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RE: Subaru Ascent, VW Atlas, or Rav4 Adventure for light towing?

Have you looked at the Honda passport? Add an automatic transmission fluid cooler and it will tow 5000 lbs and is a very roomy five seater.
howardwheeler 07/08/19 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weighing for side to side weights

As soon as it dries out around here, I’ll pull out the trailer and go to the scales.
howardwheeler 06/24/19 05:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weighing for side to side weights

So according to stripit, my “one side then the other” weights might not be the same when added together as weighing the whole thing at once. Am I understanding correctly?
howardwheeler 06/24/19 05:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weighing for side to side weights

That makes sense: level is the key. On the CAT scale that use there just enough room to do it. Thanks.
howardwheeler 06/22/19 12:24pm Fifth-Wheels
Weighing for side to side weights

If I weigh my truck and trailer (2017 F350 srw 6.7 and 2003 Alpenlite Portofino Villa) with one side of all axles on the scales and one side of all the axles off and then do the same with the other side, can I add the two together and get an accurate total weight? I did it to see if my drivers side, which has four large batteries and two slides on it plus the fridge, was significantly heavier than the passenger side. I know I can just go back and reweigh with all axles on scales but it’s an interesting question also that I’d like to know the answer to. My drivers side was indeed 1180lbs heavier than the passenger side. But is there going to be a difference between adding the two sides together versus weighing all at once because one side of the truck and trailer is always 90% on the scale and the tires on the other side are barely off the scale? I venture to say the two will be the same. What do you say?
howardwheeler 06/22/19 11:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

Well. It looks like I was correct—by a fair margin. . Slumgullion wins!
howardwheeler 06/18/19 04:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: no water pressure thru hot water side

I had this exact problem and it was the check valve. I completely removed mine as I don’t need to winterize.
howardwheeler 06/17/19 09:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

Ditto the Clearcreek Falls stop.
howardwheeler 06/17/19 08:41am Roads and Routes
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

I believe the way you’ll be going—north to south—is by far the easier, safer way. Lake San Cristobal is beautiful. Unhook in Lake city and go a ways on the Alpine loop if you have a 4 wheel drive truck. Slumgullion is very steep downhill going south to north from Creede to Lake City and you must go very slow. I could be wrong, but I think I read it’s the steepest paved long grade in Colorado. But going from Lake City to Creede should be very safe—just slow. Watch your transmission temps.
howardwheeler 06/16/19 09:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

Okay. If there was an interruption of propane flow, is there a lock out feature that would prevent it from doing anything for a few hours?
howardwheeler 02/13/19 02:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

So the only way to tell is to access the board and take a look. I’ll have to recruit one of my more flexible grandkids to get up in the back of the storage bay to access the board. I think it’s time for a thorough tuneup on the hot water heater. I’ve got the anode rod to replace and am just going to go over the whole thing. Thanks
howardwheeler 02/13/19 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

I shut off the electric element and ran water until it was cold. Waited around ten minutes and then tried again. Nothing. Maybe it takes even longer for the thermostat to reset but when you’re using the hot water in normal conditions, the propane will come back on while the hot water is still running but the tank temp is dropping. So it seems I waited plenty long.
howardwheeler 02/13/19 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

Okay, good news and bad news. I went to the camper to try the thermostat reset, check the switch and clean the spark electrodes. I went inside to turn the switch on, turned it on and the red light came on as expected. As I always do, I then hurried outside to check the sparker. It was working!! Having done nothing, it started working! I'm supposed to be happy except now how do I troubleshoot it since it's working? Something went haywire. I tried to turn on and off the propane side of the heater multiple times over a couple of hours. Now the switch was off for two days and when turned back on it worked. Is there a shutout circuit that if it hasn't ignited over so many tries that it will stop trying for X hours? Maybe I caught it at the wrong time. It has every once in a while (very seldom) had the red light turn on and I have to turn it off then back on and everything goes back to normal. This time though nothing would happen no matter what I did.
howardwheeler 02/13/19 01:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

When the switch is turned on there is complete silence—no spark no gas valve opening, nothing
howardwheeler 02/13/19 07:40am Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

Thanks. Then I’ll try the switch first then the thermostats. I’ll try to get off easy. The control and junction boxes aren’t readily accessible.
howardwheeler 02/12/19 01:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

This wiring diagram does not show the electric heating element. Do you know if the same thermostat that seems first in line after the switch also controls the electric element? If so, I can assume the thermostat is not the problem since the electric element does come on.
howardwheeler 02/12/19 12:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

The switch does turn the red light on and off. Could it still be the switch? I’ll get out to the trailer and check. That sure would be the easiest to fix!
howardwheeler 02/12/19 12:39pm Tech Issues
Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

I have the 10 gallon Suburban gas electric DSI hot water heater. Electric element is working fine, but I’ve lost gas ignition. I’ve cooled down the tank (to make sure it wasn’t just shut off at the thermostat) and still no spark sequence for gas ignition. Nothing happens on gas. The red light on the switch inside does light up but never goes out. Where would I begin to troubleshoot?
howardwheeler 02/12/19 12:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Domestic heat pump and defrost cycle below 42 degrees

That is what I feared. So I also have an erratic control board. Moving the ambient sensor definitely made a big difference. Before I couldn’t get it to go into defrost until it was in the low 30s. Now it starts in the low forties but I have definitely had two short cycles of the defrost segment. So I need another control box. Thanks Doug
howardwheeler 01/15/19 08:20am Tech Issues
Domestic heat pump and defrost cycle below 42 degrees

I had a Duo Therm heat pump that wasn’t going into defrost in temps below 42 and above 30. I repositioned the ambient sensor to one of the vent holes to the outside air and it started working. The factory position apparently lets enough heat come up through the box that it affects the sensor, which the factory screwed right to the base near the evaporator which acts like the condenser when in heat mode. Everything seemed great but later on when the temperature reached very close to 42, the defrost cycle went through two strange cycles. The first only lasted 2 minutes instead of the normal five, and the second lasted only a few seconds then the fan came back on. My question is what controls the length of time the defrost cycle lasts and if the sensor reached 42 while running in heat would it immediately shut of the defrost cycle? If the sensor has no bearing on the length of the defrost cycle then I also have a bad control box. Hopefully the ambient sensor has something to do with it, which would simply mean that the ambient temperature had gone above the set point and properly shut down the heat pump. Anyone know what controls the duration of the defrost cycle?
howardwheeler 01/14/19 11:31pm Tech Issues
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