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RE: Who can be the last poster?

Have you seen any deer fawns lately?
jimh425 06/01/20 06:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: How many amp-hours?

You can buy a dc powered coffee maker, but you can also boil water and use a French press or cup size drip maker too. I use the cup size drip maker with gold permanent filter.
jimh425 06/01/20 10:20am Truck Campers
RE: Nascar Follies

All Brad Keslowski needed was an article to say he didn’t have a contract to win two races in a week. :D Probably won’t be at Penske next year.
jimh425 05/31/20 10:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Who can be the last poster?

Rained this AM, Sun this PM.
jimh425 05/31/20 10:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Proper generator for Lance 851?

Gasoline doesn’t gel or decompose if you add an additive or use it. For added protection, buy non ethanol premium.
jimh425 05/31/20 06:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

From that point, I have not worked out a route up to Glacier National Park but I suspect there will be at least one if not two stops along the way. Any good suggestions? The issue we are going to have are finding camp sites in the National Parks that have sites available. It does appear that there is a large selection of first come first serve availability in Yellowstone so that helps but looks like you need to get there early as they fill up fast. What happens if you just cannot get a campsite at one of the campgrounds? There are private parks closer to Missoula/Kalispbell as well as national forest nearby. Keep in mind that the area around Glacier and the area around Yellowstone and Tetons are Grizzly bear areas, so you have to be careful. Private parks aren’t cheap around both of those. I would book reservations as soon as you can because they aren’t huge and they fill up pretty fast. There are also parks along I-90 from Yellowstone to Glacier that you could stay. Some have dry camping which would make it cheaper. You’d need to leave Yellowstone to camp if you don’t have reservations. That being said, there are usually 1 day camping spots at the areas that you can reserve. Some of those have shower facilities as well. Sure, you may have to go to a different place each night, but possible. If I was you, I’d book a spot once they are taking reservations or stay outside the park. If you plan the route, it wouldn’t be horrible to camp outside the park. Stay near Jackson one day, West Yellowstone one day and stay near Gardiner a different one, for instance. If you need hookups every day, you might have to stay outside the park considering there is only one campground in Yellowstone that has hookups.
jimh425 05/31/20 08:35am Truck Campers
RE: Proper generator for Lance 851?

I have no interest in solar. I mostly think the same thing, but it could be useful if the generator fails.
jimh425 05/31/20 07:39am Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Looks like they will spend 2 nights in Nevada. Sunscreen and desert winds don't work well neither. Maybe so, but if the wind is blowing hard, the sun isn’t as big of an issue.
jimh425 05/30/20 02:36pm Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

Trees in Nevada? You have never been here Jim? I didn’t catch that they were only going to Nevada. Also, if there aren’t trees, that’s what the sunscreen fabric is for. ;)
jimh425 05/30/20 11:59am Truck Campers
RE: I built shelves in a wardrobe for more storage.

Looks good. I added shelves to the back of the closet that were moveable. They tend to fall down. This gives me an idea to make them permanently mounted which will keep them from moving. My other shelves that fill the entire space have been great.
jimh425 05/30/20 11:17am Truck Campers
RE: Family National Parks Road Trip

If you aren’t already considering these things, see if you can plan your camping in higher elevation that has trees for shade. It makes a big difference on the bright sunny still days. Also, consider some sun shade cloth.
jimh425 05/30/20 10:10am Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

Samsung has a concrete update timeline for its flagship devices. The phones receive two major updates, and an extra year of just security updates, making for three years of support in total. Google Pixel has longest support, 3 years for OS AND Security patch. Hard to believe you are quoting fake users to try to prove a point.
jimh425 05/30/20 06:23am Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

As noted, it isn’t just about system strength. Channels are very important. For sure, there is the hardware and software parts of the equation. As someone who retired from that industry, I know a “little” about it. :D Any way, I bought a Google device “one” time. The issue is the updates are really buggy and they bail on updates really soon with Samsung devices supported longer.. On the other hand, Samsung updates are a lot more tested. Pick your poison. For me, I’d prefer to keep a Samsung device for years instead of aging out a Google device. Sure, I was able to install a different OS on it, but I felt it ridiculous considering Google charged a premium price for a non-premium device. Most of the security issues with Android devices are either Chrome related or app related. You’ll pick up those updates “assuming yoru device is supported by the app” with whatever android device you have. The popularity of Samsung flagships means your devices will be supported longer. There’s a reason why Samsung dominates the Android market and Google is a minor player, and it isn’t just marketing. Over time, people realize that when you want the very best, you buy Samsung. Similar to Apple, you can be assured that the flagship phones are very, very good.
jimh425 05/29/20 10:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

Jail breaking has nothing to do with radio reception. It seems you neglected to mention coverage in remote areas which is really the issue. Everyone has good enough reception in major metropolitan areas. I’ll stick with my comment which is really important. You need to support as many channels as possible. It doesn’t do you a bit of good to have good reception on channel x if x channel isn’t available. On the other hand, if the antenna supports y, and you have a radio that supports y, you are good to go. Bottom line, newer better radios support more channels and when new antennas/towers are added you have more likelihood to have reception. To make it easy, here’s a link of a search. Fwiw, I don’t hate iphones. My wife likes them. I’m using an iPad Pro at the moment. There was a time when her iphone was better, but now she has an iPhone 11 Plus and it has no signal where my Note 10 does over the pass along I90 for instance.. Take it for what it’s worth. But from what I’ve seen as well, there’s defintely a diffference in the phone you have. Of course, if you are locked into Apple Ecosystem feel free to buy one.
jimh425 05/29/20 10:01pm Truck Campers
RE: Who can be the last poster?

We were supposed to have a clear day, but it was cloudy until about noon. I was surprised that a weather forecast was wrong. :)
jimh425 05/29/20 09:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Working on the road.

There's not much difference in the new phones and reception... You are wrong. Just go look at a real tech site instead of going on how things used to be. ;) The number of channels is remarkably different depending on the cell phone. That impacts whether you can receive signals from all antennas or only some. It’s not just about “distance” because the channels supports is remarkably different depending on the phone. If you find different documented difference than what I’m pointing out, please do post the links. I’m in an area that has limited towers. Other than carrying both Verizon and AT&T, carrying a newer phone is a dramatic improvement.
jimh425 05/29/20 09:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Working on the road.

Use a signal applifier like a Wilson and make sure you have a very new cellphone with highly rated cell phone radios and can use it as a hotspot. Samsung Note 10s or S10s are some of the best. I’m sure the S20s and Note 20s will also be good. I’m with Geo*Boy though. If you have a 1172 on a Toyota T100, you have other issues to fix first. ;)
jimh425 05/29/20 07:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Proper generator for Lance 851?

As a follow-on question, if I get a portable generator that will run on propane, how awkward/difficult would it be to connect it to the camper propane supply without pulling a tank out? You can add an external propane connector. I’m not sure you want to do that though. There are some generators that will run on propane as well, but if you plan to run an AC, you’ll want an extended run time. Since the water heater/stove/refrigerator/furnace all run on propane usually, you will need big propane tanks to make sure you don’t run out.
jimh425 05/29/20 09:36am Truck Campers
RE: Proper generator for Lance 851?

I already have a generator and regular batteries that work. So that is the way to go. Besides, I don’t think your solar will probably run a microwave/convection for very long. Seriously though, I’ve thought about adding a small solar panel to keep the TC topped off. There’s always someone wanting to buy a H2K, but of course, we can’t sell/buy anything here. ;)
jimh425 05/29/20 08:54am Truck Campers
RE: Proper generator for Lance 851?

I’d strongly consider a Honda 2200 portable instead. There are some advantages of a builtin. I have one, but there are also disadvantages.
jimh425 05/28/20 07:00am Truck Campers
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