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RE: Fifth Wheel cameras and tow vehicle

With the NAVTV setup, the Ford system can activate the rear trailer camera in drive or reverse. With the system it can do it at any time or speed. Very nice and easy to install.
howardwheeler 10/12/19 09:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Does an absorption refrigerator need winterizing

Thanks. I thought that might be the case then started wondering about the water in the system.
howardwheeler 10/04/19 03:45pm Fifth-Wheels
Does an absorption refrigerator need winterizing

Since an ammonia based fridge has water in the system, does it need some form of winterization? Our camper will spend its first winter in really cold temps. Northern Idaho can get down to minus 35. It’s always wintered in Texas before, so the question has never arisen. If it needs some protection the only thing I could think of is to leave it plugged in on a setting that will cause it to run periodically since you can’t get into the system. I am assuming nothing is required, or I’d be hearing of more problems with these types of fridges. So the ammonia must act as an antifreeze. Am I correct? I don’t want a bad fridge come spring.
howardwheeler 10/04/19 03:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Power Gear slide sticking

It seems pretty level. The odd thing is that the floor of the trailer itself seem to be dropping off passed the support of the main frame. It’s like some outriggers that should support that portion of the floor from the main frame to the outside wall are not holding it up.
howardwheeler 08/01/19 10:17pm Fifth-Wheels
Power Gear slide sticking

Warning: this will be very boring to anyone that does not have an old Power Gear Slide. Read no further or at least do so at your own risk. This will be difficult—perhaps impossible—to explain, and it will be rare that any would be able to identify the problem without being here. trusty old trailer, a fifth wheel Alpenlite Portofino Villa, has a 18 foot or so Power Gear slide in the kitchen that hold cabinets and the refrigerator. Quite a few months ago I noticed a slight pop whenever I extended the slide not long after I began extending it. That has now turned into a large bang when it lets loose, but now often completely hangs up on the top of its front corner. I have discovered that when the slide begins to extend the bottom of the slide starts moving but the top goes up slightly so that the top edge of the slide actually jams up against the outside trim piece. If, while extending, I push on the upper edge of the slide on the inside so it goes out at the same time as the bottom, then it goes out without a problem. We have crawled underneath and can detect no problems with the actual slide mechanism. All gears and rollers seem fine. But it seems there should be some kind of internal slide in the middle to hold the slide up that maybe is not there. This seems impossible to explain in any kind of understandable way, so I’m basically fishing for someone who has a large Power Gear slide and knows how they work and what kind of slides they might slide on. I have found one nylon slide underneath the slide between it and the floor but can’t see any other ones. Has anyone who ventured to read this far any insight?
howardwheeler 07/27/19 03:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

I did not know the 2011 integrated brake controller did not have the electric over hydraulic setting. I had a 2012 before I got my 17. It would seem the adapter from eTrailer would be necessary. The Titan in my research and experience is the best fit for the Kodiak retrofit. Thoroughly pleased with the transformation on my 16,000 lbs trailer. Night and day.
howardwheeler 07/17/19 07:27am Tech Issues
RE: Disappointed in Disc Brakes

Make sure (which you probably already have done) that your system is set to hydraulic over electric, not just electric. I have the Kodiak with the Titan pump, and it works great! The best modification I've ever done to my somewhat heavy trailer.
howardwheeler 07/16/19 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Subaru Ascent, VW Atlas, or Rav4 Adventure for light towing?

Have you looked at the Honda passport? Add an automatic transmission fluid cooler and it will tow 5000 lbs and is a very roomy five seater.
howardwheeler 07/08/19 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Weighing for side to side weights

As soon as it dries out around here, I’ll pull out the trailer and go to the scales.
howardwheeler 06/24/19 05:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weighing for side to side weights

So according to stripit, my “one side then the other” weights might not be the same when added together as weighing the whole thing at once. Am I understanding correctly?
howardwheeler 06/24/19 05:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Weighing for side to side weights

That makes sense: level is the key. On the CAT scale that use there just enough room to do it. Thanks.
howardwheeler 06/22/19 12:24pm Fifth-Wheels
Weighing for side to side weights

If I weigh my truck and trailer (2017 F350 srw 6.7 and 2003 Alpenlite Portofino Villa) with one side of all axles on the scales and one side of all the axles off and then do the same with the other side, can I add the two together and get an accurate total weight? I did it to see if my drivers side, which has four large batteries and two slides on it plus the fridge, was significantly heavier than the passenger side. I know I can just go back and reweigh with all axles on scales but it’s an interesting question also that I’d like to know the answer to. My drivers side was indeed 1180lbs heavier than the passenger side. But is there going to be a difference between adding the two sides together versus weighing all at once because one side of the truck and trailer is always 90% on the scale and the tires on the other side are barely off the scale? I venture to say the two will be the same. What do you say?
howardwheeler 06/22/19 11:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

Well. It looks like I was correct—by a fair margin. . Slumgullion wins!
howardwheeler 06/18/19 04:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: no water pressure thru hot water side

I had this exact problem and it was the check valve. I completely removed mine as I don’t need to winterize.
howardwheeler 06/17/19 09:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

Ditto the Clearcreek Falls stop.
howardwheeler 06/17/19 08:41am Roads and Routes
RE: Towing on Colorado hwy 149

I believe the way you’ll be going—north to south—is by far the easier, safer way. Lake San Cristobal is beautiful. Unhook in Lake city and go a ways on the Alpine loop if you have a 4 wheel drive truck. Slumgullion is very steep downhill going south to north from Creede to Lake City and you must go very slow. I could be wrong, but I think I read it’s the steepest paved long grade in Colorado. But going from Lake City to Creede should be very safe—just slow. Watch your transmission temps.
howardwheeler 06/16/19 09:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

Okay. If there was an interruption of propane flow, is there a lock out feature that would prevent it from doing anything for a few hours?
howardwheeler 02/13/19 02:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

So the only way to tell is to access the board and take a look. I’ll have to recruit one of my more flexible grandkids to get up in the back of the storage bay to access the board. I think it’s time for a thorough tuneup on the hot water heater. I’ve got the anode rod to replace and am just going to go over the whole thing. Thanks
howardwheeler 02/13/19 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

I shut off the electric element and ran water until it was cold. Waited around ten minutes and then tried again. Nothing. Maybe it takes even longer for the thermostat to reset but when you’re using the hot water in normal conditions, the propane will come back on while the hot water is still running but the tank temp is dropping. So it seems I waited plenty long.
howardwheeler 02/13/19 01:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Troubleshooting Suburban Water heater not sparking to ignite

Okay, good news and bad news. I went to the camper to try the thermostat reset, check the switch and clean the spark electrodes. I went inside to turn the switch on, turned it on and the red light came on as expected. As I always do, I then hurried outside to check the sparker. It was working!! Having done nothing, it started working! I'm supposed to be happy except now how do I troubleshoot it since it's working? Something went haywire. I tried to turn on and off the propane side of the heater multiple times over a couple of hours. Now the switch was off for two days and when turned back on it worked. Is there a shutout circuit that if it hasn't ignited over so many tries that it will stop trying for X hours? Maybe I caught it at the wrong time. It has every once in a while (very seldom) had the red light turn on and I have to turn it off then back on and everything goes back to normal. This time though nothing would happen no matter what I did.
howardwheeler 02/13/19 01:02pm Tech Issues
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