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RE: Older Xantrex Inverter transfer switch function- How to?

It's the Xantrex Pro series: Go near the bottom of the page for the specs, manuals, etc. THanks. I think i got it figured out. I knew it was made by Xantrex but i never though to look for the Xantrex equivalent model. I found my schematic.
hertfordnc 02/21/23 06:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Older Xantrex Inverter transfer switch function- How to?

Can you post a photo of it? I've never heard of that model inverter being made by Xantrex. I posted the link to a current Amazon ad. I'm surprised they stall have it as i think it came out ten years ago. Looks LIKE THIS
hertfordnc 02/21/23 06:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Older Xantrex Inverter transfer switch function- How to?

Do have the model number & year of mfg from info plate, to post here or maybe a pictures of the inverter outside and inside, some kind of info that members can compare to a xantrex unit in their rv, thanks. edited.
hertfordnc 02/21/23 06:02pm Tech Issues
Older Xantrex Inverter transfer switch function- How to?

I have a 10 yearold ThermoKing/ Ingersoll 1800 watt inverter (Actually made by Xantrex) It's a modified sine wave but it works great. I have no paperwork but I've read that it has transfer switch function. There are knockouts on the front and a bus under the cover for input and output (120VAC not the DC input) I can't find any info on how to wire it. I have some big AGM batteries and I'd like to make this into a UPS for freezer. If I can get the transfer switch function to work. EDIT: It looks like and probably isTHIS ONE
hertfordnc 02/21/23 04:51pm Tech Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

You have found every response here to be worthless, except for Matt Collie. Yeah pretty much. I asked for EXPERIENCE and i got opinions. A few comments were no completely worthless and I should have acknowledged them. You've got it all figured out. Clearly not, but I will. You have a 46 year old motorhome, but YOURS is special. Yours is not some other worthless old piece of **** like all the others. Yours will attract special renters who will take care of your RV and baby it out on the road. Well, if you must know, 1976 GMC Birchaven, The only RV produced by a major automaker. Olds 455 Front Wheel Drive. Independent suspension on all six wheels, Aluminum and Composite construction (no sticks and no staples), with many upgrades. A Hot Rod with plumbing, About the coolest RV on the road. Good luck. I don't think you mean that.
hertfordnc 10/30/22 06:05am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

I'd also add that I bet you'd find the majority of folks renting out RVs on Outdoorsey, etc, are doing so with units purchased specifically for the renting and NOT their personal vacation RVs. Yes, that's what I've heard. they start with their own and if it works out they get another just for rental. In my case, i have three so it's just a matter of not renting the next one i plan to use. My wife likes to camp in the hybrid within a few hours of home. The GMC is for tourism and the van will be for epic road trips. At least that's the plan.
hertfordnc 10/29/22 02:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Or perhaps a different demographic. Yup, i'm beginning to think that might be the case, and it's sad. I've been ere a long time. It seems to have changed in the last few years as forums have generally been displaced by facebook and reddit.
hertfordnc 10/29/22 10:59am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

You are very quick to point out you weren’t asking for opinions, fine. But I notice there is a complete lack of what you claim to be looking for, which was success stories. Perhaps that’s because there aren’t very many. No significant failure stories either. But someone is renting these things. It would appear those people are not in this forum. I already know some people are succeeding at this. A big Class A in my town, and a Van Life type with a conversion similar to mine, both have told me it's working pretty well. I was seeking a bigger data set.
hertfordnc 10/29/22 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Those "people with NO experience" just might be the ones that you DO want to listen to, as they are the ones that have chosen to not rent theirs out after weighing all the factors relative to it. Be grateful for any legitimate input you receive. That made me laugh. This thing that LOTS of people are doing (15,000 owners on Outdoorsy, 100,000 on RV share) Is a terrible idea according to people who have never done it. I don't ask people who don't have a passport about travel to Ethiopia. i know the vast majority of RV owners would never rent it out. most won't loan their camper to family members. Which is why i did not ask "is this a good idea"
hertfordnc 10/29/22 09:35am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

I firmly disagree that someone renting an old rig on the cheap will be more careful but not my loss. Have you ever driven a GMC? THis is not some lumbering Pace Arrow on an overloaded Didge chassis. - I think people will pay a premium for the cool factor. Or they won't- but it won't go out cheap.
hertfordnc 10/29/22 06:35am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

There seems to be universal disapproval on this forum for this idea, but you seem to have your mind made up. Since they are your RVs, do with them as you wish. Good luck. That would be valid if i was asking for approval. I asked for specific experience and several people with NO experience felt the need to provide their opinion anyway. It's the nature of social media but it's sad that has it crept into this great forum. The only meaningful input came from Matt Collie who happens to be one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet regarding my particular 50 year old motorhome. I don't have my mind made up but nothing in this conversation added to my decision making one way or the other.
hertfordnc 10/29/22 04:35am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Apparently you feel you have covered all the bases. Personally, I don’t see a market for renting old RVs with mileage restrictions or for use as a substitute for a hotel room during a family gathering. To me the potential downsides far outweigh any upside. Good luck I often test ideas by subjecting them to criticism (i have very thick skin) SO far no comments from anyone who has done it. I live within 200 miles of DC, the Outerbanks, and the Eastern Shore. But you might be right, that's why we research
hertfordnc 10/28/22 02:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Dave, If you were to let the GMC go out on a rental, you have the distinct problem of getting someone to service it if it has a problem on the road. So, if the rental agreement stated a (for example) 200 mile radius, Matt Matt, how are you doing? I am retired as of yesterday. 200 miles is exactly the number i had in mind, for exactly that reason. I'm also thinking about renting it as a temporary spare room for family gatherings, where the renter or myself would just drive it and park it.
hertfordnc 10/28/22 10:37am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Who is going to want to rent a 14 year old hybrid trailer or a nearly 50 year old motor home? Hint, it will be people who want to pay very little money. Realistic rental rates run around 1% to 2% per week of the rig’s value. That means you might get a couple of hundred before your costs of insurance, maintenance repairs etc. 50 year old RVs are fragile, and fixing them will require hunting down parts and expertise that no longer exists everywhere. When the inevitable breakdown occurs how do you plan on getting it repaired? It’s not like every shop has the ability or interest in working on something so old. Actually, that is a key to the plan. The rent to value ratio is much higher on something with a few miles. A newish $20,000 hybrid rents for $150/night, (.75% of value) Outdoorsey says mine is worth $90/night so that's closer to 1.5% value) But with mine a new scratch or a dent does not significantly reduce its appeal. As for the 50 year old GMC, it's easier to get parts for than a 15 year old class-A
hertfordnc 10/28/22 09:42am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

The items in bold suggest not doing it with these units. Expect hard use and abuse on something you love. If you want to get into this business, go buy a cheap unit you care nothing for and keep it good enough to be functional. The hybrid is 14 years old, we paid $4K (right before the covid wave hit) It's got some wear and tear and a bit more will not lower its value. The GMC was given to me after the owner paid to have it restored and upgraded then he got sick and parked it. I took it out of mothballs and got it all working right but I have very little investment. Also, i think someone who would risk their vacation to a 50 year old vehicle might be a little more careful. The van conversion is a work in progress but sprinters are hard to kill just driving it. - (very easy to kill by deferred maintenance)
hertfordnc 10/28/22 09:04am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

I did this ,rented out our winnie one family brought it back cleaner than it left. next was a golfers outing three men ,blew the engine in alabama. maybe start robbing fast food stores ,quick money ,and if caught? they,ll let you go. You think the golfers drove it too hard? I'm also looking into remote monitoring.
hertfordnc 10/28/22 06:22am General RVing Issues
RE: renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

There's an adage in the rental car business: "drive it like ya' stole it!" . . . and that's what people will do. Another revenue stream needed you say? A nice little Ebay business might be a better choice :C Yeah, that's my other consideration. The problem is I want to keep all three. My wife loves her hybrid but the Excursion gets 8 mpg towing and I do all the driving. The GMC is cool for short trips but the MPG there is not great and you really need a TOAD for serious travel. I think the SPrinter conversion will be the best of all worlds but I'll have to convince her. Total we only have about $25K in all three so i can afford to make a few mistakes. If i had $10-20K a year coming in could pay for off site storage and keep all my toys. Also, I am just now retired with two teen boys. Travel is what we are about and this would be a way to support it on a fixed income.
hertfordnc 10/28/22 06:06am General RVing Issues
renting out your RV? Success stories? Issues?

Through no fault of my own i find myself with THREE campers. A completely restored 1976 GMC motorhome, a hybrid trailer (with an excursion to pull it) and a Sprinter van conversion The van conversion is in progress and I think it will be the one that really meets our needs. None of these are high value and pristine. I just retired. I need another revenue stream. I'm looking at Outdoorsey but there are also options where you can provide insurance roadside yourself through a 3rd party. Usually when this comes up people scream that it's crazy and they'd never do it. Meanwhile Outdoorsey is moving a lot of RVs so somebody most be doing it. I'd love to hear from you
hertfordnc 10/27/22 07:59pm General RVing Issues
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