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RE: Electric black tank dump valve. Worth it?

Larry this trailer does have another second valve fully exposed with/at travel cap. The grey water Valves also are hidden with in the belly then pipes all join before final valve. So I do not like your idea because there are times when I dump grey water away into the grass or cactus when boon docking. I would loose that option if I don’t fix this valve.
ivbinconned 03/25/20 11:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric black tank dump valve. Worth it?

Well you all have scared me off of the electric option. My CC has cable...6 foot! The valve is mounted at 90 degrees from vertical. It has always been stubborn to move. The whole thing is hidden from view as it is all above the belly panels. So operating an electric one “manually” would not be an option. Thank you all. Including the comedians.
ivbinconned 03/25/20 08:46am General RVing Issues
Electric black tank dump valve. Worth it?

Been having trouble with cable and valve leaking. Took belly off once to deal with cable. Now valve leaking. Thinking if I have to take belly off again perhaps I should go electric. Are they trouble free?
ivbinconned 03/24/20 05:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: 09 Cedar Creek rubber roof cleaning? Do I need to?

Thanks for the affirmation regarding my reluctance to "wash the roof". Besides it does get a blast of soft water rain once in a while. I have all the trailer that you can see looking great after polishing with "Mothers finishing polish" that removed all the oxidiation. then finished it up with "Rejex". Your trailer cleans very easy after useing this product.
ivbinconned 03/23/20 10:21am General RVing Issues
09 Cedar Creek rubber roof cleaning? Do I need to?

I don’t really care how dirty it might be up there. I never look at it but to check all the caulking. The only reason I perhaps might clean it is because when it rains the dust etc up there contributes to the staining where the water might run down the side. If I do can I just use a bucket of water and laundry or dish soap? Brush...And rinse it off. After drying does it need to be treated with anything. I was probably spoiled. Previous rv’s had aluminum roofs.
ivbinconned 03/22/20 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Universal joints 2016 Ram 3500?

Spun it. Smooth.
ivbinconned 03/01/20 02:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Universal joints 2016 Ram 3500?

Just pulled the driveshaft. All feels just fine. Nothing feels dry or rough. Bearing spins smoothly.
ivbinconned 03/01/20 09:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Universal joints 2016 Ram 3500?

Only 65,000 miles on it. The shudder isn’t at shift points but becomes apparent between shifts when asking a lot of acceleration of it.
ivbinconned 02/29/20 11:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Universal joints 2016 Ram 3500?

Cummins I’d bet yours a grazeable. “Shudder” I do note some in 1-2 gear if I put foot into it too hard when pulling 14,000 trailer. It is annoying.
ivbinconned 02/29/20 09:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Universal joints 2016 Ram 3500?

Thanks. What are the pros and cons of going to a one piece?
ivbinconned 02/29/20 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
Universal joints 2016 Ram 3500?

One went a year ago. Now just going through Los Wages and I think another is going. Any body here know if all three (long box) are the same part number? 2016 Ram 3500.
ivbinconned 02/29/20 05:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Myfi Jetpac working poorly

I think they said They had to change the SIM card because I had had a temporary account. Last night when t jet showed .5 download speed I did a speed test using my IPhone as a hotspot. 22.8! So the Jetpac seems to be the issue. We are from Kanada so if I was to just use my phone as a hotspot our cost would be much higher. According to the pac and phone it would appear we have very good signal strength. But I will down load the app. Thanks for the tip. At the moment phone hotspot 70+ download speed. Jet .50
ivbinconned 02/12/20 09:29am General RVing Issues
Myfi Jetpac working poorly

Picked one up last year when we came down south. Worked fine. This year stopped in Dillon Montana at Verizon. Bought a new SIM card and were on our way. It has been very inconsistent. Works fine streams video fine then slows to a snails pace for 30 min then picks up again. We are boon-docking near Borrego like last year. Jetpac stalls. I switch to IPhone for a hot spot problem. Ticked off.
ivbinconned 02/11/20 09:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

I think if your pulling a trailer that’s 10’000 plus in dry weight adding fluid or weight by any other means would have very little effect on way or the other. The fact that a “tune” on my truck dramatically started the chucking and a tweaking of the tune made it go away makes me suspicious that the “drive by wire” technology in modern trucks may contribute to chucking. I pulled lots with carb vehicles and never heard of or experienced chucking. When my truck was chucking it would do it on everyone of my 3 trailers. 34 foot Cedar Creek with trailair, 28 foot goose cargo with 7 K axels and a 28 foot goose flat deck. The key info here is that I could make it start, and stop, chucking with just The slightest pressure or lack of, on the pedal. Almost indiscernible. But it was this fact that made me ask the tuner,EFI Live, to Try some changes. They did It worked. My truck never chucks. Now this is my conclusion. Because of the modern technology that controls the accelerators in modern trucks I believe a stock truck may well chuck. Factory settings may well not take into account towing dynamics that can vary widely. It may be possible that we can not feel our foot slightly pulsing on the pedal when the truck starts chucking but no doubt the truck picks up the signal and we contribute to the motion without realizing it. Just my thoughts.
ivbinconned 02/11/20 11:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gen/inverter issue

“The breaker you reset, is it a GFCI?” Don’t know that. This is myinverter.
ivbinconned 02/08/20 11:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Electric Fire Places

We have one too and we use it. Only complaint is that it is on same circuit as plug we use for coffee maker. Oh the hard ships.
ivbinconned 02/08/20 07:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Gen/inverter issue

There is a “reset breaker built right in the inverter. That is the one that tripped. The converter was off so that was not what tripped it.
ivbinconned 02/08/20 06:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Gen/inverter issue

Well if I remember correctly (without removing the cover) the hot wires (from either the two incoming sources of power) are the only circuits that are alternatively connected or disconnected. The ground may be common regardless. If this is the case is the inverter sensing that the ground is connected to the (not running) gen? And finding fault with this?
ivbinconned 02/08/20 01:26pm Tech Issues
Gen/inverter issue

I installed a manual Reliance transfer switch in our trailer. Purpose is to draw power from shore out the rear or from gen up front where gen is. All has worked well. Lately I installed a 1000 watt inverter. It is in mounted in front storage close to batteries. Now I manually unplug from gen and plug into inverter. I installed the remote inverter switch inside the trailer and beside it installed a switch to turn off “converter” when we use the inverter. All has worked fine until last night. We are boondocking and plan to sit at this location for some time so I used a long heavy cord and set the gen out aways from the trailer connecting it to the rear shore power plug. Half way through our movie I went out to shut the gen off. Then I switched transfer switch so as to disconnect gen and connect inverter. Inverter turned on and converter off yet we had no power?? I found his confusing. I then noted the breaker on the inverter had blown, but when I tried to reset... it would not. Thinking about this for a bit I finally went and unplugged the gen from back of the trailer, even though doing so I thought, could not make a difference because the transfer switch in my mind had that line totally disconnected. But it did!!?? The inverter breaker now I could reset, and all is well. This has me puzzled. Is there someone out there that can explain to me what is going on here?
ivbinconned 02/08/20 10:48am Tech Issues
RE: Chucking - trouble shooting

Trail Air pin box on trailer and air bags on the truck. That would be my approach.
ivbinconned 02/02/20 06:36pm Fifth-Wheels
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