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RE: 2021 Ram TRX

Must be a blast to drive, but at 1300# payload, not much of a tow vehicle.
jfkmk 10/13/20 04:14pm Tow Vehicles

My 2018 has the 3.55 gears and the 3.5 Max tow. It tows a 6000# like it’s not there, and I still get 22 mpg highway not towing. The Max tow has the 36 gal. fuel tank which is worth it in itself.
jfkmk 09/17/20 07:23pm Travel Trailers

I get a few calls every week about buying an extended warranty. I can give you several options. They sound sincere. :B One such plan advertises on TV as much as those hawking Medicare Advantage plans. Has to be really good coverage if they can afford that much for TV adds, not! Car Shield? They went bankrupt once I'm aware of , been investigated by the FTC at least once, but like zombies, they keep coming back. Wait! Are you saying Ice-T would lead me astray?
jfkmk 09/01/20 07:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping World takes too long to ship

Prime has been horrible. It’s one thing to be told when you order an item that it will take s week to get. But I’ve Ordered items that claim to be 2 day delivery, told again when ordered it will take two days then it takes a week to get the item. I recently ordered something from Walmart, was told it would take a week then received it in 3 days.
jfkmk 06/25/20 07:23pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Camping in Ruidoso, NM

Rent a "Group Site" at a National Forest campground. Usually around $75-100 per night for 10-15 rigs. Probably no hook-ups but you'll have the area to yourselves. What a horribly selfish idea.
jfkmk 05/05/20 05:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Android vs Apple

When my iPhone was on its last legs my son convinced me to go with an android phone. While it is ok, I found the operating system to be a bit quirky in that it sometimes just didn’t do what it was supposed to do. It is hard to describe, but it just doesn’t work as expected all the time. Not so with iOS. I never had a problem with the iphone other than it was very old, and have never had a problem with my iPad. It always works exactly as expected. The downside is you can’t add memory, and apps are sometimes more limited. When my quirky android gives up the ghost, I’m definitely going back to an iPhone.
jfkmk 05/03/20 07:40am Technology Corner
RE: Chinese Versus TAIWAN Hand Tools

Dunno about Craftsman tools recently, as I still have 90% of the Craftsman hand tools I bought back in the 70's. Used them every day at work. Heck... When we were in our teens, the First Credit Card for everyone was Sears as they would give one to anybody... Get that card, buy tools and build credit... Yup, my hand tools are Craftsman circa 70's -early 80's . . with a few exceptions.... Like the few snap On's I have from when I worked at the gas station, and drove for AAA... Back when Craftsman was GOOD....... Sears was my first credit card as well, got it in 1978. I did the same as you, bought a few tools paid it off and built credit. I still have most of my Craftsmen tools from the era and they still work great. Anything Craftsmen tools bought after the mid 90s turned out to be junk, and they got worse and worse. I wouldn’t touch a Craftsmen tool now.
jfkmk 05/02/20 05:29am Tech Issues
RE: Floor paint

You don’t need the epoxy paint, just get porch paint. It adheres to wood very well, and is durable. I like the idea of the vinyl plank too. Just beware that some can be very heavy. I installed it in the basement of my house and it weighs about 55# per 24 ft2. Not all is that heave, but some certainly is! Also, the installation instructions state it isn’t for installation where it gets below freezing.
jfkmk 05/01/20 06:07pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Chinese Versus TAIWAN Hand Tools

Pittsburgh tools are made in both countries. They seem to much better than the average junk made in China. They match up pretty well with Craftsman tools. And some craftsmen tools are now made in China. Most often you get what you pay for. Aren’t most Craftsmen tools made in China? I’m not sure there’s been a quality Craftsmen tool made for years now.
jfkmk 05/01/20 03:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Cd's into zip drive so I can play them in new car

Ah, what memories. When I was an IT Purchasing Manager in the 90's I bought literally hundreds of them, and thousand of the disks. Yeah, I remember the Zip drives too. They were hot stuff in their day! Heck,I remember the 8” floppy.
jfkmk 04/30/20 03:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Cd's into zip drive so I can play them in new car

I am not sure how a car stereo would read a zip drive. The point of a zip drive - when they still made them - was to compress files on to a ZIP disc so you can store more data than diskettes. I thought a zip file utility was something completely different. No? You’re right. Two different animals.
jfkmk 04/30/20 03:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Fuel Usage Difference 2019 versus 2020

The Corona crud is turning us all into dogs. We wander around the house all day searching for something to eat. We get yelled at if we get too close to strangers. And we get all excited at the prospect of going for a ride in the car. How true!:B
jfkmk 04/27/20 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

Maybe the HOA board is a thankless because they act like a bunch of nazis telling people how long they can have their door open.I guess the honeymoon is over. You loved moving in on that tree lined street clear of cars, perfect yards, garages closed, community pool and all the rest. Then you pull in your RV and there are ten complaints. What should they do? I live in a very nice and desireable neighborhood, but it isnt sterile. I couldnt care less if someones garage is open or if they park their car on the street. Perfect yard? Who cares! Kids playing on the street....super! Hey, if you want to live in a Stepford community, thats your business, but its not, in my mind, a desirable place to live, nor do i want to live where someone is breathing down my neck telling me to close my garage door or tell me i cant plant a particular flower because it doesnt meet their expectations. Thats crazy.
jfkmk 04/22/20 08:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Long arm of the law..update

I do not want him in prison. I want him in the park with a scrub brush and a bucket cleaning up all the graffiti no matter if he did it or not. That would be justice. Make him UNDO it. THEN ban him from the country.
jfkmk 04/22/20 08:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Long arm of the law..update

Just like Andersen, he is “sorry” because he was caught. Let’s face it, no adult would ever think something like this is NOT wrong, and it was done with complete disregard for everyone else enjoying an unmolested park experience. I agree with time2roll, ban him from the U.S.
jfkmk 04/21/20 04:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Tires & Shocks

Vincent, one other thing. The 2967# seems very specific. Is this the dry weight? You will want to base any decisions on the gross weight of the trailer, or at least the max weight you will have if not gross.
jfkmk 04/20/20 10:54am Towing
RE: Tires & Shocks

It looks like the 2012 Ridgeline has a strut rear suspension, so it isn’t a matter of simply changing shocks. A lighter WDH would probably help a lot.
jfkmk 04/20/20 07:45am Towing
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

Check the article about the guy in Naples FL that painted his $500K house recently. Sorry, not sure how to post a link. Google it. Yeah, I had heard about this guy. If you’re going to use this as an argument for an HOA, it is a very poor argument. This guy is clearly deranged or on some kind of drugs. What is an HOA going to do, fine him? Deranged people can and do live in HOAs (from what I’ve read, a lot of them are on the HOA boards - haha just kidding), and I doubt someone who would do this would not care about your rules or fines.
jfkmk 04/19/20 05:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mission Load Max Radial crowned like a bias ply.

it was laying flat with offer tires on top. OP never said that.
jfkmk 04/18/20 08:05pm Towing
RE: HOA says NO to temp RV for Dr.

However, in a development as such, I would almost always view the HOA as a definite plus. When it comes time for me to sell, I don't want the 6 cars in my neighbors front yard, the 12" tall grass, the refrigerator on the front porch, or his dilapidated storage shed to have a bearing on the value of my home. Unfortunately an HOA doesn’t guarantee any of this. I live in a development with no HOA. There is absolutely nothing like what you described around here. My brother lived in an area very similar to mine, but with an HOA. He had to get permission to plant rose bushes and paint his front door. When he had to replace his roof, it had to be one of two shingles. Yet his neighbor had the fridge on her back deck and was accumulating garbage on the deck. He complained, but the HOA said they couldn’t do anything about it. I am one of the HOA haters. It's nice that your neighborhood has no issues, and obviously doesn't need an HOA. But, speaking as a Realtor, yours is the exception rather than the rule. If I bought the house across the street from you, painted it pink, re-roofed it with bright green shingles, and parked all 6 of my cars on the front lawn, there's nothing anyone can do about it, as long as I'm not violating county ordinances. I agree that HOA's don't "guarantee" anything, but properly run organizations not afraid to show their teeth when necessary come as close to guaranteeing this as is humanly possible. Again, to each his own. I just know what my past experience as a Realtor has made evident to me. Have a great day! Your description of why an HOA is needed made me chuckle, as it is almost identical to that a friend of mine made when he moved here from Baton Rouge and actually sought out an HOA. Seriously, maybe it is the part of the country that makes a difference. I’ve lived in 4 different neighborhoods in 4 parts of the state before my current neighborhood. I’ve never had an HOA and never had the circumstances you describe. You're absolutely right. Never confuse New Jersey with the gulf coast of Florida and Alabama. This is where everyone from New Jersey, New York, Michigan, and Indiana come when they get sick of living up north. :) I guess we need more HOA's here because we are indeed a big melting pot, and everyone who relocates here brings their own ideas along with them, and, naturally, they don't all coincide. So you're right, it does definitely depend on the part of the country. So everyone is welcome to your melting pot so long as their house looks like yours?? Also, just who do you think is going to paint their house pink and park 6 cars in the yard? It doesn’t happen here, and I doubt when folks move south they get a hankering for weird paint schemes and junk cars.
jfkmk 04/18/20 08:02pm General RVing Issues
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