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RE: Question about removing black tank

As long as the tank isn't sealed up in the underbelly (Ie, you can get to the tank without disassembling a lot of stuff), it shouldn't be a major project. I think that's probably the biggest issue I'll face. This is one of those 4 season models that's got the underbelly completely enclosed and (I think) insulated, so you can enjoy it in cold weather. I really dread removing the undercover to see what's required. Thanks for the response.
importman 01/20/20 05:23am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Why do I still look at my tankl level gauges?

When i step on the toilet and it burps, I know it's time to go dump The water gauge works, and i can open a compartment door and visibly check the fresh water That's what I do. Never been wrong.
importman 01/19/20 03:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: melting plug

If it's the same pedestal plug I agree with Flute and cavie. I've seen the same thing with automotive headlamp plugs. You notice the terminals on the headlamp bulb are burned so you get a new bulb. But the female part that the terminal goes into is burned just as badly. If you don't replace both parts it just repeats the damage over and over.
importman 01/19/20 02:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about removing black tank

Another concern I have about this is that the toilet in the rv doesn't have a tank on it and I'm afraid the hole through the floor is too close to the wall behind it for a residential toilet to match up with it. I'd hate to have to figure a way to move that hole forward and fill the original one. Anyone done this or have any ideas about that?
importman 01/19/20 12:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about removing black tank

I wonder if there is room between the toilet, and black tank to install a bypass that could be undone if you decided to sell later. A very good point. I'm gonna check into that and see if it can be done. I'm thinking it may be possible since the toilet doesn't sit directly on top of the tank like in did in my travel trailer I had previously. Actually, the down pipe from the toilet is pretty long and it makes a 90 Deg turn a little ways down. In fact I have one of those whirly bird cleanout tools that has about 2-2.5 feet of flexible hose and another 2 ft of stiff plastic and when I run it down in there it uses up almost all of it before I get to what I think is the tank. I may just be able to route past the tank and just leave it in place. Thanks for the idea.
importman 01/19/20 12:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about removing black tank

whereumakeit, most folks that do this is to get rid of the RV toilet and put in a residential pottie. Correct. That's what I plan to do as well. Thanks!
importman 01/19/20 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about removing black tank

There are some good repair shops up in the Western NC area. I've personally used these guys before and had a great experience: Here are some good toilet options as well: Hope this helps! Thanks for the response and link. I looked at their site and we're outside of the radius that they say they cover. Plus, if I'm still physically able, I'd like to try to do it myself to save a few bucks. Thanks again.
importman 01/19/20 12:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about removing black tank

I have seen a few rental RVs set up this way at private CGs. Yes, they just run a sloping plastic pipe, until reaching the sewer. Jerry That's exactly what I hope to do. Thanks for the response.
importman 01/19/20 12:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about removing black tank

Cavie and ScottG, That's a good point you bring up about the value of the rv after this is done. In my case it's not really a big concern. It's an 06 model to begin with so it's not extremely valuable either way. Also, it's on a permanent site and we're investing $3500 for a shed to cover it so it's most likely going to be more valuable to someone looking to use it the same way I am. Plus my wife and I had already decided to sell it in place as a vacation spot rather than a mobile rv when the time comes. Thanks for your input!
importman 01/19/20 12:43pm Fifth-Wheels
Question about removing black tank

Hello All, With my fifth wheel now permanently setup in the mountains of western NC I'm starting to consider removing the black tank and putting in a flush toilet. Has anyone done this that can advise me on what's involved? Is it a huge job? If I were to pay an rv company to do it, approximately what would they charge for this? I'd prefer to do it myself but at 61 years old with a bad back and rheumatoid arthritis I have to be careful not to bite off more than I can chew. Thanks in advance
importman 01/19/20 08:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about moving fifth wheel

Thought I'd give a final update on this. The man came and moved it for me with no damage or major issues. One small problem we had though was that the streetside rear slide didn't want to pass by the service pole. Originally I told you all that I didn't want to pull in the slides because of the carpet but before the man came to move it I had sealed around the leaking slide with a high grade duck tape to try to stop the leaking until my carport/shed arrives, so I really, really didn't want to pull them in. I also didn't know if there was a way to bring in just the one slide that was in the way. Anyway,after about 20 attempts pulling forward and backing up, (there was very little room to back up), we were getting closer but it was obvious that we either would never clear it or it would take all day. So we actually hooked a chain to the top of the service pole and I pulled it back about 6-8 inches with my truck and we were able to just barely get by it. After that the rest was easy. I got it setup again on blocks and it's all straight now. I actually took more time on my setup this time and made absolutely sure it was level in every direction and double blocked it so it's nice and stable. I really just wanted to thank everyone who replied. I can't tell you how much it means to have people so willing to offer advice when you really need it.
importman 01/19/20 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water heater question

Thank you all for your advice. Not sure what I’m going to do yet but I appreciate your input.
importman 11/29/19 08:50am Fifth-Wheels
Water heater question

Hello again everyone, I have another question. My Montana has a Suburban water heater and I’m wanting to replace the anode rod with one that has a drain made on it. It’s cold here in the NC mountains so I have to winterize every time we come for a weekend and I’d like to speed up the process. My problem is that the rod that’s in it now is about 8 inches long and all I can find with a drain are about 4.5 inches long. Other than having to replace it more often is there any reason I couldn’t use one like that? They both have 3/4 pipe thread. Thanks in advance for your help.
importman 11/27/19 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about moving fifth wheel

Thanks again for the advice. I’ve spoken to a man who’s going to move it for me the conventional way. Better safe than sorry.
importman 11/27/19 03:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about moving fifth wheel

Wow, thanks for the quick responses guys. And for the good advice. I’ll defer to your knowledge and start looking for someone to move it the normal way.
importman 11/24/19 11:35am Fifth-Wheels
Question about moving fifth wheel

Hello Everyone, I have a rather unusual question. My 06 Montana 336rlt has been parked on a permanent site for about six months. But now due to repeated problems with leaks around some of the slides I’ve decided to put one of those metal carport style sheds over it. My problem is I need to move it about 3 feet in the curbside direction. There’s not enough room on the backside for the frame of the shed because of the location of the service pole and the pole can’t be moved due to a hill right behind it. Two things that are problems in moving it are that I don’t have a truck with a fifth wheel hitch and I don’t want to pull the slides in if I can help it. (I have new carpet with thicker padding that the slides snag on). So what I’m considering and I need opinions on is this. If I take it off the blocks and pump the tires up tight, how hard would it be to slide it about 3 feet. I would pull one end at a time using a winch or a come-along and some luckily well placed trees. I should add that the surface it’s on is dirt and some gravel and it’s hard enough that the tires haven’t sunk in. So what do you guys think? Will this work and if so how difficult will it be. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
importman 11/24/19 10:48am Fifth-Wheels
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