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RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

If you are interested in lithium battery technology and the issues with them, here are three groups you might want to check out on facebook. Roadtrek E-Treks & Ecotreks, Carado & Sunlight owners group, Hymer Aktiv owners and wannabees. I own a class b with a lithium battery and found these groups to be very helpful. There is a lot of information on these forums about lithium batteries as well as solar battery charging.
hoosiermark 12/03/19 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: inverter/charger issues

First it is a Hymer Sunlight Van One with lithium battery and underhood generator which is actually a second alternator. The AC is a typical RV AC unit and the wiring is designed to run off the lithium battery alone for a short period of time or with the engine/generator running or shore power. That is the reason it is wired thru the inverter/charger. It is an interesting setup that has problems with the setup for many. I posted simply to alert the OP that my experience was challenging since the OP stated he had an inverter/charger also. Mine is all fixed now thanks to Beaver Motors in Beaver Springs PA. I did post in the Class B section about my issues several months ago. I also posted in the facebook group under Carado/Hymer owners. I certainly was not interested in hijacking this thread.
hoosiermark 11/28/19 05:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: inverter/charger issues

I have a class B and had inverter problems. First the solenoid by the inverter went out. I could not turn on the charger/inverter without it. I replaced it. Now my 110 outlets worked off the inverter but roof AC would not. Roof AC worked on shore power. Finally took it to a good repair shop. They checked it all over and the issue was bad inverter. It supplied basic 110 power when turned on but could not handle the power drain when AC compressor tried to start up. Luckily they had a used inverter to swap out with mine to find it. Bottom line in my opinion is that you need to be educated in all the ways the inverter chargers work or it will be very frustrating. I had a couple of other people look at it including a retired industrial electrician and a guy who tests high temperature ovens electronically and neither could figure out a way to test things. They both thought it was a bad compressor on the AC. Good luck.
hoosiermark 11/28/19 04:58am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class Bs with Twin Beds other than the Travato 59K

I bought a Hymer Sunlight Van One 2018 with 18K miles in August. Price was $40K from camping world. It has two single beds or makes a queen size. Hymer has gotten a lot of bad publicity but mine seems like a good one and we are pleased with it. We thought it would make a good starter unit so we could figure out what we really want based upon how we use it in the next few years. It took me about 2 years to find a deal on one. I had driven a couple but the price was more then I wanted to pay. ( I tell people look up the word cheap in the dictionary and you see my picture)
hoosiermark 11/24/19 05:52am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Follow up: I ended up taking the unit to Beaver Motors where the facebook group says the experts are for the problem I had. They diagnosed that the inverter was bad. So they replaced the unit with a good used one they had and it has worked fine for two months. Per the instructions from the home page of I sent my experience to CW. A few days later Shawn from corporate contacted me and they wanted a copy of the $840 bill I paid. They investigated and told me they would pay for it. Then I got phone calls to verify my home address and my email. Both of which were on the initial communication. It sure sounded to me like the run around and stall tactics before the final shoe dropped and they denied the claim. Finally on Monday I called Shawn up and told him that this was crazy, if they were going to deny it, just get it over with. He assured me that the mix up was on their part and the check would be in the mail, yea right! Well on Tuesday, the mail man brought me the check. I know I read on this forum CW bashing, I for one will stand up and say they treated me right. I bought the unit "as is" but they were to point out all the working and non working features. I strongly believe that when they ran the AC with shore power every thing worked and they simply failed to check that the AC would work on generator since every thing else worked. Now everything worked fine and we have gone on two trips and are very happy.
hoosiermark 11/13/19 08:07am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Interior windshield privacy curtain and door screen

Just got the B on the promaster chassis. Now I need a privacy curtain for the front window. I see the reflective ones that fold in place and remember the old rvs with the track and cloth curtain that slid around. What is the simple and easy way being used these days? I want to use the front seats when they are rotated around also. Secondly while I only spent one night in the van I can see the benefits of a screen for the sliding door. I read about people using magnets and Velcro and making their own and I see they can be bought. Are there any patterns out there for making your own other then trial and error? Is there a favorite brand? Is the screen worth the aggravation or ? Also we opened the awning, to check it out, it was easy to open but the closing I noted took a little more effort cranking it in. I had someone support it a little and that made a big difference putting it away. Any tricks I should know about?
hoosiermark 08/21/19 04:22am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Finally got into the inverter a little deeper. The inverter works with the TV and the microwave. When the AC is kicked on, it starts up and then ends up with the inverter showing an alarm code. I am not sure if I should hit the ecotrek reset button sometime in the sequence or not. I start with the ecotreck battery switch on, then the inverter on, then checked it with TV and it works. Then I try to power up AC and get the alarm. Tech is to contact me Thursday so we try and wait patiently.
hoosiermark 08/20/19 04:38pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Yes Eco trek wsaa turned on. Inverter worked fine after a little bit with Microwave. So when we were done I shut it off. hour later showing 13.4 on digital read out I hit inverter. I hear beep beep then beep. wait a little longer and turn AC on with wall thermostat. It starts up and then quits 20-30 seconds later.
hoosiermark 08/19/19 07:02pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

I have now driven the van over 1,700 miles since Tuesday. Minnesota to Marquette MI in UP and now home to SE Indiana. I am pleased with it having finally had a chance to spend a night in it. Only problem I found is using the AC and invertor. We camped on Lake Michigan and when I went to use the microwave, I turned invertor on and then tried micro. It would not work and created a high pitched whine. I shut off invertor and then tried it again. Heard two beeps and then one beep and then I had a working microwave. So I tried the roof AC. Following same pattern it would start and then after 30 seconds kick off and the invertor area would whine. I know AC works as it was working on shore power, I know batteries have plenty of power and due to micro working I know invertor is working. So I put in an email to CW to have Ted in Monticello tell me what I am doing wrong. I have not tried plugging into shore power here at home because it has been too long of a day. Any suggestions, greatly appreciated.
hoosiermark 08/19/19 06:06pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Picked up my RV today at Monticello MN CW. I feel like I got exactly what I expected and Ron Denny the salesman said it was. I am so pleased with it. It is not as nice as the Winnebago Travoto but I did not pay anywhere near the price either. Only wish I have is that promaster had a tilt wheel. The telescopic is nice but I am a tilt wheel person. I tried to pay attention to all the features Ted showed me but the batteries and 12 volt system will need some study by me to make sure I do it right. I plan to turn the fridge on with the batteries as power and let it run. I will be on the road daily for most of the next week. I will not be plugged into shore power at all but will not be using any other power during that time. Every day should have at least an hour of engine use to recharge the system. Am I OK to think the lithium batteries will support this arrangement without issue?
hoosiermark 08/13/19 06:45pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

What the heck is a balmer? I tried to google it but could not find anything that made sense to me. Is it something to do with solar power?
hoosiermark 08/11/19 01:33pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Wohtex. If you don,t belong to the carado//sunlight owners group I recommend you also join. I am creating my own go to manual from the helpful information they have. There is a good article in the files section titled “the only power document you need”. It covers problems with the battery system. Question for you. How do you handle the drain line from the sink. I am told mine drains to the ground
hoosiermark 08/10/19 07:54pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Mumkin thanks for the advice. Yes it is the one in Monticello north of Minneapolis. I requested Ted and he will be the tech doing the walk thru on Monday. The final price was well under $50K as I pointed the same things out to them as you mentioned. I am very excited. We plan to be in the area until Wednesday morning to do as you suggested. I am planning for the worst and hoping for the best.
hoosiermark 08/06/19 06:30pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Hymer Sunlight Van 1 purchase

Well it finally happened. I contracted to buy a Sunlight Van 1 this weekend. 2018 with 18,000 miles. Obviously I thought price was right for what it is. I had looked at Travato (sp?)and really like the 59K but I could not justify the price at this time. We have not had an RV since 1990 when the children were small so this is basically a new thing for us. The unit has the lithium batteries and the built in generator which pleases me. It also has swivel front seats which should be handy. I have only seen picture and a short video of it so the purchase is contingent upon inspection next Monday. The salesman says he did not see the owners manuals in the unit but hopefully they are there. If not, I am hoping another Hymer owner on the forum will copy the for me at a reasonable fee and send them to me. I am not sure how the refrigerator and generator will work with each other or how long it can run off the battery pack. I am buying it from Camping World in Minnesota and they will walk me thru all the stuff but I am not sure they have a good handle on it either since there were not that many of these units made and sold it appears. They did sell the unit which is a plus. I had looked into a DIY unit and older units but this unit at the price was a better deal. I really like the mileage. That many miles on it means that it did not sit idle a lot which I prefer. I hope to contact the previous owners for some history on where it went and what they have done to it. I have wanted a class B since I first saw a "turtletop" chevy van in the early 1980s. Now I will have one, life is good! We head up to Minnesota to get it then off to Michigan to watch son-in-law run 50 mile ultra marathon the 17th. Kind of a baptism by fire with it but we are comfortable staying in hotels until we get it home if need be. We will only have minimal camping supplies with it but Walmart is around.
hoosiermark 08/04/19 06:45pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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