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RE: It’s been a good run

it is a pain the check the water levelsWhy not get sealed lead-acid?
hedgehopper 01/04/21 12:28am Truck Campers
RE: Reg cab long bed vs extended cab long bed?

Thanks, dual rear wheel will not work for me though.I'm curious. Why not?
hedgehopper 12/24/20 01:01am Truck Campers
RE: Reg cab long bed vs extended cab long bed?

This doesn't address the OPs question. But I would want a dually for anything but the lightest popup -- not for weight-carrying ability but for stability.
hedgehopper 12/24/20 12:56am Truck Campers
RE: Back Porch Ideas

The TC today sits on 2 2x10x8' planks in the truck bed because I need the 1-1/2" rise for bedrail clearance and also cab clearance over the sharkfin antenna. I'm thinking of taking 1-1/2" square steel tube and running 3 lengths under the entire camper front-to-back to take the place of the 2x10 planks. The steel tubes would provide less than 1/4 of the surface area of the planks to support the camper -- and would not have the give of the planks. I would not be comfortable with that.
hedgehopper 12/14/20 11:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Trick or treat buckets...go get 'em

Pictures please
hedgehopper 10/31/20 11:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Considering building camper from scratch...

My father-in-law built a truck camper from scratch. It was quite nice but too heavy for the truck he put it on. Don't know the details and he's no longer around to ask. But to answer your question: If you have the time, the requisite skills, and will enjoy the project, go for it.
hedgehopper 10/27/20 11:24pm Truck Campers
RE: How to deploy Happijac dually swingout brackets?

Thanks, guys. I hit the bolt with a rubber mallet while pulling on the bracket. Piece of cake!
hedgehopper 10/05/20 06:52pm Truck Campers
How to deploy Happijac dually swingout brackets?

Help! I don't remember how to release the Happijac dually swingout brackets to allow them to swing out. Thanks.
hedgehopper 10/05/20 05:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Loose eye for tie down

Photo pls.
hedgehopper 07/30/20 12:18am Truck Campers
RE: Shimming camper to minimize side to side movement

That has worked well for us. I made a frame to hold the shims in place.
hedgehopper 07/30/20 12:13am Truck Campers
RE: Price - Northern Lite

transientgolf, You don't say what model Northern Lite you are interested in. If you are buying for a long-bed, I suggest the 10-2 rather than the 9-6 because of the storage cabinets above the dinette, the pantry cabinet, and additional storage elsewhere too. Also, the kitchen flatware drawer is better located. If you have not already looked at the PM I sent you about dealer prices, you might want to do that. Good luck with your purchase.
hedgehopper 07/17/20 07:57pm Truck Campers
RE: SUCCESS removing frozen lock nuts on HappiJac turnbuckles

SUCCESS! The locknuts are loose! How was that accomplished? Though I didn’t have any of the suggested brands of penetrating oil, I did have some Liquid Wrench. So I put some on several times and let it soak in. The 90+ degree day probably didn’t hurt. One of my 3/4-inch wrenches was shorter than the other. So I put that one aside and selected a larger wrench with a longer handle. Then I put on some gloves. I put the 3/4-inch wrench on the lock nut and the larger wrench on the hook end of the threaded rod. Making sure that my gloved hands were as close as possible to the end of each wrench, I pulled the wrenches toward each other as hard as I could. Suddenly, the wrenches fell off and the nut was loose! Hurrah! Thanks for your help, everyone. I think the penetrating oil, the gloves, and the increased leverage of the longer wrenches did the trick. A further note: When we bought the camper, the HappiJac turnbuckles were installed upside down. HappiJac recommends they be installed with the threaded rod up so rain water does not run down into the business end of the cylinders. Also, when penetrating oil is applied, it will run down toward the locknut instead of away from it.
hedgehopper 07/17/20 07:37pm Truck Campers
SUCCESS removing frozen lock nuts on HappiJac turnbuckles

For the first time since we bought our camper several years ago and had it installed on our truck, I tried to loosen the lock nuts on the HappiJac turnbuckles. They won't budge. Any suggestions on how to break them loose? I'd like to take the rig back to the dealer and have them break the nuts loose (because they overtightened them?). But the dealer is in Washington state and we're in Denver. For Success story, see my 07/17/20 7:37 PM post below.
hedgehopper 07/16/20 04:13pm Truck Campers
RE: Warning: Flojet portable waste pump

Here's ANOTHER WARNING to add to my initial warning: The way the pump fits into its carrying case, sooner or later the wires coming out of the pump will break off. I am going to cut away a little of the inside of the case where it contacts the wires so the wires don't bend every time the case is closed.
hedgehopper 07/09/20 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: 12-volt power for macerator pump

A 12 volt dc 20 amp power supply that would plug into household 120 volt ac would be a pretty expensive and heavy duty unit. The best way is to run fairly heavy duty wire (about 10 AWG) directly from your batteries to operate the pump.We added a 20 foot length of red 10-gage wire and a red clip to the pump red wire and fastened to the battery positive terminal. Then we added a black clip to the pump black wire and fastened it to a ground in the compartment housing the 120-volt hookup cable, which is right next to where the pump attaches to the RV drain. Works great.
hedgehopper 07/09/20 03:05pm Tech Issues
Warning: Flojet portable waste pump

After hooking up the electrical circuitry of our new pump, we tested it by turning on the switch for a few seconds. The pump ran for maybe a fraction of a second and died. Thinking we had a poor connection somewhere, we tested all the circuitry. Still dead. Finally we tested the fuse. It was bad. Then we noticed the “Impeller Release Feature” on the instruction sheet: “After long periods of non-use, a stuck impeller can be easily broken loose with a screwdriver inserted in the motor-shaft slot.” After we inserted a new fuse and turned the shaft with a screwdriver, the pump came to life. The lesson: Before trying to run the pump, turn the shaft with a screwdriver.
hedgehopper 07/05/20 07:14pm Tech Issues
RE: 12-volt power for macerator pump

I use the booster cable clamps on my portable power pack from Harbor freight to power my macerator. I just clamp on to the Pos/Neg wires. It's the easiest way.Which Harbor Freight power pack do you have?
hedgehopper 06/30/20 11:05am Tech Issues
12-volt power for macerator pump

Our newly purchased macerator pump requires 20-amp, 12-volt power. Have you found a simple way to supply that power to the pump? I'd like something that would plug into our 120-volt house power.
hedgehopper 06/29/20 11:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Fridge temperature depends on ambient

What model? There is an issue with the 4 door models.Norcold Model N641.3R Two door; 3-way
hedgehopper 06/20/20 10:24pm Tech Issues
Fridge temperature depends on ambient

Let's say I have our (Norcold) fridge temperature set on level 5 and the temperature is holding steady. But if the outside temperature goes up or down the fridge temperature does too. If it goes up, I have to change the level to 6 or 7 to keep the fridge temperature from getting too high. If the outside temperature goes down, I have to lower the setting to 4 or 5. How does one deal with this situation without constantly playing with the level setting?
hedgehopper 06/19/20 11:10pm Tech Issues
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