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RE: More on LFP Charging

I'm happy with what I do but I'm not saying it is the correct thing to do. The charger part of my 3kw inverter/charger is turned off and the converter that came with my 5th wheel is unplugged. So battery charging (whether plugged in or not) is only done by the solar panels. I bulk charge to 14.2V, then absorb for 15 minutes, then float at 13.6V. That's pretty much the way I do it for my truck camper and the converter charger..I am curious why Victron LFP default are what they are (14.2-2hrs absorb-13.5 float)..Everything I read on the net had absorb ion way lower...I wonder what there reasoning is for that...
jaycocreek 06/30/22 05:09pm Tech Issues
RE: More on LFP Charging

I have been using lifepo4 for just a year using them daily running compressor refers and TC stuff,watching numbers out of bord-om and constantly reading about them..I find it interesting that there is no number or numbers agreed on by the mass of users.. You have Will Prowse saying charge them to 100% and use them down to 0% because calendar aging will get them before the cycle count does..Then the masses on his forum argue over the best numbers for the least stress on the cells.. I have picked out a few of the most intelligent opinions(IMHO) on LFP settings from mostly DIY solar forums and saved them by there names to my phone and Victron app library setting to try for my uses..A couple/few of them post here..Example in my library MikeF/Steve/Time2 etc..They all work great but I haven't came up with a final setting for my use yet.. Everyone knows each setup is different and each person has to find his golden numbers that work best for his style of use and charging..In my case with an older TC,I just bypassed the old converter and use 100% solar and a 20 amp LFP charger for gen time if needed with my two 100ah batteries in parallel.. Most people agree with this from solacity though(I think) To sum up, for long and happy LFP battery life, in order of importance, you should be mindful of the following: Keep the battery temperature under 45 Centigrade (under 30C if possible) – This is by far the most important!! Keep charge and discharge currents under 0.5C (0.2C preferred) Keep battery temperature above 0 Centigrade when discharging if possible – This, and everything below, is nowhere near as important as the first two Do not cycle below 10% – 15% SOC unless you really need to Do not float the battery at 100% SOC if possible Do not charge to 100% SOC if you do not need it
jaycocreek 06/30/22 09:46am Tech Issues
RE: More on LFP Charging

They are strongly against floating! see why. I've read that before and from others but I don't understand why someone like Victron would have float in there charge controllers for lithium with no way to disable it..So is it really bad or lol Lifepo4 parameters seems to be liking asking 10 different doctors what's wrong with me with 10 different
jaycocreek 06/28/22 04:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Fifth Wheel Hitch - tried searcing

I just put down some 2X4's and put the TC down on them..Cleared the FW rails perfectly never slipping..
jaycocreek 06/20/22 12:16pm Truck Campers
RE: Portable air conditioner

We used a 5k window unit in a 30ft trailer in the bedroom which made a huge difference in the whole trailer,maybe a little cold in the bedroom,but a nice place to cool off..I used it in the escape Hatch.... I now use it in my truck camper sliding window and it cools the whole TC nicely and at 330 watts with the compressor running..I have used it with a 1000 watt psw inverter and it works well to cool things off... Now with 400 watts of solar I'm going to run it or try to,all off the battery when it gets warm enough..We will see how that goes.. At 39lbs it's easy to put in and out but a mounting system as mentioned above would be nice..
jaycocreek 06/13/22 05:37am Tech Issues
RE: LED Lights

While all my TC lights are LED,I went with a couple usb lights that light up the whole camper..I put them in the lamp shades that are in the TC..Comes in handy when working on stuff in dark place also...Onite lights....
jaycocreek 06/09/22 07:33pm Truck Campers
RE: LiFePo4 voltage under load

Never mind the type of battery. You will never see "what's normal" because a large part of it is the R from wiring and connections and not just to do with the batteries themselves as such. So first do what you can with your own rig besides the battery choice. There are a few questions that keep coming up about lifepo4 that appears not to have a definite answer..As you pointed out,the first questions to a poster asking about sag are wiring/connections etc..Assuming that all is in spec,then there is still know real answer.. Of course I would expect a difference in 5-10 amp draw vrs 85-100 amps of a microwave..It just seems there would be some kind of formula/chart that's in the ball park maybe.. I found one chart that list no load/load for different voltages but know mention of load rating.. I'm good with my battery type and connections,just trying to learn as much as possible about LFP,not that it really matters to me other than curiosity..As my Lynx battery tech said..In the end it's just a battery..Enjoy it..LOL
jaycocreek 06/01/22 06:58pm Tech Issues
RE: LiFePo4 voltage under load

It would be interesting to see the difference between different loads and the sag that goes with it..I have looked and looked and can't seem to find the average or exceptable sag with loads applied...I do see some tell others that's too much sag or that's in the ball park,but nothing about what's normal and what isn't...
jaycocreek 06/01/22 04:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone Cancelling Truck Camper Trips Due to Fuel Prices?

I'm 80. I don't have time to wait for lower prices. I'm starting Ramblin' 2022 next week for 5 months! :) Give 'em heck Ralph..74 here with the same
jaycocreek 06/01/22 02:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

Captn...Awesome..I find others usage interesting and useful even though my setup is smaller..I am trying different float setting and watching the difference if any..It seems 13.4 float is working well with a 14.2 (Victron set) charge but less absorption than there pre-set.. I am running two compressor fridges 24/7 with one in freezer mode which draws more power and the other at 32 degrees along with everything off the TC on one 100ah LFP..I am only getting about 55-ish amp hours a day the way the weather is off of two 100 watt panels.. Trying to keep it in bulk mode as much as I can and why I asked this question to get the most power when the sun is out and overnight the batteries have enough juice for anything needed.. Thanks..
jaycocreek 05/27/22 11:52am Tech Issues
RE: SiO2 Batteries and High Amp Draws

I am guessing you can swap around as needed if one gets too low, but another still has some spare AH Yes but the house battery runs the tv/DVD lights etc and the other two handle the heavy loads,the PSW runs the microwave/ coffee pot and the MSW runs the toaster oven or anything else for that matter..200 watts on the roof to the house battery and 100 each portable to the other two or 200 to one...Could go 400 watts total to any of them.. If I had it all to do over,I would buy either a 200ah LFP or two identical 100ah batteries to parralel..I do like the idea of having a stand alone for the heavy loads,makes it easier to baby sit while life goes on for the rest..
jaycocreek 05/21/22 07:44pm Tech Issues
RE: SiO2 Batteries and High Amp Draws

Humm..I have a 1500 watt Wagan msw on one 120ah lfp and a 1000 watt Wagan psw on a 100ah lfp with my third 100ah lfp house battery with a 300 watt Giandel psw..Something for each battery with solar for each battery.. Different but it works for the way I use things
jaycocreek 05/21/22 04:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Lance TC - lithium - DC-DC charger question

This stuff has gotten so complicated in the last ten years or so. It has,huh.. I just cut the charge wire from the truck to the camper..everything works except it won't charge off the alternator..I charge off of solar...Besides getting complicated,if you buy all the odds and ends and gadgets,it really adds up for lithium...
jaycocreek 05/19/22 10:59am Truck Campers
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

Wow..No clue really what you meant..LOL Maybe poor wording on my part in that post..I meant it seems sometimes there is some looking down as in "what a stupid question" or"not again" and a lot of new LFP users blaw blaw blaw :B...Everyone started at one time or the other and if your a poster here, one would think helping others if you can or passing on what you went through or possibly "this is the setting I finally came up with" after years of testing.. No biggy but I do see the same posters from here on another DIY forum with quite different attitudes and no hesitation to pass out advice and numbers,but not here for some reason.. Enough of that huh..LOL Not a problem just an observation..I'm good with it all and appreciate every response and bits of advice I get when asking a question..Over 50 years of rving and living off grid in some kind of rv and I still have the bug and love the new technology to play with..Oh and I do like to just listen to others discuss things to see what just might apply to my way of camping..
jaycocreek 05/16/22 10:40am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

A healthy discussion about lifepo4 benefits vs lead acid in all forms is good IMHO...There are some out there that do wonder but don't want to take the leap to lifepo4 because of the cost and the stories about cold weather etc...I was one of them a year ago.. Then the prices dropped and I took the plunge and am glad I did.My last 100ah lifepo4 battery cost less than $300..My top shelf group 24 agm cost $200 and some change.. Some here look down on others asking questions because maybe they respect some of the posters here and there opinions but it seems they forgot when they first started...I've been doing off grid living since my late teens mostly because of work and I have learned alot doing so... But I'm all ears on these discussions to learn more about the new technology vs the cave man approach I started with way back before some current companies even existed with little to no choices for batteries..
jaycocreek 05/16/22 06:48am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

That's because I'm living off my system and don't have the time to be a weekend worrior scientist making graphs, there is recorded data that time after time shows the same thing after 6 years of everyday use and many cycles in whatever SOC using high draw item for long periods. It works what I'm doing. I find these threads amusing when everyone is bringing in different beliefs from different websites or blogs or sales page's. I know one thing for sure, right or wrong, which I believe is good enough for "my" prupose of living off of solar/ lfp batteries with solar being the main charging source. 14.1v absorb 10 minutes tops but 6 minutes is usally when it switches to flaot at 13.6v. I have constant draws of 2ah from inverter (never turned off) and a humidifier 7ah on 24/7, total of 9ah always drawing then add in all the other comforts of life. I don’t scimp on power, some might even say wasteful but it's there to waste without worry. ;) Pretty much..Even though I am not living off grid as I did for years in fifth wheels/motorhomes and travel trailers now,I run my TC 24/7 as if I was using battery power and solar connected to two 12v compressor fridges and occasional microwave use and lot's of TV/DVD use.. The reason for my questions or questions,is after a year using LFP as portable power stations in smart battery boxes,I decided to replace my house AGM with one of the LFP,which I just did a while back..I unhooked shore power and 100% on solar with an extension cord ran in for the little heater I use when it is cold.. I haven't hooked up the shore power to the system yet because of the old converter I have and screwing up my alternator maybe..It will work but not just as well as a proper one for LFP..I plan on disconnecting the charge wire to the lance camper and just use solar and portable chargers to keep them up without worry of my alternator if rumors are correct about the damage LFP can cause... If you don't ask a question you will be guessing,so I ask here knowing there is some real LFP knowledge here as stated above.. Thanks for the answers,much appreciated..
jaycocreek 05/14/22 11:20am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

What are you striving for? Absolute max cell longevity? Max usability/ah capacity? Or, somewhere in-between? If you want absolute max cell longevity float a 12v lifepo4 at ~13.15V (~50% SOC). Downside, minimal usability/ah capacity. If you want max usability/ah capacity, float the battery between 13.6 - 14.4v (~99 SOC). Downside, some reduction in cycle life. More so as you approach 14.4v. Floating at 14.6v is not recommended. Can't have your cake and eat it, too. Pick your poison. Well put...Something in the middle I guess realizing I can change the settings if need be for certain scenarios..So other than the occasional cell balancing,what bulk charge voltage should be set at if your battery settles at 13.3/13.35 after a 14.4 charge.
jaycocreek 05/13/22 09:12am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

Time2 I guess that is what makes it so confusing to this old hillbilly..Charging to 14.4 etc seems is just a surface charge because it quickly drops after taking it off the charger to 13.3/13.4 where it sits at 100% charge..So the purpose of all the settings above that number really don't makes sense to me... All activity and power usage happens below the settled voltage for the most part...So why the higher numbers except to balance... Seems a charge to say 13.5/13.6 would be enough and a float at around 12.8/12.9 would be around the 20% mark?
jaycocreek 05/13/22 08:14am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

If it was so simple.. There are so many opinions and recommendations on LFP settings,it is hard to distinguish which may apply to my use..I have set to the Victron defaults several times but before I just leave it there,I change some numbers based on others recommendations as in lower than 14.2 and less than 2hrs absorption and of course,float which I don't understand because LFP do not float they say .. Seems maybe I just otta leave it on Victron settings period and try that as they are Victron...Maybe I am just over thinking it and worrying about it when it doesn't matter that much.. Thanks for the responses..
jaycocreek 05/13/22 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

I'm still confused about float with LFP batteries..Is it better to be in float or bulk the majority of the time? Off-Grid Garage say's one should set float and bulk the same therefor it is in bulk mode charging when the sun is out vs floating or using battery capacity.. I have been experimenting in different modes to see which is the best way but yesterday was the first day I used more power than I made because it was in float 67% of the time... height=440 width=240 Confused in Idaho..:B
jaycocreek 05/13/22 05:46am Tech Issues
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