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RE: What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

Nice backpeddle… You wrote, in your own words. “I don’t think many people know…..” and then proceeded to post the article. Made me think you believe the nonsense Naw,just poor wording on my part..That was from a major battery company in Canada,caught my attention and I passed it on..Was reading yesterday from a self diagnosed expert that LFP can be charged below 0C in moderation..He had some kind of formula for how much to put into them at what temp without do harm.. My point only is,there are a lot of battery makers like CanBat that claim there battery last alot longer if you do not charge it below 0C..Charging frozen cells in LFP is one thing and charging cold cells another as far as harming them go.. Mostly opinions without actual experiences,charging in cold temps..My Lifepo and AGM are in a warmed area so I don't care..:B Jayco
jaycocreek 01/16/22 09:31am Tech Issues
RE: 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter recommendation needed

Hi, what is the right inverter for my truck camper? I will use it a couple time per day in short bursts to run the microwave, and the Kurig coffee maker. Plus sometimes for longer stretches to run the heating pad or charge the computer. That's about all. I will switch it off when not in use, so it needs a remote switch (preferably hard wired) and it does not need an automatic power saver mode. It doesn't need to have a charger. My camper has 3 group 31 lead acid battery's, 400 watts of solar, and a converter/charger. I want proven quality that will last for years, not some unreliable piece of junk that will fizzle when I'm on the road. Your recommendations will be much appreciated! Thanks, Joel I looked for a long time before I took the jump on a PSW inverter..I found a Wagan MSW on closeout for $60 and couldn't pass it up with a 2-year warranty..Works flawlessly even on the microwave..Full digital microwaves humms with it but the non digital(dial) microwave works just like it was on reg power,no extra humm at all..One of the few MSW inverters that is recommended for microwaves... I still wanted a larger PSW that I had been looking for a long time..i went with a Wagan (2 year warranty) 1000 true sine inverter...It runs the microwave at 1130 watts(victron smart shunt) fine so far..Short on cash or I would have gone larger..renogy had a 2000 watt PSW for $200...Will Prowse gives the Giandel a good review and my 300 watt Giandel has worked great...I just decided I wanted a unit that was warranted for 2 years.. Goof luck on your choice...Jayco
jaycocreek 01/16/22 07:55am Tech Issues
RE: What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

LOL! Stop and think what you just wrote. It was a quote,not my personal opinion..Meaning,if you read the net enough and certain battery company specs and advice,yoy come up with some crazy stuff,including lifepo4.. I too have charged agm in all sorts of weather without any apparent damage,all lasting 5 years or so..But were talking inexpensive lifepo4 batteries...$300 for a true 100 amp hours(LFP) or $300 plus for 50-60 amp hours out of a quality agm like fullriver or ......CanBat batteries says not to charge below 0C(The above quote off there site)and ofcourse,most LFP say the same except there is a lot of chatter that charging LFP in the 20's at a low charge rate is okay.. I mean,who really knows..I have not seen anyone say they completely ruined a LFP by charging below 0C nor have I ever seen what CanBat battery claims of the lead acid batteries.. It's the internet,alot of opinions without a lot of actual trials for proof that I have seen.... Jayco..
jaycocreek 01/15/22 09:04am Tech Issues
RE: What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

I don't think many people know your not supposed to charge agm batteries below 0 Celsius either...CanBat batteries.. 3. CHARGE AGM BATTERIES IN THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE AGM batteries have a certain charge temperature range. This means if the temperature falls outside of this range, you should not be charging AGM batteries. For all types of lead acid batteries, you should avoid charging if the temperature raises above 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold weather also affects charging AGM batteries. You should avoid charging your batteries if the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Ensuring the temperature is within the range of 0 and 40 degree Celsius is important while charging, in order to ensure the battery lives as long as it is designed to. Jayco
jaycocreek 01/15/22 07:04am Tech Issues
What kind of quality lifepo4 do you get for $300 review

Solar Engineering posted a pretty good video on a $300 ish lifepo4 teardown..Pretty profesional IMHO and somewhat different/more detail than Will Prowses tear downs... Lot's of people have asked what kind of lithium battery you get for the ridiculous low prices we are seeing..This person notes a DIY would cost about the same as this grade A cased battery..And he is giving it away... $320 lifepo4 tear down by solar engineering..
jaycocreek 01/11/22 07:48am Tech Issues
RE: LiFePo4 vs Lead Acid...Some points of interest.

Still, a lithium battery with a BMS for under $300. Too good to be true?You won't know until a couple years later. Or you can pick one of the batteries Will P has torn down and compared that are in that price range..Other than the cold cut off,Will has recommended or commented that Ampere Time/Chins and Zooms are identical batteries internally except for the name on the case..Same BMS/cells and quality connections etc inside... I think the Chins and Zooms are both under $320 last time I looked... Jayco
jaycocreek 01/08/22 11:37am Tech Issues
RE: LiFePo4 vs Lead Acid...Some points of interest.

Returning to the topic, a quick re-check at amazon, dropping prices suggest that for some folks FLA’s might soon be getting kinda hard to justify - though I cannot personally attest to amazon’s LFP offerings… 3 tons I tried one of there sub $350 100ah lifepo4 batteries and got 104ah out of seems to have a weird voltage curve but in the end,it delivers what was promised..I'm quite happy with it and have been using it 24/7 with a compressor fridge.. It seems these new lifepo4 battery makers have little price wars on Amazon which is a good Time to make the leap if so inclined.. IMHO... Jayco
jaycocreek 01/08/22 04:35am Tech Issues
RE: Mr Buddy Heater Permanent Install?

The Wave 3 is a good heater but lacks in cold temps imho..I have a buddy/big buddy and a wave 8 at this time..I opted for a 'lil buddy heater over a wave 3 when I bought this TC simply because the wave 3 didn't keep my previous Lance 8.6 warm at all in snowmobile weather. I have been using the wave 8 in my 9.6 Lance and it does a great job except I think the pad went out on it again..I changed to the little buddy heater early this morning and all is well..I have had three wave heaters that the pads needed replaced..That is the only beef I have with them..I think they are superior to the buddy heaters for RV use but the Buddy heaters work.. Jayco
jaycocreek 01/03/22 05:38am Truck Campers
RE: this is why

I know people that live in rv's all year round in alberta. -45 and there warm as a bug but they have the big 200 gal propain tanks and they put bales around the outside with heating lamps under the unit and so on. In an RV park with hookups is one thing,on a job site without power is another..I have had several vynal skirts made for my RV's and done the hay just once because of mice..insulation board then the V-skirting with lights under specific places..That's the way I lived for years when not on the site..Oh and hair dryer in The older RV's were easier to keep from freezing them the new ones..Water lines in the open inside that really only froze by the doors which could be fixed... Boondocking without power in an rv sure is a learning experience especially below zero and why we went wood heat and winterized on site in the boonies..
jaycocreek 12/31/21 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

I see the point of this post..Not many have been in an RV at those temps,I have working..Stanley Idaho (R-54F) and McCall Idaho (R-34F)..It's tough on an RV,period..After many mods I/we found it just easier to winterize somewhere around 0 degree's F and use wood heat rather than the constant monitoring of propane bottles..I have two 25# bottles I used in parallel and they were constantly running out at the wrong time..LOL As for batteries,I would never consider Lifepo4 in those temps,to many things can happen unexpectedly..The SIO2 seem to be the answer for those conditions..Again,those temps are extremely hard on an RV in so many ways.. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/31/21 05:33am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

Having lived and worked in similar temps as pianotuna,I wouldn't own lithium either..To many things to go wrong that could permanently damage the lifepo4 batteries...I don't miss those days.. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/28/21 05:57am Tech Issues
RE: this is why

It got down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit last night and I'm charging my El-cheapo lifepo4 now at 20 amps..But I keep them under the dinette seat with the door open and an indoor outdoor thermometer laying next to my two batteries,so I can monitor the temp from in the house... I couldn't replace my truck camper battery with a Lifepo4 unless I moved it inside or put heat to it...The going price for a cheap 100ah lifepo4 battery on Amazon is $319 with a couple just under 300... Jayco
jaycocreek 12/27/21 01:55pm Tech Issues
RE: New generator technology product

The downside is nothing in this system is replaceable. As it stands right now, if one component fails the whole system is scrap. That's just it..I got a very good deal on what was supposed to be refurbished power station from Bluetti,so ordered two thinking christmas gifts..They were both broke,neither would work period and looked brand spanking new..Luckily I got my money back on those two gems then my Jackery 1000 did the same and they do not want to fix it... I'll stick with 100ah or larger lifepo4 batteries with my fixable and better, components. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/26/21 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Propane prices

Just paid $3.49 this morning filing a 10 gal tank..Makes the local grocery exchange look pretty good.. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/24/21 03:14pm Around the Campfire
RE: New generator technology product

I think they have there place in RV's,especially older ones with limited battery capacity.A small light weight power station that can be used as a wireless charger/portable light and bed side power for cpap or whatever,it's handy,plus being able to just move it to the coffee pot wherever it is for electricity is a huge plus for my truck camper..And just plugging it in like a generator to power the whole camper.... Not for everyone but very nice for some..I have run my AC and microwave off of a larger one without having to mess with my gen sets...They have there place IMHO.. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/24/21 05:46am Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

SC That's DC home,I like it better than the Renogy BT.. never heard of it. Steve It's called Renogy DC Home and it's in the app store for both Android and Apple..I like it better because the Bluetooth connection is much stronger and the layout I like better also.. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/19/21 05:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

SC That's DC home,I like it better than the Renogy BT..
jaycocreek 12/19/21 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

Another option if you don't mind dealing with .tenths instead of .one hundredths is the Renogy BT-1 or 2 bluetooth dongles that give a little extra in readings..From using it with my Victron monitor it is spot on to the tenth.. height=440 width=240 As well as a history page with stuff like total this or that used etc. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/18/21 11:34am Tech Issues
RE: Simplest battery monitor and shunt? Advice for non-expert

I bought a Victron smart shunt and I monitor my batteries daily..I can tell you this,too the tenth my other voltage meters, as cheap as the cigarette lighter plugins and the voltage meter on my battery boxes,are pretty close to the Victron readings,but there only to the tenth and not one hundreths...Now that I know that,I feel confident in there readings.. Jayco
jaycocreek 12/15/21 05:57am Tech Issues
RE: Setting up Solar on my Moho

Howdy Kowboy I would check on the reliability of flexible panels and there losing power quicker over time..Will Prowse has a good video on them and comparing them to rigid...I "was" going to do the same.. I have two lithium and there great for boondocking and why I took the step..They charge up fast and do not have to be fully charged..I have been running a compressor fridge with just one of them for several months and could easily keep it charged with my solar..I am going on 9 days running it today at 32% SOC..It is nice not to have to worry about that 50% cut off AGM's have before damage.. I ran that fridge off of my agm with a 100 watt solar panel on the roof this summer and it kept it in the float mode most of the time..Did good IMO but prefer Lifepo4 because of the ease of charging and 100% discharge if necessary.. Good luck on your choice Jayco
jaycocreek 12/11/21 05:13am Tech Issues
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