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RE: Yet another what can I tow question

This will be my first TT and I just don't want to have white knuckle rides. I'll have the whole family loaded in the truck and I just want to be safe. I doubt we'll travel much further than 4 hours away from our home location which is Columbia, South Carolina (smack dab in the middle of the state). We'll probably hit the mountains of NC or the beaches of SC mostly. Looking at a few campers with a UVW of 5,500. How much other towing experience do you have? I've had a white knuckle ride towing an air compressor or gen-set behind a 3/4 ton at a very small percentage of the trucks rated capacity and had smooth rides towing well over the capacity of many trucks. You can make a 14klb trailer comfortable behind a 1/2 ton if loaded right and set up right (not that I'm recommending towing that much, but I may have done it once...or 20 times, lol). More to your question, pretty much any trailer you're looking at with a 5-6klb uvw will be handled well by your truck, if set up properly. You can obsess over every pot, pan and case of juice boxes loaded up for the trip and make multiple trips to scales and produce spreadsheets and calculate, to the pound, your loads vs your rated capacities, but in the end, that truck will pull a med size TT quite well. What cannot be accounted for is the driver's ability and experience, which is not insurmountable. Take it slow at first, minimize distractions, practice some before loading up the family for summer vacation and it'll be easy going. In my opinion Grit is 100% correct.
hondapro 01/11/20 05:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Gas grill replacement

About the 1 pound tanks. About a year ago I bought an adapter to fill the little tank from a 20 pounder. Works great if you follow the directions. My gas supplier charges $5 to fill a 20# tank and I can fill about 12 of the 1# before the pressure has gone down too far, unless there’s good sunshine to heat the tank. Then I can get a couple more. It would be great to fill a 20 pound tank for $5. the cheapest I can find around here is $18 for a 20 pound tank.
hondapro 01/11/20 05:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Help with towing math and trailer /vehicle specs

It will pull perfectly fine. But good to see all the weight ninnies and gotta getta diesel dudes made it through New Years Eve! If you read what I wrote. I said that I tow with a diesel because I perfer the way they perform. At no point did I tell the op that he needed a diesel to pull his trailer.His truck may preform just fine to him or it may not.
hondapro 01/01/20 05:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Help with towing math and trailer /vehicle specs

I think your truck will safely pull that trailer. The question is will you like the performance of it? only you can answer that. The 5.3 is not a powerhouse of a engine and the 3.42 gear is not the greatest towing ratio. You will be slow in the hills and the transmission will be shifting alot,make sure you have a transmission cooler. Since you already have the truck hook it up and see if you can live with the performance of it,if not it is new truck time. My personal opinion is I think you would be alot happier with a 6.0 liter and at least a 3.73 gear. Just wondering, are you speaking from experience? I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I’ve pulled all over the area and have never felt the 5.3L was struggling. Just the opposite, as a matter of fact. Put it in tow haul and the tranny takes care of itself and the temps stay normal. Very easy to hit interstate speeds without flooring it or maintain speed going uphill. As I stated performance of the truck while towing is a personal opinion. What may be good performance for you may not be for others.I tow with a diesel because I don't like the way most gas engines pull. I do think his truck can tow his trailer safely.Is he going to like the way it does it. is a question only he can answer after he tries it.
hondapro 01/01/20 10:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Campground near Pittsburgh zoo

Thanks for all the suggestions I will check them out
hondapro 01/01/20 06:27am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Help with towing math and trailer /vehicle specs

I think your truck will safely pull that trailer. The question is will you like the performance of it? only you can answer that. The 5.3 is not a powerhouse of a engine and the 3.42 gear is not the greatest towing ratio. You will be slow in the hills and the transmission will be shifting alot,make sure you have a transmission cooler. Since you already have the truck hook it up and see if you can live with the performance of it,if not it is new truck time. My personal opinion is I think you would be alot happier with a 6.0 liter and at least a 3.73 gear.
hondapro 01/01/20 05:56am Travel Trailers
Campground near Pittsburgh zoo

We are considering a trip to the Pittsburgh zoo this summer.looking for suggestions on a campground,within a hour drive to the zoo. Thanks
hondapro 12/28/19 06:50am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas
hondapro 12/25/19 05:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Buying a used diesel

IdaD and Fish hit it on the head. Aside from miles maint and condition of the ENTIRE truck, not just the diesel, here's the list of what I would buy. Or most prefer to buy. 06-07 LBZ Duramax 06-07 Cummins but only with 6 speed manual and good clutch 09-10 Dmax or 09-12 Cummins still prefer Dmax here for the trans and both will get poorer mileage with dpf in tact. Caveat with these is prepare to possible spend $ on exhaust or spend $ on deleting it. Personally I'd take either of these deleted but like Fish, wouldn't get one if I couldn't delete it. '11-up Dmax '13-14 and up Ram but prefer '15 or newer due to some improvements '12- up Powerstroke but prefer '15 or newer due to improvements $25k is a tough price point to hit without taking some risk on miles or age, IMO. At this price it boils down to finding the right truck that was cared for well. 150k + miles is going to be the range you're looking at in the newer rigs and there's plenty of people who buy a new truck, do nothing but oil changes until parts start needing replaced (like say 150k miles) and then sell a nice looking truck that has a pile of repairs looming. Grit is spot on with this advice.
hondapro 12/01/19 05:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: RV storage - how much room is needed?

You should have no problem backing a TT in there.You have plenty of space.
hondapro 12/01/19 04:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Anybody else have trouble packing for camping

I've read the comments that everyone posted on here, and I think everyone who stresses over this part has really "missed the boat", sort-of-say, and I feel for you all. I guess our approach to RVing, Camping, Glamping, whatever you call it, is much bigger than just getting to the campsite, chilling out, and having fun. The "thrill" of the entire experience begins the moment we decided to get a camper (actually, back then, it was a tent). Instead of being a dreaded chore, purchasing, learning, and equipping the RV was... well... really ... a lot of fun! It was exciting and the anticipation was great! Packing for the trip should be just as much "fun" and exciting and venturing off on that new hiking trail. It's part of the experience. Rather than dreading it, "embrace" it. With each item of clothing, each item of food, plan the visualize in your mind what you will do with each item. Anticipate the happy looks from others in your party when think about them putting on clean clothing, or sinking their teeth into a juicy watermellon. Packing should not be dreaded, it should be embraced, have fun doing it. Don't make it a chore. Same is true for the actual "journey" there. Hitching and driving / towing, actually are my favorite parts of the "adventure". I thoroughly enjoy driving and towing and seeing things along the route. Once at the destination, the "journey" is over. Once we arrive, there is the challenge of getting into the campsite, navigating backwards, setting up and finally stepping inside with the satisfaction, "We made it! Safely too!" Oh the dreaded job of dumping the black and grey tank. No... not dreaded... it's part of IT. Make the best of it, embrace it. It's only as bad as you make it in your mind. If you think positive about this part of the camping experience, you'll find the satisfaction doing this job too. Make it enjoyable. When waiting in line at the dump station, go say hello to the folks in the rig behind you. You'll be amazed how much people love to talk about themselves. And once home, there's always the job of maintenance on our RV's. This also should not be a "chore" or a painful job. Actually, it should give each of us a lot of pleasure. Think of it this way, we HAVE an RV to wash and maintain. Think of all the jealous people who have green-eyed envy at us. They want one, but are not willing to invest the time, effort, or money to upkeep and maintain one. Be grateful you have a good brain and can figure out how to fix and repair things yourself, or remodel, or upgrade, or change, or swap out yourself. Not everyone can do that. But we do! Then, when the job is done, we can have a certain element of satisfaction ... "I did that!" and be proud of it. This also adds to the joy and fun of the overall experience. So, that's my words of philosophy for the day. As the Good Book say, "In all things, be content." Don't stress over the packing process. Instead embrace it ... and ... if you forget something ... well ... we've all done that ... you simply learn how to compromise, use your head, and either do without or substitute a work around solution. And even that is an enjoyable experience? Flat tire? It's probably going to happen to 99.9% of us sooner or later if it hasn't happened already. Don't panic, reach in the refrigerator (first) get a cool drink, relax, say to your self, this will all be over with soon and we'll be on our way. And think yourself out of the wet paper bag. But, rather than stress over it, might as well have fun in the process. This actually happened to us this year, and rather than stressing, we laughed and joked and talked and have more fun waiting on Roadside assistance than we did at the campground the entire week. Great post Dutch I sometimes stress over things that sometimes make parts of the trip not so enjoyable. In the future I am going to try and follow your advice.
hondapro 11/23/19 05:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Be careful out there. There are some bad people

I feel that your safety and self defense are completely up to YOU.The police will not be there to protect you when the time comes,they will be there after the fact. How you decide to defend yourself is also completely up to you. I have a weapon with me everywhere I am allowed to carry one.I shoot often to practice, at least two or three times a month and I have taken self defense training. My suggestion is if you are going to carry a weapon practice with it alot and get some self defense training.(you will learn alot) If you are unwilling to practice and get training you are most likely better off not carrying a weapon.
hondapro 11/10/19 05:25am General RVing Issues
RE: RV GPS Units / GPS Apps that ACTUALLY WORK???

Hi, Thanks for the replies. Yes, I did program the GPS with my RV specs and had it in RV mode. That is why i was really unhappy when it sent me on the route it did. I live in an area where there are several roads with low bridges and some truly unsuitable roads for RVs so it was the perfect area to test it. I realize that nothing will be fool-proof, but now I question whether the $300 was worth it if it is only marginally better than my car's GPS. Not sure. Matt I have the Garmin 760 RV. For me it is the worst piece of garbage I have bought. It has sent me on dirt roads,one way side streets and it will route you way out of your way. I have updated it and have also called Garmin tech support nothing has made it any better. It seems it works well for some but not for others, it may work better in different parts of the country. Here in the northeast mine does not work well at all. My Iphone does better. I suggest you return it if you can.
hondapro 09/15/19 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: RV pole barn question

"He suggested going 14 foot side wall and using a scissor truss, for more room in the center. My building can only be 14 feet wide due to space limits." IMO, the scissor truss is a good idea. Light frame (2" x 4") trusses should be fine. As long as you have no height limits, you could go as steep as a 12:12 roof pitch (custom truss) which would put your top of roof (exterior) at about 14 + 7 = 21 feet. With a 14 foot span, the scissor depth would only need to be about 18 inches which would give you about 18'-6" inside clearance at the center of the span. Less at the sides. (tapering down to about 14' at the plate line) Chum lee If I could ask what is the formula to figure inside clearance with the scissor truss with different roof pitches. Thanks
hondapro 09/01/19 04:54am General RVing Issues
RE: RV pole barn question

Thanks for all the advice,I will talk with my contractor again.
hondapro 09/01/19 04:51am General RVing Issues
RV pole barn question

I want to build a rv pole barn to store my rv. I was going to have a metal carport type built but have decided against that. I want to have a wooden pole type built. The contractor I have met with said after 14 foot side walls you need to have blueprints and have a inspection done per code. With 5th wheels being 13+ feet I would like a little more room (we are planning to move to a 5th wheel) He suggested going 14 foot side wall and using a sissor truss,for more room in the center. My building can only be 14 feet wide due to space limits. Does anyone have any thought on this? and what would be my clearence with this type of truss? Thanks for the help.
hondapro 08/31/19 06:26am General RVing Issues
Hershey Pa rv show

My wife and I are thinking about going to the Hershey rv show in September. Does the show really live up to all the hype? We are considering moving to a 5th wheel in the future and I thought the show might be a good place to check out alot of different models in one place. We do not plan to buy there as we are just starting to look and decide what would work best for us. We would be going on the Saturday.So for those that have been there what are some tips for making it thru the show. Thanks for the help.
hondapro 08/18/19 05:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Level on sloped campsites. How? Unique to 5er's

I like the jack stand idea,I also agree to set them on a piece of wood to keep from sinking.
hondapro 08/18/19 05:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: clay bar and wax

When you use a clay bar make sure the surface is wet,use alot of water.never use a clay bar on a dry surface. As for polish I recommend Duragloss marine Rv polish #501
hondapro 07/14/19 04:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Which diesel engine oil.

I use the Motorcraft 5w-40 in mine
hondapro 04/20/19 07:17am Tow Vehicles
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