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Honda EU2000i electric start?? Anyone used one?

Pinellas power used to market an electric start for the little Honda and stopped for some reason. Now I see this on the market and wonder if anyone has tried it?
jjrbus 08/11/20 07:47am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mini Split AC - Condenser unit in fifth wheel basement??

RV basement air have been around for ages. I helped someone install one over 20 years ago. Will not see them as they are expensive. Now that I think about, unit performed very well and needed to be replace at about 15 years old.
jjrbus 08/11/20 01:54am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: How cold should the air conditioning get the RV?

I have seen good roof airs replaced because the evaporator coil was filthy! You tube cleaning BRAND rv ac coils.
jjrbus 08/11/20 01:45am Tech Issues
RE: weber bbq q 100

I have the small Weber baby Q. The flame does not get blast furnace high, it is possible you are expecting too much?? Will it get up to temperature? Disassemble as much as you can and look for dirt, bugs. Soak the orifice in alcohol and blow it out. Might convert it back to small bottle use and see if that works?? I have had it 20 years, gets used 2 to 3 times a week and have never had an issue or replaced a part. Best grill ever made.
jjrbus 08/09/20 05:26am Tech Issues
RE: Hard Start kits: Supco SPP6 vs. Dometic #3310727.015

I got quite an education on this about 4 years ago. Most of the articles you find online the people have no idea what they are talking about or doing! Hint, as soon as they bring out a Kill a Watt meter, they don't have a clue. Takes a quality clamp on meter to measure inrush current. My Honda 2000 would not start my Duo Therm 11k unit. Get a Suppco they said, will work 100%, easy to install. Put one in and wow! The AC fired right up, in 70 degree weather. Some place between 70 and upper 90's it failed to start the AC. Temperature, humidity and elevation affect AC and generator operation. So on the net, at what point with a hard start running an AC that is oversized for the genset are brownout conditions experienced, at what temperature, at what elevation? How long will it take to burn out the AC or genny? The electronics in the Honda are in the $500 area, not something I want to make the wrong guess on. If you try to run an air conditioner during a brown-out you risk damaging it permanently by burning the motor out. The reason is the air conditioners and many other motor driven appliances require a great deal more power to start than to continue running. If the power isn’t available the motor continues to draw excess power none-the-less but fails to start and eventually overheats and burns out. It is possible that modern appliances have protections to prevent this from happening but it has been a traditional problem so it’s worth consulting the manufacturer to ask their advice. So for me the options are bigger genny, smaller AC or a Micro Air soft start. I was able to use an 8k window unit, which the Honda 2000 runs under all conditions. I did add a hard start to it, so I can run in ECO mode. Only my opinion and worth what you are paying for it.
jjrbus 08/08/20 04:24am Tech Issues
RE: Question on buying a "prior salvage tilte" RV

I was going to look at an other than clean title RV. Was told there was some minor damage which had been fixed. I asked if they had any pictures of "minor" damage. They said no, I walked away. I do not have the expertise to tell if it was minor damage or a wreck, plus is minor subjective?
jjrbus 08/02/20 05:17am Tech Issues
RE: Adding second AC myself

Thanks all! Any thoughts on where to buy these AC units online? Don't see many options on Amazon. I think a 13.5 unit would be plenty for this application. Till I moved to FL, I knew little about AC and put no thought into it. Now I know that bigger is not always better and can be worse. Too large a unit will short cycle and humidity will remain high. In the desert may want the biggest available, in humid areas I want the smallest one possible to keep humidity at bay! I have an 8k window unit in mine and can just barely keep up with no shade on really hot days, but is small enough to keep humidity low at night!
jjrbus 07/28/20 05:38am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mini Split AC - Condenser unit in fifth wheel basement??

Inverter, heat pump minis "modulate" ie they have a variable output. My 9k Daikin's will put out from 4000 to 11000 btu. Need to check maker of unit to see what they put out. In humid areas the lower the btu's the better as it keeps the humidity down. Another nice feature is they do not start on high, but start on low and ramp up to the needed output. Which makes them ideal for small generators. I do not think there are any specs for roof air, manufactures do not want to tell anyone anything.
jjrbus 07/27/20 04:21am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Adding second AC myself

Many years ago I would have muscled the AC onto the roof with sheer brute force and beer. Now that I am older I do not drink beer and have a bad back from muscling things around with sheer brute force in my youth, I make a simple sled from plywood and a couple pieces of wood for guides and pull the AC up an extension ladder. I do not trust my roof so use pieces of plywood to distribute my weight and try to stay close to the edges or over inside walls. Short pieces of pipe can be used to roll the unit around. PVC pipe works well, is easy to cut and cheaper that a chiropractor visit.
jjrbus 07/27/20 04:10am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Mini Split AC - Condenser unit in fifth wheel basement??

If I had room for the evaporator I would have put a mini in my Toyota years ago! Have 3 in my house, self installed. There will be no condensate in the bay, the inside evaporator is what produces the condensate. There have been minis put in bays so should be doable, with my limited knowledge I would not go that route. The minis move huge amounts of air to cool, I would guess a 1000 cu ft a minute, as an example a roof air pushes about 300 feet a minute into the living space. If you can leave both bay doors open and not fill the bay up with stuff would work. With the exhaust side as close to the door as possible. Be aware the cheap mini's directions can be horrible if not wrong, have no technical back up, no parts so they are disposables. Buy from bigger online sellers and not from a van in a Wal Mart parking lot.
jjrbus 07/23/20 04:47am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Looking for Honda sound box post.

Fans are CRITICAL if you are putting a generator in a box. I had cobbled a box together 4 years ago and used muffin fans. Was not impressed with them and changed to a radiator 7 inch fan. worked great. However the box stuck out too far and was too low. Making a new box now and trying to do it without a fan. Little Honda is running hot. 93 degree day and unit is running 105, measured under the handle on the case. Likely ok but I am not happy with it and not sure if more air needs to come in or I positioned vents wrong?? The old setup with fan would run a few degrees above ambient.
jjrbus 07/20/20 05:51am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Looking for Honda sound box post.

Thank you it was the jauguston one I was looking for!
jjrbus 07/19/20 04:26pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Looking for Honda sound box post.

Some time ago a sound box for a Honda generator was posted and have tried searching but does not show up. I want to show it to someone, anyone know how to find it?? I believe the mans name was Jorgenson??
jjrbus 07/19/20 06:02am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Extended run, homemade or store bought?

Retired, don't care for golf, need to stay out of the sun, fishing is out, so putter in the garage. I mimicked what I saw online. Tight working space so bought the aluminum billet cap and used a brass elbow coming out of cap. Used 1/4" line and had some issues. The interweb said that it was a vacuum leak. Could not eliminate the issue, would stop delivering fuel. looked the setup over and replaced the 1/4" line with 3/16", not 1 issue since! Did I inadvertently eliminate a vacuum leak, I do not think so, or is the 1/4" line too much for the tiny little pump in the Honda?? No priming bulb with the 3/16" line either. Adapting the 1/4" fittings to 3/16 was a bit of a challenge and took a bit of creativity. The gubbermint spouts, all in the garbage, use a transmission funnel for most of my filling.
jjrbus 07/03/20 08:58pm Tech Issues
RE: Foam air filter disintegrating, clogging carb, alternatives?

Trying to remember which of my engines have a foam filter? Honda 2000, no disintegration of foam filter, one of my power garden tools has a foam filter, can't remember which one, also no disintegration of filter. I have quit buying many things off Ebay, filters would be one. Poor quality issues and rumors of counterfeit items.
jjrbus 07/02/20 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Super Noisy A/C

I detest roof air and Onan generators. I use a Honda 2000 and an 8000 btu window ac. I went out and checked around 45 db on low. The db measurement does not measure tone some sounds are much worse than others. Think scratching nails on a chalkboard. I have 3 minis in my house and if I had room for the evaporator in my little Toyota would have put one in there a long time ago! They duct the cooling air in some RV's, ok good. Then leave a hole in the roof to where the fan and blower motor are, well duh!! Might as well sit the unit on the kitchen table! Very simple fix, duct the return air with baffles. I am sure some are reading this thinking well whats the big deal? Some are more sensitive to noise than others is the big deal.
jjrbus 07/01/20 06:16am Tech Issues
RE: Are all RV's noisy and rattle?

After some time you recognize most of what the rattles are LOL. One sure way to cause rattles and have a horribly rough ride is to inflate the tires and air springs to max pressure. Referred to as riding on bowling balls!
jjrbus 07/01/20 05:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator Sound/fire box

Different strokes for different folks. If someone gave me an Onan I would sell it. Others do not mind the expense or owning one. Box's for the gensets vary a bit but are basically a metal lined box. Soundproofing is not a consideration in the RV industry, until getting up in the high end coach's. The older Onans are horribly noisy and because the way they are added to the RV are difficult to quiet down. The new ones may be quieter?? but unlikely, as the only online statement I see is the new LP ones are 15% quieter than a diesel generator. You tube and the web will be your friend on this, there is lots of videos and info. Here is a sample. I use a window AC and a Honda 2000, not for everybody.
jjrbus 06/29/20 06:01am Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator question

$52.00 for a kit! Some years ago it seems that the Honda kit was in the $200 range? So building a kit was an economical solution, even the correct banana plugs could be bought or tennis balls added to household plugs to eliminate the Darwin feature.
jjrbus 06/28/20 05:29am Tech Issues
RE: Honda generator question

Some time ago in a land far away before the Companion there was an adaptor that could be bought from Honda for $$$$$$$$$ Wise old men in dark, dank garages made their own as it was a very simple thing to do, including myself! I have not had a need to look but would guess that there are aftermarket ones available cheaply today? 2000 and 2200 can be paralleled, but ONLY CERTAIN SERIAL #'s! Have to check with Honda.
jjrbus 06/27/20 06:50am Tech Issues
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