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RE: Recommended 16 inch LT tires for TT

I'm getting rid of our 15 inch Marathons on our TT and moving to 16in probably LT225/75R16 with new rims. I have people recommend 16 inch Michelin Defenders but those are well over $200 each. I see someone used GR Commercial T/A with good results but someone else suggested asking for ideas. Please don't restart the LT vs ST fight. We did this upgrade on a Jayco 285RLS in 2009. Bought 5 Commercial T/As in 235/85/R16. In 2011 we traded for the Mountaineer, had the tires removed and remounted on it. The spare failed at this time, had never been on the ground. Dealer made it up. In 2013 one of the remaining original tires started to fail. At that time I went with the Bridgestone R250, they ran without issue until last year. When we replaced the BFG's we found the the 1st replacement tire was subject to recall and it was replaced again, and we are using it for a spare, it has never been on the ground. We are now running G637 235/85/R16 Sailuns. Also had 1 215/85/R16 BFG fail do to tread separation on the 05 truck, replaced all 6 with the Bridgestone R500, they were on the truck when it was replaced with the 2018. Michelin XPS Ribs or Bridgestone R238 all steel tires would be best, but not cheap. Commercial T/As, Bridgestone R500, Sailun Terramax HLT, or other non steel tire should give you years of good service.
jaycocamprs 02/22/20 08:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 Cummins IKE pull

I went back and watched the 4:00 minute mark of that video. I wonder why the gauge reads up to 240 reverse horsepower a while then drops off to 0? It almost seems as though the gauge starts reading at about 37 mph and it pulls it down to 35 mph then quits displaying. Could it be that while the gauge is displaying a number the wheel brakes are being applied. 240 reverse HP would definitely be slowing the truck. 175 reverse HP at the crankshaft should be enough to hold speed on the steepest part of the hill. At the 4:00 mark, there is a red light on just over the "D". It goes out just before the -hp drops off to zero At the 6:01 mark it also shows -240 hp of braking, but no red light over the "D". Could the red light mean service brakes are applied?
jaycocamprs 02/21/20 06:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: seal pulling out?

I just can not for the life of me figure out how to put a dang picture on here... Its shrunken, for sure, just didn't know if that was "normal" versus a sign of a bigger problem. Normal, I've had to replace on both sides. It's just a cover to hide the screws.
jaycocamprs 02/19/20 05:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Us 27 in Georgia

I like it in south Georgia, from Columbus south. Middle Georgia part isn't to bad, but LaGrange and Carrollton don't have a bypass. Good from I-20 up to Rome. I don't take it north of Rome, take GA-53 over to I-75 at Calhoun. In fact most of the time we will take the interstate to Columbus going south. We just early enough to get thru Atlanta before the rush.
jaycocamprs 02/18/20 05:40pm Roads and Routes
RE: Duramax vs Power Stroke Fuel Economy Tow Test and Drag Race

agreed on the DEF useage. DEF consumption should be around 1 gallon/100 gallons of fuel. Can vary some, but 200 miles/gallon of DEF???? nope. something is amiss. I wish I was getting 1 gallon of DEF for 100 gallon of fuel. The one time I did check it was 1 gallon of DEF for 42 gallons of diesel. 5 gallons of DEF in 2400 miles, over that 2800 mile trip we averaged just over 11 mpg. The L5P is a DEF hog!
jaycocamprs 02/16/20 04:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Pickup truck roof racks?

The only way I'd think about those super short bed truck would be with a regular cab. It would be like like having a half cab Bronco or Blazer wich I always liked. Of course they only come in four door so, no thanks.
jaycocamprs 02/13/20 07:16pm Tow Vehicles

Ford is running a add about towing 13K with a F-150. Now this isn't the F-150 that everyone has in their driveway. But people hear that on TV, then go to the RV dealer. Sales guy says "sure you can" tow that 11K 35' trailer. They then load 4 people, a dog, 3 coolers, and some firewood. They didn't read the fine print, just the headline. If there is that 13K RV trailer that is towable by a F-150 and do it within specs, it's out back somewhere with the unicorns
jaycocamprs 02/10/20 06:46pm Tow Vehicles

Long bed dual wheel trucks make the best tow vehicles. But as often pointed out the aren't the best for every thing else, sometimes they flat suck. I own a HD truck for one reason, to tow with. That's why we have a diesel DRW truck. I could have gone with a SRW at our weight, but a 18 GM SRW 3500 would have been at max with the load we carry. With the DRW truck I don't have to worry if I carry more firewood, or we change what or how we load. If we were to ever load to the 5'vers GVWR of 14,400 the SRW truck would likely have been over GVWR and close to RAWR.
jaycocamprs 02/08/20 06:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Slide out creep

We had same problem. Ram for bed slide had internal leak, ram was replaced under warranty. Lippert trouble shooting
jaycocamprs 02/07/20 06:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Nashville with kids?

You should be aware that the long range forecast for the next couple of weeks here projects rain pretty much every day. It's been a dismal, cold and rainy winter here so far and that pattern doesn't appear to be changing in the near term. If the weather doesn't dissuade you and you are still interested in a trip down this way, I'd recommend Chattanooga over Nashville for young families. Way more to interest the kids IMO. We live in Nashville and that's where we've always taken our kids. Our weather hasn't been any better. Everything along the river is flooded.
jaycocamprs 02/07/20 06:02pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fifth Wheel Prep

Does anyone know if my 2016 Chevy 2500HD gas 6.0 would have the fifth wheel prep already installed? It doesn't appear that the 5th wheel prep was available on the gas engine trucks. Read this article It talks about Sierra, but seems like it would apply to Chevy as well. But that link says "6.0L V8 SFI Gaseous engine (LC8)" The 6.0L V-8 LC8 is a dedicated Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) (vans only) version of the L96 6.0 engine.
jaycocamprs 02/02/20 06:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F350 Super Duty vs 3500 Denali vs The Ike Pulling 30k lbs

From what I have read and what I have scene in past reviews, the L5P Duramax normally runs at 210F coolant temps even unloaded which is where it was at in the video the whole way up. My 18 L5P has never run any where near that hot unless it was at or near full load. Yes the gauge shows 210F, shows 210 all the way from 170F till the fan came on at 218F. GM stiffed the gauge with the LLY's and it still the same. If you want a true read you need to read the ECM through the OBDII Part stores still list 180f & 185f T-stats for a 2018 and that's what the ScanGauge shows unloaded GM (at least thru 2018) uses a 4 stage fan clutch, it's not real obnoxious till stage 3
jaycocamprs 01/29/20 07:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I24 travel

I-24 thru Chattanooga to I-75 south will shorten your trip 90 miles. Yes you will have to cross Monteagle Mountain. Coming from Nashville it about 4 miles of 5% up and 5 miles of 6% down, with about 2 miles of near flat across the top. I wouldn't go 90 out of the way, but that's me. You could come down I-75 thru Cincinnati, OH. You would then have to cross Jellico Mountain. The grades are about the same, but southbound you would climb the steep side. Mileage between I-65 and I-75 is near equal.
jaycocamprs 01/29/20 06:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: HOV Lanes in Atlanta GA

Atlanta HOV rules. Notice that NO Trailers or towed vehicles are listed. So, if you tow, you could be fined. I doubt they would pull you over if keeping with flow of traffic. BUT, if you have a problem and impeded the HOV, they will probably issue a ticket. Doug JUST FOUND THIS IN ATLANTA HOV and EXPRESS rule. Vehicles with 2+ axles and/or 6+ wheels will not be allowed in the Express Lanes, as is the case in the HOV lanes. as is the case in the HOV lanes. The following vehicles may use HOV Lanes: Vehicles with two or more (living and not pre-infant) persons. Emergency Vehicles (Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency Medical) Motorcycles Buses Alternative Fuel vehicles properly licensed with an AF license plate. The Express Lanes are outside I-285, the HOV are inside. Two very different types of lanes. HOV are free, express are toll. There is much signage prohibiting towing in the express lanes
jaycocamprs 01/28/20 04:50pm Roads and Routes
RE: A new way to tow a 5’er!

So what is the difference between this and a converter dolly used by thousands of trucks pulling doubles or triples every day
jaycocamprs 01/20/20 06:06pm Towing
RE: Best Route through the Smokies

Then you still have to deal with 19 and it's ups/downs to Asheville. Just follow US-441 on south a few miles to US-74. 4 lane to Asheville. But I-40 would be a better choice.
jaycocamprs 01/20/20 05:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: 5th wheel tires

"Cedar Creek weighing 11,700 wet" So let's do some math. 11,700# minus 20% pin weight is 9,360# divided by 4 tires is 2,340#. Why in the HE!! are some of you recommending "G" tires for such a light load? Goodyear Endurance ST235/80R16 3,420# @ 80psi Load range "E". ENEURANCE line has been on the market for a full 3 years now with a STELLAR record. OP, what size tire is on your RV? I went to the Sailuns at that weight for 2 reasons. 1 Bridgestone took the R-250 Duravis out of production. 2 I got 4 Sailuns for a price that would have only bought 3 R-238 Duravis's. Time was I would have considered Goodyear tires, that time has passed.
jaycocamprs 01/17/20 06:59pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What is a good camp stove to buy now days?

A small fabricating company in Idaho builds the best, toughest stoves as a sideline. Not at all cheap, but you won't find better. Yup, all aluminum & stainless steel. Had our 26" 3 burner for 10 years or more.
jaycocamprs 01/16/20 06:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Clean Diesel trucks for TC ... maybe not!

Ford 6.7l-diesel dpf regen status Don't know about Ford. But I had to send my old one back to Linear Logic for a update, as the old version did not read many functions on the L5P Duramax
jaycocamprs 01/15/20 07:05pm Truck Campers
RE: B&W pivot arm adjustment

I run mine set to the rear. I'm not sure what the effect is on the front axle weight, but it does not feel light. With a long bed, double cab truck I doubt that it offsets the weight of the diesel engine. With the GM puck mounts reversing the base in the mounts will set the arms either forward or rearward, the Ford looks to be the same. Try it, I doubt it will drive any different which ever way are arms set. What you will gain is clearance with the tailgate down, and a little more angle before hitting the overhang with the bed corners.
jaycocamprs 01/14/20 05:57pm Towing
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