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Hartland TIres

Well just looking for info on Hartland Tires from Discount Tire. G Rated. Anyone else have them, experience with them. I haven't found anything negative with them.
jffnkrn 03/24/22 08:41am Towing
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

sand paper
jffnkrn 03/11/22 07:46am Around the Campfire
RE: Keep a Word Change a Word, Part II.

Ball Room
jffnkrn 03/08/22 06:01am Around the Campfire
RE: good sam rally

we miss the rallies also, enjoyed them when we could go and only got to go to one since retirement. Now going to an FMCA rally, in just over a week actually. Right here in Arizona. check it out!!!
jffnkrn 03/05/22 06:16am Good Sam Club
RE: towing with gm 6.6 gas

Gas HD towing any kind of heavy-ish high profile trailer is going to be single digits unless you only tow downhill with a tailwind. IdaD, I don't want to sound sarcastic, but i get single digits towing downhill with a tailwind anyway!!! and most of the time I get headwind even downhill. so UGH on that, Thanks though
jffnkrn 02/15/22 06:31am Towing
RE: towing with gm 6.6 gas

I have a 2022 6.6 gas, 3500 CC, SRW. As stated above, it only comes with the 3.73 gears, no 4.10. I was a little worried about this, but I am please with performance. I do not tow a heavy trailer. To date, I have towed a 7.5k travel trailer and it towed beautifully. The "tow" mode keeps the transmission from hunting and it is very quiet. Gas mileage is 14 mpg, compared to 10.5 for the 6.0 The new truck is significantly quieter than my 2019 3500 with the 6.0. If you have specific questions, send me a PM Bill yeah but what is the mileage difference when towing.
jffnkrn 01/30/22 07:25am Towing
towing with gm 6.6 gas

Well, just info please. just real experience please. Anyone towing with GM 6.6 gas, 3:73 or 3:42? How do you like it? performance with and without trailer? maybe change for me, I have 14k fifth wheel, I'm not going diesel. thanks
jffnkrn 01/22/22 07:43am Towing
RE: Residential Refrigerator question

friend of ours had that happen, i gave him a couple of the little bungees with the ball and looped and hooked them, good to go and then keep them in the drawer.
jffnkrn 11/19/21 05:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

good point and i will add, if your vehicle is wired correctly, you should be able to plug the trailer in, after starting your vehicle, just in case, and it will charge the batteries. the vehicle normally is designed to charge while driving, so put your jacks down and put your slides out while plugged in if you can, of course unhooked. In the meantime, you can also plug the truck into the trailer and give the batteries a little extra umph that may take care of you with the solar panel and get you through the couple days. the fridge mostly is on propane, shouldn't need that much juice. you will know if your truck is charging by turning on some lights, then plug the truck in and the lights get a little brighter. good luck, have fun ! ! !
jffnkrn 11/09/21 07:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Adding extra batteries - where do I put them?

we have two group 31 Duracell agm that do us just fine with an eu 3000 is Honda generator. use the generator in the morning a bit and afternoon a bit with a 200 watt solar panel for keeping things up. In the normal days without running generator, we get a couple days without an issue with just batteries, add plenty more with generator. but this is us, we don't have residential fridge and all the stuff that burns up power. And we are conservative. My thought if in your shoes is to pick up a small 2000 watt generator that will keep things charged, add one later if you want to parallel them for a/c.
jffnkrn 11/09/21 05:02am Fifth-Wheels

not to change your mind, but, I see you don't have the Grand Design 337 rls listed. It has a bit more storage space than the 303 and w/d option. We upgraded form the 303 to the 337 and haven't been disappointed at all. The other thing is that with both of my Grand Design fifth wheels, the manufacture has been great with us and even sent a couple small items after warranty had expired. Just my take, I am not endorsing any company. Good Luck.
jffnkrn 10/29/21 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A tale of two trailers, or prices are thru the roof.

Timmo!, yeah we have 1550 square foot, small and perfect for the two of us. large yard with all the amenities for our RV, parking on both sides of the house, one side for rv including water, sewer and electric, the other side small shop and of course couldn't have it any nicer. we bought at the bottom of the recent downturn, put about $60 into it and rebuilt it to what we wanted and now enjoy it while we are here and also enjoy our traveling home too!. But yet I agree, I could get well over $300 for it, but would only have to pay about $450 to get what we have.
jffnkrn 10/29/21 08:00am Travel Trailers
RE: Good Sam ERS Hung Us Out to Dry

well, guess I better put in my quarters worth too. I am not by an means endorsing any company, they all have issues. We have had GS Roadside since around 2010. I have used them on a few occasions, a couple here locally for lockout, about 20 minute wait, once in california for a break wired that was broken, about 1 hour wait, and the two other major issues were a break down and an accident. Both big times they were unable to get us help, I initiated the calls, first and second. the second call was made back to them after I didn't hear back, I told the operator that I would see what I could find locally to take care of my issue. Got there name, took notes etc. once I got r done, I called them back and told them I was sending them the bill. each time I was reimbursed for what was spent. Except the last one, they only paid a fourth plus rental, meals and fuel. that one was over $6000.00 and I got back $1550. I guess my point is that you need to document your issue, names, times, numbers etc. and at least get back your money. for the $80 a year that I pay, I have recouped all of that and more. I do agree that the operators need to be better equipped to handle calls, get help etc. So Marcus, if you're listening, probably not, you need to fix this, and you can, just do it.
jffnkrn 10/28/21 07:57am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: A tale of two trailers, or prices are thru the roof.

What do you mean when will an rv cost the same as a home? We paid 70K for our home at the bottom in 2012, we bought our full size fifth wheel, fall of 2019, $55K. there are a multitude of rv's out there well over 100K. :)
jffnkrn 10/27/21 05:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone have to send fiver back to mfg for major repair?

Back a few years ago, Sept of 2016, we had issues with some slide out seals / gaskets. Grand Design, scheduled the unit back to the factory for repairs. They paid for our gas to and from, paid for our lodging for four days and replaced all the slide out gaskets and went through and made sure everything was in spec. We didn't have any other issues with it while we had it until late 2019.
jffnkrn 09/18/21 08:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5er accidents

well, I am going to chime in after reading through the majority. We are Arizona residents, drive I-17 quite a bit, to and from we see a bunch, a lot, and may I say too many people driving way to fast especially coming down the hills. We have seen a few over the years, mostly near the bottom as they "almost" made it. must have been going to fast and were tangled up with themselves on the side of the road or all over the road. Now I might add, we were recently in an accident in South Lake Tahoe, while we were in the fast lane, about 30mph, the lady that hit us came from the side merge lane, crossed it crossed the slow lane, T boned at an angle the front right of our truck, then I zigged into the center lane, then zagged across all lanes, with the final zig onto the curb / gutter / sidewalk. All was done in a few seconds and scarred the you know what out of us. Everyone was fine, just a lot of damage. Thankfully no-one was hurt, but a lot of inconvenience, cost, time loss etc. That happened on July 1, 2021 and we may have truck back next week, trailer will be probably another month. so for what it is worth, not all accident are the cause of the Fiver Drivers like us, but we have to be ready, prepared, and always cautious of what is happening behind, up ahead and along side of us. And we do the speed limit or less. Let the others go on and get there or not. Have a great day! ! ! Be Safe ! ! !
jffnkrn 09/18/21 08:22am Fifth-Wheels
Accident and Warranties

Well, here goes, As some have read my previous post about an accident back on July 1. so far, looks like we will be getting truck back, repaired of course, maybe yet this week. Trailer is still in the decision making stages. Inspection and inspections and inspections. so now it looks like and I am somewhat planning on getting it back, repaired of course. So now the big question, Has anyone requested some type of warranty for a repaired unit? I am thinking of getting a good warranty and hopefully get the "at fault" insurance/party foot the bill. At least for 2 years, hopefully 3. any thoughts, ideas etc. are greatly appreciated, or if you have had experience with one or some, let me know. Thanks again in advance. Jeff
jffnkrn 09/16/21 12:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: who's towing with gas and 342 vs 373

All good info here and I appreciate all. to add to the info. I do have a fifth wheel with the typical height, mine is right at 13 ft also have pulled it cross country twice, once with a 2010 6.0 3:73, and a different fifth wheel with the same truck. both times I struggled a bit while climbing, but of course that wasn't constant. Wolf Creek pass, and a few others slowed me down, but overall, I had no issues. Now with the 6.0 and 4:10 that I have, we have done the west coast and multiple northern Arizona trips without issues except a little slow down while climbing. either way, a few slowdowns aren't a big deal. In addition, my local dealer has sold a few trucks that those folks went from diesel to gas with their order. AND OH, Peoria Arizona for our home. as far as the truck, most likely will step up to the 3500, I guess I am GM preferenced, new word of the day. Thanks have a great day.
jffnkrn 09/14/21 06:50am Towing
RE: who's towing with gas and 342 vs 373

yeah 6 speed tranny with manual for hill climbing and descending. In the other trucks, I would run in 5th to keep it from trying to go into overdrive/6
jffnkrn 09/11/21 10:07am Towing
who's towing with gas and 342 vs 373

Just putting the feelers out; who's towing 14k with GM gas, 6.6 and with 373 or 342. How do you like it, How don't you like it. ???
jffnkrn 09/11/21 08:23am Towing
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