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Replace converter/charger with PD9245C

My electrical guru is out having fun and this is not clear to me. I removed the converter/charger from a Centurion 3000, leaving the fuses and circuit breakers. I need to tie in the 12V positive output from the PD9245C, but not sure where I should tie it in??
jjrbus 02/22/22 09:41am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Onan starts and dies

anything would help, this drain is threaded with a spring, if it starts to vibrate loose the spring will help it fall in the grass. No doubt patented by Onan! When all is said and done the best way is junk the Ohno and use non ethanol in the Honda!!
jjrbus 02/22/22 09:21am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

The real genius is selling the gen's to the manufacturers so cheap that no one can compete with them. Then making the profits from replacement parts they sell to the victims that buy them. A new Roadtrek 2.8 carb installed at Onan is $800 to $1000. Shockingly there is a drain on the bowl! I do not understand why the drain plug has a spring on it?? Does not show on the drawing I posted, but shows in picture under the altitude adjustment knob.
jjrbus 02/22/22 03:45am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Success, as soon as gas got in the carb it fired right up. Only ran for a couple minutes, need to check if it is producing power. Need to get it outside to run and test. Shocking how little gunk stopped it from running and leaves me wondering if it had run even a little I could have forced the naptha and gas mixture thru it??
jjrbus 02/21/22 07:28pm Tech Issues
RE: AC and Honda 2000

I would add a year to the introduction date before I considered buying. They want to add, blue tooth, wifi, detectors, FI. All I want is electric start! I am partial to the 2000/2200 and never had a bit of trouble with one. Now a EV4010 would get my attention! Sold one with an RV and been kicking myself ever since!!
jjrbus 02/21/22 10:19am Tech Issues
AC and Honda 2000

For 5 years I have been running an LG 8000 btu LW8016ER with a Honda EU2000i. I added a Supco SPP4E and the mighty little Honda runs it in ECO mode with no issues, under all conditions. Changing to a Roadtrek and replacing the OE AC and the Onan. The Onan with likely a Honda 2200. The AC I am limited due to size to the new LG 9500 btu LW1019IVSM, this is the new dual inverter unit. This is using the new inverter unit VS the LG 8000 btu. LG is not giving out info on it such as locked rotor amps. I am assuming it will be similar to an inverter mini split but do not like assuming! Does anyone have any inside info on the LG or any experience with the LG Honda combo? I would get one of the 8000 btu inverter units but they are all too tall.
jjrbus 02/21/22 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Interesting, I do not use a lot of spray paint but have not yet had a can clog up, only the nozzle! I hope you are not using that electric drill out side when it is raining out LOL Carb is back together, hopefully can test it Today. I looked all around and see no extra parts.
jjrbus 02/21/22 04:16am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Genius! Might have to borrow that idea! On edit.. You know, that massager might even work very well for shaking those newer clog prone rattle cans.. Nothing worse than getting only one shot of spray paint out a expensive rattle can and the thing hopelessly clogs off with a full can left inside.. You might be on to something :B Let me get out my soapbox for another rant! For time immortal I have kept a small jar of mineral spirits and as soon as done using a spray can, pull the tip and put the tip in the jar, good for 10 years. Now the #$%@ nozzles in the fancy cans disintegrates!
jjrbus 02/20/22 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

It has been published that my application for the Master Craftsman Society was run through the shredder and the shreds burnt.]
jjrbus 02/20/22 10:05am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

I have experienced gummed up carbs over the years and even sealed carbs on small throw away lawn equipment. I find an Onan carb that is designed not to be cleanable, criminal! Carb after a fair amount of carb cleaner, carb after Pine sol.
jjrbus 02/20/22 05:17am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

My first cleaner was Oriellys carb cleaner, useless! Next I tried Super Tech from Walmart, noticeably better but not good, a bit better than useless. Neighbor said he used Pine Sol and used a jitter bug sander to vibrate. I am trying 50/50 Pine Sol and water and using a foot bath for ultrasonic cleaner. 3 hours in the Pine Sol, 1 1/2 hour soaking and 1 1/2 hour in the foot bath and looks like new. Mine does not have the O rings shown in picture.
jjrbus 02/19/22 07:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Ah Ha! Spend 50 hours on the net and no telling what we will find. The altitude adjustment knob can be carefully pried off! In hindsight the stop tabs on the plastic knob could be cut off. Also notice the carb cleaner I am using is not removing anything!!
jjrbus 02/19/22 05:16am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

This video is also almost the same carb. Mine does not have the solenoid.
jjrbus 02/19/22 04:20am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Thanks, the main nozzle does not appear to be removable unless there is some trick to it?
jjrbus 02/19/22 04:01am Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Thanks for the input greatly appreciated. This is as close to what I have as I can find, mine is almost a carbon copy of this. However this is prior to spec E and mine is a spec J. I do believe mine is a Onan and not a cheap knock. The pilot jet screw was very soft, I used the proper size philipps and no where near enough to strip a normal screw, but it stripped! The main adjustment screw should have a screw head in the end, but it has a metal plug!]
jjrbus 02/18/22 08:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Oh well, fires up and starts to die, spray some carb cleaner in and runs, starts to die, more carb cleaner and runs, starts to die, more carb cleaner and runs. I guess you guys are right. Dirty oil LOL. Definitely not the ignition or any safety shut down issue.. Engine is starving for fuel, fuel lines, fuel pump and fuel filter have been verified to work and supply fuel to the carb.. Been trying to find a diagram and parts break down for that carb with no luck.. I did notice some Onans have a altitude adjustment on the side of the fuel bowl, not sure how that design works.. Can't see if there is a screw on the bottom of the fuel bowl but I suspect there should be one.. If there is I would try removing the fuel bowl and dump it out. It may have water in the bowl instead of gas. Old stale Ethanol laced gas sitting in the fuel bowl attracts moisture from the air.. Generally you should be able to drop the fuel bowl and still reuse the bowl gasket. Done that many times on small engines. As a last resort before scrapping the carb, I noticed a video on youtube that a guy had a Onan that was surging. He disconnected the fuel line for the gen from the vehicle tank and used a small 1 gallon fuel jug and used Seafoam at twice the normal dosing instructions.. He primed the carb several times and started it for a few minutes to get the fuel from the jug into the carb then let it sit for 30 minutes. Then repeated that cycle for several more times with a 30 minute wait between.. He was able to get it clean enough that it smoothed out. I don't really buy into the fixes in a can but for a couple of bucks and some time might be worth a shot before dumping $300 into a carb.. Generally, if it is gummed up or plugged, a rebuild kit is not really needed and often they include parts that do not wear out or need replacing.. All you really need is gaskets in case you damage one when removing or taking apart but in many cases you can buy generic gasket material and make your own. Just use the old one as a pattern.. Thanks for the response, greatly appreciated. I have the carburetor out and disassembled, it is shockingly clean inside! Slight sign of varnish in the bottom of the bowl. I have not damaged any gaskets so far. I have watched numerous videos on carb cleaning and was expecting emulsion tube and micro holes to clean. This carb has none of those I have searched the web and there are no videos for cleaning/rebuilding this carb. There is one screw I cannot get out, the head was soft and quickly stripped, no idea what it is for?? I did try getting carb cleaner into carb when still installed but it did nothing. I do suspect this is an Onan carb. It has the right numbers on it and is a Nikki. I did not see the numbers on the Chinese knock offs in the videos. Will update as I progress.
jjrbus 02/17/22 06:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Oh well, fires up and starts to die, spray some carb cleaner in and runs, starts to die, more carb cleaner and runs, starts to die, more carb cleaner and runs. I guess you guys are right. Dirty oil LOL.
jjrbus 02/17/22 02:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Will try the carb cleaner soon for running,thanks for that tip. Did not like spraying the starter fluid. The internet claims that the oil sensors were a big problem and that Onan eliminated them and best to disconnect when doing testing, on the net so must be true. Like anything Onan the carb is difficult to get off and not easy to clean. I will have to confirm but Onan sells this carb new for about $300 and no rebuild kits. Rebuild kits are available after market, quality is questionable. I would never claim to be a mechanic but do own some tools and can follow directions. Often surprise myself with what I can accomplish. Been RV'ing for over 20 years and owned 2 Ohno's before, second one was a nightmare and have used Hondas ever since. Sold a Honda EV 4010 with an RV and kicked myself ever since. Once things settle down I will be going with the Honda 2000 and sell this for a boat anchor!! A video for the same Onan as mine carb removal! The mighty little Honda on my Toyota.
jjrbus 02/16/22 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

Thanks for the responses. Carb does not have fuel shut off solenoid. I pumped fuel into container by jumping power to fuel pump. There appears to be a sufficient amount of gas to carb, however I am not a mechanic so sufficient is my opinion. I have a fuel pressure gauge and am looking for the adapter to measure actual pressure. I am under the impression that the start button overrides safety for starting. I do not know if this applies to my model? I did try holding the start button but gen died anyway.
jjrbus 02/16/22 02:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan starts and dies

I have a clear fuel line to generator, there is no stoppage of fuel to the carb. The voltage to the fuel pump stops as the generator dies not before. Really wish I knew what I am doing. Thanks for the responses.
jjrbus 02/16/22 11:03am Tech Issues
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