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RE: Lifepo4 float setting?

Shouldn't the battery maker have that info? For this particular battery,there impossible to communicate with and the reason why I did not buy another one of there batteries when I needed another..The battery I did get instead of there brand says float 13.8 which is higher than recommended everywhere I look.. I don't think some of these cheap batteries have very good customer service,some do,some don't.
jaycocreek 05/04/22 09:00am Tech Issues
Lifepo4 float setting?

I have not had to deal with a float setting so far with PWM controllers but I have a Victron 75/15 coming tomorrow and reading up on the settings,it is confusing especially the float setting..Some say float will shorten the life of a LFP battery and others say hogwash.. Float at what setting for a 100ah LFP battery that settles at 3.3+..? Any input welcome...
jaycocreek 05/04/22 08:38am Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Test run with LFP in a heated compartment..I decided to go 100% LFP in my TC with a test run with one under the sink where it is heated..Fits fine,infact,if I took out the plastic battery box it would easily hold two lithium batteries in a heated space..I may do that but for now a temporary trial with a thermometer is in order..Such an easy fix for low temps and LFP..LOL I disconnected the shore power and ran a cord to a power strip not to be charging off my ancient house converter... Charging off of solar only for now. height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 05/01/22 10:57am Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

The link only showed a picture without a description of the item on my have known but didn't..thanks.. Still trying to do something with the inside wiring to two different batteries in my TC.. Lol
jaycocreek 04/29/22 02:08pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

got this installed. took a whopping 35 min from start to finish. Steve Umm,what is it? LOL
jaycocreek 04/27/22 01:20pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Finally added solar and a controller to my house battery,my last remaining fresh AGM.A group 24 90ah battery with its own solar controller now.. height=640 width=440 Only had enough cable to mount it here rather than where the rest of my solar stuff is mounted...Still have to tidy up the wiring before I'm height=640 width=440 The last of the flooded batteries in my arsenal.....
jaycocreek 04/27/22 12:32pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Ralph...I have two of the old trucker Wilson 50 dbm boosters..I was going to parralel them but gave up..One does quite well,,,The antenna used is very important..I have Yagi for when parked for long times and a small magnetic for other times.. Nice setup
jaycocreek 04/25/22 03:44pm Truck Campers
RE: 12 volt Refrigerator

For the 4.5cf model it draws up to 72 watts when the compressor runs,very manageable with enough solar... This unit draws 5-6amps when the compressor runs. A 100amp battery will run it, but the charge back from a 100w panel might not be sufficient to maintain the battery. It will depend on how often the compressor needs to run and how much charge back is achieved during the day. Thanks, Way Interglobal see less By Way Interglobal SELLER on February 18, 2022
jaycocreek 04/23/22 10:29am Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

942..Nice I put a thermometer in my Engel compressor fridge/freezer and against my Lifepo4 batteries so I can read them at a glance and not wonder what either temp is height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 04/22/22 04:17pm Truck Campers
RE: 80 amp charge controller

Epever seems to have a few issues periodically and is considered low end value product. I have not used this controller so just going on what I read. I've read the same thing but then again,I have read what trash Renogy is but I haven't had any issues with the two I have,other than smallish connection ports..I'm looking to get an MPPT 20 amp controller here very soon soon..Epever was on my short list but I may just go Victron and be done with it ..
jaycocreek 04/22/22 04:02pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt Refrigerator

I couldn't find the other reply I used,but a quick search showed this question with a much more realistic answer.. Q & A Icon How Many Amps and Watts Does The Everchill RV Refrigerator Use Question: Does this use 11A to run the unit or 3A? Does this unit not have an on/offinch switch. Another answer says it must be added separately? asked by: Joe Expert Reply: I believe you are referring to the Everchill RV Refrigerator w/ Freezer part # 324-000119 which runs off of 12V at 2.5 amps. Since watts is amps multiplied by volts, the wattage is 30 watts. This could be easily powered with a 2,000-Watt Portable RV Inverter Generator part # 333-0001. The Everchill Refrigerator does not have an on/off switch but can be easily wired to a toggle switch like part # PK34571.
jaycocreek 04/22/22 01:21pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt Refrigerator

I found the 32 amp/132 watt draw off of etrailer Q&A...Yes that's a lot,my portable compressor Engel draws 29-33 watts refrigeratorating and the Iceco 3in1 compressor refer more like 38-42 watts..
jaycocreek 04/22/22 12:04pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt Refrigerator

Go to page 22 on the link for where the 12 volt compressor RV refers are heading and are NOW available. Doug The power consumption of the 10.7cf model is 11 amps or 132 watts..That's pretty steep and would require a large solar setup..My 5K window AC draws 330 watts as an example..
jaycocreek 04/22/22 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt Refrigerator

I have two portable ac/dc fridge/freezers,and Engel(most efficient) and an Iceco..They easily run for a week on a 100ah LP battery in refer mode..One 100 watt panel keeps one,charged..Right now I am experimenting with one in freezer moder(0 degrees) and one in refer mode(32 degree's) with one 100 watt panel..On a sunny day it barely keeps up replacing used AH,on cloudy days usually two 100 watt panels are needed and sometimes it takes three 100 watt panels to do so..But it does and two of my 100 watt panels are portable.. I am at 20% this morning on my primary battery with a cloudy day forecasted..Rather than mess with portable panels I will just hook up my 10 amp Norco charger to get it back abone 50%.. So yes you can run a DC refer off of solar if you choose one that is easy on the power,not a power monger..The 10cf I saw use about 84 ah a day,that is way to much for me and my setup needing maybe 400 watts of solar at a minimum..
jaycocreek 04/22/22 06:25am Tech Issues
RE: My AGM to Lithium conversion

camping in BC is not like camping in California, becasue of the trees you might only get two hours of good sunlight a day and need to take advantage of that. Pretty much ther same here in Idaho although I am not sure I want to ad anymore solar,to the roof or portable..One more panel to the roof next month which will make 200 watts fixed on top and I have 200 watts portable..I believe that is where I will stop with solar.. As unpopular as generators are here,they have there place for me whom never camps next to anyone..I have three quiet gen sets that I use with AC the few times I use the window AC, which allows me to top off the batteries when in use.. One of my favorite wood getting spots right up against the Wilderness sign..LOL..Very little roof solar here with portable getting more use and effectiveness.. height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 04/18/22 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

I don't really mind the smaller tv screen camping but the tinny sound drives me nuts..Like the built in radio with built in speakers versus the hand held battery operated radio sound....The larger 24" tv sounds a lot better.. I bought this little soundbar to help with the sound , i connect mine to my firestick through bluetooth and the sound is great for the cost and the size it does need 110v power but thats not a problem for me , it only pulls like 1 amp Thank you...I didn't know you could do that and I have a firestick in the TC.. Thanks
jaycocreek 04/16/22 07:40pm Truck Campers
RE: My AGM to Lithium conversion

Another factor in cycle life is charge and discharge c rate. Go high, cycle life goes down. Go low, cycle life goes up. Exposing the battery/cells to excessively cold or hot temperatures while operating at higher c rates will also reduce cycle life. Ideal temp is 75-77f. Using a lifepo4 battery/cell, in any way, reduces its cycle life. Pick your poison--lol! Pretty much...It will take a 100amp charge but we recommend to sell a battery.. 3 tons..Sorry for sounding snarky...I'm one of those guys that can't walk and chew gum at the same time..Being pushed on this end to go out out and bring in wood and posting here..Not well thought it
jaycocreek 04/16/22 05:12pm Tech Issues
RE: My AGM to Lithium conversion

Is this merely a hypothetical exercise (pondering the outer batt limits?), or are you in someway concerned about exceeding it’s limits and activating the LVD??…Maybe I’m confused, but IF it’s the latter (though, as with FLA’s I don’t know why one might purposefully do so??), since you already have a competent shunt-based Victron, why not just do an actual load test? This would also inform you as to your actual a/hr capacity upon disconnect, and (assuming you have an inverter…) of potential low voltage alarms…Just saying… 3 tons When I first posted on this thread it was all 80/20 or 90/10 talk compared too...I simply mentioned why not use 100% as most manufacturer batteries have a cycle count for..Some people may choose to use it all or very close to it without harm...If a user needs 102ah,it's there for use without worry whether he trips the LVD or not..If I didn't put it on paper right, Not really into nit picking word games...
jaycocreek 04/16/22 01:55pm Tech Issues
RE: My AGM to Lithium conversion

0% state of charge or LVD..I have not taken a 100ah LFP to shutdown,I have taken a power station with LFP cylindrical cell to shut down to calibrate the screen..I have only read that taking a normal 100ah or whatever LFP battery down to BMS shut down,requires some TLC to get it back running like a charger that does that or jumping it off another 12V battery,even a car battery..I have been in the 10+ volt range and shut it down myself,checking on battery capacity.. I have no idea what the manufacturers call 0-100% and the 2-3000 cycles doing so..My last battery came with a voltage chart for it(yes we all luv the charts..LOL) but it shows 10.8 as 1%(9.5V 0%) and the recommended shut off..Do they mean let the BMS shut it down for the 0-100% or really close too?..Seems letting the BMS shut it down could be a pain.. height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 04/16/22 12:25pm Tech Issues
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Added a toaster oven for the first time ever in a TC..Never bothered taking one because they require a generator to use but for quick stops traveling or fishing,this only uses 563 watts which will easily run off a power station or inverter...Makes the wife happy..LOL height=640 width=440
jaycocreek 04/16/22 10:58am Truck Campers
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