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2006 Sprinter-based RoadTrek seat belt questions ?

Greetings B people. I am doing a conversion on a 2006 Sprinter 158 - the same platform as the Roadtrek 22 of that year. I'm trying to work out comfortable safe seating for rear passengers. Most Sprinters use integrated seatbelts built into the seat but Roadtreks from 2006 had belts attached to the pillar. If you have one of these and would be willing to share description or photos, i would be grateful. Thanks
hertfordnc 09/08/22 01:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Anybody LOVE their Onan Microlite 2800 ?

I know this is an old genset but I can get one for $400 that seems to work. I need the small size for my Old GMC. The guys on the Onan sub gave pretty awful reviews but they were pretty popular.
hertfordnc 01/10/22 10:59am Tech Issues
RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

So keep the speed down. That isn't the only problem with popups of course, they are quite unpleasant in prolonged rain. They are tiny inside and it gets exceptionally crowded. But for short week long trips they are tolerable. Thinking about weather, I don't think they would do well in a wind event out west. And boy howdy, was it windy everywhere all last summer. It will be about 10 days in CO. The popup will be rented, probably through OutDoorsey or some such. i may just buy her a second spare at walmart and return it at the end of the trip. But our Hybrid and the Excursion will provide emergency shelter for the nine of us if it really goes to ****.
hertfordnc 12/06/21 05:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

I posted the info, and its in the owners manual. I know like 4 people that tow with the odyssey. And depending on the year, it says it needs the cooler. The people that tow with them are on the pop up site. You can ask there, but will get the same answer. Or you can just look up the old threads on it. It can be a great tow vehicle for the right pop up. Have fun. Yes, that was very helpful. I also failed to mention, I'm 700 miles from my daughter and her life is running at redline. My goal was to get the info and spoon feed it to her husband.
hertfordnc 12/06/21 05:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

Please understand the vast majority of participants here, myself included, tow almost exclusively with heavy duty pickup trucks. Their opinions of smaller vehicle tow capabilities are tempered by what they currently use to tow. They will tell you WHAT THEY WOULD NOT DO, not necessarily what can/should not be done. see my profile, i've been here a long time. Someone on knows the answers to my questions. I thought about posting in the popup forum but then i figured i'd find people here who had graduated from a minivan to a real TV. None of the towing guides mention any sort of tow package for the odyssey. They all just say "3500 lb" And a lot people say it's a really great TV for a minivan. My hunch is that the 3500 lb limit is more about handling than about the power train.
hertfordnc 12/06/21 03:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

Sorry. No. This is a summer trip -
hertfordnc 12/06/21 08:13am Tow Vehicles
towing a popup with 2008 Odyssey - assorted questions

Planning a big trip with my daughters family this summer. We tow a hybrid with an excursion. She is looking at renting a pop-up to pull with her 2008 Honda Odyssey. Probably picking up the trailer around Denver and using it throughout Colorado for two weeks. The towing guide offers no details on the Odyssey- it just says "3500 lb" for all models and trim levels. I know my way around towing and tow vehicles but this is new territory. Is it likely to have wiring for a brake controller? Does it tolerate operating at its limits? Thanks
hertfordnc 12/06/21 07:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

dodge guy wrote: "I agree. But even for the enjoyment of driving the full install amount is worth it." If enjoyment is your goal I agree it's all worth it. My point is for the most part be it tuners, gearing, snake oils, or a plethora of other mods. If the goal is to improve MPG's those mods are never/seldom beneficial. Those mods can improve performance and make the drive more enjoyable. However they won't produce enough of a MPG improvement to provide any negligible fuel/cash savings once the numbers are crunched. i agree completely. MPG mods are generally stupid. I plan to do a gear upgrade because it will tow better but i think in this case it might also result in better towing MPG. I think 3.73 is a great compromise for highway cruising without a heavy load and with the V10 it will still get the job done with 5 tons of trailer, I expect i'll get better towing mileage with the 4.3
hertfordnc 11/08/21 06:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

I tow a 37' fiver at 13500lb. I get 7-8 towing and being conservative on the pedal. I get 10.5 at best empty with 4:30 rear gears on a 2002 f-350 4d dually using 87 octane. Thanks. Kinda' what i was looking for. I think she'll be a lot happier at 4.3
hertfordnc 11/08/21 08:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

If you are running ST tires, check the speed rating, many are 65. THanks for that- i just looked it up. Speed Rating M- good for 81 mph
hertfordnc 11/08/21 08:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

making progress. I'll look into hte five star tune
hertfordnc 11/07/21 04:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

That V-10 is going to suck gas no matter what! Going through modifications to get .3 or .5 better towing MPG's is futile especially if it decreases non towing MPG's. Now if you want to get better performance the mods maybe worthwhile. But the idea of doing mods to increase MPG's is futile and generally wont pay for themselves. It's going to cost you some $$$ to tow a big box down the road. THere is no way around the physics and gas dollars $$$ required 1 MPG is 10%, that's about $400 in one camping season so an axle swap (if i do the work myself) will pay for itself in a couple seasons. But i just want my question answered- what MPG, what gears, how much weight and what speed? i believe if my current cruise RPM is 2350 in 3rd and i swap gears so it's 2400 in OD at the same speed, i think i might get better MPG.
hertfordnc 11/07/21 09:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

I'm not bothered by people going slow. I just threw that in because i expected someone to mention it. Ultimately, i just want to know if a V10 can move 13,000 LB down a flat road at 70 mph and get 9ish MPG. Maybe it's not possible.
hertfordnc 11/06/21 08:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

Is there a question in here somewhere? The question is in the subject. I've googled and found those conversations but they seem to always leave out one part of the equation. It only helps if i have MPG, gears, weight and typical cruising speed.
hertfordnc 11/06/21 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
Real world MPG Ford V10, what gear and cruising speed ?

My question is actually about an Excursion but i figure there might be useful info here. In my conversations with owners of V10 Class A's and Class C's people have claimed to get the same MPG my Excursion gets empty (about 10) So i get 11 empty if i work at it and i get 6-7 MPG towing a 5,000 lb Hybrid. I have 3.73 gears, mostly flat East Coast. Mostly at 70 with flow of traffic. Truck will usually stay in overdrive but i usually drop it down. I think 4.30 gears will allow me to stay in OD at about 2400 RPMs. No, i will not go slower. I chose this truck and this camper so i don't have to. I travel with two boys and the difference between 60 and 70 is about an hour of campfire and setup time that we usually cannot afford to give up. thanks
hertfordnc 11/06/21 10:19am Class A Motorhomes
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