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RE: 5th wheel lube

I use the white teflon disk and grease the pin and jaws on the hitch
handsome51 09/12/21 07:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TPMS valve stems issue

Not to hijack this thread but does anyone know if you need to replace metal valve stems when you get new tires or can you continue to use the old ones? I get new metal valve stems when I get new tires because of the old rubber seals on the old valve stems
handsome51 08/17/21 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: TPMS valve stems issue

Depending on your rims the search can be easy or very hard. The easiest route is metal stems that tighten on the inside of the rim. Get the shortest stems that are long enough to let you mount your sensors. Best way is to put your spare on the trailer (presuming that you don't have a matching rim on the spare) and break the bead on the tire and try various stems. They are cheap enough to get a few different ones and then get a set of what works. If you have a steel spare that is a real easy one. If you get other than brass stems, use a tiny bit of dielectric grease on the threads to inhibit corrosion. Good luck. I erased my post because I hit the wrong button
handsome51 08/17/21 07:21pm Tech Issues
RE: Alternatives for Michelin XPS Ribs?

I have a 2006 Carriage 5th wheel I bought new. The china tires lasted 7000 miles. I was lucky and caught them before a blow out. I have been using the XPS Ribs ever since. Yes they are costly , but are good tires. What ever you pay for the tires is cheaper then fixing your RV after a blow out. And you still have to buy a new tire.
handsome51 08/01/21 08:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Generac 40G Oil Drain Question?

I acquired a used trailer and I can't find the little Generac's oil drain. There are no holes underneath with a plug. Its a Guardian RV 40G, best I can tell you unbolt the filler neck and drain through it? Or take the hose off the fill? Very odd set up to have no drain plug out the bottom. Its nothing like my past Onan with the drain plug underneath, but the little sucker does have a spin on oil filter. My Generac has a plug at the bottom of where the dip stick screws in. But if you don't have one. Just use one of those jugs you pump up and put the hose down where the dip stick hole is and just suck the oil out.
handsome51 05/31/21 07:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing Disaster-AAA

I was stuck 3 days once. I finally got a flatbed and a family member to help. Family towed trailer. In the past I was able to get aaa to send a flatbed and also tow the trailer. Yes, they use contract tow companies, or whoever they can hire to do the job. aaa just calls the tow company and pays them, they do not have a tow company. tow truck drivers make money towing, not dealing with your nightmare rig that will take them away from multiple tow jobs. They will turn down hard jobs. Truck and camper will need two trucks, one to tow truck, one to tow camper, or need a big flatbed for the truck and to be able to tow the trailer behind it. Not every tow truck has a ball hitch. Sounds like your trailer is big, so would be too big to tow with a truck on the flatbed too. If all you want is to get off the interstate and into the nearest parking lot then a small tow truck can do it (tow your truck with your trailer still attached) and the driver might do it, and maybe that area the police will not try to interfere. If you want towed 10 miles then a proper legal, safe setup is required. These are considerations for RVers who put a lot of miles in. Break downs will happen. Getting towed is easier in small rigs. You all might eventually need a tow. Truck and camper do not need two trucks. I have a 36ft 5th wheel and my transmission went out once on a trip. I was about 10 miles from the RV park I was going to. I have Good Sam Road Service. They sent a wrecker and he hooked on to my ford with the 5th wheel still attached . He towed me to my campground and I had a pull through site. He pulled me through my campsite. Stopped where the 5th wheel is suppose to be. I unhitched the 5th wheel from my truck and set it up for the wife. Then we went and dropped the truck off at the transmission place. Then he took me to the rent car place for me to rent a car till my truck was repaired. When we pulled into the campground, I felt like a celebrity . The way everyone from all over the park came over. They had never seen a wrecker pull the truck and 5th wheel all at once.
handsome51 05/31/21 07:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: New camper towing

Just purchased a 2013 Flagstaff 205 pop-up and would like to tow with my Chevy Traverse that didn’t come with tow pkg. I want to make sure I can tow the pop-up before I get a hitch added. Owners manual says towing capacity is 2000 and camper dry weight is 1900. I’m sure it’s not that simple and was hoping some experienced campers could advise? Tina If you are sticking with that vehicle,you need to add a transmission cooler and a transmission temp. gauge. In the 70s when I was a mechanic . I made plenty of money off people who thought if the engine was running cool the transmission was cool also.
handsome51 05/18/21 12:13pm Beginning RVing
RE: rbw slideout parts ( orphan ) gears again

Did you'll ever check the slide motor bolts to make sure they are tight. They like to get loose. I have blue lock tight on my bolts. But I still check the bolts when we get back home from a trip to make sure they are tight.
handsome51 04/27/21 08:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heated hose

We had a rally one year in Bandera, Tx and it was 15 degrees at night. All I did was slightly run the cold water facet in the kitchen sink. Like I do at home when it freezes. Did not need to run the hot since it is in the RV. That kept the water hose from freezing at night. While some people would unhook there hose at night and roll it up and put it out in the day again. I found that to be a pain in the ass. I liked just slightly run the cold water side of the kitchen faucet.
handsome51 02/14/21 01:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Flojet macerator: is it reliable? Maintenance issues?

I have had mine for 14 years. I use it to dump the tanks at home every time we get back from a trip. I have never disassembled the head . It has worked with no problems for 14 years.
handsome51 12/24/20 07:21pm Tech Issues
RE: DRV height

make sure you measure from the top of the AC unit to the ground
handsome51 12/18/20 08:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: So Lost

I am not talking about anything legal as far as what the sticker saids the truck will haul. Buy you can buy a set of hellwig progressive helper springs for the rear. I have a 2001 F250 extended cab with a 8ft bed.It has the 7.3 diesel with a 3:73 rear end. The only difference between it and a 1ton single wheel truck is the springs. I have a 25k airsafe air hitch you have to have a forklift to put it in the bed. I have a 37 gallon fuel tank in front of the tailgate. I have a generator between the air hitch and the front of the bed. I have a 2006 Carriage 5th wheel that fully loaded and weighed on a scale. Weighs a little over 14,700lbs. Of that is a little over 3,100lbs hitch weight. So their is 11,600lbs on the tires. When I am hitched and you look at my truck from the side. It is still not level. It is just a fraction above level at the back. The truck has no problem pulling my 5th wheel . It has been pulling it now for 14 years. I am not saying the truck is legal. But you can fix your truck to do the job if you want to.
handsome51 12/07/20 08:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Cameo slide out

If you look underneath the RV on the side with the slide problem.You should see a zipper panel. If you unzip the panel,you will see the slide motor for that slide. But like everyone has said, check out the electrical part first.
handsome51 11/28/20 05:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on winter storage and Onan 5500

Solving the gas problem is easy. I go to my local small airport in town and fill me up a couple of gas cans with av gas. Then when I get home I take my other gas cans and fill them half full with av gas. Then go to the gas station and fill the rest with unleaded gas. I run this in my generators. My chain saw engine is a two cycle. So I use pure av gas in it. You have to go 50/50 on a 4 cycle engine. But I never have a problem with the gas going bad. Years ago I had problems with my 140hp outboard carbs jets getting plugged from sitting from labor day to easter. It didn't make any difference if you ran the gas out of it our used a additive. I started keeping a 6 gallon outboard tank filled with av gas. And I would run the engine on that tank when the motor would be sitting for a while. Never had to pull the carbs again to unstop a jet. If you run your generator on the 50/50 mix.You won't have a problem with the generator when winter is over
handsome51 11/02/20 08:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Pin Box again Moryde vs Trailair

Have you tried a good air hitch. I have a 2006 Carriage that weighs fully loaded a little over 14,700lbs. Of that the hitch weight is a little over 3,100lbs. That puts 11,600lbs on the tires. I have a 25k Air Safe Hitch with the Holland Binkley Head. You don't really notice the 5th wheel behind you. It is floating back their and the truck rides good. Only time anything moves in the 5th wheel is if I have to slam on the brakes. So unless you break down and spend the money one time to get a good air hitch. You haven't tried everything. And if you do buy a good air hitch make sure it has the Holland Binkley Head
handsome51 10/31/20 08:26pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Pin Box again Moryde vs Trailair

Something no one has said is just break down and buy you a good air hitch. Either a Airsafe Hitch or a Trailer Saver Air Hitch. Buy a good one with the Holland-Binkley Head. Then don't worry about chucking or anything else. I bought the 25k AirSafe Hitch in 2006 and been happy every since. First time we took our Carriage out on a trip . The wife said , you don't even know it is back their. The truck and RV are not in a bind.They both ride smooth. Only time anything has ever moved in the RV is when I had to slam on the brakes. So bite the bullet one time and be happy.
handsome51 10/28/20 01:42pm Fifth-Wheels
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