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RE: What about a Keystone Bullet Colt 17Ft Travel Trailers?

Here's another trailer mfg I'm not familiar with: Pacific Coachworks and their Mighty Lite trailer. If anyone has experience with this brand, please post your thoughts, good, bad, whatever.I'm heading to Napa tomorrow to see in person.
jimx200 02/26/20 10:23am Travel Trailers
RE: What about a Keystone Bullet Colt 17Ft Travel Trailers?

I would also take a close look at the Venture travel trailer models in the length you are wanting. They have a lot of good features including a large shower in the rear bath and the use of the murphy bed up front which gives you the advantage of a full bed and the sofa at the front of the trailer. They also have a continuous one piece roof that runs from the bottom front to the bottom rear of the trailer. It should be less prone to leaking at the seams than normal TT roofs. If I were in the market for a small TT, they would definitely be on my short list. Barney Thank you Barney. This is a fine looking trailer and I like the way they utilize the space with that murphy bed and the seamless roof. I'm checking to see if they have a dealer in California or Nevada.
jimx200 02/22/20 11:10pm Travel Trailers
RE: What about a Keystone Bullet Colt 17Ft Travel Trailers?

After some closer inspection of the Keystone (and crawling under it), I'm passing as the quality of the materials used are a bit suspect. Same with the rPod and I now realize that with the tires to the outside of the trailer, they lose about a foot of width inside. Looking today at Lance and Winnebago Micro Mini. The Mico Mini takes me to double axel and I'm moving more towards this setup.Looking at the 1706FB: If anyone see's any red flags on this rig, do tell. Thanks again.
jimx200 02/22/20 09:27am Travel Trailers
What about a Keystone Bullet Colt 17Ft Travel Trailers?

I have looked at a few smaller 15-17', single axle trailers and ran across a 2018 Keystone Colt trailer. I realize Keystone is not top of the line, but it's build quality looked ok. The others I saw in person were the rPod (nice design/suspect quality) and the Winnebago Cube.I favor the Winnebago for its build quality. Comments on the Keystone trailer most welcome. Thanks
jimx200 02/15/20 11:33am Travel Trailers
RE: Bushfires and Caravans

CBD is not going to help alleviate your symptoms; that's pretty obvious and apparently time out ain't working either. You're under the false impression your wordsmithing is not obvious. Thank you for your psychoanalysis. Where should I send the check?:R But as I tell my doctor, "please heal yourself first." And like you, I recommend easier diagnosis by looking yourself at the mirror. So where are we again at the topic? Climate change where the pretender-boss have Fox and the unschooled Hannity as the expert. Wow, such a ignorant and mindless ramble. Sorry your Dem contenders have nothing to offer voters except the phoney green nonsense and more taxes. You like big government to run your it.
jimx200 01/19/20 08:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: Escape window falls out

Had the escape window from a fiver blow out while I was passing him on I5 near Dunsuir Ca. Did $16000.00 worth of damage to the side of my motorhome. Wow.. serious damage and very fortunate no one was hurt.
jimx200 01/13/20 12:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sound like a good deal?

Hopefully you are aware that this $22,000 trailer's value will drop like a rock the minute you tow it off the lot..probably 30%. I would never give a dealer a $1,000 deposit as you will play hell getting it back. There are plenty of late model used trailers that will run you around HALF of that $22,000. Don't be the fool and take that value loss and still be on the hook for the full amount. Here in California, there are many late model rv's of all sorts to be found at half what they sold. This ia great time to find deals.
jimx200 09/28/19 08:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Is this delamination? Something else?

Thanks to all you posters. I've decided to keep looking as there are plenty of trailers out there that exhibit no damage. Much appreciated
jimx200 09/11/19 11:34pm Travel Trailers
Is this delamination? Something else?

I've been looking for a solid trailer to put in my backyard for a family member who is handicapped and wants her own place. Our rents here are sky high and she's on disability so renting a studio apartment is hopeless. I found this trailer on Craigslist, but just noticed one photo showing what looks to me like delamination..not sure. I'm going to look at it tomorrow, but if water damage, I won't waste my time. Thoughts on this? Look at photo on bottom row, right side, third to the left.
jimx200 09/10/19 11:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Hwy 20 from Willits, CA to I% in Calif

Very pretty drive by Clear Lake with some gas stations, a little park on the south side of the hwy on the water, Foster Freeze for a treat, and plenty of turnouts on Hwy 20 to Williams. I always enjoyed stopping in Willits for a coffee, visit to Safeway, etc. on our way to Ft. Bragg or Mendocino and now the new Willits bypass is a option if you don;t want to stop in town.
jimx200 08/18/19 10:20pm Beginning RVing
RE: Minnie Winnie or Fuse/View?

We have a new 2020 Minnie Winnie with V10 and 6 speed trans and the engine is substantially quieter than the diesel we test drove, city and freeway. Getting right at 12-12.5mpg if we stay 60 mph or under. Power definitely goes to the V10 as does the availability to get unleaded vs some stations no carrying diesel. You ever need a engine repair away from any city you will be very thankful you can go into any Ford dealer or independent shop. Our previous 1999 was also a V10 and it's powertrain was bulletproof.
jimx200 08/18/19 09:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Transmission Overheated on my Ford E350 Chassis Shasta

We're you on Old Priest Grade? If so, it's a real steep haul up and I have seen cars and trucks off to the side with overheating problems. HD transmission coolers really help. Good luck He may be referring to Whitney Portal, which is paved to the top, at least it was 45 years ago when I was out there. Darn I'm Old, but not a Priest. Whitney Portal road is not that steep IMO, but anything is possible to overheat. You are way overdue for a visit! I climbed Mt Whitney back in the late 70's when we had no restrictions or permit needed. Thanks to social media, they trail and surrounding areas for base camping are clogged. Was there last year for some hiking and photography and even midweek there were lots of people. Found this quote on a older post here on "Old Priest Grade is one of the steepest paved roads in Tuolumne County, and some hill-climbing bicyclists believe it’s one of the steepest in the Golden State. Duke York, deputy director for Tuolumne County roads and engineering, said the road is 1.97 miles from bottom to top, with grade steepness up to 18 percent, and the steepest stretch might be closer to 20 percent." per Union-Democrat, a Sonora, CA newspaper.
jimx200 08/18/19 08:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Thinking of a Mercedes Class C

Good luck getting ANY repair on that MB in most any place..rural or city. My brother has the Sprinter/MB and says he will never purchase one again. He was stuck in Nebraska for a week waiting for a fuel pressure unit and then had to find someone to install it. No warranty. With a Ford you have a problem in the US, Canada, or Mexico and you can get it repaired quickly and easily.
jimx200 08/18/19 08:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Suggestions on single axle trailer and SUV tow vehicle

Thanks to all for your replies. I've looked at 3 trailers so far and would like to find one with the rear queen bed vs bunk beds. Looking today at tow vehicles and seeing lots of good choices. I will have my mechanic check out the vehicle before purchase. Question (and want to confirm my thoughts): would a longer wheel base like on a Suburban give me better handling vs a shorter wheelbase Yukon/Tahoe? Is one easier to back up the trailer? Thanks again Thoughts on this one? Can anyone see any negatives?
jimx200 08/13/19 08:46am Travel Trailers
Suggestions on single axle trailer and SUV tow vehicle

I've been looking at single axle trailers in the 16' range and plan on towing it with a Suburban, Expedition, or Tahoe for a 2 month stay in Baja to visit friends there. The GVW range on these vary, but look doable. Is a single axle ok for travel down there? I'll bring 2 spares and jack. Headed for the El Pescadero area. Reason I'm going smaller is my budget as I can find older/used vehicles much less expensive than a pickup. I'm a bit of a minimalist and really don't need a 20' or larger trailer. Thoughts on this plan appreciated. Edit: anyone have experience with a new or 5 years old or less Starcraft AR-One trailer?
jimx200 08/10/19 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Thinking of a Class C

After test driving 3 different brands of Class C's, we went with a Minnie Winnie w the Ford E450. Love the build quality, V10 power is amazing, 6 speed trans is giving us a full 2mpg improvement over our older model with same engine. It's a pleasure to drive and camp in.
jimx200 08/08/19 11:46pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Transmission Overheated on my Ford E350 Chassis Shasta

We're you on Old Priest Grade? If so, it's a real steep haul up and I have seen cars and trucks off to the side with overheating problems. HD transmission coolers really help. Good luck
jimx200 08/05/19 11:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Sacramento Valley RV for service

I'm in Sacramento and would also like to add the best RV body repair we've ever encountered, be it auto, truck, or RV: Rehorn RV Collision Center. Amazing work done right by this family owned business. Now we know why their reviews are so good.
jimx200 07/29/19 11:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dipping my toe in the Class C waters, Which one

We just purchased a new Class C Winnebago after looking at 3-4 brands. Winnebago build quality is a definite step up when you start looking closely. We looked at two brands under Thor name..big pass!
jimx200 07/24/19 03:01pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Traveling and Workamping in Calif.... DMV info...

I am always a little surprised, and a little annoyed, when I hear someone complain that California expects them to pay taxes (DMV, etc.) if they live here more than 6 months per year. No doubt that cost of living in CA is high, and full-time RV people are often on fixed incomes. But is it fair for the people who live, work, and pay taxes in CA to cover your costs too? Seriously, if you are here more than half the year, should you not pay your share? Say what? Even people visiting here pay a lot in taxes. Do you have any idea what we (I live in CA) pay for gas? Hint: highest in the US at $3.75-$4.00 and some areas it's $4.50 for regular. We pay on average 8.75% sales tax. We have the worst roads in the US due to highway funds being raided..example: illegals who get free medical, schooling, welfare, heavily subsidized housing, etc. Then there is the sales tax on a used or new rv (8.75% avg), a big hit on registration fees into the many hundreds, and hefty license tag fees on top. So if someone is visiting for whatever length of time, they pay a big tax by just visiting. California has become a very greedy tax State and completely run by the Dems who have failed us big time by taxing us to the point of leaving. It's one of the big reasons why we have many companies leaving or that have left.
jimx200 07/02/19 03:24pm Full-time RVing
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