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RE: Mattress Recommendations

No need to replace it; just put a good memory foam pad on top. Works great.
guidry 07/12/20 02:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

Definitely upgrade the load rating tires and always inflate to max PSI. That rating allows for heat. Under and over inflation leads to tire failure.
guidry 07/12/20 05:44am Tech Issues
RE: Travel trailer warranties

That’s one of the reasons I bought a RV with a 2 year warranty. And it was probably over loaded to have a bent axle.
guidry 07/12/20 05:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Diesel Towing MPG With Ultralight Trailer

If you tow in tow-haul mode you should see about the same mileage as other towing in that mode, no matter the weight of the trailer.
guidry 07/11/20 06:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: mattress pad recommendations

We put a quality memory foam topper on top of the RV mattress and we love it. It’s as comfortable as our house mattress.
guidry 07/08/20 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Replace OEM tires with 2 years life left?

What kind of tires do the manufacturers put on trailers? The cheapest! Your best insurance; upgrade to a higher load rated tire and get quality. Pay now, or pay later.
guidry 07/08/20 04:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best tow vehicle for our rig

You must have been misled about diesel upkeep; it really isn't much more than gas trucks. You're thinking of getting a gas truck with 90,000 miles; that would be barely broken in for a diesel. I'm getting 21mpg highway (not towing) with my 16' 3500 and between 10 and 12 mpg towing a heavy 5th wheel. I also use my truck as a daily driver. Its a personal choice but your reasons against diesel aren't legit. If you really want a good towing truck then you might want to rethink diesel options.
guidry 07/05/20 04:46pm Towing
RE: Class C vs Trailer for Cross country with family? Help

Because of the difference in an RV vs car driving, a good rule of thumb for RV'rs traveling is 50 miles in one hour. AND, you should include about one hour per 6 hours of driving for fuel and potty, lunch breaks. And, lastly as mentioned, with a truck everyone should be belted in for safety. A Class C, they probably won't be in a seatbelt down the highway. So, just for safety's sake, a truck and trailer (5th wheel or Travel Trailer) would be best. Good luck and either way, the kids will remember this trip.
guidry 07/03/20 01:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Roadside Assistance Companies

Doesn't anyone use your own insurance plan for this? Yes, I do. Much cheaper and covers my RV and autos. To the OP; you may want to do a little research on this forum on your purchase. There have been many who have complained about GS purchases. There may be a reason its half off...
guidry 06/30/20 03:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: Extended warranty refund

I cancelled a warranty on our first trailer. Same issue, I got mad about a claim they tried to deny. I ultimately won the claim but was so mad at the process I cancelled the contract. They deducted the prorated amount to the END of the loan. So my payments stayed the same but three years later I paid off the loan a few months before what would have been the end of the loan. Lesson learned about warranty contracts.
guidry 06/30/20 05:31am Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: I need new Tires

I replaced my previous tires with a higher load rating and Hartland from Discount tires. Couldn't be happier!
guidry 06/29/20 09:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Got a call from a friend...

It’s gotta be the converter if the battery is good. That’s usually what happens when someone plugs into a bad power source and blows the converter.
guidry 06/28/20 05:12am Tech Issues
RE: Had Americas Tires install new tires BIG PROBLEM

Get it repaired then bring the receipt to the manager and get paid either in cash or a credit for future tires. Hopefully you have the kid's name and statement. Either way, I think the manager should give you credit for future purchase. If he doesn't then go to the general manager and higher. I wouldn't let it rest.
guidry 06/25/20 03:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fighting zoning ordinances that hurt RV owners

Wow. I expected urbane, constructive comments on this board but have received a lot of disparaging remarks. Unbelievable. I expected more of an RV brotherhood here. It is because you bought the house knowing (or should have known) what the restrictions were and now complaining. It is difficult for any of us to help you after the fact. Now, if you would have asked us before you bought, we would have told you to find another town/City to move to that has more lenient ordinances about RV's. Sorry you feel slighted; many on this forum are very polite and helpful. But when someone posts something obvious then many don't sugar coat the answers. Good luck; you only option now is to move or put your RV in a storage lot somewhere.
guidry 06/24/20 04:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Several questions

From what I’ve seen (I don’t have a washer/dryer) you have a small load every day since they’re not like your home’s setup. A motor home would probably be best for driving and backing for someone with no or little experience. You should visit a few dealers to get an idea what you might like. Here’s the best advice you’ll get; DO NOT buy from a dealer until you get final suggestions and answers from this forum. There have been many posts from buyers complaining about issues that could have easily been avoided had they come here before buying. Visiting a dealer can also give you an idea of what’s out there floor plan and cost wise. Good luck and come back once you’ve narrowed down your wants.
guidry 06/23/20 12:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Traveling partner

Here is my suggestion; IF you decide to travel with a stranger, hire a private investigator to do a complete background on them. You'd be surprised at what I've found when I did backgrounds. I once was asked to do a background on a new boyfriend. I found that he had killed a prior wife and told this lady he had never been married. Best money this girl ever spent! Good luck though.
guidry 06/22/20 11:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Question- truck tires or ST

Upgrade your load ratings on your tires. Remember, the manufacturer got the cheapest bid on tires for the trailers. Buy quality tires and keep them at max PSI. I upgraded to G rated tires and been very happy with my 5th wheel trailer tires.
guidry 06/22/20 11:40am Travel Trailers
RE: The more I learn, the more I realize what I don't know

If you can put a motorhome within inches after practicing, you will be able to do the same with a FW after practice. If you have a spotter and a camera that always helps. I used to just get out, look, then back a few inches and repeat. Hooking up is fairly easy too. I think the main difference is with a motorhome you can get out of bed and start driving. That's good if there is an emergency or raining. In a FW you'd have to get out and walk to the truck to drive off. Floor plans; you are right about wanting to get to the fridge and bathroom during a quick stop at a rest area. I have two smaller Honda generators. I thought about having a big generator in the FW compartment but I can use the Honda's at home too. I just haul them in the bed or my truck and when we stop at night I run the cord to them and run them all night if I want. Some rigs can have a generator compartment with a remote start. While driving you could start your generator to run the AC for an hour before stopping and when you stop the rig will be cool. Auto leveling is a must luxury! push a button after unhooking and wait. One of the best hitches is BW; easy to use but heavy if/when you want to take it out of the truck bed. But worth it in my opinion. Not sure what the cost is because when I bought my FW, the dealer included it. As to quality, there are several well made FW's out there. But, the general RV industry uses the same ingredients (fridge, AC, etc). Maintenance is important as you probably know. FW vs Motorhome; from what Ive seen, a Motorhome you would probably need to tow a small car to get around after you stop for a while. FW, you just unhook the truck. When I looked at buying my FW, I searched online and found a dealer in Texas and drove from CA to get it. Well worth it since I have relatives there I could visit. The price and service was excellent. Tires: on a FW you will want to quickly upgrade to a higher load rated tire. The ones the manufacturers put on are the lowest bid and cheapest. They don't last and will blowout and damage your trailer's siding. Good luck, I hope I answered some of your questions.
guidry 06/19/20 07:25am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Wheel Bearing Repack

I’m in the category of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I take off my wheels every year and make sure the nut is tight. They’re packed with good grease so I don’t repack. These trailers aren’t like my boat trailer where it’s submerged every day. I don’t think RVs need repacking every year or two. But that’s me. Cars don’t get repacked often if at all. I’ve never had or seen a problem as long as you’re inspecting the wheel bearings. There’s been a few times the nut needed a little tightening.
guidry 06/16/20 05:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ideal hitch weight for 2020 RAM

Unfortunately you bought the pony before getting your cart. You are limited (as you already know) to your trailer. Having been in your situation as well as many others on this forum, you will most likely want to upgrade trailers after a year or two to make the wife and family happier with more room. If you get too large a trailer now as a compromise you will definitely not enjoy towing it and it will be dangerous. Just because it’s a truck doesn’t mean you can tow anything of size. The good thing is that you are looking at weights and that’s a start. Good luck in your hunt.
guidry 06/16/20 05:09am Travel Trailers
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