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RE: 10/3 Wire split

Here is my response :) I appreciate everyone's feedback and discussions (arguments) about which is the best way. I've determined from the discussions that the right way is whatever floats my boat as long as the copper is not damaged. For now it is going to get wrapped and down the line maybe it will get replaced with a jbox. However, I'm 95% leaning towards building out a skoolie in the near future so that will end the need for jbox or tape HMMMM No responses.
icodeintx 11/12/20 07:33am Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

:B Same going on here.... it is less a problem with the wire and more a problem with me. :C That’s always the conundrum, ain’t it? Fix it or Band-Aid it? I’ve done both, both have their place. It usually depends on how OCD I’m feeling at the time. :B :):)
icodeintx 11/08/20 11:39pm Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

Just the wire insulation is missing about 2mm. The copper is undamaged. The outside jacket I have peeled back to see how bad it was. If only the outer jacket is cut, tape it up and apply a coating such as 3M Scotchcoat. If conductor insulation is damaged, replace it completely. Wire should be 10/2 with ground, not 10/3! Full agreement Tape and seal or even just seal Lots of products out there good for this like Flex Seal or GOOP (Power off while sealing) Also is the cut just in the OUTER jacket or is the wire itself exposed. IS the wire cut? If wire cut then splice properly if not just seal it up.
icodeintx 11/08/20 07:42am Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

ahhh yes, as an old Air Force aircraft mechanic we called this F-4 tape since it was said that this tape is what held the aircraft together. Funny thing is someone who knew went out and made a business out of it and you can now get F-4 tape. I can remember the distinct smell of the tape as it was peeled back. Here it is: F-4 Tape If you tape it use a silicone self fusing tape like Rescue Tape rather than regular electrical tape.
icodeintx 11/08/20 07:39am Tech Issues
RE: Cabinet door material

Well off to the big box store again, lol. I should have my own parking spot there.
icodeintx 11/08/20 07:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Cabinet door material

Greetings everyone, In the process of redoing my 5th wheel I need to replace two damaged doors that originally had this expanded metal in them. I've not been able to find this product nor am I too excited to replace it with the same stuff. It would be nice to hear your creative ideas. Thanks Scott
icodeintx 11/07/20 05:41pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 10/3 Wire split

This sounds like what I'm going to do for the solution. Since there is no slack in the wire I'm going to use a new piece from the splice to the inlet which is only about 24 inches away. I wanted everyone's opinion for seeing what options I had and to know if I used wire nuts that it wouldn't create a fire hazard since it is the main 30amp line. I feel much better about it now. That will be my next project after I get these volt/amp meters installed. What a mess I have. I have two AC and one DC meter going in so I can see all my usages in one spot. Yay for projects! Thank you all for your feedback. Scott The Romex running thru floor and walls is not going to be damaged, The only damage is the exposed portion Install a junction box, and splice in your new piece of Romex, it's just 3 wire nuts, RED ONES are the correct size for 10ga Romex, Tape wrap each wire nut splice separately I use the hard plastic wire nuts, I do not like the soft scotch lock brand, I've had Too many where the soft outside came loose from the inside steel core,
icodeintx 11/07/20 04:48pm Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

Which description? It is the factory wire that runs from the back of the inlet (drivers side) across the back of the RV (inside) then down through the floor for about 12ft only to come back up from under the floor to the power box. I just see it as a "pain" to replace since I'll have to pull the bottom of the RV apart to get to the wire if I was to replace it. If I have to cut it then I was hoping to just put it in a junction box and wire it up normally with wire nuts but I don't have experience with 10 gauge wire and concerned if cutting the wire would cause it to get hot at the wire nuts. I'm not having any problems with it as it is but like another poster said, "It is ugly" :) Oh my... I was hoping not to hear "replace" :( That wire goes under the floor, under the door and through the kitchen to the power box. That description scares me worst than the picture!!!
icodeintx 11/07/20 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

Yes it is ugly. It wasn't as ugly but I removed the orange insulation to see what damage was done. It was basically scratched from wood hitting it and I didn't want to leave it that way so my investigation turned into surgery which left me with this mess. That is ugly. splice NEEDS to be in a work box. Better yet, can you trace back to where both ends of this wire goes and replace entire length? Might want to consider finding better path to protect the cable from future damage..
icodeintx 11/07/20 12:22pm Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

unfortunately there is a small section of the insulation missing on both the hot and the neurtral. About 2mm but the copper isn't damaged. Not sure what is under the black tape but I would just tape that up unless a portion of the hot/neutral insulation was actually removed or the copper was damaged.
icodeintx 11/07/20 12:20pm Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

Oh my... I was hoping not to hear "replace" :( That wire goes under the floor, under the door and through the kitchen to the power box.
icodeintx 11/07/20 12:19pm Tech Issues
RE: 10/3 Wire split

Thanks everyone for the input. Yes the wire I'm referring to is the indoor wiring from the back of the inlet to the breaker (power) box. Here is a picture of the wire where it is open and the two places I currently have tape.
icodeintx 11/07/20 12:04pm Tech Issues
10/3 Wire split

Hello friends, I have a 10/3 wire (my 30amp service line) from the inlet to the breaker box and between the two I have a cut in the insulation. I'm wanting to splice the wire and put in a new piece from the inlet to where the cut is which is only about 3ft from the inlet. It would a major pain to replace the entire wire as one piece so I'm thinking about installing a junction box and using wire nuts to piece the wire together. Is this a bad idea since it is the 30amp line? Will twisted wire with wire nuts hold up to those amps? My other option is a terminal connection but I don't have any experience with those. Your ideas? Thanks in advance Scott
icodeintx 11/07/20 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Slide-Out Adjustment

:h Will do, thanks. Good luck. Something else to check, make sure you're balls-on level. Being a little off can affect the slide's alignment as well.
icodeintx 11/07/20 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: Slide-Out Adjustment

Thanks for the replies... this opens my thinking up because I did replace a section of the slide-out floor a year ago. Now a year later when moving the RV I now have this problem so it is probably related. Maybe I just need to replace the entire slide-out floor as one piece to eliminate that part of the equation. So back under the RV I go and at least the ground is dry for now. Thank you. Scott
icodeintx 11/04/20 10:46pm Tech Issues
Slide-Out Adjustment

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30163851
icodeintx 11/04/20 10:06am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Slide-Out Adjustment

Greetings everyone. I have a 2006 Forest River Rockwood that I've been overhauling for a year now. I'm living full-time in this 5th wheel and moved recently. A few weeks after setup I noticed the sun setting in the west and light coming in at the top of my slide-out. Upon inspection I noticed that the floor is seated properly but the top of the slide out isn't. The rear (top) looks normal but the front end of the slideout is cocked in about 1.5 inches. If looking down from the top it would look like this. (updated image) I've messed with the adjustments until I'm out of ideas. Have any of you experienced this same issue?
icodeintx 11/04/20 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Quality of Forest River

2nd pic shows discoloration on the luan wall. Water leak? I saw that too... better check it out. Thanks, I looked into it and couldn't find any leaking area. On the other side is the shower and I can see where the previous owner put a lot of sealant on the door against that wall. So I'm hoping it was something from the past. I will be keeping an eye on it though. :)
icodeintx 10/13/20 08:05am Tech Issues
AC Amp/Voltage monitor

Today I installed one of those "Amazon" amp meters. Mainly because I'm a pro at tripping the 30amp circuit. So I decided to install this thing so I can see my amps while different devices are running. Lessons Learned: The photo you see is actually upside-down. The meter is about 18 inches off the floor which is possible to bend down and see the numbers. However, the display range on the LCD is in the wrong direction for my application. This display was designed to be eye level or up high showing the numbers vividly. But when slightly above looking down one can only see a blank screen. So smart me just turned it upside-down (for now) and when I bend over to look the numbers are actually right-side-up. I love the monitor but don't really like the installation so I think I'll build a small installation box and mount the display inside the bench it is currently mounted in. Nevermind the unfinished bench. It is under construction.
icodeintx 10/12/20 12:19am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Quality of Forest River

That is good to know. I'll look for that and hope that I don't have a mice problem to begin with. Is it common for mice to get into the basement areas of 5th wheels? I'll put some traps in there if so. What is the steel wool for?Mostly to fill the hole, also to slow the mice chewing. Don't use steel wool as it will rust over time. Use stainless steel wool available at WalMart by the kitchen sponges. I did some research on the forum a few years back and found that mice and rats did chew thru steel wool but that the Copper Mesh stopped them completely,they really don't the taste.
icodeintx 10/12/20 12:07am Tech Issues
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