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RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

HF, they are what they are. I have many HF one time tools laying around and will miss the % off sales. At the VA hospital I seen construction workers using HF tools and was very surprised. I asked and the guy just happened to be the contractor. He said I buy them by the case, someone walks off with one or drops it off a ladder I just go get another one out of the case, no great loss. Makes sense to me.
jjrbus 02/26/21 08:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Advice for the best printer cartridge.

We do a fair amount of printing, toyed with the generics, never tried refilling. Now use HP ink program. Pay by the month and they send cartridges when needed. Works well for us.
jjrbus 02/20/21 05:04am Tech Issues
RE: Tire Valve Stems and Monitoring Class C

Because a tire is off brand does not mean it is not a quality tire. Just not heavily advertised in the US. Takes a bit of research. How many tires do you want to monitor?
jjrbus 02/14/21 07:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fuel tank electrolosis rust removal

thanks for the responses. The sump has 2 small channels under it, which I assume it to keep fuel from rapidly leaving the sump. I believe I can clean the channels with compressed air before the tank sealer sets?? There is a 1/4" line exiting the tank which I believe goes to the charcoal canister, inside the tank it is connected to an odd thingy. What is it, will tank sealer plug it? I do not have large hands but I cannot reach it.
jjrbus 02/07/21 11:48am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Fuel tank electrolosis rust removal

On my 93 Toyota the gas tank is very rusty inside as noted replacing fuel pump. Outside is rust free. There are replacement tanks available but have a litany of poor quality complaints. One person is on their 5th after market replacement tank. There are no new OE tanks available. I can have a tank fabricated for $600, which I am told is a bargain! So I have been looking at my options and interested in electrolysis. I have looked at many videos and read numerous articles about this and find one part confusing. When treating metal,say a tool, after the rust is removed a wire brush is used to remove the remaining black residue that is left on the metal. When using the process on gas tanks there is no mention of the black residue. Why no mention of the residue inside tanks????
jjrbus 02/05/21 07:16pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Generac vs Onan generator

Don't shoot the messenger, but I have seen the term "Gen-a-junk" used many times in reference to Generac generators. Richard Gen A Junk and Oh No's. I sold a Honda EV 4010 RV generator with an RV and have kicked myself ever since!
jjrbus 01/27/21 05:23am Tech Issues
RE: Best tire inflator for dually tires

My old high quality inflator died, so I started looking around. I bought a Harbor freight inflator, I know what your thinking. Took the straight foot off my old one and put it on the HF one and bought a quality oil filled pressure gauge to replace the junk one on the HF valve. Happy with the results.
jjrbus 01/23/21 07:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV aluminum siding gauge?

Thanks for the responses. Adding stringers is a good idea, there is almost no framing in that area except along the edge. I need to also keep in mind what is available locally. From what I am reading 3003 may be a good option? It is med strength and is cold workable. I'm thinking around .032 I probably use prefineshed white so I can paint it at some point. Recently came across 2024 T3 .032 which appears to be what Air Stream trailers use, so need to look into that. I should start this in the next month or so.
jjrbus 01/17/21 08:28pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: RV aluminum siding gauge?

The Diamond Plate I purchase has a protective film on it to prevent scratching before use -- I worked in the Park Model business for many years & the siding we used was .019 gauge -- The pattern in the metal has to do with it`s strength -- A sheet of aluminum with no pattern has very little strength -- Bends really easy -- Bill Willard .019 is pretty thin! The no pattern in the sheets concerns me, I cannot find any with a pattern anywhere near me. So thinking I need to use a thicker gauge to compensate. Figure with thicker I will need to find a sheet metal shop to make the flat lock seam. I was looking at filon see no way to make a sealed corner with it? Thanks for the response.
jjrbus 01/14/21 11:23am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: RV aluminum siding gauge?

Don't know what gauge diamond plate you are buying, it is way cheaper here! I thought about it and not off the table yet. Not my first choice. Craigslist ad Aluminum sheet diamond plate 68$ 4ftx8ft. 045 gage Plancha de aluminio diamante 68$ RINCĂ“N FENCE SUP $68 There is not a mobile supply store with siding within a hundred miles of me.
jjrbus 01/13/21 06:27pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: RV aluminum siding gauge?

Thanks for the response. I have seen that ad. I am in Florida, ordering from CA would get pricey! They give a range of thickness and do not show what grade of aluminum to use. I am experimenting with a small piece of .028 aluminum, it is workable, not sure if it would be too flexible for this application and have no idea what grade it is?
jjrbus 01/13/21 02:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RV aluminum siding gauge?

The overcab in my 94 Toyota class C is rotted, cannot put off repair much longer. Been reading about this, I would like to use a 4X8 sheet of aluminum and eliminate the front window. I would prefer to use pre finished white, in case I do not get around to painting it a matching color for some time. I know that some aluminum grades bend better than others, I will need to bend a lock seem on the 7 foot side and bend the ends to over lap the siding. I cannot pinpoint the grade of aluminum I need? Any input on that?? Also the thickness, I have read from .024 to .050, any suggestion on thickness?
jjrbus 01/13/21 12:18pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Camco sewer lugs out of spec? An easy fix but very odd

And then to top it off some products/companys keep changing names. There are portable mini split ac on the market. As soon as they get enough bad reviews they come out under a different name.
jjrbus 01/02/21 05:41pm Tech Issues
RE: Camco sewer lugs out of spec? An easy fix but very odd

Problems are getting more and more common. One of my guru friends claims they, whoever they are. Are not upgrading, adjusting, replacing worn equipment, so it is out of spec. I had a new fuel filter leak on my RV, close inspection showed that the internal threads of the filter were not deep enough so no matter how tight the fitting was the flare was not sealed! Driving down the street with gas dripping, not a good thing!!! Put a new city water inlet, the plug/cover that pops in when not is use is too small and comes back out. Getting ridiculous. I could go on but do not feel like typing all day.
jjrbus 01/02/21 06:00am Tech Issues
RE: ??? Full Body RV Re-Paint Job, 15 yrs old, its time ???

About 20 years ago I had a partial paint job done in Mexico. Great work, reasonable price, very happy. 15 or so years ago I had a full paint of a bus conversion done. I did all the prep work and had it painted at Maaco. Many will look done their nose at a Maaco paint job. However they had a large enough paint booth and the painter had 30 years experience, was an artist with a paint gun and could paint complicated pieces of equipment with no runs! I upgraded from their standard paint to a high quality paint and the job cost me $4000!! I sold the RV after about 10 years, the paint still looked good and stayed in touch with the buyer, paint was still good last time I talked to him.
jjrbus 01/01/21 07:13am Tech Issues
RE: what material would work for this?

Something you need to consider is air circulation. Water will condense on the cold glass during cool weather. If you cover it, you have the potential for mold or water damage. Maybe spacing it off the window a little would be worth looking into. Very good point. If I use foamboard, as someone suggested, just pressed into the window, that would both block a lot of heat/cold, and prevent condensation. I paint the foam board facing the outside, seems to hold up well,mine does not condense, no idea why not?? Most modern RV have very little stud in the wall!!
jjrbus 12/14/20 07:08am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Who do you use for Roadside Assistance?

Coach Net is the premier service!
jjrbus 12/14/20 12:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Who do you use for Roadside Assistance?

The first thing I would do is DukDukgo RV towing service complaints. Real eye opener there. Break down in a metro or heavily traveled area and not a lot of issues. Rural areas can have some real issues. The big complaint I have is if you have towing, you get towed! I do not want to be towed to an unknown shop, unless there are no other options! That said I have the premier service which is Coach-Net, I am grandfathered in to the old rate and they have increased their premiums! I also carry State Farm ERS ryder, which may seen foolish. However is is $3.20 year, yes $3.20!
jjrbus 12/08/20 04:03am Class C Motorhomes
RE: How to Fix a Squirrelly Front End?

Before the internet I had a 33 foot RV, was very stressful to drive, horrible actually. Turns out it was the wheelbase to length ratio, **** design, no fixing it. Would assume that too much weight in rear would do same thing. Tire pressure over the load and inflation tables can also cause instability. Running pressures at what is indicated as max pressure on sidewalls is referred to as riding on bowling balls. So there I was, over inflated tires, worn steering components, too short a wheelbase towing a van. Lucky to still be alive, sold the thing is less than a year.
jjrbus 12/05/20 04:02am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV roof air mod

I ran into some issues with it as I progressed,first 4 year old ac unit died, circuit board on replacement unit burnt out and was not available. So a couple weeks turned into a few months. It is mounted on the RV and I did get a couple hot days around 90 so am confident it will cool the little Toyota. Used the 8k unit for 4 years stuck out of the rear window. Big question is longevity. It is an 8k window unit with a hardstart, runs off a Honda EU2000 with no issue. Can run in Eco mode and hardly notice when compressor starts.
jjrbus 12/03/20 08:49pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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