump though might be handy to have both. There are even a couple ready to use external pump setups on Amazon. they run about $75-$100. I actually wondered why gravity fill and such an external pump option isn't standard equipment anyway.
grumpy3b 09/02/19 06:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Panels

Odds are there are 3 100w panels gicen the battery bank capacity (remember really should use no more than 50% of that 280AHr) if you do need to update the solar charge controller I'd suggest to get an MPPT type controller. They are far more efficient that the PWM controllers. Added consideration: How many watts do you plan to use daily? Lead acid batteries are in efficient taking a good long time to charge up their last 25% give ir take. So knowing your estimated daily needs will help manage expectations. LiFePO4 batteries can be charged from nearly completely depleted to full in 3-10hrs depending on the amount of sun. Meaning a ton more rapidly. If you have a couple drop-in replacement LiFePO4 types (meaning you just buy 'em, tske old out & put new ones in) they allow you to use them all night then have them fully charged again by noon, 3pm pessimistic case. But the batteries aren't inexpensive at $650-$950 depending per 100AH battery. And 200Ah batteries don't give us a break so just double the cost. I only mention new batteries to help understand how long your lead acid batteries can take to charge. Remember too if it's a cloudy day and yoi need to use the generator to charge your batteries it will take days ti get lead acid charged even with a 5KWh generator. The LiFePO4 w8ll charge in 3-5hrs. That is the part where if you Boondock a lot ir for a couple weeks at a time you save on fuel to charge, fuel to run back & forth to get more the time factor. Yhe LiFePO4 batteries will last 2000-7000+ charge cycles compared to 500-700 for lead acid. again it all depends on your needs. Ho slowly until you really gey a sense how well your current system works for you. Then if you need new batteries consider a switch. Oh, you might even manage with a single 100AH LiFePO4 that's recharged a 1-3x daily.
grumpy3b 08/26/19 08:13am Class A Motorhomes
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