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RE: The Big Boys have Just Arrived

I'm not in the market and I'm excited to see how they do!
ib516 12/10/19 03:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can my truck tow this?

I'm assuming the L84 is a 5.3L? That's a big load for a 5.3L with a 3.23 axle. Yes I know the 8 and 10 speed transmissions make up for the 3.23 to a certain extent, but the 5.3L is going to work it's guts out with that load. Likely be OK for short trips on flat terrain, but if it's windy or hilly, you're going to spent a lot of time at 5000 RPM or so, and the trans will be doing a lot of shifting.
ib516 12/02/19 02:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: TV engine oil

I do the same, for the environment and to get all the oil I paid for.
ib516 11/19/19 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: 4 sec 0-60 in an EcoBoost F150

I'm impressed that the rest of the drivetrain can hold that power. Once the drivetrain can handle spinning the wheels...more HP doesn't put more stress on an empty least nothing significant. It can't put more torque on the drivetrain as the wheels just spin releasing the excess torque. That said modern stock engines are incredibly powerful compared to 30-40yrs ago. I believe last time Andre was there testing a tuned EcoBoost F150, he sheared the driveshaft off due to excessive torque and traction.
ib516 11/13/19 01:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Ford 7.3 V8

I think Ford picked the 7.3 liter displacement to capitalize on the reputation of the old 7.3 Diesel. It sounds like it's built very stout and should preform well. Will be interesting to see what it does in the real world for mpg and performance. My 19 year old V-10 manual transmission is still going strong after 200k miles. I just took it on a 800 mile trip last weekend (solo) and averaged 13.75 mpg. Same as the rumored "426 Hemi" that Ram will introduce in the 2500/3500/4500/5500 trucks in the next year or two. IMO this engine is the reason the 5.7L Hemi is no longer available in the 2500+ trucks. The 6.4L will be the base engine and the 426 Hemi will be the optional gas power plant. Much like Ford and the 6.2L/7.3L gas engines. They will market the heck out of that "426". I believe 426 cu. in. works out to 7.0L. So they should be able to get better hp/tq numbers than the GM 6.6L gasser and similar to the 7.3L Ford has put out.
ib516 11/13/19 08:16am Tow Vehicles
4 sec 0-60 in an EcoBoost F150

Pretty impressive. 600 hp and 650tq at the wheels out of a 3.5L EcoBoost in a crew cab F150. Of course this is with some aftermarket goodies like E85 fuel, a different fuel system, and a tune. I'm impressed that the rest of the drivetrain can hold that power. VIDEO
ib516 11/13/19 08:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Silverado 1500 Duramax and the Ike

The Eco Diesel has 2K more towing capacity than does the GM. I would agree in watching that the exhaust brake isnt dialed in well enough yet, only one less brake application than the Ram and Ford which dont have a Ebrake. The Chevy certainly has enough power to pull more, they need to dial in the Ebrake and increase the tow rating. MPG numbers look very impressive. Might want to doublr check that. IIRC, the baby Dmax was 8 brake applications vs the EcoD's 4, and the Ram EcoD had quite a bit more weight behind it.
ib516 11/10/19 10:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Banks Differential Cover

And I'm sure the consumers will repay Bank$ for that research ($$$). Good products with very premium price tags.
ib516 11/09/19 07:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 Silverado 1500 Duramax and the Ike

I think when they tested the EcoDiesel, it was towing significantly more weight. Don't know why they can't keep the weights the same to make a more accurate comparison. In any case, that I6 Duramax seems like it performs very well. Time will tell if it was an engineering success or failure.
ib516 11/09/19 07:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Experience/Opinions on a 2008 F450 for Towing

Thanks everyone. I looked all over and the consensus is that they are bad engines besides the die hard owners who stand by them. I was shocked that even Bill at PowerstrokeHelp on YouTube recently made a video declaring he won't work on them anymore. CLICKY All I can say is wow. What a POS.
ib516 11/03/19 07:32pm Tow Vehicles

Glad you stated all the so called facts... but not one size fits all, for u I’m glad. For others it doesn’t work that way. It is what it is... diesels are not the cure all but neither is gas. Again, I don’t buy into all the facts.... different markets, lots of variables and tons of so called experts everywhere. The only advantage a gasser has over a diesel is cheaper initial cost. ALL other performance factors will favor diesel. I challenge you to point out a performance parameter that a gasser does better than a diesel. Heat in the cab at -40*. That was a concern for me when I switched to a gasser. I froze in both my previous diesels for 3 months of the year when it got really cold here in Canada. The diesels I had never made it to operating temperature on my morning commute when it got cold. That commute involved about 8 miles of highway followed by 15 or 25 minutes of city commuting. The diesel trucks would actually cool off when I got into the city. And, to add some additional info, the trucks had been plugged in, in an attached garage (not insulated or heated) and the grills were completely covered/blocked by a winter front. So, for a guy (like me) who only tows a trailer 5-6 days out of 365 in a year, the gasser made far more sense. The diesel mpg advantage has shrunk compared to what it used to be (gas became more efficient and diesel became less), the complexity of diesel and the emissions garbage they are saddled with has increased, and now you have to add, buy, and store DEF. As to remote starting, that might work great in Florida when it's "cold", but anyone who has experienced -40* and a diesel truck will tell you if you leave a diesel idling at -20*C or colder, the engine coolant actually gets colder as they idle. They just don't use enough fuel while idling to stay at operating temp. We can all agree I think on the fact that when you use "towing performance" (mpg and how well it pulls) as your only metric to judge a 2500 or 3500 truck by, diesel wins hands down. There's just no denying that 900+ lbs-ft of torque beats 450 lbs-ft. But for me, when everything was considered, gas was a much better choice.
ib516 10/28/19 07:50am Tow Vehicles

Towing 16,000# Gas 6.9mpg, diesel 10mpg 116,000 miles needed towing to pay off the diesel upgrade Empty Gas 16mpg, diesel 19.9mpg 650,000 miles needed to pay off the diesel Video
ib516 10/26/19 10:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton

Thanks everyone for the input! I really appreciate it! Based on the responses I think I will be "safe" so long as the math works. Since I am buying a new-to-me truck and the price difference isn't very large between the two styles of truck (from what I have seen) I think I am going to go with a gas 3/4 ton. This way we can grow to a larger camper in the future if we want without having to worry about the truck. Has anyone had a particularly bad experience with the gas variants of these trucks? (I would rather stay away from the diesel engines because I have never owned a diesel and have never worked on one before.) No, the gas 3/4 tons do a great job within their limits. I had a 2014 Ram 2500 with the 6.4L Hemi and 4.10 gears and I towed a 5th wheel that weighed in at 12,000#. I had no issues at all.
ib516 10/23/19 08:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to Me Chevy Tahoe

ib516 10/22/19 11:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air bags or "Bump Stop" type suspension

I have Timbrens on my 1500. The advantages they have are that they require no maintenance, don't leak, and are set it and forget it. They are a simple 15 min install, and are progressive and work well. They are also cheaper to buy than airbags. The disadvantages they have is that they are not adjustable. Airbags are adjustable for load, but can leak (will leak eventually) and require a more complicated install. There are other options too, such as Roadmaster Active Suspension, and add a leaf systems.
ib516 10/22/19 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2020 GM/Chevy gas 6.6L max towing test

When I ditched diesel and bought a 6.4L Hemi, cost was only one thing I considered. The reliability of diesels at the time was suspect (2013 ish), and the DPF/DEF issue was something I didn't want to deal with. Most around here with trucks of that vintage have removed the emissions junk now as they tend to be troublesome when mileage creeps up, and since we don't have mandatory emissions testing. I had about a 10 mile commute at the time, and neither of my diesels ever got to operating temp in 10 miles at -25 to -30*C or colder, even when the grill was completely blocked and they had been plugged in, inside a garage before starting. I froze every day driving to work. My use case would have killed a DPF equipped truck. I also only towed (actually had the trailer behind the truck) for 5-7 days a YEAR. Yes, we took 3 week vacations, but that was usually 2-3 days total towing. Some trips were less than a day. The 6.4L Hemi towed my 12k 5er with no issue at all. The mpg was about 30% less than the diesel it replaced, but unleaded is, and was cheaper than diesel fuel where I live (Canada). The premium for a diesel over a gas truck in Canada is closer to 12K, not 9K. I was very happy with the big gasser I had. Now, if towing performance is the only data point you look at to compare trucks, the diesel will win every time, as they out perform the gassers when it comes to towing power. That is a fact. For me though, that was NOT the primary consideration. I was evaluating the truck based on the other 360 days of the year when I used it for personal use, and for that, the gasser won hands down.
ib516 10/18/19 05:44am Tow Vehicles
2020 GM/Chevy gas 6.6L max towing test

ib516 10/17/19 06:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: EcoDiesel vs Hemi up IKE

The EcoDiesel seems to be a decent performer and the mpg is good. Let's just hope they re-engineered it to last a little longer than the older ones. Some are good, but for my money, there were a few too many issues with them. If I was in the market for a 1/2 ton diesel, I would wait a year or so to see how these hold up.
ib516 10/13/19 09:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stranded/broke down

And next ladies and gents, I noticed some unusual wear on my front tires, and got to checking things in the front end. I had some loose ball joints and worn tie rod ends. So, I just bit the bullet and replaced everything. New ball joints (upper and lower), new tie rod ends (inner and outer), and since I was in there, new complete strut assemblies which were the original ones and seemed ok but... then of course a wheel alignment is needed. The bill was $1000 all in, but I got the parts cheap and had a friend with a lift do the work. This truck has to last me 3 more years at which time I will retire from law enforcement and move. So hopefully this is the last major fix. The truck is a high miler that had 240,000 Km (150,000 miles) when I got it and now has 254,000 Km (160,000 miles) on it. I have no idea what kind of life it lived before I bought it. When I forst got it, I changed all the fluids and the engine and trans seem solid, the pan was relatively clean when I dropped it to service the transmission. The rear end howls a bit on coast down, but at least it now has new fluid, and the magnet wasn't too loaded up when I took the diff cover off to service the rear end. When doing my last oil change, I did notice I have at least one broken exhaust manifold bolt, but there may be others. It does have a bit of a tick sometimes. Not sure if that is "Hemi Tick" of the broken manifold bolt. I think I'll save that job for next year.
ib516 10/13/19 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram overtakes GM

Seems the General is trying to lure customers back by slashing prices... Chevy slashes Silverado prices
ib516 10/04/19 01:11pm Tow Vehicles
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